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I've never even thought of doing challenges as game play until I found one being played by my favourite FAQ/Guide writer Phyrofalkon. As a matter of interest I did a search and found quite a few more. This one really caught my eye and I decided to have a go.

I had a look at a some of the "Let's Play" videos featuring this challenge and gathered a few ideas on how to start. As I don't understand how to use Mods, I created an young adult sim and moved her into 36 Sim Lane, Sunset Valley(after getting rid of the building and all its contents.) Then I used the in-game cheat to change her into a Teen.

My Teens Set-up:
*The lot has a large pond for fishing, and room for a garden

*The local children left a pile of building materials they were going to use to build a club house before they lost interest. (Plywood boards, tin sheets, a load of bricks, an old door and 2 windows, 2 old camping lamps and a folding chair) She used these items to build a 3x5 shelter and a fire pit{bricks} after looking up how-to books at library.

*She found an old bike (still in working order) hidden by long grass and tangled in weeds when she was clearing a space to build and plant her garden.

Her Day:
* first thing every morning she tends her garden then heads to the Criminal HQ next door to harvest their plants and rummage through the dumpsters outback. Occasionally picking up collectables laying round the lot. Then she heads to the gym to use the bathroom and have breakfast.

* She spends time every day at the central park fishing and collecting the collectables (and occasionally chatting to other teens or participating in festival events) then heads to the library to study DIY books. Every few days she will rumage through the local Junkyard looking for useful items.

*Around 8:30-9pm she uses the closest community toilet then heads home. Once there, she chooses a piece of fish or fruit/veg for dinner (roasted over the fire-pit) and goes to bed.

Making Money:
She uses materials and tools from the junkyard and bought through money gained by selling collectables, and the knowledge gained through study at library to revamp/repair furniture and items found in the dumpster. She keeps some to furnish her home-base but sells most of it.

She uses materials found at the Junk yard to extend her home.

Ideas for expansion:
(as per the rules I'll have the money first before adding anything)
*outside shower; uses water from the pond which can be heated over the fire pit if needed.
*Outhouse toilet; because she has no plumbing as such she can get an old toilet from the junkyard and build an old style outhouse.
*add rooms by collecting more tin sheets and plywood boards from the Junkyard. (Still paying for the walls but wall and floor coverings are free. Unless I decide to build her a proper house of course!! Then it all counts.)
*Any furniture or decorations she owns comes from dumpster diving.

Thank you to StardustX for a great idea to begin with and to those "Let's Play" video makers who's ideas I "borrowed". I look forward to seeing how this story pans out. I may make my sim a founding member of a self-sufficient dynasty. One where they eat only what they grow/catch themselves or harvest from the wild, and make money only using the skills based jobs.
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A couple of questins: Can you build basements or sub-areas to the little house (given the lot is so small the only way you can expand is down) if you have World Adventures installed? Also, what if your teen falls in love with a rich teen? Is it acceptable for her to marry into money and move out of her shack or does the rich guy have to move in and live in squalor with her? Does he get disowned by his parents for falling in love with a "lowlife"? LOL
Just some thoughts. In my game I "bend" the rules atad .. much like James T. Kirk beating the Kobayashi maru...I gave my teen the Computer Whiz trait so she could hack into the high school's computer system and then she simply made a fake identification for herself as a Foreign Exchange student from Champs Les Sims France and being "foreign" people tend not to expect her to speak good Simmlish so all she has to do is say "oui" a lot or "ooo lala" and every once in a while break out into that song they sing over there and the adults all figure she's French. And that explains her clothes and why she lives in a shack on the edge of town. And anyway then I can send her to school and she can get her education and doesn't get her mind screwed with by the game.
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This is my first ever challenge, but i'm really enjoying it.

My sim, Isabella, has been in Bridgeport for only a week and things are already getting pretty crazy. Her story is, that she ran away from her parents, because they were controlling her life and making her go to a posh school so she could study business and keep the family business going - something she did not want to do.

I've moved her into a lot pretty close to the fire station. She went there for food the first three days since my plants weren't doing that well, and when I used up my 3 meals there, I was panicking a bit. Luckily my trees starting producing food and I saved up enough money to buy food from stands and so. My first buy was a taco from the fast food truck but I didn't get to eat it - it got so hot, that my sim set into fire and dropped her plate. Luckily I got her to jump into the ocean in last minute and saved her life.

My game took an unexpected turn, when I got lonely. Everyone I am allowed to talk to was in school, and Isabella was getting desperate, so I allowed her to talk to Buster Round. He looked like a hobo as well, so I decided to trust him. We ended up going on a date. I thought "Risky Woohoo" meant it was risky because of the age gap... apparently not. It means its unprotected with a 10 % rate of pregnancy. So yeah now my sim is pregnant with this old guy she barely knows, and she's got nothing but a bicycle and a couch from the junkyard. I'm in a bit of a hurry trying to get enough money for a crib and some shelter, but it's only making the game more fun.
I'd totally recommend getting a bicycle. I had to control my sim all the time since she'd take a cab or the subway if I didn't keep an eye on her - and she really couldn't afford that.
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hey its me again.
whoa this challenge is addicting. I haven't been so addicted to a sims game since supernatural came out. I was beginning to find sims boring, but this challenge and getting into mods pepped it up. i've downloaded some more to make it more interesting and i feel like im getting addicted. So yeah might as well update here.

