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Custom vacations and natives/locals
I dont know if anything like this had been posted but I wonder did anyone ever created a CUSTOM VACATION DESTINATION? Can it spawn locals/natives and turists?
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I used to do that if I added a vacation district instead of using the default ones as I could build my own and design it myself instead of putting up with bad designs by others.It did genrate NPC's just like the default ones would.
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There are a few custom vacation destinations. Honestly, I think we as a community need more! Nobody has ever done an European, African or Middle Eastern vacation destination and it's a pity, they would be super interesting.
I'm gonna link you all the ones that I know:
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For African VACATION DESTINATION, you can use CASTAWAY CONVERSIONS, since the theme/place is pretty similar.

As for European destination, players can always build or download European like buildings, both residental and community lot buildings
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Castaway conversions are more or less tiki-themed, and if anything, Tiki rings Polynesia rather than Africa. And Polynesia is on the opposite side of the globe to Africa.

On the other hand, I'd love to see you create a European destination! After all, you've got the ground concept ready. Once you get down to business, you may notice that it's not as easy as it seems.
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I have also shared my Far East destination here:

Custom destinations will have locals etc if they are the first of that destination type - Far East, Mountain or Tropical. If you add more than one per type, you have to use a workaround to get those NPCs. I think the tutorial is by Jawusa? I haven't tried it myself.

My new downloads are on my Pillowfort
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You actually shouldn't even add the second one in the first place, because the Sims of the second destination would get added to the neighborhood and then deleted, leaving junk data behind in SimPE. This leads to corruption.

Jawusa's tutorial - it's written for Downtowns, as they suffer from the same issue, but the analogous method applies to vacation destinations, too.
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