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Default i cant put in firnture or toliets
when i download the cleanpack installer i get a graph error
messages when i try to put in toliets or chairs it is allfull so is the problem that i am downloading the wrong verson of cleanpack because as soon as i uninstall it the game plays find, i am puzzled about this because this never happen before no matter what i downloaded can you please help thanks
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#2 Old 28th Dec 2010 at 1:21 AM
Just installing Clean Installer wouldn't cause you to be unable to put in chairs or toilets in the game. Your message is rather unclear, but certainly, Clean Installer can't cause that problem - custom content you install with it might, but that's not really a Clean Installer issue but a problem with bad CC.

Game Help:Game Problemwiki - try that for your issue and if you continue to have problems, post in the Help section and please try to explain further exactly what the issue is.

If you're still having problems using Clean Installer itself (as it seems like you maybe are? graph... error?) then please post the full, exact text of the error message.
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