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Originally Posted by hungryhippo
I just couldn't take on how EA originally made them look anymore xD

Me neither
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Default Chapter 15: You Can't Handle the Truth
The truth... something so simple... yet so elusive to the people of Sunset... who killed Erik Darling...? Rachel Barrett...? Why...? Who were the names on the piece of paper...? That number...? How does the note from the Alvi's connect to all of this...? So much questions... for just one simple mystery... Who killed Erik Darling...?

"Mom? What are you doing up so early?"
"Hmm...?" Fiona turned around, drowsy and half-asleep. She yawned, "I couldn't sleep."
"Still on that note?" River asked, sitting down on the couch.

"So many notes..." Fiona chuckled as she sat down beside her daughter.
"What were the names again?"
"Oh I umm... I don't have the note on me at the moment but... Meredith... Ahara and uh... shoot I can't remember the other one..."
"Meredith and Ahara... Ahara is familiar but Meredith I've never heard of."
"Really? You know who Ahara is...?"
"A face doesn't come to mind but... that name is so familiar who... !!!!!" River's face lit up. "I know! I know who it is!" she said excitedly.
"Damian! Damian Ahara!"
"Wh-who's that?"

"He lived in Sunset before, he was... a bad kid," River laughed. "But why did Rachel connect him to the murder? What does he have to do with it?"
"Where does Damian live? I could go talk to him!"
"He moved... he doesn't live here anymore... I have no idea where he is at the moment..."
"Mom try to remember the other name, think! What was the other name?!"
"Ah... oh! It was Alivia, how could I forget that, must be my age."
"MOM! You can't remember Alivia?!"
"What? Who was she?"
"Alivia Alvi! The wife of Iqbal and VJ and Miraj's mother! She disappeared soon after Erik's death!"
Fiona gasped, she had remembered Alivia. Then she began to remember the reasons why she wanted to forget that name... But what does Alivia have to do with this...? Unless they're both connected...
"I have to see Iqbal."

The Phone rang. Connor Frio opened his eyes, the loud ring of the phone waking him up. He groggily got up, rubbing his eyes, that phone wouldn't stop ringing. He looked over to his clock, 5:45 AM, Who's calling?

"Connor? It's me."
"Your boss!"
"Oh... hi..."
"I need to have a chat with you Connor."
"It couldn't wait till I got into the office?"
"No this is important Connor. You're job performance has been well... less than abysmal and quite frankly I have every reason to fire you but I'm an understanding guy. So, Connor, if you want to keep your job as a writer, I need a story, and not just any story about some dumb boring town event, I need a juicy good story. You understand, get me a good story by tonight Connor or lose your job!"
"But I-"
Dial-tone, Connor looked at the phone, sighed heavily then put down the phone. Where am I going to get a good story?

"Iqbal! Iqbal!" screamed Fiona as she marched up the steps and began banging on the door.
"What?! What do you want?!" Iqbal hissed back as he came to the front door.
"We need to talk!"
"I'm done talking Fiona my son is in jail and accused of murder! My family is falling apart-"
"I want to talk about that night Iqbal!"
Iqbal looked taken-aback, he looked around on his street, then let Fiona inside.

"What do you want Fiona?"
"I know what happened Iqbal, she told me, she told me all the horrible things that went on in this house and outside on that street!"
"What do you want Fiona get to the point!"
"That was the same night Erik Darling died! Two completely unrelated events but now! Now I'm starting to think that maybe just maybe they are connected!"
"Fiona, for your own sake please, don't go any more further."
"I found a note! A note in a dead woman's house linking Alivia to Erik Darling's death! Why?! What does she have anything to do with him! What do you know?! What did she tell you?!"
"Fiona what are you hoping to gain from this? I don't understand why you are pursuing so... adamantly..."
"Two men died that night Iqbal crimes were committed!"
"One of them was your abusive husband!

Fiona closed her eyes, trying to fight back painful memories. "How is she connected Iqbal?"
"I don't know... and I suggest you stop digging up old graves Fiona..."
"Why? Why are you lying why won't you just tell me..."
"Because she asked me not to."
"Alivia?! How?!"
"A letter... she wrote me a letter a few weeks after... asking me not to say anything..."
"Not to say anything?! Not to say about Erik Darling?! Or about VJ flying out of this house in a rage and a man end up being dead-"
"He isn't dead Fiona!"
Fiona stepped back in shock, her face becoming fearful.
"He isn't dead that's why I want you to stop that's why she told me not to tell you anything! If you do solve this big Erik Darling mystery Fiona you're name... it's going to be in the newspapers in the news in the media... and he'll find you again... and if he does... you know what'll happen..."
Fiona began stepping back, she was in disbelief, in denial.
"You're lying... you're lying! Iqbal just tell me the truth!"
"You can't handle the truth Fiona..."

I could not have said it any better than Iqbal. We all desire truth... but not as much as the residents of Sunset. But what they do not realize is that it's better for the truth to remain elusive, then to be found... because some truths are just too much for some to bear... Who killed Erik Darling...? Such a simple question... yet the answer behind it... can you handle the truth?

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Hey Jamie what's up?"
"Who is this?"
"It's Freddy... Freddy Deaker you know we met the other night."
"How did you get this number oh wait... that's how..."
"So... just calling to see what's up..."
"Well, I'm meeting a friend and she should be here soon so I really don't have much time to talk..."
"Aw that's too bad, maybe we can meet up sometime and catch up?"
"Freddy were not friends..."
"Yeah but I really be."
Jamie laughed, "Goodbye Freddy... uh I guess I'll talk to you later."
"Later Jolina."

"Pauline!" Jamie yelled out.

"Oh hey!" Pauline exclaimed hugging Jamie.
"Wow you got out of the house!"
"I know," Pauline smiled. "He's a handful."
"It's a boy, awww!"
"Yeah, we named him Luke."
"Oh 'we'? Hank had a part in it too?"
"Yeah... I guess seeing Luke being born was enough for him to care..."
"Let's sit down."

"So...?" Pauline asked.
"Well... the bad news is the baby is Landon's..."
"And the good news...?"
"I changed the results... so when you go to the hospital with Hank later today... Doctor Landgraab will have the fake results... that Hank is Luke's father."
"Thank you Jamie..."
"Anything to help keep your marriage intact Pauline. Now you and Hank can have a family!" she squealed.

"Yeah, finally I can put this whole situation behind me?"
"Oh... Landon's backed off right?"
"Not only has he backed off but he's skipped town completely... he's gone Jamie... and he's never coming back!" Pauline exclaimed.
"Oh my god wow what luck!"
"I know... I'm so grateful and I'm going to do everything I can now to make this family work... me, Hank, and our baby boy Luke."
Jamie's phone began ringing again, "Ugh one minute Pauline I swear if it's this guy again..."

"HeLlO jAmIe!" a deep voice responded.
"Who is this?"
"I kNoW wHaT yOu DiD YoU lYiNg WhOrE!"
"I don't know what you're talking about!" she said shakily, turning around to see if Pauline was hearing.
"HoW dId YoU aFfOrD mEdIcAl sChOoL yOu BiTcH?"
Jamie quickly hung up the phone, her heart racing and her hands beginning to sweat. Her phone then started vibrating, she looked back at it, she received a text.
I know what you did and I'm going to tell.

"Damn the door's locked," said Jared looking around. He looked through the window.
"Can't break in... she might have a security system installed... what am I talking about she does have a security system installed."
He turned around to face the street, then eyed her garbage can.

After 5 minutes of searching Jared had finally found something to give into his lawyer. He looked at the invoice belonging to Claire Ursine dating a couple of weeks ago.
"A boat... she bought a boat... Claire doesn't have anywhere to put boat... What'd she need a boat for... oh well hope all this is good enough!"

"Emma? Can we talk?" said Tamara in her calm creepy tone.
"I don't think I have anything to say Tamara."
"Oh but I do... and we are friends after all."
"Tamara what are you doing?"
"Emma... you will keep what you saw between me and Thornton to yourself."
"I didn't see anything between you and Thornton what I did see was stolen pictures of Thornton in your room! Tamara you're obsessed and I think Thornton and his wife need to know!"

"Oh god Emma poor you, blinded by jealousy. Me and Thornton are in love, and he's going to leave Morganna I just have to wait patiently... and we'll be together."
"Are you hearing yourself Tamara you sound crazy! And to add on top of that it was Thornton who asked me to go into your room! And you know what he was right! So I'm guessing he doesn't 'love' you Tamara, in fact he wants to find any way to end it! And he's found it, because I'm going to tell them!"
"We had sex Emma! We made love what does that tell you!?"
"That you probably raped him! You know what I don't want to hear anymore Tamara get out of my room! I'm going to the Wolff's and I'm telling them about your crazy obsession with Thornton!"

"Fine Emma... if that's the way it has to be that's the way it has to be..." she said turning around to leave.
"It's such a shame you feel that way... because I will do anything for my love... and I'm not going to let you get between us."
"Oh please Tamara..." she said looking away.
Tamara took out some matches, lit them, then threw them on the ground.

"Goodbye Emma..."


"HELP ME!!!!"

"Jamie, I'm so glad you let me come over to talk."
"Oh my god anytime Blair you're one of my closest friends."
"Yeah I know, that's why I wanted to talk to you... about something..."
"It sounds serious..."
"Yeah... great house by the way," she laughed.
"Thank you... being a surgeon is nice," she laughed back.
"But anyways... it's about Stiles."

"You two have been dating haven't you? You guys look so cute together."
"I really like him it's just..."
"Well, the other night... at the Founder's Day party... me and Cyclone kinda broke into his computer."
Jamie gasped, "Why?!"
"Because he was so secretive and... introverted I just wanted to know more about his past I mean he never likes to talk about it and the things that he did say... just didn't... sit right with me..."
"So what did you guys find out?"
"Jamie... the orphanage and the foster home that he was in when he was younger all caught on fire... the people orphanage were badly hurt and his foster family was killed in a fire in their home... he survived both incidents without a scratch..."

"Are you saying he started those fires... on purpose!?"
"That's what it looks like... and he bailed town right after... who knows how many places he burned after that! This is driving me nuts I-"
Blair was interrupted by her phone vibrating. She took it out and her eyes widened when she read the message.
"What is it Blair?"
"There's a fire... at my house..."
"Oh my god!"
"What if Stiles... I have to go!"
"I know go quickly I'll call 911!"
"Thank you... and Jamie... don't tell anyone what I told you."
"I'd never do that Blair."
"Thank you..."

Jamie's phone began ringing again. She was afraid to answer it, afraid to hear that man's voice again. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath then answered the phone.
"I kNoW yOu'Re ThErE yOu DiRtY LiTtLe SluT!"
"Leave me alone!" Jamie cried.
"HoW dO yOu ThInK hAnK wOuLd FeEl WhEn He FiNdS LuKe Is NoT hIs SoN!"
"What the hell do you want?!"
"YoU'Re HeAd oN a PlAtTeR!"
Jamie dropped her phone in shock, her hands were shaking. She brought them up to her mouth as she began to cry. She heard the dial-tone on her phone. Who was this man?

