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Default Sims2 pack old version thing.
Hi all,
Just installed the latest version of Sims2Pack Clean Installer as I would be on the journey to have custom content sooner rather than later. I installed it, read the readme and saw the todo . There is one thing more which is remaining, it needs to figure out if I have the latest or not. This is from the latest version, doing the web update.

D:\Sims2Pack Clean Installer\url.txt
Starting Web Update
Connecting to:
Checking Version
You have an old version, download the update
by clicking on one of the website buttons below.

Local version:
Online version:

This incidentally is my first post to the forum.
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#2 Old 7th Mar 2011 at 7:01 PM
Sorry, looks like I haven't updated that site for the latest version; I'll look into that when I have the time. You can always download the latest version (currently V1.6.13) here:
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Mootilda, love you. For some reason didn't see that the program is FOSS (under GNU GPL) . Some more ideas for improvements.

The README.txt is actually a version listing. So instead you could name it version.txt rather than README.txt . A README.txt usually more often that not would have a listing of the contents of the files/directories (if its small), some precautions to be taken while using that program, a URL where they are pointed out to in case something goes awash and stuff like that.

I also tried to check out the Packages.txt file and it is filled up. At first I thought it was parsing, categorizing all the .packages files in the Sim2 program folder/directory. A slightly deeper look resulted in seeing that it was a sort of a database dump of some objects (which perhaps the UI is using ?) .

I am yet to really use the program as there is no custom content as of now but who knows.

Looking to know more.
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