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Default Does anyone have some Downloads from the Sims 1-Exchange?
I'm looking for some lots from the Sims 1-Exchange on the official The Sims-Website back then.
I was wondering how to get some downloads for the "Import"-Button in every community-area (Downtown, Vacation Island etc.) and found out there was an Exchange where you can find Community-Lots for Downtown, Vacation Island, the Unleashed Neighborhood, Studio Town, Magic Town and Families. There was even a Date-Exchange for Hot Date and a Star-Exchange for Superstar.

For example the Exchange-Window for Downtown-Lots looked like this:

The downloads I found from this site are only some of the "Get Cool Stuff"-Section.

Does anybody have archived some Downloads from the Exchange? I hope somebody can help
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I don't know of a place that has stuff specifically from the Exchange, but there are a lot of sites that have things that would be uploaded to the Exchange if it still existed.

Sim Echoes has a bunch of lots at

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