Isabella gave birth to a son, and that made everything a bit more complicated. She can't afford a babysitter, so she's bringing him along everywhere and he gets to sleep next to dumpsters while she's looking for furniture or close to the lake where she's fishing. A baby means she can't travel by bicycle either.
She got enough money to make herself a house, which is nice. She now lives in a tiny house with a bed, a ruined sofa from the junkyard, a table with two chair from the junkyard, a mini fridge, a crib and a bathroom. Winter is near, but luckily I got enough money to expand the house just the day it started freezing outside, so now there's room for the sleeping back in there. I've downloaded the nursing mod to give me her a better relationship with her son and also the mood for homeschooling, so she won't screw up her future personality too much. Right now she's failing school. I'm also trying to find her a boyfriend, since her being with the old Buster (seriously he's got grey hair) is getting a bit creepy.

Thank you so much for this challenge! It's the most fun I've ever had. I'm starting school in a few days and need to fix my sleeping schedule , so I really shouldn't stay up all night playing, but damn its hard to stop when you've first started.

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This will be my first challenge, this should be fun.
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Default Maya my runaway

I think im going to restart this and make it into a series Check my simblr for updates soon. This was so much fun and it was my first challenge
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I am doing the challenge- this seems fun! Should I use Sunset valley or what?
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I think i should use twinbrook
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i used riverview, this best places are places that have lots of dumpsters
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This is so fun! I've already got myself a nice little house and i became a young adult. Planning to go into prostitution in order to save up for an apartment.
I went from having nothing to everything going well a bit too fast, so i'm considering letting her child run of with the child of her ex-boyfriend and the girl he cheated with. That would cause some drama.
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this is a fun challange i'm thinking about making a story out of it
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on the first day, some metal spawned by my lot so i picked it up, and it was PLATINUM. so, i used the $40 of the $50 i had to smelt it and then it was worth $10,000
i feel like i should start over...
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#63 Old 19th Aug 2013 at 6:25 PM
This is so clever! I've just started today. I can't wait! Thank you for thinking of this. I now have something more to do with my sims other than build careers and houses, haha And I've never tried out mods before, so this is a good way to introduce myself to them.
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For those looking for a challenge, I'd recommend not picking wildflowers. Some of those flowers sell for quite a bit, and as a result I was able to get settled in within 2 sim weeks.

I enjoyed playing this challenge - next time I'm going to avoid wildflowers and take less advantage of the community gardens.
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Hey what do you do about annoying visitors? I'm trying this challenge and stupid people keep coming!
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Originally Posted by 17cjmert
on the first day, some metal spawned by my lot so i picked it up, and it was PLATINUM. so, i used the $40 of the $50 i had to smelt it and then it was worth $10,000
i feel like i should start over...

Yeah, I had a similar experience - went dumpster diving on my first day and found a TV and bookshelf that together earned me a thousand simoleons, easily enough to get a roof over my head. Not much of a homeless challenge, then.

So I decided to start over and only restrict my income to fishing, gardening, rummaging in residential trashcans (only allowing myself to do that once per day), and picking up the occasional collectible.

Also, everything I found in trashcans I only sold at half price (so if I found a teddy bear worth $50, I'd sell it, then use the familyfunds cheat to reduce my funds as if I'd only received $25 for it) - after all, who'd want to pay full price for something found in the trash? For collectibles, I didn't sell anything worth more than $100, because I figured a smelly homeless Sim trying to peddle super-valuable items would attract suspicion.

Things got considerably more challenging that way - I very nearly froze to death when autumn came because I couldn't afford to build a shelter yet. Got really unlucky with the weather since it snowed all the way through spring, so I couldn't do any gardening for a long time, but by next summer I finally had a tiny house with a 3x3 bedroom(well sleeping-bag-room anyway)/kitchen and 2x2 bathroom.
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Default My story :)
So after seeing this challenge from a fav simmer of mines (idk if they would like me posting their name on here) I decided to make a runaway teen myself. Her name is Kamera Lawson. She ran away from an abusive home.

Her mother hated her and her father "abused" her. She figured no one would miss her so she left and ended up in this nice town called Setra. ( I downloaded it from this site.) Her first week it rained every single night. She got sick a lot. By the end of the week she had enough money from selling harvestables, flowers, bugs, and little creatures to build a tiny 6x6 home.

Also I was having trouble getting her preggers cuz story progression, and master controller makes my game slow/glichy and the place was too small for the bed to be moved, she got pissed at the guys she tried to sleep wit in the shower.

Tiny mini story - - - she had two guys wanting her but she really only loved one of them. Now she is pregnant wit his baby (Greg's) and is dating him. It's been about 3 sim weeks I believe. My game freezes and crashes a lot!! To much CC but I can't help it!!

Wish I had more/better pics to post.
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#68 Old 28th Aug 2013 at 5:53 AM
This is a good challenge I played a little while go. It breath of fresh air from typical Sims 3 games.
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#69 Old 1st Sep 2013 at 3:29 AM
Interesting challenge. Starting it now.
#70 Old 5th Sep 2013 at 2:09 AM
Originally Posted by blanketbasher
Can you have a husband or boyfriend because i want my daughter to have a father figure?

I think it would be okay? Since the poor wittle girl probably wants a daddy
Its very tiring to raise a kid all on your own! You should get a husband then stay out at the town
Dont get a babysitter They take wayyyy too much money!
But seriously Good luck
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I started this challenge recently and was having so much fun... until the third sim day...

I will start again
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if you don't have uni, can you make the sim dramitic so she can fake pass out? it might sound a little cheaty, but then you caould take away however many bucks a sleeping bag is :P
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This sounds SO fun!! I can't find ambitions ANYWHERE though... I think I'm just gonna do it without.
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This is a great idea that I will be trying soon. Check out my site: where I plan to post all of my challenges!
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Im gonna do this my sims backstory is

she had been physicly abused by her perents so she ran away
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