"Oh my god that's Emma's room!" cried out Blair.
"Emma! Emma!" screamed Cyclone.
"Is she in there?!"
"I hear screaming! She's in there! She's in there!" screamed Cyclone.
"Oh my god did Stiles..."

"Someone help me please!"
"Emma! Can you hear me!"
"Cyclone! Cyclone help me! Help me please the fire's everywhere!"

Cyclone began running forward toward the house crying out Emma's name. Stiles appeared and held a frantic Cyclone back.
"Cyclone no! No don't go in there!"
"Get off of me! She's in there if I don't! If I don't she's going to die!" tears streamed form his eyes.
"The firemen are coming just give them some time Cyclone! It's gonna be alright okay there going to come and get her out!"
Fires burst out of Emma's room, they were growing in intensity. Cyclone began screaming even louder for Emma.

Soon a fire tuck pulled up and firemen leaped out of the truck running towards the house. One of them stopped by Cyclone, Blair and Stiles.
"Is any of you hurt?"
"No, but there's someone trapped inside... on the third floor up there," said Stiles, pointing to Emma's room.

"Oh my god how could this have happened? A fire!"
"Yeah... it's like everywhere I go..."
"What was that?"

Stiles immediately hugged Blair.
"I'm so glad you're okay Blair. The minute I heard there was a fire my heart leapt at the thought you'd be in the house but I'm so glad you're alright."
"Yeah really Blair... you mean alot to me..."
"Thank you Stiles... I'm so glad to hear that," she said, closing her eyes and enjoying Stiles warm embrace. Suddenly all of her fears seemed to dissipate.

He did this... I know he did... that arsonist...

Emma suddenly leaped through the flames on to the balcony, screaming out in pain.
"Emma!" screamed Cyclone.
"Cyclone I'm so scared! I-I can't get out!"
"Emma! Jump!"
"What... I can't I'm scared!"
"Emma! I love you!"

"I love you!"
"Cyclone!" she screamed. "I don't think this is the best time to tell me that!"
"It is! Because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you died and you never heard that from me! But now I want you to jump! Jump so that you can live and we can work out whatever issues between us!"
"Cyclone it's too high!"
"Emma please! Don't burn in that fire! Just jump!"

"I love you Emma! So please, just jump!"

Emma put her hands on the railings, climbed up, closed her eyes, and jumped.

"Is she alright!?"
"She's not breathing..." Cyclone cried as he bent down to check her pulse. "She's not breathing! Emma! Emma!"

"So do you have the results?"

The truth...

Such a simple concept... yet the gravity of effect it can have in our lives...

"I have the results Hank and I'm sorry about the troubles you two have been having."
"We've move past them... and once we move past this we can forget all about..." said Pauline.
"Well, Hank..."

So we blur the truth... twist it to make it less devestating to the ones we love...

"Luke is your son Hank."

Hank gasped, he turned to face the little boy, a tear trickling down his cheek. He was happy, for once throughout this entire ordeal he was happy. He had a son.
"He's your son Hank... you have a baby boy... we can be a family now... Luke is your son..."
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Default Chapter 15: You Can't Handle the Truth Continued

"Wow... this taste great Agnes you're an amazing cook, and I know food my brother is a chef!"
"Thank you Connor... I really appreciate that..."
"Maybe some day you'll be cooking for me regularly," he smiled, looking flirtatiously at Agnes.
"Wow... you've really begun opening up..."
"Well meeting you has been great... I just feel great and I... really like you Agnes..."
"I like you too Connor, you're sweet and... funny and... have this handsome look to you," she laughed.
Connor blew Agnes a kiss.
"Well since you're so open I'm going to be open too... and since we are going to make this a long term thing right?"
"Yeah... why not."

"Well I should be honest with you... and I can trust you..."
"Don't tell me you cheated."
"No! No I didn't cheat..." she sighed. "You know my sister, Cornelia... and the fact that I was so bothered the other night."
"Yeah I remember..."
"Well she's having an affair..."
"Yeah... crazy right... and you'll never believe with who..."
"Geoffrey Landgraab..."
"Woah... that's huge! How do you know!?"
"I saw them! By the hospital kissing and caressing each other! And then I confronted Cornelia and she admitted it! And they don't seem the least bit guilty that they're going to be hurting others!"
"Hey hey hey, don't get all worked up over this!"
"I just don't want people to-"

"Hey..." he said getting up, bringing Agnes up with her. "What did I tell you? Don't get all worked up over this..."
"I know..."

"I know you're mad Agnes... but I'm right here if you ever need an ear... if you ever wanna vent, but don't let it get you down... what happened back then wasn't your fault, you never knew. And it's not going to happen again."
"Maybe you're right..."

"I am right..."
"I'm so glad I met you Connor."
"I'm glad I fell down those steps and hit my head," he laughed. "So that you'd come and nurse me back, and then I'd ask you out."
"And I'm so glad I gave you a chance."
"Me too..."

"I love you Connor."
"I love you too Agnes."

The truth may be devastating... even twisted and blurred... but there are those who push forward, no matter the consequences... because the truth means everything to them...

"Did you find out?"
"That number you gave me, belongs to a lady called Kimberly Barrett."
"Yep, Rachel Barrett's aunt."
"Where does she live?"
"She used to live here in Sunset, but she moved a few years ago."
"Where is she now? Please tell me you found this out."
"I did, she's in Riverview."
"Do you have an address?"
"Yeah, are you going there?"
"Yes, I have a feeling she's going to have all the answers I need..."

And yet the truth can be such a burden for some... and it's just too hard to contain...
"Dad...? Come on you've been sitting here whole day you have to eat... sleep..."
"He's in jail Miraj... he's in jail..."
"I know dad... but... it's going to be okay..."
"How?! How's it going to be okay?!"
"Dad... when they took you in... I lost all hope... it was VJ who pulled me through... and look, you came back. So dad, don't lose out on hope... were going to get out of this..."

"Miraj if only life were... VJ?!"
Miraj spun around to see his brother walking up the porch steps.

And in addition to the truths we keep secret... new questions are poured on us everyday... and if we do find answers to these questions...

"You're back!" exclaimed Miraj hugging his older brother. "I knew it1 I knew'd you be back!"
"I'm glad to see you too lil bro..."

"VJ?! I-I don't believe this how...?"
"What do you mean?"
"What happened? I mean... how did you get out of jail...?"
"You guys didn't post my bail?"

Our lives would become even more chaotic than it already is.

"Who posted my bail...?"

"Oh my god Cyclone what's her status?"
"She's alive but in critical condition... they're doing everything they can to get her though the night but she's..." Cyclone began breaking up. "She's badly injured..."
"Well guys let's look at the bright side, she's alive and they're doing everything they can to keep her that way," said Stiles.


"Where were you today? You were home weren't you?"
"No Cyclone I wasn't.. I was no where near here..."

"Hey little guy..."

"You're my son..."

Connor opened his eyes, looked over at Agnes, and quietly got out of bed.

"What is it? You're calling awfully late!"
"I got your story..."

"The door's opened..."
Jamie cautiously entered into her home. It was dark, she flicked a light switch... nothing... her lights didn't come on.


She heard footsteps, someone was inside her house.
"Who's there...?"

"I'm going to call the police!"

She could hardly see through the dark room, but suddenly she heard the footsteps again... running... towards her... Jamie screamed and cowered and suddenly...

She saw black...

Comment Getting nuts now, is Emma going to live? TAMARA!!! Jamie! Her stalker The Alvi's secret? Who bailed VJ out? What is Fiona going to find out? You won't believe what happens next. And someone WILL die next update, who's it going to be?
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I was away from my computer for 2 weeks and really expected a bunch of ur thrilling updates... Hope everything ok with you, hungryhippo, and soon we'll enjoy the story.
What about the update:
Emma - I think she'll be alright; Cyclone and she - it's gonna be an interesting couple)
Tamara is a unique character She includes so much craziness and evil! But such character makes the story spicy)))
Jamie - feels like this girl is having a real problem. Her stalker - Landon? Maybe she'll die?
Ohh anyways it's getting sooo tense!
Need an update!!!
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Default Chapter 16: Lean On Me Part 1
Sooorrry this is another long one where I have to break it up into parts, the ones after this though won't be as long I promise lol. This is kind of also the reason why I take long to update at times cuz it's so daunting to write it all out that I procrastinate and put it off cuz there's so much writing and thought put into it especially for this update. Part 2's going to be put up today as well so you won't wait long.

Some times in our lives we all have pain, and we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, we know that there's always tomorrow...

The words of a wonderful song, we all have a friend. The one friend who we know will help us carry on when were not strong, someone to carry our load, someone to lean on...

For Jamie Jolina, that friend was going to be someone she never expected...

"Good, you've finally woken up, was getting tired of just sitting here."
"What are you doing here...?" she asked groggily, clutching her throbbing head.
"I saw someone in black on your balcony, and then soon after I heard a scream so I came running here and... I found you on the floor knocked out."
"Oh my god that's right... he was in my house..."
"He? Is there something you wanna tell me Jamie?"
Jamie looked over at Freddy, he had saved her, but she was still in shock. Freddy got up and stared out the window.

"Someone's been... harassing me..."
"He knows... what I've been doing to make money and... some other things he's-"
"And you think he's the one who was in your house? Who attacked you?"
"Yeah... it had to be him... he said he wanted me dead."
"Wow... what are you going to do about it?"
"I don't know," she sighed, "What can I do...?"
"Uh go to the police Jamie! You could have been killed!"
"I know but if I go to the police..."

"You still in that line of work Jamie?"
"Nope I'm quitting I... I can't be doing this anymore..."
"Well this guy has no proof whatsoever, so if you go to the police he'll have nothing on you. Jamie... this is your life were talking about here... go to the police..."

"Okay... I just wanna shower first before I head down to the station."
"Alright, I'll stay here till you're ready. By the way in case you're wondering, I live right down there... I can see your house," he laughed.
Jamie laughed back, "Thank you Freddy..."
"No problem Jamie, that's what friends are for..."

Yes, that's what friends are there for. To help you through your trials and tribulations, whether big or small they get us through that tough time...

And for Emma Hatch... she was about to get four. But what if the person we lean on, really doesn't have our best intentions at heart... for as these room mates were going to find out... what one of their closest friends was going to do to another...

"Guys! You came!" exclaimed Emma.
"Emma! Wow you're okay!" said Stiles relieved.
"Yeah... I pulled through," she quipped.
"Were so happy god you have no idea how scared we were Emma," said Blair.
"I was scared too... so scared..." she responded, eyeing Tamara as she walked into the room. Her eyes narrowed upon gazing towards her.

"So... everything's alright right Emma... you're not going to die or anything like that?"
"I'm good Cyclone... thanks..."
"I'm glad... so... when you get out of here... we should talk sometime..."
"Yeah... I'd like that..."
"Oh my god let's not pretend we don't see the big elephant in the room here what the hell happened Emma!?" exclaimed Blair.

"How the hell did your room catch on fire like that?!"

