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still unsure about downloading clean installer
see the thing is if i install net frame work on my computer over half my games that i own will not run and one of the programes i use for work will not run properly. the problem i am haveing is .... when i go into the buy menu (with pets installed) and select an item that is not custome content but has recolors i am fining that blue flashing color for the recolors. but the trash bin to the right of the color select row is missing. so i can't delet it threw the game. will this program tell me if they are the blue flashy color in the game or not. if it will then i will set aside the games and spend the money for an upgraded program for work. but if it wont then i am not going threw all this just to find out it wont work for what i need it to. is it a glitch in my game that that little trash bin is missing or did Maxis/ ea games take it out just to drive people like me nuts? if i have to i will remove sim pets and the other till i get it back. then take the stuff out if i can. so will this help me with this problem or not?
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If, by installing .NET Framework, "half your games" stop working then you have major problems with your machine that are totally aside from any you have with the Sims 2 or S2PCI.

The .NET Framework 1.1 (that S2PCI requires) shouldnt affect anything else on your PC and certainly won't affect games.

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