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Sim's Death
I was just wondering, where does the remains of the Sims in the neighborhood that you don't play go when they suddenly die or die naturally?
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If there are other household members left in the household, and if the sim died on their home lot
you might be lucky enough to find their urn if you'll go play with them soon after.
but if no one's left in that household, or the sim died off lot there's no way to get the urn without a mod.

LittleMsSam's have a mod for retrieving urns of any ghosts in your game, as long as their spirit wasn't released yet
you can find it here under the name Release all Ghosts & Get Urn for
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thank you so much, i went through some of the neighborhood's family , i saw one missing and i couldnt find the urn, make sense now.
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