Emma remained silent.
"Emma? You can tell us... where your friends and were not going to laugh at you if it's something stupid... but seriously... what happened?"

"Someone tried to kill me..."
"WHAT?! WHO?!"

"Ayeshia Ansari..."

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

Morganna turned around to her fuming husband walking towards her, a letter in his hand. He shoved a notice to her chest.
"Explain what the hell this is!"
Morganna looked at it, her eyes widening.
"Thornton, please don't be mad I-"
"You went ahead with it?! What the hell is wrong with you I told you not to invest in that stupid museum!"

"It's not stupid Thornton and I..."
"How did you pay for the initial investments?!"
"I took out a loan..."
"Wow... real smart Morganna were already in debt now thanks to you, you put money towards a useless business that isn't going anywhere!"
"Why can't you just believe in me Thornton it's a good investment."
"To who? Morganna I work in business and everyone knows who works at Goth Enterprises that that gallery is going under! So thanks a lot Morganna you just put us into a massive setback! Are you happy?!"

"I thought we were married..." he said bitterly, "All we do is argue."

"My marriage is over..."

"Hey, so you okay to drive?"
"Yeah..." Jamie responded softly.
"It's okay to admit you're in shock," he laughed. "You were attacked..."

Jamie leapt towards Freddy and hugged him.
"Thank you Freddy... thank you so much."
"So were friends now?"
Jamie laughed, "Yeah were friends."
"Okay good, so you head straight to the police station okay... after that don't worry about it, you're going to be safe."
Jamie giggled, "Those words actually make me feel safe."
Freddy smirked, "Go on now."
Jamie waved at Freddy and got into her car.

While driving down her street, Jamie's phone suddenly begins to ring. She looks at it cautiously, then answers its.
"GoOd MoRnInG jAmIe!"
"You bastard leave me alone!" she screamed.
"YoU hAvE a VeRy NiCe HoUsE! iT wOuLd Be SuCh A sHaMe To WatcH iT bUrN!"
Jamie began breaking down crying, "Why are you doing this?! Who are you?!"
"BeCaUsE i EnJoY yOu SufFeRiNg JaMiE! aNd YoU aLrEaDy KnOw WhO i Am!"
Jamie gasped, "I'm going to the police! And I'm telling them everything! And they're going to catch you and throw you in jail!"
"YoU'rE nOt GoInG tO dO aNyThInG jAmIe!"

Jamie mashed her breaks and stopped right in front of the police station.
"Why?! Because you think I'm not going to tell them about my prostitution?! Well I am! I'm going to tell them everything so you have nothing on me!"
"If YoU gO tO tHe PoLiCe I'lL kIlL fReDdIe!"
Jamie froze in her seat, she began shaking in fear.
"I'lL kIlL hIm JaMiE... i WiLl GiVe HiM aN aGoNiZiNg, SlOw, PaInFuL dEaTh! BrEaK hIs BoNeS, cUt OfF hIs FiNgErS aNd tOeS... aNd ScAlp HiS bEaUtIfUl HeAd!"
"STOP IT!" she cried. "Just stop it!"
"DrIvE jAmIe, I cAn SeE yOu!"

Jamie looked around through her windows frantically, tears streaming down her eyes. She wiped her face and put the car into drive, moving forward.
"Are you happy? I'm not going to the police..."
"GoOd GoOd, BuT jAmIe NoW tHeRe'S a PrObLeM."
"What?" she said softly.
"I wAnT tO kIlL sOmEoNe JaMiE, wHo ShOuLd i KiLl?"
"No! No one! What is wrong with you?!"
"MaYbE... i'Ll KiLl PaUlInE... aNd HeR bAbY... rIgHt AfTeR i TeLl HaNk WhAt A lyInG bItCh HiS wIfe Is!"
"No you sick son of a bitch you leave them alone! They've done nothing wrong! Why are you doing this what the hell do you have to gain from this you sick psychopath!"
"KeEp YoUr EyEs On ThE rOaD jAmIe!"


"Wow... you want to talk me," she replied uninspired.
"River I... I just think we need to talk."
"Now you want to talk..."
"Yes River now I want to talk, a lot has happened..."
"With you..."
"With both of us..."

"Well I'm walking over to VJ's house, you can walk with me and we can... talk..."
"Alright... but first I should tell you... I'm sorry..."
"Sorry? For what?"
"I've lost two best friends River... when I lost you I thought it was because of you... but now I lost Bebe and I think to myself... maybe it's me..."
"It's all of us Holly..."
"You think?"
"Yeah... I guess we were all in the wrong..."
"Why are we only realizing this now...?"
"Emotions... time... at the time we were clouded by anger, sadness, jealousy... but now things have happened that make us see a little clearer... that we were all in the wrong..."

"When did you get so smart?" Holly teased.
"I don't know," she laughed. "Can I tell you something?"
"Bebe had sex with VJ."
"How did you find out?!"
"You knew?"
"She told me."
River laughed gently, "I found some sexts on VJ's phone, and I copied them to my phone..."
"I know, my intention was to show them to Ethan to break the two of them up but now I've got to thinking, what good would that do me? He likes Bebe, not me, he wants to be with her, not me... so why am I clinging on to someone who doesn't even want to be with me... I should just... let go..."

"Letting go," Holly chuckled. "I look back and it was something so hard for me to do... I was still so stuck up on Ethan that I was jealous of Bebe... and you... but now..."
"You're finally able too..."
"Yeah... and now... what's happened between Bebe and I is so far gone... I don't want that to happen to us..."
"Holly... you hated me for what I did, that was understandable. But my arms are always open, to having you as a friend again..."
"Yeah... and I'm finally learning to open mine's back up."
River laughed, "Can you believe it, the years almost done, were going to be seniors next year..."
"Yeah, and then graduation... what are you doing for the summer?"
River looked over at Holly, "Hopefully hanging out with my best friend..."

"Cyclone... so are you okay?" Stiles asked as Blair walked into the room.
"I don't know what to do about this... Ayeshia tried to kill Emma."
"We don't know that for sure Cyclone."
"What are you talking about Stiles?! Emma just freaking told us it was Ayeshia who set the room on fire, translation, Ayeshia tried to kill Emma."
"But why? I mean why would she go to such a drastic measure!? She has literally nothing to hide."
"Did you not see that both of them at Founder's Day, they were at each other's throats!"
"You know what I need some air," Cyclone said getting up and exiting the hospital.
"You made him mad Blair," Stiles laughed.
"Oh my god you're laughing Stiles you're so mean," Blair laughed back.

"Hey Cyclone, this isn't really a good time for me-"
"Were you the one who set that fire?"
"Is she okay?"
"She's doing fine. But she said something, she said you were the one who set that fire."
"Oh god Cyclone don't you see what she's doing she's more crazy than we thought-"
"Answer the question!"
"No Cyclone no! I did not set that fire!"
"Then why would she lie about it!"
"Because she's in love with you Cyclone she's jealous and she'll do anything to break us up even lie about something like that! You know it wouldn't surprise me if she set that fire herself!"
"The police are gonna be over here soon... and there gonna question her... and she's going to tell them... and quite frankly... I'm not going to stop her from telling them what happened..."
"Cyclone... Cyclone please listen to me-!"
But Cyclone hung up the phone, going back into the hospital.

"Hey Blair...?" asked Stiles, getting up from his seat and looking sternly at Blair. "You don't look so good."
"Oh thanks a lot Stiles you know I've been up for quite some time now and I haven't gotten a chance to shower or change clothes, you're really helping my self-esteem!"
"No no I mean... you look... sickly..."
"You know Stiles I work so hard to look good for everyone and no one seems to appreciate my efforts!"
"Blair you look sick! You don't look healthy is something wrong?!"
"I'm fine nothing's the matter-"


Nancy scrambled up the porch steps of the Langerak's home and rang the doorbell. She tapped her hands on her thighs rapidly, breathing in and out to calm herself.
"Nancy... you finally came..."
"Oh my god I'm so sorry I completely forgot I was in-"
"A meeting," Illiana shot back rolling her eyes. "He's inside, I'll go get him and tell him you're here."
Nancy smiled weakly as Illiana went into her home. A few moments later she returned with Malcolm, who walked right past his mother without a greeting.
"No surprise he's so angry..."
"Illiana I had work."

"Oh for god's sakes Nancy! We all have to work! But we don't forget our child's performance in a school play! We don't forget our child has parent teacher conference! We don't forget our child's life so as to have a neighbor take him home because their parents never showed up!"
"I forgot..."
"That is a pathetic excuse Nancy and I can't believe you're going sticking to that!"
"What do you want me to do I'm vice-president of one of Sim Nation's largest company I have a lot to deal with!"

"You're also a mother Nancy, and that's a job you don't seem to look after much. You pay more attention to your job than you're own son!"
"I give my son attention Illiana!"
"Really? Then why did I have to bring him here Nancy! Why did you forget him! And why did he tell me this isn't the first time this has happened! You've repeatedly done this to him... I mean if you can't handle the responsibilities of a mother than why did you even have a child!"
"How dare you Illiana!"
"No how dare you! I am merely giving out the facts and being straight with you Nancy you are a terrible mother!"

"You heard me... you are a horrible mother, and it's such a shame Malcolm has to deal with it. So my suggestion to you Nancy, get your act together and start to give your son a damn!"
Illiana spun around, walked back into her home, slamming the door behind her. Nancy stood there with her son, her eyes beginning to well up with stinging tears.

"Hank?" Thornton said stepping into the gallery. "Why are we here?"
"I wanted to look at some art," Hank laughed.
"Don't you have a baby to look after?"
"Nah Luke's fine."
"Well then I hate art."
"I'm going to give you an appreciation for it, that's my goal for the day."

"Are you serious?"
"Very, art's wonderful, and come in a variety of ways that'll appeal to everyone... even you."
"Well good luck Hank, cause this place sucks and isn't going to be open for very long," he laughed.
"Maybe, but I think it'll be good to see this place one more time, go on a little memory lane ride..."
"Memory Lane...?"
"So you have forgotten," Hank chuckled. "No wonder."
"No wonder for what? What have I forgotten?"
"Thornton... you've been working way to hard," Hank laughed, patting the back of Thornton. "You need to just unwind and let everything out... and I'll be your guide to help you do it."
"So, without further ado, let's head upstairs..."

"God Agnes what have I done?"
"Morganna you simply were trying to preserve this place and I understand why you tried to do that."
"Was it too much? Maybe I should have listened to him," she cried. "I have such a hard time obeying the men in my life first it was my father and now Thornton! What is wrong with me?"
"Nothing is wrong with you Morganna!"
"My marriage is over Agnes... and now... now..."
"Now what Morganna?"
"If I tell him..."
"You haven't told him yet Morganna?!"
"Hey look who's here!" shouted out Hank.
Morganna spun around, her heart sank.

