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Tybalt Capp grew up to an elder, right after he was promoted to police chief. The chance card for that job came up and I decided to let the chance card run, it didn't work out well for him and he ultimately retired (as a separate action, but I consider it part of the aftermath). He later ran into Senator Mercurito Monty in public and gave him a few "choice words" about the state of things. Later that day, he meets the one person in Veronaville that's a criminal mastermind, it would've ultimately led to the takedown of his career if only he still had one.
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In Depression Riverblossom, Sharla Ottomas has married Gallagher Newson on his first full day as an adult, the last day of fall He and Leod, the only ones on the farm during the day, spent the time making the old place presentable - all the beds washed, the outhouses freshly limed, all the beds made and weeds pulled and bushes trimmed and compost squared away, wedding arch erected, chairs placed, even a buffet table. They had to schedule the party late so that Gabriella, who works till five as cashier of Riverblossom Dry Goods, could be there. She was exhausted and stinky when she got home and was having a bath while Gallagher made the call, but she made it to the arch to witness - which was more than most of Sharla's family did, everyone but Samantha too busy dancing on the porch. Despite Gabriella, and eventually Georgia and Garret, going to bed during it, and Tommy fighting with his baby brother Bruce (I don't know who started it, but I am sitting them both down at the chess table and ending it next time I play them! Tommy is almost a teen-ager and too old for this crap.) the party raised the roof. Sharla brought in $5,000, a tremendous boon to the family budget, which not so long ago was nearly bankrupted by Gabriella deciding to make a new dress.

Since Gallagher and Sharla are both Family they of course popped up baby wants immediately. Leod undertook the post-party cleanup and took himself off to sleep in the barn in order to give them privacy for a consummation date. They had to chase Georgia and Garret out of the big bed - which they have been accustomed to treat as their own for years, but they're going to have to get over that - and there were no chimes but the evening appears to be a success anyhow. They'll have plenty of chances to make babies this winter, while the pond is frozen and the field and orchard are fallow. It's not quite clear to Sharla where they're going to put a nursery anyhow. When the twins were toddlers they mostly lived in the barn, which is nicely weatherproof till you climb to the loft, but that's not going to happen to Sharla's children.

With Hat's aging mod, the twins will be teens in five days. Gabriella could theoretically move out at any time, but as an economy measure she intends to stay until Xander Roth graduates LGU and she marries him, which will be anywhere from 8-15 days depending on how quickly he plays through each semester. Leod is an elder but has a nice long life bar. I remodeled the house early so that it was two rooms up, two rooms down, but these rooms are very small, one of them containing the double bed and a dresser with no room for more, the other containing a bunk bed, a cot, a chamber pot and basin, a toy box, and Gabriella's sewing machine. They just added a full bath downstairs (they have been bathing in the kitchen). The barn is full of toys, Leod's woodworking bench, cots, a dresser, and a bath, with all the toddler stuff stashed in the attic above the kitchen. Gabriella's job will keep her out from under Sharla's feet (they're BFF but two women cannot keep one house; somebody has to rule the kitchen), so that'll make some things easier, and Leod's recently opened a stand for selling his woodworking items, which with Gabriella's paycheck should keep them nicely through the winter. But they are going to get into each other's way and there's no way around that. It won't help that Garret and Georgia run wild and Georgia is spoiled rotten, allowed to play the piano all day long if she wants to. Leod thinks she hung the moon and is sure she's destined for fame and fortune. Garret may not try to hang onto double bed privileges, but I bet Georgia does.

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I played The Printer Sisters. Dot choose the drama major. Daisy choose the art major. They perform their music when/where they can and make some money. Daisy likes to do crossword puzzles in the newspaper. They make friends with fellow Uni students. They are doing good in school. Not concerned with top grades but they are doing good. The 3 of them are in a polyamorous open relationship. No secrets. Just love. Thank you ACR. They threw a party and it turned out good. They just became juniors in Uni.

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I just had the sweetest moment in one of my games. Codi Dewitt had a want to 'meet new person' and then when she gave birth to her son Caleb, the want was fulfilled. Obviously, perhaps, but it was such a beautiful moment to see.
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Land Grant University Sorority (Ida and Helen) - Making friends. Having toga parties. Helen Wheels and Heather Huffington became a thing and are engaged. They got 2 pledges to join and move into the house, Alicia Ternynck and Katelyn Oates. Ida and Katelyn became an item and are engaged. Sara Bellum and Cliff Notes shared a first kiss at one of their toga parties. Their Greek house is level 6.

