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Default Missing downloads!
I have almost 8000 files in my Sim2Pack downloads folder, however, when I start the game, I am sure that less than half of the downloads appears in my game. Does the Sim2Pack somehow show what files are active in the game and what files are not? I have removed all the red and pink highlighted files. I look at the images in 'show pictures' and look for them in my game, they are not there, and the files are not marked red or pink. Please help!
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6th Oct 2010 at 4:48 PM
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Are the files that you see Sims2Pack files or package files? The game can only see package files.

If you view your Downloads folder using the Clean Installer, do all of the files have a checkmark beside them? If not, then some of your CC has been disabled. Right click and select "Enable package".

Basically, I'm having problems visualizing what you are seeing. Do you know of a specific piece of CC which is not appearing in your game? If so, perhaps you could attach a screenshot which shows that piece of CC in the Clean Installer. This might help me to understand your problem.
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