"So, here we are."
"At VJ's house."
"Yeah I have to talk with him, he's going to be taking Michael's old job at the catering company so I just thought I'd drop by and congratulate him."
"Not about the Bebe thing right...?"
"Why would I talk to him about that," she laughed.
"Well River... you know..."
"Holly, don't worry, I'm done. I'm not going to show anyone this."
"Good, and don't let Lisa anywhere near those sexts."
"You really don't like her."
"We have a lot of history... and... well... you'll see, she isn't exactly the greatest friend, and in any moment, she'll plunge a long sharp dagger into your back."
"Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it and in all honesty I hope it doesn't happen to you but just... watch your back around her, she's a snake..."

"Okay well... I'll see you later I guess Holly."
"Yeah...our walk was nice."
"It was... we should do it again," Holly laughed.
"Yeah..." River held out her hand. Holly shook it, the two smiling at each other.

"VJ, good to see you're out of jail."
"Ugh don't bring it up," he joked. "Let's go to the back."

"A swing set...?" River laughed.
"Hey me and Miraj loved it when we were younger... the best present our parents ever got us."
"Yeah... having a swing set would be pretty cool back then."
"So, whats up?"
"I just came by to talk, things have been pretty wild for you."
"Wild, more like a roller coaster ride."
"Well... now you have a job so... I'm sure that'll help, you can stop dealing drugs to Lisa," she chuckled.
"You know about that?"
"I hang out with her alot, so yeah I know about that."
"Do you use too?"
"No, I try not to despite her persistence."
"Good, don't ever try it, bad stuff."

"Why don't you tell her that?"
"Because she doesn't listen, and oh is she still my girlfriend?" he laughed.
"You're right, she doesn't listen, she's so stubborn... but you're done with that 'trade' right?"
"Yeah... permenately... I'm done living that kind of life... it's costing me so much... my feelings, my family, my mom..."
"What happened to her?"
"She ran away. She left us because of what I did..."
"VJ... I'm sure it wasn't because of you..."
"It was... I remember that part of the night so clearly..."
"She'll come back, I'm sure she will... she loves you guys."
"You're just saying that."
"Maybe... but I kinda... know how you feel..."

"Do you?"
"My dad... he was an alcoholic..."
"Like how mine was," he chuckled.
"He used to beat my mom and I... pretended that it never happened... I ignored it... can you believe that... I looked the other way when I heard the screaming and the yelling..."
"And then one night, he got so drunk, he left... and later I found out he died... despite everything that my parents went through, he was still my daddy, and I loved him... I'm horrible..."
"No you're not River... you're not," he said sullenly, hanging his head down looking at the grass.
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Default Chapter 16: Lean On Me Part 1 Continued

"I guess we have a little of things in common River, we both have messed up families..."
"No, not messed up. Just a bit complicated," she sighed. "But even with it all we get through it... and we make it..."
"Very true... I'm glad you're here with me River."
"I'm glad I'm here too VJ."

"Ugh... what happened...?" said Blair groggily, finally coming to.
"You fainted Balir," said Stiles, relieved Blair had finally woken up.
"Oh wow... uh... why am I in this gown..."
"The doctors took a look at you Blair."
"Oh, well I feel fine."
"Blair... you've been throwing up..." Cyclone stated.
"What? I don't know what you're talking about..."
"Blair, they ran some tests, you had some stomach acids by your throat... and you're stomach was basically empty because you throw up all your food..."

"I was right wasn't I Blair... you're bulimic..."
"Cyclone I'm not bulimic."
"Blair stop denying this is a serious problem and I'm worried! The doctor said it himself that you could be suffering from bulimia!"
"So what?! So what if I throw up my food on occasion okay, it's my body!"

"Blair! You need help!" Cyclone exclaimed.
"No I don't!" she cried out, getting up from her bed.
"Blair what are you doing lie back down!"
"No Stiles! If I tell you I'm okay then I'm okay!"
"Blair please! I love you, and it hurt me to hear the doctor tell us you're suffering from bulimia... I couldn't believe it but... I'll do anything to help you but right now you need to lay down."
"I wanna go home, if you wanna help me you'll take me home."
"No... this is for your own good... you're staying here and you're going to get help."
"You guys are making me sound crazy I'm not a head case!" she screamed out. Suddenly there were some noises and shouting outside the hallway.
"The hell's going on?" asked Cyclone.
"God what next...?"
"You know what, both of you need to leave... I want the both of you out. Go and find out what's going on I don't care just... just get out."
"Just get out!"

"I do so much so that I could look good for everybody... and nobody appreciates it..."

"Agnes I can't believe this! What were the both of you thinking!?"
"Morganna when you called me this morning I heard the desperation in your voice and I knew something had to be done!"
"So you brought the both of us here!?"
"Because the both of you have forgotten the love you once had for each other."
"He never loved me Agnes..."
"How could you say that Morganna! He proposed to you, he married you despite what you're father said and did! And I think me and Hank were the only ones who remembered everything leading up to your wedding because if you two did remember we wouldn't be in this situation!"
"I wanted to invest in the gallery... I thought it'd be a good idea..."
"Because it's where you two first met I know... and it's a great idea..."

"He forgot Agnes..."
"And did you remind him?"
"Morganna... I know this is something he should remember but him a little slack... he works hard and I guess he just forgot... you should have reminded him..."
"I failed... I failed at keeping this marriage intact my father was right..."
"No, no! You're not going to get a divorce, the both of you are going to get past this and move on Morganna! Me and Hank are going to make sure of that!"
"But Agnes... you can't control my other problem..."
Agnes sighed, "No I can't... but look at Hank and Pauline... they were in the same boat but look how happy they are now... so you never know Morganna... you never know..."

"Remember this spot...?"
"Why the hell did you bring me here Hank?!"
"To give you an appreciation..."
"An appreciation for what Hank?! Did you bring me here just for me to see Morganna crying?!"
"Answer the question Thornton do you or do you not remember this spot?"
"No, why the hell would I remember this stupid spot!?"
Hank laughed, "You're horrible. This was where we first saw Morganna..."
"Remember... we joked about coming here, and so we did, and we were laughing all the way through until you stopped and you saw her, at this very spot, admiring this painting and you told me..."
Thornton remained silent, wrinkling his brow and looking at the painting.
"Finish it Thornton... finish what I was about to say..."
"I told you she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and that... I wanted to marry her..."

Hank and Thornton walked over to another display.
"Remember this...?"
"Yeah... it was where I finally struck up the courage to talk to her..."
"Did you hear what you just said? You, Thornton Wolff had to strike up courage to talk to a girl, you never had to strike up courage for anything."
"And you forgot man... you forgot all of that, and you lost appreciation for one of the most important things in your life..."
"The Art Gallery..."
"No... it's not just the art gallery, it's where you fell in love man... and she was simply trying to save it... to save the place so dear in all our hearts..."
"I... I-"

"You know, when I found out Pauline cheated on me I was... man I was pissed. I wanted to literally punch a hole through someone," he laughed. "But you know, you just have to take a step back, and look at everything, look at the whole painting, and just remember why you fell in love in the first place, and despite all the imperfections we may have we still love, and as long as you have that love in your heart, you can over come anything..."
"I don't know what to say..."
"Say you're sorry, and rekindle that burning love you had for her in the past, that love that was able to overcome her dad and everything he did, bring that love back... because the both of you lost it."

"The both of you guys need to bring that love back Morganna... and when you do, no matter what news you may have for him and he for you, you'll get past it... I know you will..."
"Just remember how persistent and annoying he was back then..."
Morganna laughed, tears in her eyes, "You thought it was annoying, I thought it was cute."
"It was, and you loved him because of it, marriage is a two-fold cord Morganna, the both of you need to work together... in love and unity... so let's go back out there, and just say you're sorry... for thing's you've done and for thing's you haven't even done," she laughed.
"Okay... thank you Agnes..."
"You're my best friend Morganna... and me and Hank hate to see the both of you suffer like this, so come on... let's go see your husband."

"I'm sorry."
"No I'm sorry."
"I love you."
"I love you too, I love you so much."

"Did a good job today Hank."
"You too Agnes."
"You know I didn't really have faith in you that'd you be able to accomplish this but you proved me wrong."
"Hey once you get a kid, it's like a whole burst of wisdom just appeared in your head."
"Well if that's the case I must've had 10."
"Ha ha you wish Agnes, you wish."

"So... we talked about drugs... Lisa... our parents... what should we talk about now?"
"I've got one," said River. "And you can't dodge this, and I really shouldn't have been nosing around but... Bebe Hart, there are some... naughty pictures of her on your phone doing... naughty things."
"Oh boy... don't tell me..."
"I know VJ, I know what happened between the two of you... what the hell were you thinking? And the sexts? Come on I'm pretty sure the both of you were in relationships."
"We were both spurned, for her it was Ethan and Holly for me it was Lisa and... we felt alone and we found comfort in each other... I actually enjoyed it with her."
"Oh my god that makes me sick. And did she agree to you taking these I mean my god..."
"What! She said it made her feel good! Anyways you can't tell anyone either."
"She told Holly."
"Well Holly's a vault she isn't exactly going to go off and tell the world, you on the other hand."
"Don't worry I'm not going to expose this, it's the last thing I want on either of you... well not last thing for Bebe but you get it," she chuckled.
"Man... what would Lisa do if she found out," he laughed. "But how is Bebe doing?"
"I dunno, I don't really care I just know she's still with Ethan, but in terms of her and Holly... no that friendship is a trainwreck and I think it's eating her up."

"Man..." Vj said getting off the swings and lighting up the fire pit. "Swings are boring now and it's getting a bit chilly, wanna sit around the fire?"
"Yeah," she replied, getting off and standing by the fire pit, warming herself up.

"Are you going to bring up another girl you think I slept with?"
"No," she teased. "I'm done."
"Good... ah, its good to just relax..."
"Yeah, and I have all night... my mom's gone out of town."
"Oh? Where she go?"
"Riverview... speak to a Kimberly Bennett... about Rachel Barrett's and Erik darling's murders..."
"Oh... is she gonna prove that I did it..." he said sarcastically.
"I don't what she's... can I ask you something?"

"This is serious... and... if you don't feel comfortable or you don't want to tell me it's okay..."
"Did you... or your dad write Erik... a note..."

"What note?"
"A death threat..."

"Okay... just give her the documents and leave... don't listen to anything she says... you can do it Nick get it together."
Nick Alto rang the doorbell and waited for the door to open, he prepped himself to be firm and steadfast, to get in and get out as quickly as possible, he didn't want to hear a word out of Nancy's mouth. The door opened...

"Nick... hi..." Nancy said in a soft voice.
Nick's defenses broke down as he gazed upon a Nancy he had never seen before. She had on no make-up, glasses, no up-do hairstyle, no designer clothing and face looked as if she had just finished crying. She smiled weakly and tilted her head slightly looking at him.
"What's wrong?"
"Uh nothing I just came by to drop off these papers to you that's all..."
"Oh... would you like to come in?"
"Uh no I uh... I wouldn't want to bother you..."
"No... you're not bothering me at all, I'd be very happy to have company..."
"Oh... okay..."
"Come to the back... I have some drinks set up," she said, continuing to smile softly at Nick. Nick, taken aback, nodded and followed Nancy into her home.

"You still have that confused look on your face Nick," Nancy said, pouring out some vodka in a cup.
"Wow... strong stuff huh?"
"I had a long day..."