The Fraternity (Andy and Hi) - Andy Bellum and JoAnn Gutenberg are in love and woohoo'd. They currently have 1 pledge named Christian. Hi Thyme and Guy Wrightly are in love. Their Greek house is level 3 at the moment.

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I put in that mod that lets Sims figure out when their partner is pregnant with someone else's baby. Loki got alien abducted, and when the baby bump appeared, Circe got so furious that she literally won't let him touch her, which seems about right. They've fallen out of love as a result, and now Circe is having an affair with Vidcund out of spite. Poor Vidcund wants to marry her.

ETA For various reasons, I decided to restart my restart of Strangetown. I am obsessed with getting the perfect neighborhood. This one has a much better proportion of gay playables, which makes me happy. Some things will stay the same, for sure, including Lazlo and Loki both becoming werewolves. Loki makes such a distinguished werewolf, and he really loves savaging people.

So this time, Vidcund's birth scene was pure chaos. He was having a difficult pregnancy, and he had just put a TV dinner in the oven when the labor pangs started. It was twins! So I'm getting the cut scene and Vidcund cuddling his new baby while literally engulfed in flames. Fortunately, the fire department did not dawdle getting there and the fire wasn't too bad--no one was harmed, and the twins are super cute. I'm afraid this may mean Lazlo may not get abducted this time around. I'm trying to keep Curiouses from overwhelming the neighborhood. Because Loki got abducted literally the first time he looked through the big telescope, that means his baby will be the same age as the Curiouses' babies--and they may not be related since I'm using a multi-PT mod this time.
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"You'll never work in this town again!" Landgraab Gentleman Cyd Roseland caught the Village Administrator, Tessa Ramirez, snooping with the telescope. The telescope was confiscated, and Tessa was fined $1000 and fired from her job. The fine would have been crippling for just about anybody else in Sedona, but the Ramirez family is very nearly as wealthy as Malcolm Landgraab himself, so Tessa is not nearly as contrite as she should be. She'd been thinking of tying the knot with boyfriend Kennedy Leong anyway, and getting fired is merely an incentive to move up the wedding.

With Tessa removed from office, the job of Administrator fell temporarily to Sharla Ottomas, who, as Head of the Landgraab Construction Company, is the next most senior person in the village (crime boss Malcolm and his 'Gentlemen', including David Ottomas, live in the gated community of Respite, up in the hills, while everyone else lives in Sedona). Sharla is too busy trying to get homes built quickly enough to meet the village's growing needs and really doesn't have time to be settling arguments as to who should get priority when a new building is ready, so she decided to appoint young Emerald Collensworth as Acting Administrator. Emerald had already been fired twice from the construction site for unreliable attendance, and Sharla really hadn't intended to take her back. However, it occurred to her that maybe the girl just wasn't cut out for the hard, dusty work of construction in the middle of the desert, and perhaps a desk job would suit her better.

So privileged Tessa is out of work, while 'unemployable' Emerald has a new job, and is being paid as a Junior Executive with the prospect of a raise if she does well. She's gone from being a liability to her father and brother to being the one with the highest salary. It's not quite the life of fame and fortune she's been dreaming of, but if she sticks it out she could end up quite comfortably off, especially by Sedona's standards. Although, based on her past performance, that may be a big IF . . .
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After Olive Specter's death, Nervous Subject found himself with a lot of money, and one day while both Circe and Loki were at work, he got on the computer to arrange a taxi to take him away from the Beaker house. Of course, before that he had to put away his espresso cup on a table on the upper floor of the house, so it turned into a race against time with Nervous getting away just half an hour before Loki came home. Loki's and Circe's daughter Tankette was at home at the time but when the couple realized Nervous was gone she would claim she had been asleep when he left. Having practiced for a bit with the family's lie detector, pretending was easy.
Nervous moved in with the Smith family, who had a free bedroom after Johnny moved out. In safety with the Smith family, the first thing Nervous Subject did with his newfound freedom was to read the paper. He wanted a job in the onceanography career and found an opening almost immediately. Family sim as he is, he wanted to be friends with Jill Smith, and vice versa. Jenny longed to hold her newborn grandson and PT9 to have even more grandkids.

