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Until recently I could download a lot with custom content & place in in my Lots Downloaded file. I would then, using Clean Installer, install both the lot & the content. The Lot would still be in the Lots Downloaded file, minus the custom contact and the cc would be in my general download file. From there I would place the content in the appropriate file.

Now, however, it appears to install, but the cc doesn't show up in files. This is the case also when downloading floors or walls. WHAT'S UP? How can I get back to the easy way of doing the downloads?

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The Clean Installer hasn't changed that much, but it's really difficult to tell what you're doing. Could you give me a few snapshots of the process (what's on your disk, what does the Clean Installer window look like) and perhaps a link to one of the lots that you know has CC, but which doesn't show any CC in the Clean Installer?
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Thank you for responding. The Clean Installer isn't even loading lots for me. I'm wondering if Service Paks 1 & 2 of Vista is interferring with the Installer. The Clean Installer "looks" like it's doing what it's suppose to - doesn't appear any different when using. But lots aren't installed & the custom content doesn't load or appear in my download folder like before. I use to be able to take the custom content from the download folder & move it to whether folder I wished.

Don't understand what's up, don't know how to take pics, sorry. Me computer dummy. Please help.
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Perhaps you should try uninstalling the Clean Installer and then re-downloading and re-installing it.

On the screen where you specify where to install, what path is it suggesting as the default?
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I can't tell u how many times I've uninstall & then reinstalled the cleaner, lol. It's suggested that it goes to documents/desktop.
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I probably wasn't clear. When you are installing a Sims2Pack, where does the Clean Installer want to install the various files to?
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