"Are you okay Nancy you... don't seem yourself..."
"Myself... I guess I don't seem myself right now... but it doesn't matter, nothing seems to be going right for me anyways so I might as well... not be myself..."
"What happened?"
"Have a drink Nick... just like old times... remember..."

"Old times... you told me you would never bring those nights up." he said, taking a swig of the drink in his cup.
"The nights when we would come out here and drink from the bar... ah those warm summer nights... when everything was... better..."
"Nancy what's going on with you? Something happened?"
"I took a look in the mirror... and I didn't like what I saw..."
"You're not ugly Nancy if that's what you're implying."
"No... it's not that... I don't know..."
Nick continued drinking, more so now, he was very confused. He looked over the pool chairs and a smile flashed across his face.
"Remember those," he said pointing to the chairs.
"Yeah... we would sit on those for hours... just talking and looking at the sky change from that sunset hue to the starry ocean... as you called it..."
"Yeah... it's been a long time since I sat in them."
"Go, daddy's not here remember."
"I think I will."

"Blair oh my god are you okay?!"
As Blair spun around Hank grabbed her and hugged her.
"God I came here right away after I got that text, what's going on with you?!"
"Ugh what did you hear, and who did you hear it from?" she said.
"Stiles sent me a text, Blair... come on what re you doing..."

"What am I doing Hank?"
"Bulimia... what the hell you throwing up your food for?!"
"I wanna be... pretty..."
"What?! Blair do you look at yourself at the mirror?!"
"Every morning and every night Hank and... I don't like what I see..."
"Oh my god tell me what you see then Blair and then I'll tell you what I see!"

"I see this... ugly... fat mess I-"
"Blair no! No no no no there were so many things wrong with what you just said!"
"You don't understand Hank!"
"Then make me understand Blair! Make me understand why you hurt yourself like that!"
"Because I wanna be like how I was in high school! The pretty, popular, confident cheer leader back then I was so... now I'm... what happened to me..."
"You turned into a butterfly..."
"Blair... you're even more beautiful now than you were in high school..."
"No I'm not..."
"Blair! What do I have to do to get you to realize that. The minute I got got that text I came straight here, speeding! I was going home to my wife and kid but instead I came to see you the moment I heard you were in the hospital... what does that tell you Blair, because to me you're an amazing girl."

"Hank, you really..."
"Yeah Blair I care about you, and me, Stiles, Cyclone, everyone... we don't think you're ugly, we don't think you're fat, we think you're beautiful... and nothing that ever happens to you will ever change that."
Blair began crying, "I'm beautiful...?"
"Blair... coming from me... and you know how I was like in high school... if I never met Pauline... I would've asked you to marry me..."
Blair began breaking down in tears now, uncontrollable at hearing Hank's words.
"Hank why are you telling me this..."
"You were there for me that night at Founder's... and now I'm here for you..."

"I care for you Blair, and I'll die if anything happens to you..."
"Thank you Hank... thank you so much..."

"I can't believe I forgot..."
"I should've told you..."
"Maybe that might have helped, I was kind of a jerk."
Morganna giggled.
"I'm glad you went through with it anyways..."
"I'll help you... fix this place and... get it popular... again... if it ever was," he laughed.
"I'd like that so much... but Thornton... I have something to tell you..."
"No... I have something to tell you first... if we wanna make this work we can't have any secrets and I'll... I'll understand if you want to leave me because of this."
"What is it?"
"I cheated on you... with Tamara but it's not... ugh I don't love her Morganna I love you... but she's been blackmailing me and stalking me and... she was the one who broke into our house that night and did all those things... but now that I told you she has nothing over me anymore and I just want to focus on you and our marriage... she's no longer in my life anymore..."

"I know... I sunk that low that I'd hurt you like that and for that I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Morganna... and I just want you to know that I love you so much..."
"Thornton..." Morgonna sobbed. "I'm pregnant..."

"Death threat? What are you talking about River me nor my father would ever write Erik a death threat."
"Well here's the thing VJ, what started all of this is that my mom found a note in one of Erik's books, it was a death threat. We eventually found out through Claire Ursine that the hand-writing was your dads-"
"Wait a minute? Who the hell is Claire Ursine!?"
"She said she had a note written form you guys that's how she recognized the hand writing."
"River I don't even know who she is how can we write her a note if we have no idea who that woman is?!"
"Okay... so then who wrote that death threat?"
"I don't know! So you guys turned that into the police?!"
"Well yeah VJ I mean considering!"

"You could have asked! Look at the damage it's causing!"
"But there's another note... a note found in Rachel Barrett's house, a note that had Erik's name on it with the names Ahara, Alivia, and Meredith linked to it."
"Who's Rachel?"
"She was investigating Erik's accident and she realized that the accident was a murder, and so she linked those three names to Erik! And we all know VJ, Alivia is your mother's name."
"And there is an explanation as to why those 2 names are linked to Erik."
"You know?!"
"Of course I know River! My parents hired Erik!"

"He was a P.I, a private investigator... he did it on the side... so my mom hired him to do some digging around..."
"Really? A P.I... but then that's only Alivia... what about Ahara... I assumed the note was referring to Damian Ahara."
"No you guys are assuming again which would put alot more people in jeopardy. My mom hired him on information about... Damian's mom... Elizabeth Ahara... that's what Rachel meant with Alivia and Ahara. And on that night... the night he had his accident, he dropped by our house to discuss that very case and that's when all the crazy went down..."
"He also saw what happened in our house..."
"What happened that night with you guys that there's so much secrets?"
"Bad things... but we didn't touch Erik, he left."

"Okay... then what about what I overheard with Miraj and someone else on the phone, with your prints and Erik's... DNA or whatever in the car they found by the springs, what's up with that?"
"I can't remember that part and that's what gets me frustrated and scared at the same time River. The car was stolen, I was using it. I used it to go down to the store and buy some alcohol, and I was holed up in that car doing dope and drinking I can't remember anything else... it's just blank..."
"Then it couldn't have been you..."
"What are you talking about I was drunk and high what if I caused-!"
"It wouldn't make sense... the intersection where the accident was is far from the store that sells the booze, there's no way you'd be able to make it there in one piece, get into an accident that kills a man... and then drive your car into a spring... it doesn't make sense..."
"What are you trying to say?"
"Think VJ, and try to remember as hard as you can, what did you see the night you were at the store!?"
"I can't remember... it's such a blur-"
"VJ! Think! As hard as you can what did you see or notice that was weird?"

"Uh... there was a car behind me... I noticed a car behind in my rearview mirror..."
"Who was in the car VJ...?"
"A woman..."

"Oh my god..."

To Be Continued...

Going to get part 2 up as quickly as I can, by the way you can pretty much guess the "who dunnit" part now lol as it should be pretty obvious, the mystery now is why? Which if u paid attention real closely in the other updates, you'd get bout 95% of it.
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Default Chapter 16: Lean On Me Part 2

"Now I remember why I loved coming here, these chairs are amazing!"
"Yeah... you always kept saying that," Nancy laughed.
"You remember alot..."
"I guess I repressed them... what a foolish thing to do..."
"Why do you say that... we did become bitter enemies..."
"Because those weren't painful memories... they were happy ones... one of the best periods in my life... everything was so simple..." she said closing her eyes.
"Are you regretting the decisions you made?"

"I don't know... but I know I shouldn't be repressing them anymore..." she said, she looked over at Nick. "Do you still hate me...?"
"Hate you?"
"Like... are you still think of me as your enemy, your rival... and do you... hate me for what I told you...?"
Nick remained silent for a moment, before looking over the bare woman beside him.
"I don't hate you Nancy... I pretended to... for a long time... but I don't hate you... I was just..." he began chuckling to himself. "Angry... I guess, and jealous of you..."

"There's nothing to be jealous of Nick... you have a wife that loves you and cares for you... and a beautiful teenage daughter who you watched grow up... as for me... all I have is my career... and I'm beginning to not want it anymore..."
"Nancy! I never thought I'd hear those words come out of your mouth!"
"Looking back..." she said shaking her head. "You've won... this competition I've created between us I've... I've lost... and you've won... I finally see it now..."
"You have so much more than me Nick, and I think I've always known that I just... I just was too scared to admit that to myself..."
"You know... I've always wanted to hear you say those words... and now hearing you say it..."

"Landgraab... what the hell has gotten into you?!"
"You were this strong, independent, passionate woman with a drive second to none! You zoomed your way up the corporate ladder and have managed to secure that position I mean like, the sky's the limit for you Nancy! And now seeing you like this... what happened?"
"That woman who you just described... is a horrible mother, I failed at the job nature gave to me, the one thing that truly mattered, my son... I failed to be a mother to him... I was so focused on work and my social status I... I haven't been a part of his life..."
"Where did this suddenly come from Nancy...?"
"I forgot my son had a play today, and afterwards parent teacher conference and... I forgot and was in a pointless meeting, Illiana took him back to her place and called me saying he was there. She called me a horrible mother... and basically states I... I shouldn't have had children," she began crying.

"When did Nancy Landgraab start caring about what that woman thinks...?"
Nancy chuckled.
"Nancy... she's a bitch and she knows it so she acts the part, don't pay her no mind. If you weren't a good mother do you think he'd be doing so good in school, he's a good kid because he has a good upbringing, and only good parents can do that."
"I forgot-"
"So what? You're human, we forget things from time to time, we all make mistakes. We just have to bounce back and work even harder to not make that same mistake again."
"So I don't want to hear you saying things like that again Nancy, I haven't won anything and you haven't lost anything, were still in the running," he joked. "So are you feeling any better...?"
Nancy got up from her chair, standing up. Nick followed suit.

She stepped in closer to Nick, and nodded her head.
"You're a good mother, a good wife, and..."

"A good friend."

"Hey..." Stiles said walking into Blair's room, he grabbed a chair and sat down beside her bed.
"You've decided to lie back down huh?"
"Yeah... I think it'll be good for me..."
"Blair, I'm sorry for trying to force this on you if you don't want to I-"
"No, no I have a problem Stiles... and I'm going to get help... because the people I care about are concerned about me... and I really do have a problem."

"You have no idea how happy that makes me feel Blair."
"Yeah... I think I have an idea," she quipped.
"I love you... so much... and I'm going to be holding your hand every step of the way through this."
"It feels good you know..."
"You saying those words... I've always wanted... someone special to say those words to me... and I'm happy it's you..."
Stiles leaned in and stroked Blair's hair.
"Blair... I think you're beautiful... I think you're more than beautiful... and you never, ever have to do things like that for me again, because you don't ever have to change or do anything to yourself for me, I love you... and I'm going to keep telling you that so I can pound it into your cute little head."
"Thank you Stiles..."
"Don't thank me, I shouldn't be thanked for something so obvious, and plus everyone thinks the same way as me, we all love you Blair."

"I love you all too."

Ring Ring
Thornton took out his vibrating phone out of his pocket and looked at the number.
"Psh, it's Tamara, like I'm going to answer the call-"
"Give me the phone."
"Give me the phone."