Nervous got promoted after one day of work, though it didn't last long before he got downgraded again after a chance card failure in which he got a connection with one of the dolphins that he was certain wanted out, and accidentally had all the dolphins escape. The card itself claimed he got fired, though, so at least that's a step up.
Jill Smith had a want to play with Picasso Melinder, and later on he called and asked for her while she was at school. I looked at Jill's relationship panel and she only had a four or so with him. I don't even know where the two of them would have met in the first place, let alone why they had a weird bond like that.

Nervous had considered taking Tankette with him when he escaped from the Beaker's, but didn't feel good about basically kidnapping someone else's child. Instead, he let the social services know what had been going on in the Beaker household and that it wasn't exactly a good place for a kid to grow up. Coupled with Tankette sometimes going hungry or missing school, she was soon taken from Loki and Circe, adopted by the Smith's and thus reunited with Nervous.
Jenny grew up to an elder and Jill to a knowledge teen. Considering her bio I'll put her in the oceanography career. Perhaps if Nervous doesn't release any more dolphins the two of them can become colleagues.

Johnny and Ophelia Nigmos invited Jenny, P.T and Jill over to meet little Hector Nigmos, who became a toddler.

General Buzz and Buck Grunt had the weekend ahead of them. Buck wanted to take a swim so General Buzz took him with him to 88 Road to nowhere so Buck could be in the pool while Buzz bought some groceries. Before that I had to move objects Buck out of half a swingset that he was stuck in. Both he and his dad were disappointed to see the swing go however, so I bought them a new one. At home, the fish in the fishtank had died so Buzz went and refilled the tank while Buck cleaned it, and after that they watched and fed the new fish together. General Buzz doesn't have a lot in common with his youngest son, but that fishtank is sort of their "thing".

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Andy Bellum and Hi Thyme are doing well in Uni and got their Greek house to level 6! They got 2 pledges to move in, Trevor Thompson and Christian Despret. The pledges that moved in to the Frat and Sorority are from the LGU dormies, I just am not bothering to rename them all. Parties and socializing as much as possible.

The Nerdists (wtih Dixie Land added) - Hugh is majoring in Pscyhology and Dixie in Political Science. Sara had a thing with Cliff AND Hugh and ended up choosing Cliff. No hard feelings were had. Dixie keeps influencing Hugh to do her assignments for her. Dixie has made quite a bit of money performing music around the campus though. Hugh went on a date with Monica Bratford and it was great (apart from getting stuck in a bathroom jam at the end, but the over-all score was great anyway). Cliff and Sara are now engaged! The Nerdists are now in their Junior year of Uni.

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Some very dramatic stuff is happening in Pleasantview right now!

Darren and Cassandra had barely been married a year (one in-game day) before they realised that what they felt for each other perhaps wasn't love. When they got together, Cassandra had been pretty distraught about being left at the alter by Don, and her father's death just after. She thinks that how down she felt convinced her that she loved Darren as anything more than a friend.

However, with a toddler daughter and another baby on the way, neither of them wanted to speak about this. Instead, they dealt with their problems by lying through their teeth.

Darren went on a date with Brandi Broke, who he found he liked a LOT. However, a heavily pregnant Cassandra happened to walk into the 50s Diner at just the right moment to see the two of them kiss. She was of course, furious, and immediately decided to WooHoo with Benjamin Long (one of her closest friends, who she happens to have three bolts with) in the photo booth, seemingly out of revenge. Being a Goth, Cass had enough influence to be able to rush through a divorce, after which she took Darren's house and everything he owns.

With nowhere else to go, Darren is now living in the Broke trailer with Brandi, Beau, and Skip Jr.

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Crystal Vu was definitely keeping her options open. She was calling all three Curious boys regularly. But when she met General Buzz Grunt, she knew she'd found just what she'd been looking for--and woe to any woman who tried to talk to him while she was around. It wasn't long before she had a ring on her finger. The wedding took place in the Grunts' back yard, but immediately afterward, Crystal had the General buy a much more modern house for them. The General wanted to be Mayor of Strangetown, and she was going to do what it took to get him there. She got pregnant right away, and they had twins.

Tank returned from college with no facepaint and a new understanding of himself. While at school he had gotten close to Frances J. Worthington III, and with him, he finally felt like he wasn't pretending anymore. Buck, who had known who he was since he was five, greatly approved. Now he only wishes Tank could heal his rift with Ripp. It might take some clever maneuvering, but with Tank's anger gone, Buck feels sure they could become friends if he could just get them to sit down for a game of chess.

