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Originally Posted by Pideli
As long as you don't cancel their current action, vampires' needs don't drop in the sun (inside, haven't tried outside).

I wanted to try to play vampires without a coffin to simulate supstance-taking party animals - they're "full of energy" at night, and can't function for most of the morning/day.

The actual challenge is to just have them constantly be tired. The easiest way to prevent them from dying fast is to have them sleep as much as possible. This way, their needs don't decay as fast - including hunger. To have them sleep this long, they would need the cheapest bed, because those take the longest to refill sims' energy. However, they shouldn't sleep all the way until dusk, because their energy motive (and every other motive) freezes during the night (unless they use something that deliberately makes them tired - and I haven't figured what those things are yet). So, when the sun rises again, they'll just change out to their underwear and collapse on the bed and wake up "hungover."
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Haha, that seems like an interesting challenge.
To make them tired, use the ballet barre. That drains their energy and hygiene, even in the night. And it increases body + dancing skill + music enthusiasm.

And to expand on my previous discovery, if you cancel one vampire's action after the sun has risen so that their motives start to drop, the other vampires may also start to drop their needs. It's like it reminds the game to drain the needs of the vampires or something.

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