"No it's his wife Morganna Tamara. I know about what you did, I know you slept with my husband and I know you've been obsessing over him and I have just something small to tell you, it ends tonight!"
"I don't know what you're talking about Mor-"
"Cut the crap you psycho bitch, you come near or if you call my husband again I am going to the police and reporting your crazy ass! You break into my house, you stalk and terrorize my husband, and you try to break up my marriage, what the hell is wrong with you! In fact I don't think I'll go the police, you come near us again... I'll kill you."

"Well, I better get going now," said River getting up. VJ, in a quick movement got up and wrapped his arms around River.
"I don't understand...?"
"Thanks... for being here... I don't know why I'm holding you I guess... I just needed someone... to be here..."

Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on, for it won't be long, till I'm gonna need, somebody to lean on. We all need someone to lean on...

Whether we have to swallow our pride...

Whether we have to admit to the help others want to give us...

Or whether we need to share our burdens... We all need that special person who understand what were going through, who can carry that load, and who can fill the needs we don't share, we all need that one person...

"Where were you?! Look at how late it is I thought you said you were just going over to the Landgraabs to drop off something and that was, hours ago! Where are your shoes!?"

"I had a lot to drink," Nick giggled.
"Oh my god you're drunk!"
"Listen listen listen I have something to tell you!"

And of those friends that don't have our best interests at heart... we'd never never know of their sinister intent... because they hide behind that veil so well...

"Gunther Goth is committing fraud..."

"Oh my god River where were you?!"
"I was out..."
"I was waiting for you for so long!"
"I'm sorry I'm sorry come inside, go upstairs to my room it's there."
"Aren't you going to tell me where you were?!"
"Oh my god Lisa it's none of your business."
"Great friend you are."

"Stay there, I'm coming I just have to go do something downstairs really quickly."
"Alright," Lisa said looking around. Then River's phone began vibrating. "Oooooh who is texting her this late, I wonder if it's Ethan... or maybe a new boyfriend..."
Lisa walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"VJ... what is he texting her about..."

But those friends can't hide behind that veil forever, and we finally realize that the one we've been leaning on for so long... only wants to make you fall...

"Are these... Bebe and VJ!?"
"What are you doing?!"

"Stiles...! you came...!"
"Hey Jamie... you okay..."
"I'm... fine... I think..."
"Oh... I see they put you on heavy medication..."

"I feel... so light-headed and... like I can fly..." Jamie said in a very drugged-up tone.
"Maybe I should come back... it's good to see you're okay and that you didn't get any significant injuries from your crash."
"Did you set that fire?"
"The fire that killed Emma... did you... did you set it?"
"No! Why would you think that?"
"Blair told me... she said you set your orphanage and foster home on fire... so maybe... you did it again with the house..."

"Why would she say that...?"
"Because she looked through your laptop and saw all your personal things, and discovered that you are an arsonist..."

As for Ayeshia Ansari...

"Thank god you came, we have a serious situation going on! Emma is blaming me for the fire the other day, the police are going to start investigating and pretty soon they're going to find out that I was the Sunset Burglar, and then... they're going to connect you to me so this is both our problems..."

"Come in, no one's home and we need to figure this out..."

"I can't have anyone who knows about me killing Erik Darling and Rachel Barrett talking to the police, I'm sorry Ayeshia... but you need to die."

It had become to late for her to realize that that friend only wanted her dead.

Only 4 more updates left, none of which are as long as this, cept finale, but hopefully I'm motivated enough and don't procrastinate so I can get this done in a quick manner lol. Anyways, I watch to much soap operas . Hope you enjoyed this one, basically everything's set up now so that all secrets are going to come crashing out for the next 3 updates And were going to find out soon who Blair's sister is... can u guess? It's someone we know
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and Blair isn't going to be to pleased when she finds out her "sister" exposed her to Stiles :D
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AHHH this story is so addictive! It's like watching a TV show! Keep up the good work :]

[fading away]
"Neptune: Haruka... Uranus: What? Neptune: I want to touch you. Neptune: I can see the light. Uranus: It's warm, Michiru..."

Credit: avatar (copyright) me
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Default Chapter 17: With Me
Thanks guys, and ya Sailor Neptune I do try to make this like a TV show XD. Anyways this is the last update for the teen storylines, they're all done unless I decide to do a "second season" so to speak lol, but here you have it, my new favorite update...

End of the school year at last for Sunset Valley students, and to celebrate, the student body has organized a fabulous formal gala to commemorate this joyful event...

Glamorous... In addition to the handsome tuxedos and beautiful dresses up on the menu tonight, you can expect the usual high-octane drama from our favorite group of trouble makers... but something tells me that this party... is going to be the one that trumps all others... get ready folks, for one hell of a glamorous showdown...

"Hey Holly..." he responded in a low tone.
"So umm... you've patch things up with Bebe...?" she asked awkwardly.
"Nothing was wrong with us to begin with," he shot back defensively.
"Oh okay thats good I uh... I hope the best for the both of you and I really hope you two can make it work..."
"Yeah... I'm sure we will Holly... thanks..."

Bebe ran up and hugged Ethan, not paying Holly any mind.
"You look amazing Ethan wow! So sharp!"
"You look great too Bebe!"
Holly took a deep breath and sighed, uncomfortable and looking away from the whole situation. The fact that Bebe slept with VJ bothered Holly very much.
"Well it was nice talking to you Ethan, umm I'm just gonna head further on... inside now so uh... bye..."
Holly walked off, not saying a word to her former best friend.

"You look like you need a drink," Michael said smugly as Holly walked up to the bar.
"I never thought it'd be this awkward..."
"Hmm let's see, you try to make conversation with your ex-boyfriend who you're former best friend is now going out with... a bit complicated and now awkward."
"Oh shut up Michael," Holly laughed. "Oh boy I just hope I can get through this night... soon it'll be summer and I won't have to deal with seeing either of them for the whole summer."
"Hey Holly, it's not going to be that bad. I mean this is a big place you don't have to talk to them... you have me," he laughed.
"Right, I do have you, and I look forward to spending the entire summer with you," she said leaning in and giving Michael a kiss.
"Me too."

"River what now? I thought we had gone over this!?"
"Well Lisa I simply can't leave you alone for a second who knows what type of damage you might cause!"
"Oh for gods sake River I did nothing wrong!"

"Nothing wrong?! I leave you for a minute and I see you going through my phone-!"
"Yes River excuse me for being inquisitive as to why my boyfriend is calling my best friend and not me and why my best friend has pictures of my boyfriend cheating on me with some two bit slut!"
"Don't Lisa! Neither him nor Bebe NOR I want those sexts getting out!"
"Oh and give me a good reason why I shouldn't?!"
"I don't understand why you're doing this!? I'm done Lisa! I'm done with the whole let's ruin Bebe operation! You drop it too!"
"She had sex with VJ!"
"You drove him too it Lisa! And if you still care about him I suggest that you two just talk it out and drop the sexts because you'll lose all the friends you have!"

"Good food huh?" said VJ, sitting down beside Bebe. "Where's Ethan?"
"He'll be back," Bebe said smiling.
"Well can I have this seat?"
"For now..." she said chuckling.
"Okay guess I'll sit here for now," he responded. "So... how's everything with you?"
"I'm in a great relationship with Ethan, and I don't wanna lose that VJ..."
"So I take it what happened that night never happened?"
"No... I don't ever want that coming out... I made a mistake... I was alone and... down... and I guess I needed someone but... I turned to the wrong person..."
"Yeah... I knew it was a mistake too... don't worry... our secret's not coming out..."

Michael let out a long drawn-out sigh.
"What?" Holly asked looking at him.
"You say you're over Parker and yet you're still playing eye tag with him."
"What are you talking about Michael?"
"I just saw you Holly."
"Michael where am I supposed to look?! He's right in front of me!"
"And yet you don't have an objection to that even though he basically admitted publicly he has feelings for you."
"Michael I don't care if he has feelings for me I... I made it clear I can't feel the same way towards him."
Michael laughed, "Great wording there Holly, making it seem as if I'm the one blocking the two of you getting together."
"You know what Michael I need to take a walk... catch some air..."

"Hey... what's up...?" VJ asked walking up towards River.
"Nothing much just... thinking and admiring..."
"Yeah... you look great by the way..."
"Thanks... so... what's up... why aren't you enjoying the party down below...?"
"Too crowded..."
"Oh don't beat around the bush VJ I saw you talking to Bebe."
"Nothing happened..."
"And you guys have no intention of telling anyone."
"I certainly don't, neither does she... don't want any more head aches in our lives..."
"Well then there's something you should know VJ..."
"Lisa knows... as well as Holly..."

"Bebe told Holly! So that wasn't my fault... but Lisa-"
"You told her!?"
"No! She looked through my phone and saw the sexts I copied from your phone, now she has them."
"Oh my god!"
"But she isn't going to do anything with them VJ not as long as she wants that relationship with you..."
"What do you mean...?"
"She still cares about you VJ and... letting everyone know about what happened between you and Bebe would just alienate her from everyone including me and you and... who's stupid enough to do that?"
"Yeah... maybe you're right..."
"So don't worry VJ... I got your back..." she laughed, and she held on to VJ's hand.

"I get the feeling were still not done..."
"Parker how much more blunt do I have to be!?"
"And why do you keep lying to yourself!?"
"I'm not lying! I'm being faithful! Something you're making me have a hard time doing..."
"Then haven't you thought that... maybe you really shouldn't be with Michael...?"
"Don't do this..."
"Why are you torturing yourself!"
"I'm not torturing myself I want to be with Michael!"

"Please Parker... you're torturing me..."
"I'm not going to stop Holly..."
"Then you're wasting your time... because I'm not leaving Michael..."
"Aww poor poor Michael, all alone, where's Holly?"
"Leave me alone Lisa."
"I'm just trying to be social Michael no need to be so hostile."
"I don't want to talk..."
"Did you and Holly have a fight... no wonder after what Parker said."
"Go away Lisa!"
"Quite frankly I don't even know why you put up with her, you can do much better than her! For gods sake she's just stringing you along, everyone knows she has feelings for Parker! You're just a barrier keeping the two of them apart and it's quite sad to watch."

"If you're done I'm going to leave..."
"One more thing Michael..."
"The AV presentation planned for tonight... you seem to have alot on your mind do you really think you'd be able to handle it...?"
"If you wanna do it I don't care Lisa just leave me alone," he replied in a despondent tone. Michael got up and walked away from Lisa.

"Well well well look what we have here, caught red handed."
"Michael it's not what you think-"
"I don't know what to think anymore Holly you tell me you're done with Parker yet everytime I turn my head and look back there you are with him."
"You know what I'm tired of this little charade going on! Michael, Holly, the both of you need to know the truth and Michael you need to be free from this horrible relationship you have with Holly!"
"Lisa no!"
"Why Parker!? Clearly you're not going to be going through with our arrangement anymore so I may aswell just air it all out there!"
"What are you talking about Lisa?"