Tank and Frances are engaged and living in a little trailer together. They are the cutest couple and constantly all over each other--only one bolt, but they act like three-bolters. I guess that goes to show that chemistry isn't everything.

Anyway, the Beakers are the real point of my update. Lots of drama at Erin's wedding to Jasmine Rai. Erin jumped headfirst into getting married. She had a good thing going with Lola Curious, but Jasmine was so hot and young and... hot ... that when she showed the least bit of interest in her, Erin didn't look back. Married 5 minutes, Lola's leaving the wedding early with a depressed but resigned look on her face, and Erin's already wondering if she made a huge mistake.

It doesn't help that Loki really dislikes Jasmine for unfathomable reasons of his own. After transforming and feeling a bit peckish, he attacked her at her own wedding and sent her off to bed early with her needs very low. That was the last straw for Circe, and she attacked Loki in return. He wasn't expecting that! Even though he won the fight (he is a werewolf, after all). The next day, Circe filed for divorce, packed her bags, and left. Later that night, she went on a date with Vidcund and got herself pregnant. She will get a good settlement out of Loki (who also owes damages to Jasmine for assaulting her), she will get the baby she wants from Vidcund, and she will finally get to live in peace on her own terms. She and Vidcund have a good arrangement now--she comes over to hang at his place when she feels a little lonely, and he's not allowed to set foot in her little house.
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Johnny Smith/Ophelia Nigmos/Ripp Grunt at La Fiesta Tech - Johnny chooses the art major, Ophelia is in psychology and Ripp in literature. They are in a polyamorous relationship. After living in the dorms freshman year they get their own on campus residence for some privacy. Tank and Ripp begin to slowly repair their relationship, thanks to Buck's pleading and Tank realizing their father is making them all miserable. Tank realizes that means he needs to repair his relationship with Johnny as well, even if he does still feel iffy about them being an alien. He'll get over it with a little time. I'm so proud of him. They are now Juniors in Uni.

Stella Terrano/Almeric and Aldric Davis/Tank Grunt dorms - Almeric majors in literature, Aldric in drama and Tank in biology. I think Stella begins in phsyics, which I just let her stay in. Their first two years in Uni have been fairly uneventful save for Tank repairing his relationships and meeting Frances J. Worthington III and falling in love with her. They are now Juniors in Uni as well.

Frances J. Worthington III - Her OTH is Cuisine so they are thinking of starting a bakery business after Uni. They aren't incredibly social but have made a few friends and are doing very well in Uni. They are also into Games. Her boyfriend Tank Grunt moved into their on campus residence and is now fiancé.

Dorms with Blossom Moonbeam, Klara Vonderstein and William Williamson - They all fell in love during their freshmen year of Uni. Blossom with Trevor Thompson (who is in the LGU frat), Klara with Allegra Gorey and William with Brittany Upsnott.

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I love Tank and Frances together. There is a rather sizable gay community in Strangetown, so they have a lot of friends and a lot of parties (I'm also happy that Buck will have some choice beyond Nervous when he gets out of college, since Nervous is so damaged and not at all ready for anything like a committed relationship). Their life together is pretty great. And I'm very proud of Tank. Guy Wrightley tried to hit on him in the bathroom during a guys' hanging-out night, and Tank wagged his finger and turned him down flat, even though their chemistry together is very good. Tank is nothing if not loyal. He and Frances want to adopt.

Erin and Jasmine's marriage lasted about a minute, but I think anyone could have predicted that. Jasmine took off for the city with Sarah Love. Erin is back with Lola but they don't have plans to get married as of yet. I think Erin has realized the value of taking things slowly, but Lola may still have some hard feelings about the whole situation.

Other weddings besides Tank and Frances: Johnny and Ophelia--there's never been anyone but each other for those two. I went to open the Smiths' house to have their wedding and saw that I had a left a note to myself: Johnny and Ophelia are engaged, but does he really expect her to live with his parents?!? Narrator's voice: Yes, yes he does.

And last but not least, Lazlo Curious married Stella Terrano (she's keeping her name). Since Pascal and his daughter moved out (that's another story), Stella moved in with Lazlo, Vidcund, and Vidcund's boys. She had their first child before they were even married, and another one is on the way. (So much for my plan to keep Curiouses from overrunning the neighborhood, but I'll put them on birth control and maybe bring in some of the Bon Voyage teens as college YAs when they're old enough to keep up the marriageable population.)

