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Sims 4 is not my favorite game, but today's session won my heart. This is the most level of detail I've yet to experience in any of the games. I'm playing with grandparents. I had them bake cookies and make a lunch dish, then travel to their child's home to meet their grandson. They are able to put food in the fridge, call everyone to a meal, play with their grandchild and care for him in every way a parent could. They're able to establish a relationship on a deep level and they can even sooth the parents' nerves. I so love this generational aspect! There was an option to host a toddler party, which is something I'd like to check out.

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For me personally, the game is entirely about how many mods it can handle, what can be modded, and how much it can take until it breaks.

I hated Sims 3, everything was just meh, but as someone who uses every visual mod the game can possibly load.. I felt the Sims themselves were just ugly and that alone ruined the game for me. I also hated the neighbourhoods and house placement.
In saying that, Sims 4 having Sims1 style neighbourhoods also ruins that part of the game for me.. I like pretty much everything else, BUT LET ME MAKE MY OWN DAMN NEIGHBOURHOODS. I get triggered every time I go to play and can't make my own 20 level apartment building like you could in the Sims 2.

The Sims 2 is my favourite. You could just add soooo many mods, and personalise everything, I'd still play it now if it would load in my graphics card. If Sims 4 had the same neighbourhood creation as Sims 2 it would easily be the best for me!
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