"The only reason Parker gave you any interest at all was because of me Holly."
"Lisa... don't..."
"I blackmailed him Holly," she snickered. "You're such an uptight goody two shoe with high morals I really couldn't stand it anymore, so I used Parker so that he can get close to you, sleep with you and then document it all on tape..."
Holly's heart shattered, she slowly turned to look at Parker slowly shaking her head.
"But you know what, this is just as good, I mean everyone knows that you're just stringing along poor Bachelor, you really like Parker, but it's a shame... he doesn't feel the same to you."
"I do Lisa!"
"And do you want to know what Parker's prize was for being obedient... me!" she laughed.

"Tell me this isn't true," Holly said softly, on the verge of tears.
"It's not how she says it-"
"It exactly how I say it Parker!"
"I didn't want to go through with it anymore Holly because what I was feeling for you was real! I tried to back out but..."
"Oh yes, you're poor little secret..."
"Holly... everything I told you... everything we shared was real... I didn't want to hurt you... you didn't deserve it and I'm... I'm sorry Holly I really am!"

"Get away from me Parker..."
"She doesn't want to be with you anymore Parker... now... she can concentrate fully on Bachelor!"
"No... I don't even want to deal with her anymore."
"Michael!" she exclaimed turning to Michael.

"I'm done, this is it... I really don't wanna do this anymore."
"Michael please I-"
"Holly... why do you keep defending this-"
"Because I really like you Michael!"
"Well you like Parker more, and I'm not going to continue to be the problem between the two of you."
"There's no me and Parker!"
"Stop lying to yourself Holly, cause you're the only one who doesn't see it... so as of now, were no longer together, and I'm moving on Holly, you should too."
"Michael... no..." Holly whimpered out as Michael walked away.
"Ah I should be going too, I have a presentation to do."

"What is wrong with you?!" screamed Parker grabbing Lisa by the arm and pulling her.
"Ow stop it you're hurting me!"
"Oh so you actually feel pain!? Could've fooled me with that cold thoughtless heart you have!"
"I didn't bring this on any of you Parker I just merely tell the truth!"
"No you're a sociopath all you care about is seeing the misfortune of others! You didn't have to tell Holly anything!"
"Well I wanted to see her heart break, is that so wrong?"
"You're a bitch Lisa."
"And you're a criminal Parker, we all have our flaws, but unlike you, I don't go off all the over place screaming you're a murderer!"
"I don't even care about that anymore Lisa... go to the police... tell whoever you want... because you have not won..."
"Oh no Parker I think I have, Holly hates you, and Michael hates her, she's lost a whole lot so I think I have... and now I'm about to go off and score another victory, so if you'll excuse me," she said, pushing past Parker and climbing up the steps to the stage.

"Hello ladies and gents how are you enjoying your night!?" Lisa laughed. "I for one am having a great time, and I have been honored with the privilege of MCing the AV presentation! But... before we go ahead with that I just want to give a shout out to my fellow classmates of Sunset's Community School of the Gifted, if it wasn't for you all I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed my junior year at this amazing school, so a clap for you guys!"

"But there is this one special person in this school who I'd really like to appreciate, I took her in as a friend, and she came out of her shell and became... a unique person who's now dating one of the popular boys in the school... I think we all know who I'm talking about and who has made a huge splash this year..."

"Bebe Hart! Everyone let's give a round of applause for the girl who went from zero to hero everyone and oh look-!"

"Her parents were able to make it! Hi Mr. and Mrs. Hart! Everyone let's give a round of applause for Bebe's parents for bringing Bebe into this world!" Lisa clapped, smiling devilishly as she looked at Bebe's excited parents clapping and jumping up and down. She then met the gaze of Bebe, the two glared at each other, and Lisa relished the embarrassment Bebe was going through.
"Anyways in honor of Bebe Hart, her two good friends..."


"And River..."

"Have put together a little slideshow of Bebe and her... exploits throughout the year..."

"So without further ado..."

"Boys! Run the pics!"


"Ethan!" cried Bebe turning towards Ethan who was no walking away. "Ethan please I can explain!"
"Nothing to explain, the TV speaks for itself!"
"It was an accident it didn't mean anything!"
"It does... it means you're a whore who cheated on me..."
"Ethan don't go!"
"Don't ever talk to me again."

"You!" she screamed turning to Holly.
"I did not do this!"
"She said it herself! And I told you in confidence!"
"I never told her Holly! How could I do something like this you know me!"
"No! No I don't! I don't you know anymore!"
"I could never do this, this was all Lisa!"
"I don't believe you! You are such a vindictive bitch I was so WRONG to tell you anything!"
"Bebe please calm down be rational-"
"My parents are here Holly! My parents! And they saw... they saw those...! Oh my god I don't believe this is happening!"
"I'm sorry..."
"No you're not... you're glad this is happening to me... you're GLAD that everyone saw those... pictures! And now my relationship... my only friend... is ruined because of YOU!"
"No Bebe please I wouldn't-"
"SHUTUP you slut! I HATE YOU!" she screamed and she slapped Holly and stormed off.

"Where are you going!?" Holly screamed through clenched teeth, running up to River who was on her way out.
"If you're gonna blame me Holly save your breath I wasn't a part of that 'presentation'."
"You expect me to believe you didn't share that information with Lisa?!"
"You know what, you were right, she's a snake, and a vicious one at that. She went through my phone! Took things that were my property! Somehow justified it! Lied to me saying she wasn't going to do anything! And then slapped my name on that pathetic excuse of a show so I just have about every right to be as angry as you! And I was a fool into believing she was a friend, she's nothing but a backstabber but you know what, two can play that game!"
"Where are you going?!" Holly called out after River.
"To cut the snake's head off!"

"You bitch!" River exclaimed walking up to Lisa and slapping her. "You're one piece of work you know that."
"Ugh everyone keeps calling me that," she said rubbing her cheek.
"Oh shutup, you've done enough talking for one night and I only have one thing to say."

"I will bring you down."
"Oh like the threats of the sweet girl next door worries me," she responded sarcastically.
"Yeah, that's true... I was once that sweet innocent girl next door, but then I met you... and became your friend... and then you back stabbed me and put blame on me for that slideshow-"
"Oh so you actually feel sorry for Bebe now... after it was you who drugged her."
"I don't give a rats ass about Bebe and if Holly wants to be angry with me thats her business... what pisses me off is that you stole those sexts... and splattered my name all over it and for that... I am going to rip you off the pedestal you've put yourself upon."
"Oh please..."
"You talk too much crap Lisa, and this time you've crossed the line... there's a new bitch in town, I'm crazy, i'm pissed, and I am going to stomp your ass out. So pack your things, because it's time for you to go," and with that, River turned around and walked away, fury unrestrained in her eyes.

"I don't wanna hear it..."
"It didn't mean anything... she... she wants you..."
"Doesn't matter anymore, I don't care what she wants, hate both of you."
"So I guess this means were no longer friends then...?"
"It means I hate you... so yeah VJ, were no longer friends."

VJ sighed as Ethan got into his car and drove off. Parker and Michael walked up behind him.
"This is one crazy night," VJ said.
"Did I do the right thing?"
"Did anyone do the right thing tonight?" Parker responded.
"Nope... not even me... but it's done, it's happened... we just have to move on," said Michael.
"Bachelor's right..." said Parker. "It's okay VJ, still got me, and at least now he knows how it feels to be betrayed... just like what he did with me..."
"And if he doesn't want to move on VJ," said Michael turning to smile at both Parker and VJ. "Who cares, his loss, his pain, his suffering, cause from I've learnt, it's always best to move, just like what I'm doing with you and Holly." And he put his arm on Parker, then put it on VJ.
"Cheer up guys, tonight was fun, now our consciences are clear and all we can do is go forward... and I hope we can move past all the crap we put each other in the past."
"Where's all this coming from Bachelor?" VJ asked confused.
"I don't know... just a new Michael Bachelor I guess..."
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Default Chapter 17: With Me Continued

I'm guessing that there are more 'new' people coming, as this night truly was a game changing eye-opener for many of the teens of Sunset, after having endured so much trials and secrets, fights and conflicts, loves and break-ups throughout the year... these juniors are going into their senior year with a fresh outlook...

They realize they need to get all the tears and weaknesses out of their system and start to become strong...

They realize they've lost everything, and now need to learn to live on nothing...

Some have learned that maybe going on that dark path of self-destruction... may be the only way to go...

Other's reflect on all that's happened, and on all the changes, and have decided to cut out all the bad influences in their lives...

May be a getaway may be in order, away from all the stress so that we can find ourselves, and sort out the mess in we may have caused...

Other's have decided to move on, to have that positive attitude at all times... and to focus oneself on a specific hobby that will never hurt you...

And then...

We have those... who's resolved to now seek to plot... manipulate... and destroy all those who've gotten in their way... on a permanent basis...

"Did you find him?"
"There's a problem Illiana..."
"He's not here..."
"How could that be! That's where he is that's where he went too!"
"I know, he was here, he isn't anymore."
"Then tell me... where is he now?"
"Sunset. He's there Illiana... so whatever you're so afraid with of with this kid, you'd better watch out because... he's on the loose."

But the school year isn't over yet, and some last unfinished business needs to be wrapped up...

"What is it River?"
"I need your help."
"Why would I help you?"
"Because I know as good as you are... that good is slowly being drained out of you... and I want to take that last piece of goodness within and destroy it."
"What are you talking about?"
"I want you to help me to destroy Lisa Bunch... for good."
"You need a partner for that journalism project right, Michael no longer wants to be yours so you're all alone."
"What does that have anything to do with getting revenge on Lisa?"
"Because I have the perfect topic in mind..."

"Hello citizens of Sunset, my name is River McIrish."
"And my name... is Holly Alto, and we are students of Mr. Wright's Journalism class and for our journalism project we have decided to air our topic to you, the citizens of Sunset."

"What might we be talking about you ask...? River would you like to start us off?"
"I'd love too Holly, I'm sure all of you know... Lisa Bunch. We too gals certainly do, she's our best friend!"
"Well River," Holly laughed. "Ex best-friend, in case you citizens did not know, she hides it very well, she's a pill popping drugged up slutty back-stabbing alcoholic super bitch and I'd just like to take the time to let everyone know of all the horrible things she's done to me, to my co-host River.... and to many, many of your children."
"So watch out parents, because she tried to, and multiple occasions, give me drugs and umm... maybe we can show some clips that I've recorded here when she uh..."
River said and she looked around and saw the tape machine she had set up previously, she got up and pressed play.

Scenes of Lisa in a drugged up stupor began playing on the tv screens, of her smoking and drinking, shouting out swear words and screaming obscenities and sexual things to herself and River who was video-taping.
"Okay that's quite enough I think we've horrified viewers enough," said Holly stopping the tape.
"But how about that other one Holly, you know where she's about to have sex with that random guy oh... no we can't play that unfortunately the producer is telling us no."
"Oh that's too bad, but let's just say she likes sex tapes of herself so you can pretty much get the picture of what that clip entails."
"And let's not forget all the memorable lies and hurtful things that came out of her mouth, that hurt everybody even her friends and loved ones... even her brother."

