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For the lots, have you tried the Lot Adjuster?

And regarding apartments, I think I have found a tutorial somewhere on how to make the beach ones playable. I think the error lies in the fact that the lot elevation gets reset when the game creates a new instance of the base lot (called the apartment sub lot), and since the beach lots are anything but flat, the issue is much more apparent. I'll see if I can find the tutorial again.

Edit: a quick Google search yielded this result:

Basically, if you have UC (or patched AL, or M&G), just pick up the lot and place it down again. If you don't, follow Mootilda's tutorial found on the link. Again, this what I'm talking about is for building apartments on uneven terrain (including beaches) - to have the portals regenerate, try using Lot Adjuster.
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Originally Posted by FranH
It has everything to do with it, because they're the special 'beach lots' that have the portals to the ocean and animations that go with it. They only face one way in any neighborhood, and in the one I was playing, it was "East" as opposed to the "southern" beach I wanted to use it on.

I wanted the beach lots specifically because of the ocean access. Regular empty lots don't normally have that access to the ocean unless you want to modify the terrain specifically and even then, very unknown if it would work properly. I've read some horror stories about apartments not being available on a beach lot because of the special conditions they require.

That isn't quite what I meant, I was meaning that if they were lots that were already present in the neighbourhood it might be bad to move them, whereas if they were empty beach lots placed from the catalogue they may be more able to be moved. But now I think about it, none of the Maxis hoods except probably the vacation hoods have any beach lots in because there is no normal hood for BV

Possibly beach lots placed from the catalogue do something weird once they are placed down and then can't be moved after that. I know they change the terrain to make it fit the ocean template etc.

I've had dorms on a beach lot before, I've never had apartments on one but I'd like to try it


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TIL - Sims can take the virus crafted at the Biotech station career reward. Their moods needs to be far south, but... whoa. That exists.
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So was anyone gonna tell me that the "pastel pink/blue/purple/yellow with butterflies" wallpaper that I use for children's and babies' rooms actually came with Teen Style Stuff, or did I really have to find that out on my own from a lilsimsie video
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A new glitch I have not seen in all my years nor heard of. I took a red-headed bachelor off to Twikkii on vacation and I wasn't paying attention on how or why but after getting out of the ocean from swimming he had like mini fight dust rumbles or smoke under his feet and every time he stopped walking he zooped about 10 feet above everyone. I call this affliction 'rocket ship feet'. I took him to a community lot and it stopped but when he returned he had rocket ship feet again. I had him choose a different lodging and it stopped for the rest of the time. He also developed 'plate hand' but nothing a reset didn't fix. reset via testing cheats did not fix rocket ship feet.

It was so very odd because I have had sims stay at the first place and swim in the ocean before with no rocket ship feet issues. Here attached was a pic of him 'watching the ocean' from a really great height with his rocket ship feet.

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The Criminal Career Reward can break!

Dang, Junior Mann.

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one restaurant, one staffer! I didn't know this was possible!
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@Sims2Christain is this an owned community lot that you visited? Because the last time I tried making an understaffed restaurant, everyone kept just not working. Reassigning someone to be the host would ignore customers that came in between them not being the host and being reassigned, and waiters didn't clean up plates nor took anyone's orders who had already been sitting down. I was playing that owned business though, so it might be different if visiting the lot as a customer...
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unowned from what I can recall. will have to double check.
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