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Default am i supose to overwrite the mesh
I am so new to all this stuff and I love the Clean Installer. It's the only I have been able to figure out custom hair and sims. Anyhow the only problem I have and I have read and read and can't seem to figure it out...However Im sure it's a stupid question. When I download some stuff into the Clean Installer and click to install it into the game sometimes a box will pop up saying the Mesh already exists and asks me if I want to overwrite it. I have clicked both yes and no but Im just not sure what Im doing when I click on either of them. Am I supose to Overwrite the mesh or not? Im getting alot of duplicate Sims and clothing. Very frusterating. Other than that...I love the Clean Installer.
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Unfortunately, there is no 'always' right answer. As a general rule, I always select to keep the most recent -- which might be what is already in my folder, or might be the one being unpacked. Hopefully, if there is a reason to NOT have the most recent version, you will know that and know which to select.

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Ok Thank You!
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