There is one little wrinkle. Stella and Vidcund keep sneaking off to odd corners of the house to have conversations with each other or pillow fights or tell jokes. Their chemistry is very high. So far, it's all been innocent. Let's hope those two don't break Lazlo's heart.
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Lovechild Neighbour and Florence Delarosa kept on with Delarosa Flowers, while Florence also trying to get ahead in the science career. Lovechild made a group consisting of herself, Monsoon Neighbour and Justice Neighbour-Larsen to hang out around Bluewater village. Monsoon and Justice are brothers but didn't grow up together, so them both being friends with Lovechild is a way for them to get better friends with each other as well. Lovechild tried her hand at matchmaking by influencing a cashier to go flirt with Monsoon and it went over well with them both.

Phoenix and Robin Logren tried to keep their spirits up after their daughter Lovemore's unexpected death for a day before it was Phoenix' own time due to old age. He was buried under the tree next to his daughter's gravestone. Poor Robin. ...He's coping.

Robin needed some company and distractions and rolled wishes to chat online and get a job. I had him start working in the business career. But he also kept his husband's memory alive rolling the want to have grilled cheese which was Phoenix' favourite food and secondary aspiration. ...He also rolled a want to marry a rich guy. Oh well. As a fortune sim, he was probably flattered by the 5000 simoleons Phoenix left for him. The only other person he left any money to was his friend Brake Neighbour who got 570§.
The next day, Ducky Neighbour was taken by the grim reaper just as she got home from work.

Mother and daughter Stardust and Strummer Neighbour both had the weekend free so after they woke up well-rested around 2 at night, they headed downtown to club Caliente. Even with some juice in her system, Stardust would not let herself be convinced by her daughter to pour soap in the fountain on the roof. Strummer joined the dance competition but didn't win.

Stardust and Lola Curious got on the wrong foot with each other and eventually it was time to head home before a barfight broke out.
The next day, they had a kitchen fire and I'm so used to always having fire alarms over the oven that I stupidly just watched the flames for a few seconds before me and Stardust were alerted to action by Strummer shouting. Stardust went to call the fire department and fortunately no one and nothing was hurt save for Strummer's pancakes.

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Well, I somehow managed to mentally break two of my sims in a row by accident... First, I was playing the Oldies, and on a whim I decided to have Herb tinker with the TV. As Herb had no mechanical skill or tinkering hobby points, be broke the TV, which made Coral lecture him... which caused them to fall out of love. Which was a fear of his. Whoops! I managed to start even more drama with them, when I saw that Herb had high chemistry with Dina Caliente, so he flirted with her a tad. I don't even know how I could squeeze drama out of the freakin' Oldies!

Next up was Bianca Monty, who when I selected her household, I saw that she had a bottomed-out aspiration bar. I had barely played her at all before, how was her aspiration so low??? My best guess is that this was caused by me resurrecting and killing off Olivia Monty so she could have her unborn baby for story purposes... but I hadn't played Bianca at all during the time Olivia briefly back to life, and she hadn't appeared on any lots during that time either, so she couldn't have re-rolled her fears. Anyway, the result of this was the instant I loaded up her house, she calmly got off the couch, and proceeded to collapse into a mental breakdown. As one does. I did manage to turn her around a bit by taking her Downtown to meet new people, where she managed to beat up Albany Capp, and when she returned home to go to work, she got a promotion!
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It doesn't matter whether a sim is active - when a sim dies, any family members (including ones who haven't met them) with that fear will have the fear realized.

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Well, Primo Goth finally aged up to an adult. He didn't want to go to college but he did want to move out, to my absolute delight. Now I only have to micromanage 5 sims! He took his 20000 inheritance and bought himself a trailer. Since he didn't want to get a job, I figured it'd be safer for him not to throw all his money to a house and be left with very little for furnishings, etc. For story purposes, it was the only house available. He's living alone right now but he's a family sim and Meadow Thayer has just started her literature major at SSU so that'll change, hopefully soon. How I'll get them to meet is anyone's guess though. Anyway, it looks like Primo needs some time to get used to his new living conditions... It's not every day you see a trailer sporting a 20$ marble floor. I do hope he'll want to find a job though. He only has about 300 simoleons to his name right now.

