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Default Help wanted for custom Neighborhood
hey guys!, so like i'm with a crazy project of making stardew valley in the sims 2, and i was wondering if like anyone would like to help n stuff, if i succeed i'm putting together a whole website to post the neighborhood n stuff. everyone who helps will be credited!
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Do you have anything to show for this neighborhood? Some screens or anything? I like the idea but I know many people probably might not jump to help without you showing some sort of base.

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I have no idea what Stardew Valley is like as I'm old and grumpy, but my daughter likes this game! So if you can show some screenshots of what you want it to look like and what characters live where, I could maybe help with building or terrain.

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I would take shots using print screen and save with Paint if my computer is a Windows computer and load my game in windowed mode so I can actually get shots without using the game camera which does tend to save things out of order.You might also have to post the terrain template if you're using a custom one instead of one from the game like I am doing for my own projects.
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#6 Old 1st May 2021 at 6:50 PM
Ooo, I tried to make a Stardew Valley neighborhood but kinda gave up. I'd love to see a fully complete one!

Anyway, mine was just a fun project for me, so I used a bunch of CC and didn't make my own terrain, so... It's not great. Also the floor plans of the houses in SV don't really correlate to their exteriors at all so that's something you might want to watch out for. Here's some screenshots if you're interested:
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#7 Old 2nd May 2021 at 12:41 AM
I was walking the other day and actually thought about this and even mentioned to my husband, 'I wonder if I can make custom terrain based on Stardew Valley' - I have been in a heavy SDV kick lately which cycle feeds my urge to play my sims 2 farming families and then back to SDV. I have seen some attempts in the past years for the characters It would be a cute whole hood if put together!

Here is the main map for anyone wondering:

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With a little bit of nhood cc, such as criquette's dirt roads... this might be doable with some sense of accuracy.

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