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Default Avatar: The Last Witch/Vampire/Werewolf/PlantSim
Recommendation: Play this is challenge in a very well populated town or in maxis given with its pre-default town setting. {Maybe you win find a way to even adapt the neigbhorhood’s provided storyline, that is if you even care or considering on doing so }

EP Requirements:
  • TS2 University.
  • TS2 NightLife.
  • TS2 Pets.
  • TS2 Apartment Life.


Basically the story goes similar to the The Last Airbender show/universe:
  1. Create a household of one particular supernatural: vampire/werewolf/plantsim/witch, that consists of 7 adults and 1 child.
  2. Kill all 6 adults, and leave one 1 adult remaining but isolated from the world&child by trapping in a square boxed in room (unless you don’t mind modding the game, install a mod that prevents the child from being taken away by SW and kill all 8 adults instead)
  3. Have the kid, aka the avatar, be raised all alone by himself.
  4. When he grows up into a teen, you then kill of the remaing adult.
  5. Due to the “”genodice” of the supernaturals that you killed of in this household, that particular life state must be swiped of the neighborhood, because they are suppose to be extinct.
  6. Wait until the child grows into well grown up adult. (for the rpg purposes, that sim, and his fellow household supernatural friends, are still a child and should act like one)

Now, the main goal task of this challenge is to transform your avatar into a occult hybrid of four creatures (suggested by the title) and defeat all the firelord’s troops before going face-to-face with the firelord. Starting with the supernatural that your avatar lived-in/got extinct, by following the order (see below) the avatar must become that being/bender before the next season arrival (or week; for those who don’t have the weather expansion pack).


(As a witch, (right after transforming into one) the avatar must master the magic hidden skill before moving onto becoming another supernatural).

Goal: You win the challenge when you complete all the following tasks:
1)Manage to turn the avatar into the whole four-being-hybrid (a witch-vampire-werewolf-plantsim), each per season/weak before a year. (failing will result in LOSING THE CHALLENGE)
2)By defeating all the firelord’s troops, aka. members from his household, by making them enemies with him and winning a fight.
[You can even create an “avatar team”, that consists of whole sims after they helped throught the process of becoming an hybrid, by moving them in your household. They could aid you as your allied companoun, to fight along through the avatar’s journey, by brawling firenation’s troop that they happen to encounter.]
3)By killing off (in-game “winning a fight against”) the firelord the next day after defeating the troops. Only the avatar must go toe-to-toe with the firelord, and has only one attempt in doing so. If the avatar loses, you must quickly think of a way to kill the lord/boss indirectly (meaning while he is in your household, you cannot starve him to the death). As a witch, you can try to burn him alive with the Inflammo spell. If you fail to do that before midnight, YOU LOSE THE CHALLENGE
4)(Optional: ) Complete the avatar’s LTW.

General Rules:
  • Since the story in the show/universe predates in a historic-old timeline, no electrical appliances should exist, apart from a fridge.
  • The Avatar must not die without completing the challenge. (Otherwise, you loose the challenge.
  • ???
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this is such a fun challenge. i keep failing it tho sksksks
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