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Originally Posted by FlinkeMeisje
As a matter of fact, when I play the ApocaBorg's version again, I think I'll actually use some of the restriction mods, just to make it easier. The ones that correspond closely, or exactly, such as Medical and Culinary, would do well, and I just LOVE how the Criminal one takes all the math off my shoulders. Did I mention I love this, and you did a great job? Really, the only reason I want to do the ApocaBorg version again is because I want to try the different lifts in a different order.

But then again, there's nothing stopping me from doing that with all of your mods and rules, is there? That is to say, I could CHOOSE to lift them in any order, and not worry about the Tiers, can't I? Or is the Tier-ness hard-coded into the mods? If they actually can be done in any order, I will do my next apocalypse (Still gonna finish my current one, thanks), as if it were ApocaBorg, with the free order, but keeping all of your mods and YOUR restrictions, that actually make SO MUCH more sense. It will be a sort of Phaenoh-Borg rules set. Haha!

The 'tier-ness' is not hard-coded into the mods, but some of them do expect the ones behind to still be in place and the ones in front to be lifted. So you might get a few weirdness if you lift outta order, but nothing that is story-ruining I don't think. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!
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Welp! I've been playing off and on for months and STILL have not made it out of Tier 1. Though enjoyable, it's been super slow playing rotation style. (Also real life/COVID-19 has not given me much free time.) Only military has been lifted, and that's only because Buzz started at level 9! (He was demoted right before the disaster.)

Buzz eventually died from food poisoning. He was such an a-hole to everyone, storywise I believe someone poisoned him deliberately (most likely Ripp or Crystal Vu, his two most hated enemies).

Circe died of the flu - she was utterly miserable so it was probably welcome. Once she died, Erin married Buzz and had a son (though it's questionable if the father is actually Ripp). Erin is level 8 in Culinary, needs 1 more logic point, but is 2 days away from elderhood.

Pascal was fired from all three Tier 1 careers, as well as Science. So he has been pretty useless and taking up valuable resources the second half of his life. He and Bella Goth had a son before he became an elder. He died soon after and because he was unselectable, I'm not sure why. He might have had a very short lifespan because he grew up badly, or it may have been starvation.

Bella is on track to lift medical. She is a Specialist (I forget what level that is) and is still pretty young. And now that she's single again, she is enjoying her romance aspiration.

Vidcund is on track to lift science (I felt storywise, he could stay in that career even though it's Tier 2). He is level 8 and maxed out on the needed skills, but only has a couple days left to elderhood.

Everyone else is just living the best they can.
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I might include this by merging it with my TOT challenge starting it with the sims crossing the Atlantic to settle in the New World as colonial settlers in the 16th century to start new lives away from the upheaval going on in Europe in the aftermath of fighting off the Turkish invasions that started in the later part of the 15th century and were still going on as the 16th century started.I'd use THIS hack to remove school for children and kids as it wouldn't even exist in 16th or 17th century colonial North America.I'll also have seasonal buying restrictions like supplies didn't get shipped in the winter and restict water with a fetching water required for using sinks or showers.
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