Cassandra invited Don to Primo's birthday party and he got to talk to Frida for a bit. The next day it was Sunday and Cassandra decided to take the kids to the park and invite Don along. They had a great time together and Frida got to know her dad a bit better. I forgot to invite Primo (he had the flu). Cassandra and the kids came back in the afternoon, they rested for a bit and then Cass threw an anniversary party for her and Darren. The party was a roof raiser and it got her perma plat status and knowledge as a secondary. I was so happy for her I even let Darren make a toast to her with the champagne. Thankfully no one else got any ideas. So after all that, I decided that the Goth mansion needed some redecorating. At the end I kinda got carried away and now the Goth family has a garage...
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There's been some construction at the Dodge service center for the last while in my BACC as the town is getting ready for winter with last minute construction to expand the center.
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The story of Olive Specter:

Olive is Strangetown's resident witch. Since I don't have the EP that has witches, she is a witch of my own making. She has a magic wishing well that not only grants wishes but also has the power to either extend life or bring instantaneous death, depending on Olive's whim. This is why she has lived so long. And she has a phone direct to the Grim Reaper, giving her the power to bring back the dead. Since she befriended Jim from the Garden Club, she also has one of those wonderful cow-plants. Both it and Jim have been added to her garden.

But as time went on, Olive found herself longing to reunite with her one true love and the father of her child. Before that, however, she needed an apprentice, someone to take over her work. At first, she was grooming her niece Ophelia for the job, but Ophelia only wanted a normal family life and got out of there as soon as she could. When Olive was reunited with her son, she thought Nervous might be a candidate, but it quickly became apparent that Nervous was not capable. After renewing his relationship with his mother, though, and joining the military, he did start healing enough to give up his pathological attraction to Circe Beaker and accept that he was gay. But he's nowhere near ready for a commitment any larger than taking care of his pet molerat, Quisenberry.

Then Olive heard about Pascal Curious's alien abduction and his precocious half-alien daughter. She bewitched Pascal into thinking he was in love with her and they would get married--which Olive did not intend to do, as she is promised to another--and they moved in with her. She also gave Pascal longer life (he is now younger than his brothers). Olive and Liana formed a close bond, and Liana agreed to be her apprentice. After Liana graduated from college and moved back in with them, Olive knew she was ready to go. While everyone in the household was asleep, she met Grim at the front gate and happily traveled into the hereafter.

Unfortunately, Nervous was heartbroken at losing his mother, and it has set his recovery back quite a bit. Pascal too was pretty shaken by the breaking of the spell, and it's uncertain whether he will recover.

Liana Curious ready to become Strangetown's resident witch

Olive reunited with her one true love--she was happy about it, even though there she doesn't look it
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Dorms with Blossom Moonbeam, Klara Vonderstein and William Williamson - William got engaged to Brittany Upsnott. Klara got engaged to Allegra Gorey.

La Fiesta Tech Fraternity (Mickey Dosser/Matthew Hart/Guy Wrightley) - Mickey declared an art major, and apparently he actually does want to pass. I'm playing him by wants and such because he's apparently lazy and started on academic probation. We will see if he manages to graduate. He has managed to get to Junior year! Mickey has fallen in love with Gunnar Roque. They had a couple toga parties where they mostly just sat on the floor and chatted, but it was a good time and the greek house is level 5.

I made 14 adoptable toddlers, 9 adoptable cats and 9 adoptable dogs in CAS (first 6 cats, then 6 dogs, then 3 dogs/3 cats). The obligatory adults became townies. I have made some studio apartments as well.

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Ripp Grunt lived the swinging bachelor life in the roadside motel for quite a while. He had bad luck with girlfriends, though--not his fault, that motel is just a deathtrap. His first girlfriend, Chloe Curious, died in a tragic kitchen fire along with Kristen Loste. His second girlfriend, a stranger from out of town named Theresa Winfrey (originally Jill Smith of the Garden Club, but I couldn’t have two of them), also died in a kitchen fire along with Ajay Loner. His third girlfriend, Jessie Pilferson, ate a bad hamburger and got food poisoning. When Ripp met Johnny’s little sister, Jill Smith, just out of college, he wanted to seduce her and fall in love with her. All of his previous girlfriends had been Romance Sims, and he was unaware of the pitfalls of romancing a Family Sim. Jill got pregnant right out of the gate (her very first time!) and insisted that Ripp put a ring on her finger. They moved into a trailer together, and Ripp is actually a very loving and attentive father to little Mirabella. Maybe he will settle down to family life (see attached picture--yes, Jill has got another one already on the way, and yes, she loves the color pink).

