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Default No more sims created by EA
Hi, please excuse me if its not the forum to post this, I believe it is, but not completely sure.

To the point. Is there a way to stop the game for creating random new sims that aren't needed at all?
I want only the sims I make and the needed npc or service sims.
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#2 Old 6th May 2020 at 12:29 AM
There is a few mods floating around here to restrict "Spawning" NPC's
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Playing offline might. I couldn't figure out why my game wouldn't save sims first (just in my own game, really), but there was a kind of obvious reasons for that.
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sahmormakmom I only find people asking how to make the game to spaw more you remember those mod's names or where to find them

simmer22 I only connect the game when there is a new update available
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thanks you
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#7 Old 19th May 2020 at 7:18 AM
If after you place your Sim into their house the game puts its own Sims into the rest of the houses, then be sure to check your game settings and make sure "autofill houses" isn't set. I once had found that it somehow got enabled in my game and I was super frustrated as to why my houses were filling up when I usually like to create my own families and households!
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