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Default Body Shop crashes
Okay, I had issues with Body Shop earlier and "traditional" solutions always helped. Not this time. I'm trying to open the program from my Free Time folder (it's my latest expansion). I tried deleting .cache files, thumbnails, taking out CC, even creating entirely new The Sims 2 folder in My Documents. The program just crashes although it once worked perfectly on the same computer and system and all.

I couldn't find any solution online but then I had a thought. I've recently installed Open for Business, even though I already had later expansions installed (I haven't opened Body Shop since until now). Could that be the problem? I don't want to reinstall my game unless absolutely necessary so I wanted to ask for your opinion first. Or maybe can I reinstall only the newest expansion (FT)?

I'd be eternally grateful for help.

Edit: I've also tried to open the program from its original location instead of shortcut and made sure the game or SimPE aren't running at the time.
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If you have more than 4GB of RAM (memory, not harddrive space!), have you tried running the 4GB patch on the Bodyshop EXE? It does work for Bodyshop too, and can be very effective against crashing. It allows 32-bit programs to access up to 4 GB RAM instead of just 2 GB (lower memory usage tends to make them crash easier).

If you have Windows 10 and had to run GraphicRules to make your game run properly, you may also want to run GraphicRules on the CSConfig files in addition to the Config files (same location, different folder). The CSConfig files control Bodyshop (and Homecrafter if you have that one installed). If you have already fixed files you can just copy them from Config to CSConfig.

You should use the Bodyshop that comes with the newest EP (in some cases SP) by release order you have. If your newest is FT, use that. OFB is older than FT.
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Do you have the 4 GB patch?

Do you have enough RAM to use the above? ^

Have you set the graphic Rules for Body Shop?

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Do you have the 4 GB patch?

Do you have enough RAM to use the above? ^

Have you set the graphic Rules for Body Shop?

No, I don't have the 4GB patch but I don't need that to play. I even wanted to install it once when my game was crashing too much but I read that it was only for systems with "64" something, not "32", like mine (I'm on a very old system).

So, I'll try setting those graphic rules and see if it helps.
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Maybe we can help figure that out. Can you post your computer specs? Windows/OS version, processor, RAM, graphic card, etc.

(XP was mainly 32-bit but had a couple 64-bit pro options, Vista had 32 and 64 bit, and I think Win7 and up has been mostly 64-bit with the odd 32-bit option for the earlier versions, so it could depend on how old the system is).


Updates can potentially screw around with settings for graphic cards and the like. I had a Nvidia card that frequently would decide it didn't like TS2 on my previous laptop. Suddenly I got hay-grass and blocky water. Took a while to sort that one out... Took even longer to sort out the issues on my new laptop. Anyway, GraphicRules is very useful. So is 4GB. Between them they make the game and Bodyshop realize they're not supposed to just use a microscopic amount of memory before they shut down the program, just because the game (or Bodyshop) for some reason thinks the graphic card is completely useless (when it's not).
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