Jenny Smith was devastated when her husband passed away and wanted to fall in love again. Then Matthew Hart came into her life. Matthew had been hanging around Strangetown looking for wealthy, older ladies who might be easy marks. He tried with Olive, but she is (was) the kind of person who uses people herself, and she saw right through him. Jenny, though, fell for him hard. Matthew convinced her to marry him, and immediately upon moving in, he asked her to put in a hot tub, some fitness equipment, and a more expensive bed, and to buy him the most expensive sportscar. He is a Family Sim who acts like a Romance and Fortune Sim combined. At least he cleans house. And Jenny seems happy in her elderhood with a young, handsome man in her bed.
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I have more megahood drama if anyone cares to read about it!
The first person I want to talk about is Ajay Loner. I thought that he would be boring. He wasn't, thankfully. I checked his relationship panel, and I quickly learned that he has at least one bolt for every woman he knows, and has three double-bolters! Instantly, I became convinced Ajay is insatiably horny, and made him a Romance secondary on the spot. I love when the game organically creates a storyline like this! So, do you guys think he should date Marissa Bendett, Brandi Broke, or Lola Curious? For reference, Marissa is the one he has the best relationship with, and I've started to think of plans for Brandi to get with Lazlo Curious when I saw they were double-bolters.

I didn't think anything could really top that, but then I got to Regan Capp's family. Hoo fucking boy. It started with Regan going off to work, and then Cornwall and Kent attacked each other. Twice in a row. Thankfully for me, Kent won both times. Then later that evening, Cornwall answered the phone, and heard Oberon Gossamer invite him for a Downtown outing. "Okay, sure. It'll at least stop Cornwall and Kent from beating each other up!" Oberon invited Albany Capp, Romeo, Mercutio, and Isabella Monty. I mean I guess Oberon was trying to reconcile the feud, but that went over like a shit in a punch bowl. Poor Isabella must have been attacked at least five times! After a bit of that, I decided I had had enough of the violence, and I took everyone home (which took a while because everyone was too busy fighting to get in the taxi) and FINALLY shooed everyone home. And then two cherries on top of the shit sundae, Cornwall got (non-fatally) electrocuted trying to fix Mr. Humble's computer, and he turned down Regan's request to try for baby. That was dizzying, but I can't wait for this chaos to start again!
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Former Highway refugees Carol Ottomas and Joanna Tinker (Melody's alien daughter, born en-route) have graduated from Takemizu University. Joanna graduated with honours and has moved downtown, where she has temporarily taken a job in Law while she waits for an opening at the Intelligence Agency. Carol wants to work in Law Enforcement and has moved back home to Sedona, where the population is just big enough to support a Patrol Officer. She has little chance of advancement, though, so she may move downtown later.

Mike Ottomas's girlfriend, Meadow Thayer, dropped out of college at the end of her Fresher year and has moved in with him in Sedona. She has no particular ambitions so has joined the construction crews. The last remaing roommate, Michelle Kierney, still has her senior year to go.

John Picaso also graduated. He has no interest in following in his father's footsteps as a Landgraab Gentleman and has moved downtown to work in Entertainment - though he's a spelunker for now. His girlfriend, Brandi Letourneau, is a 'Gentleman' but has joined John downtown.
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Angela didn't go to college (she stayed home to help her widowed mother take care of Daniel's twins by the maid). She stayed true to Dustin while he was in college - they just HAVE to be a couple! But Dustin made a lot of enemies by hitting on other guy's fiances (all by himself). I even "helped" by finding him a pretty blond girlfriend. Angela became adult & invited him over for some "adult fun"; but now they barely like each other! If they don't "learn" to love each other, they will have to split up. Funny how Sims can write their own stories!

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'spose it's technically not happening in my game as I've not turned the game on yet. But I decided it's now time to abandon the megahood idea and just go back to plain ol Pleasantview. The megahood was fun at first, as before it I'd never played the premades. But after 2 failed attempts and being too lazy to actually finish setup (all the info I track in spreadsheets) of Megahood 3.0, I've decided that I had the most fun (and made the most progress) when it was just Pleasantview before I started adding other hoods. Plus if I start to miss the Strangetown simmies I can just watch PleasantSim's streams. And I was never that close with Veronaville or other EP hoods anyways.
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