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Default What are the must-have mods for Sims 4 to enjoy a good story-telling?
I understand why many people think the game is lackluster in that regard compared to previous iterations. The autonomy in particular is very shallow. In TS2, for example, sims would act very differently from each other based on their traits, picking fights with sims who had different traits, and so on. In 4, they mostly seem to just do basic things and take care of their needs. We have dumb things like vegeterian sims eating meat by themselves then feeling sick for hours.
Things like those make the game feel less dynamic overall, reducing the amount of fun stories you can go through while playing, and consequently, making it a less memorable experience.
So what mods improve that aspect by making Sims act differently? I want to see real drama happen like in previous games. Make whims be actually like the wants & fears of TS2, which not only guided a sort of story for your sim, but actually fit their personality. This sort of stuff.
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TS4 sims look like soulless dummies, with very shallow traits, emotions and aspirations. I'd recommend KawaiiStacie's Slice of Life mod. This mod adds not only an enhanced personality and emotions system, but it also adds many other nice details to the game
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Slice of Life will only throw last UI exception if you also happen to use ui cheat extension.

All the hoods are merely the same, so I made ones where all the Sims aren't straight.
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I never tried it myself but lots of people will approve this one

that being said there's a patch today, so maybe wait a little before adding new mods..
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