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Great idea, guys...not to mention FUN!!!! Thank You!

I always wanted to be an Architect !!! Finaly a dream realized!
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Originally Posted by daluved1
I second that tutorial one!

That is.....if yall have time :D

Thirded! A lot of work goes into the tutorials as well.
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#28 Old 10th Sep 2009 at 11:15 PM
Aww, they're really cute! Thank you HP and Delphy. Could very well be inspiration to create more.

I do have a question. What are the 'skunks' I saw being referred to? On my scorecard page it said 7 out of 10 skunks had downloaded one of my hairstyles. Just enough to confuse me. :D

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Originally Posted by annadee
What are the 'skunks' I saw being referred to? On my scorecard page it said 7 out of 10 skunks had downloaded one of my hairstyles. Just enough to confuse me. :D

It's just wordplay, I believe. Mine changes every single time I view it, "pregnant male Sims", "Servos", "passing by", "teddy bears".
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So.. what does the "Textile" one refer to? Patterns?

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Originally Posted by Gangreless
So.. what does the "Textile" one refer to? Patterns?


People who recolor clothing receive that (but I don't see it on wallpaper or clothing mesh creators).
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Sorry Gangy! you're not important right now

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Nice HP and Delphy! Awesome work! I now have 4 achievements which includes 'Residential Architect' Woot!!

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HOW Fun!

I got :

'scribbles on someone else's mesh'! (Textile Designer.)
'Residential architect'
'Carpenter' for making that table with a short leg.
'Beaucoup downloads'
a 'star'
and suspect 'bunny' (Singular so far... but I've heard rumors that they multiply when you aren't looking.)


Do we get a 'Frankenstein's Monste' icon for all the Foolish stuff we've donated to MTS?
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#35 Old 11th Sep 2009 at 7:02 AM
Thanks so much! I'm now a Residential Architect/Puppeteer!
#36 Old 11th Sep 2009 at 1:02 PM
I'm right now:

A makeup Designer
Residential Architect
Hair Colorist
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Textile Designer

Can't wait to see what the food, career, walls and floors, garden mesher, and game mod ones will be.
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Yeah! I'm an architect! I like the little house.
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Thanks, HP and Delphy !
And I want to stress out the very nive work you're doing w/ MTS interface : the navigation bar is awesome. I've noticed the little pics for "Edit", "Reply", etc. Everyday, there's something new and usefull !
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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
These are highly amusing and just fun! My favorite is the Mad Scientist that Delphy has.

Those are for creators of sims Tools like the any game starter and such. I love decrypting them. Sure you can just click on the picture and it will tell you what it is, but it's more fun to browse uploads and see who has one.
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Yaaaay! These are soooo adorable. I love the art, and hey, I certainly can't complain about suddenly having more achievements! =D haha

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Very awesome drawings, and great to have some new ones achievements around!

*must collect them all*

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These are very cool...thanks. I have the Puppeteer for making sims & Fuzzy Wuzzy even if I only made one pair of eye brows...though I think I should have the Textile Designer also since I have recolored many clothes meshes.

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getagirl: Thanks for the hint - I fixed up the Textile Designer and Hair Stylist to also include recolours of custom meshes too.

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I'm beginning to think the home page needs a thanks button!

But where do we go to thank HP for the artwork?

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#46 Old 13th Sep 2009 at 3:00 AM Last edited by joninmobile : 13th Sep 2009 at 3:24 AM.
I have some ideas for names of some new accomplishments:

Career Creator - Employer
Major Creator - Professor
Neighborhood Map Creator - Civil Engineer
Game Mod Creator - Logician
Garden Center/Decorative Plant Mesher - Gardener
Food Creator - Chef
Tutorial Writer - Teacher
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These are very cool! Thanks! I love all the artwork!

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joninmobile: Names and suggestions for accomplishments are not up for debate. We already have most of them planned out, we just need to do the actual images.

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thank u
btw this is my 1st day on this website
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Ghost sdoj - On this thread is plenty - I prefer squealy text over someone clicking a button any day.
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