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Default Planet Express Building
I was searching the web and found a thread from this site about someone trying to build the planet express building:

I believe they were on the right track and certainly had a great idea going. Unfortunately this thread is old and not getting much attention so I have started this thread instead. I wasn't sure, as a builder, to try and tackle this myself or find out if anyone else was interested. Anyway I would like to here what people think of this and if I or any other builder were to attempt this whether anyone would download it.

Any ideas which come to mind or other builders which might be interested, feel free to contribute to this thread.
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#2 Old 20th Aug 2012 at 1:02 PM
Just some interesting stuff that I have come across searching around:

This looks like a great start if you are possibly interested. Unfortunately there are so many inconsistencies with almost every episode but even so it would be nice to see a finished product.

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i lould love to see and download futurama stuff there isnt a lot. ive made a few but nothing ever comes outr rigght lol:D
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