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#51 Old 31st Dec 2013 at 4:10 AM
I've come up with a little twist I'm going to use with regards to LTW's - some sims will have to complete two LTW's before they become perma-plat. I have this in mind for sims who are very ambitious in any respect - sims who expect the most of themselves (and sometimes of others too) and who are under pressure to be successful - whether that pressure comes from themselves or from others. Obviously this will be something I'll have to decide for each sim, based on their back-story, behaviour and personality. So far I have one sim with two LTW's to meet in order to be happy - Daytona Beech wants to be popular (have 10 simultaneous best friends) and well off (earn $50,000) - she has high expectations of herself, and is keen to earn enough money to put her son Hamilton through university to give him the opportunities she never had without being willing to compromise her social life.
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#52 Old 31st Dec 2013 at 6:17 PM
I like this. I think I'll use it for sims with secondary aspirations, then I'd have to complete one each to satisfy their 'popularity' primary & their 'knowledge' secondary, or whatever combo they have. Besides, I get tired of those sims who complete their LTW early and then are permaplat happy for the rest of their lives, blech. I once had a teen complete the 20 best friends want. I thought, Well, you've got nothing else to look forward to for the rest of your life. Enjoy!
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Ok, here's one that hasn't been aired:

"Master of the Universe" :master 5 or more professions from Sims 1.

In Sims 1, a sim could reach the top of a profession, and then be switched over to a level in another profession.

Do the same thing, using the careers in Sims 1 by Lientebollemeis in game.
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Shall add that one to the list, FranH! :-)

I've been working on deciding which LTW's to use in my game, and I've been dividing them up into categories - by aspiration, career-related, general and ones dependant on other factors, like species, personality, religion and hobbies. I want my sims' LTW's to reflect an aspect of them as individuals, be that the fact that they're very family-centric, or the fact that they love art and crafts or the fact that they're really mean sims. How do you all intend to use expanded/extra LTW's (if you do plan to use them, that is!). Will they all be available to every sim? Will you divide them up based on aspiration, or some other dividing factor? Will you generate them randomly (using a random generator of some kind, pulling them out of a hat etc) or will you pick them for each sim, or for your favourite sims? Do share your ideas - and more suggestions for extra LTW's to add to my list are always welcome too :-)
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Were all the Sims 3 LTW added? Most of them can be changed to fit Sims 2.

I am deciding LTW by who I see the sim to be. If I don't have a good idea I will use the random generator that Seri put up. If nothing makes sense I will roll it again. Of course I might also change my mind along the way, even in rl people change their goals depending on what life throws at them.

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I've always wanted one that is make 100 of X crafted item (robot, sir bricks-a-lot, kite, rose bouquet, etc.)
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Oh gosh, I'm going to have to add this to my sims spreadsheet, aren't I? Sounds exciting but complicated.

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Sorry to bump an older thread, but I found this which could potentially be a solution/something to play around with. It sounds potentially corrupt worthy, since it enables you to use normal wants as lifetime wants (meaning endless possibilities) but it might be fun to play with in a test hood or something.
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