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10 all challange
Ok... So basically the aim of the game is simple... but you can't use boolprop testingcheat enabled cheat IN this challange.

Generation one (all sims)
Basically you need to make 10 friends , 10 bestfriends, 10 lovers(without getting caught) 10 bff(if you have the exp) 10 family relatives.

Generation two(all sims)
Each child must have 6 children and raise them.

Then each child followers the rules of generation one, then that generation follows the rules of generation 2 and so on(:

Let me know if you intreasted or if you decide to do it(: GOOD LUCK... You can use all cheats expect from boolprop(you can't change the realtionships you have to work o them your self .... By the way generation 10(last generation has to have 10 children) If someone dies- on the same generation you are on you have to minis 10 points out of 100 (:

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Wow, that sounds hard... make 10 of everything in gen 1 and 6 children per sim for gen 2, then gen 1 again in gen 3, then gen 2 in gen 4... 0.o

I don't think I can take that. Dang.

What do you mean by "if someone dies- on the same generation you are on"?

Also, do you just make one adult CAS sim, or are you supposed to make a family?
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I'll give it a try.
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Originally Posted by xiang012
I'll give it a try.

You're going to try this OLD thing? I can't even figure it out...

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Why not? Speaking about SIms 2 is not the freshest game but I can't see why an old challenge shouldn't be interesting. Let's see how it turns out. I'll post some pics.
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Here are some pictures from week #1
There's the founder, Harrison Cline, and Generation 2, which is only Hayden Cline. Also I have some doubts about the genetic replacements I have installed, because the skin of Atticus Cline (Generation 3) is really dark, yet his parents are both not.
So far, it has not been that bad.
Also, if you want to read a bit more detailed, here's my blog entry about it:
I update it weekly (more or less)
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It's even better to play without money cheats, makes the game more challenging, but it's still not that hard, at least for me! My strategy is:
1 - Female Romance Sim (I prefer going for Libra or any other sign that can be both Outgoing and/or Playful);
2 - Work on painting and dates, making it easy to get Platinum Aspiration, Aspiration Points & Influence;
3 - Careers that need Creativity are better, since painting will be the main income (I recommend Slacker, but Dance & Music are good too);
4 - When Creativity goes up to at least 6, start having parties, play instruments and get money from your lovers;
5 - When you feel like your house can handle a family of three, you're already set for a marriage;
Also important: Try to give everyone a hobby that gives money (The easel, flower arranging table, sewing machine, etc.)
And yeah... that's basically it!
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