"Such a horrible person, how can someone be that... wicked..."

"All were saying, and this is too Mr. and Mrs. Bunch, keep your daughter on a short leash because I-"
"And me." shot in Holly.
"Will not hesitate to run the bitch over."
"So I hope you all enjoyed our project slash program, we had a blast doing it! Take our message to heart it's a public service announcement she's a menace... and... yeah... we hate Lisa Bunch, and you should too."

"Mom? Dad?"

"What are you doing here?" Bebe asked as she came out of her house and down her steps to see Holly.
"I just came too... apologize I guess and... patch things up..."

"What part of I don't want to don't you understand Holly!?"
"So you're clinging on to the notion that I was one who gave Lisa those sexts and helped her air it out last night... you're really going to believe that?"
"Yes Holly I am."
"Then I'm wasting my time here, you're delusional, you're outta your mind and you're crazy, just like your parents because someone with half a brain would've realized that I had nothing to do with what happened last night!"
"How dare you-!"
"Let me speak! All I've wanted and all I've been trying is to just make things cool between us, alot of things have happened and I just wanted things to be ok, but you are so vehemently determined to hate me that you're simply not worth the effort. So call me a bitch, call me a liar, call me a slut I don't care, I'm changing, and I don't need the friendship and the love from people anymore, so have a good life Bebe because... you're trash."
"I'm moving you know that and-"
"Bebe... tell that to someone else... Ethan perhaps if he still talks to you... maybe VJ you did sleep with him... but... I don't care..."

"Well then care about this... if I ever see you again in the future... I will destroy you."
"Well then, here's hoping you don't ever come back to Sunset again."

Three simple words...

"VJ?" said River as she opened the door to greet VJ. "What are you doing here?"
"I just had to come by to tell you something... can I come in?"
"Yeah sure..." River said letting VJ in.
"So you're not mad at me or anything, I mean what happened last night you did say you didn't want-"

"Stop talking. I don't want this moment to ever end."

"I want you to know..."

"With everything I won't let you go, these words are my heart and soul, I'll hold on to this moment you know, and I won't ever let you go... come with me to Europe for the summer... and be with me..."

I Love You.

That's it for the teenagers, 3 more updates left . Again this is the end of the road for these guys unless I decide to do a sequel so... lemme know ur thoughts on entire teen SL's from beginning to now, favorite character? favorite couple? Lisa lol? Share
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Favourite teen?Hmm.....VJ!Or Parker?Or River?Hmm........... VJ!!!I knew he was going to end up with River!Favourite couple is Parker and Holly because of Parker...

Awesome story...

Also,do a sequel!Please
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Awwwwwwwwww... the update is really great! Can't believe it's the end of teen line, but you wrote it awesome and did a huge job with makeover. I do hope you'll find inspiration and time for a sequel
As for fav character and couple - I don't know, I kinda like 'em all, but the craziest and the most interesting was Lisa (yeah!). She's a bad heartless selfish girl and she does everything to ruin others lifes just for her own fun, it's cruel but I can't help loving her.. When she comes up, everything white turns black. Ohh, she's a kind of Georgina from GG - "Tell the God that bitch is back!"
Fav couple - I didn't actually had one till the end - I think River+VJ go good together. For some reason I like that mystic guy VJ, and River turned out to be "not so bitchy" girl.

Now waitig for the next update!
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Default Chapter 18: Cry Me A River

The waterfall, one of the many iconic spots that define Sunset. Many would tell you it looks as if the waterfall is crying, constantly letting out it's sadness and despair. But why is the mountain crying you might ask? Well...

Considering all the things this mountain sees and hears in our seaside town, it has every reason to cry a river...

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Hello Emma."

"How can you be so smug?! After what you did?!"
"Oh are you referring to Ayeshia Ansari," she sneered. "Because from what I understand... you were the one who blamed her for the fire-"
"The fire you set!" Emma growled.
"Yes... why is it that you didn't come forward and tell the truth Emma..."
Emma didn't say anything.
"Because maybe if you did, Ayeshia wouldn't have died."
"It's not my fault Emma! You're the crazy one who tried to kill me!"

"And you're the one who lied to everybody about that very same incident... so I guess were both to blame Emma. Love makes us do crazy things."
"No... none of this is my fault..."
"It's just eating away at you isn't Emma... you in-directly murdered Cyclone's girlfriend."
"Shutup you psycho! I could just go to the police and-"
"Do that Emma and you'd be in so much more trouble and anguish, you wouldn't even know how to deal with it."
"You don't know me!"
"I do... have you talked to Cyclone since the funeral Emma? Or are you too ashamed to face him, to afraid to admit that right now, you caused the source of his pain..."

"Hmph... Emma... it's your fault, everything is your fault... and you and I know both know it."

"Blair... we need to talk..."

"Hey Stiles what is-"
"Did you break into my laptop Blair?"
"What?" she chuckled, trying to play innocent. "What are you talking about Stiles?"
"My laptop! Did you go into it yes or no!?"
"Stiles there's no need to yell-"
"Blair you're pissing me off just answer the damn question!" he yelled.
"Stiles why would I go into your laptop I-"
"Why did Jamie tell me you broke into my laptop and looked at my private files and documents huh?! Why would she say things that no one else in this town should know?! I never told anyone my whole past and yet she knew! You told her Blair!"

"So it's true! Why the hell would you do that Blair?!"
"Stiles I... I needed to know you were so secretive and I-"
"So you break into my laptop?! Did you have a good read Blair?! On my criminal past!"
"I knew so little about you I just wanted to know more!"
"And now you do! And you blabbered it to Jamie Jolina, who inturn told me!"
"I really liked you Stiles that's why I did this! And whenever I asked you just dodged it!"
"And you wanna know why Blair huh!? You wanna know why!?" he screamed. "I'll tell you why! It's because I'm ashamed Blair! I'm ashamed of who- no what I was! I was sick Blair! Something was wrong with me! Do you have any idea how it feels to look back on childhood memories and only remember yourself setting fires that KILLED people because you enjoyed it! Yeah, I was a freaking monster Blair! And after that family in Riverview..." he began choking up. "I needed help... and someone was there for me, when I was alone, when I had nothing, she was there, she never judged me, and she took me... she took me to many places to help me, to treat me... and it was then that it finally hit me at what I had done... I murdered people Blair... MURDERED! And everytime I look at the mirror, I see that psychopath! I wake up wishing death because I have to live with what I did! Which is why I moved alot, because... getting close to other people... I'm afraid I'd hurt them too... which is why I never told you or anyone Blair! Would you tell that to anyone?! Would you tell your girlfriend and your best friends that you're a monster?!" he cried.

"You're not a monster Stiles," she said, beginning to cry.
"Save it Blair... this is why I didn't want to date but yet... I thought you'd be different... that I could trust you and that... you wouldn't judge..."
"Stiles you can trust me!" she cried out desperately.
"No I can't... Jamie said it herself when she asked me I set the fire because of my history... obviously you also shared that thought..."
"No... no Stiles I'm sorry I'm so sorry but I love you I really do and... you can trust me I won't judge you-"
"I want to break up."
"No! No please Stiles don't break up with me!" she begged.
"The trust is broken, and I don't wanna stay here anymore..."
"No Stiles don't leave! Please don't leave! There's so much here and-"
"Bye Blair..."

Blair shook, tears violently coming falling from her eyes as she watched Stiles leave the kitchen. Her face suddenly hardened as her mind settled on one, single thought...

"She is going to pay!"

"Cyclone, are you okay?" said Emma, knocking on the door. "Cyclone can you hear me?"
There was no response coming from inside the room.
"Cyclone have you eaten anything...? You really should come out and get something to eat or something, were all worried about you."
Still no response, Emma began knocking again, this time trying to open the door, it was locked.
"Cyclone come on open the door! It's me... Emma..." she pleaded.

"Open the door... talk to me..."
"Go away Emma."

"Jamie!" Blair screamed banging on the front door. "Jamie get out here and open this door! You and I need to have a little talk!"
There was no movement inside the house, Blair peered inside, looking for Jamie. Blair looked around the porch, eyeing a rock on the grass.
"Well if she's not going to open up for me I'll just have to do it myself!"
Blair moved for the rock but then her phone began ringing.

"Hello?" she said annoyed.
"Blair, it's me."
"Hey dad, I'm kind of busy right now do you think you can call back later?"
"No me and your mom really need to talk to you right now... we have news."
"News? What news?"
"We found her Blair... you're older sister and you won't believe who she is I mean she's been under our nose all along!"
"Just come over Blair, as soon as we found out we contacted her and well... she was more than pleased she came to us right away."
"Wait a minute you're saying she's at our house right now?"
"Yes Blair! So we want you to come over right now! For a reunion we've been dreaming of for so long!"
"I'm on my way..."

"I'm causing him all this pain... this is all my fault... why did I lie..."

"Blair you're here!" Susan exclaimed joyfully.
"Hey Dad, mom where is-!"

"What the hell is she doing here?!" screamed Blair.
"Blair hey, is that how you greet one of your best friends?" Jamie said laughing as she got up.

"Don't smile or laugh at me you dumb stupid bitch!"
"Blair!" yelled out her parents.
"Blair what's going on?" asked a startled Jamie.
"You call me over here saying you found my sister and I find her! Where is this sister?!" shouted Blair to her parents.
"Blair! It's Jamie! Jamie is your sister!" Boyd answered.
Blair's look of anger turned to shock and disgust.
"Blair... I mean... I'm thrilled to find out that one of my closest friends is my sister I... I finally know my family... and it's you..."

"In your dreams!" she exclaimed as she slapped Jamie. "Never in a a million years will I be your sister!"

And she forcibly pushed Jamie to the ground, Boyd and Susan gasped.

"Blair what has gotten into you!" screamed Susan, helping Jamie up.
"I'll tell you what's gotten into me! My sister's betrayal! She ruined my life mom!"
"What are you talking about!" screamed Jamie.
"Oh don't pretend like you don't know what you did! You told Stiles I went through his laptop and discovered his past!"
"Oh my god you liar stop lying!" she screamed lunging forward to Jamie. Susan jumped in between them holding her daughter back and pulling her away.

"Stop it Blair just stop it!" Susan screamed.
"It's all her fault! It's all her fault!"
"Blair you're crazy!" Jamie screamed, hugging Boyd.
"Daddy don't hug her she's such a manipulative lying witch I hate her!"
"Blair, calm down! What are you talking about?!" Susan asked, looking intently at Blair. Blair took a deep breath.
"The other night, Founder's Day... I went through Stiles laptop... and I found out some things... and I told Jamie... but then this morning Stiles confronted me! He found out what I did, and he was so angry he broke up with me and now he might be leaving! My relationship with him is done and I just feel like everything's all falling apart! But do you wanna know how he found out... Do you wanna know who's fault this all is... Jamie... my dear sister... she caused all this!"

"Blair that still doesn't excuse this erratic behavior! And why are you blaming her for the mess you caused!" Susan exclaimed.
"Why are you taking her side mom I told her something in confidence and she goes and tells Stiles! That's not what friends much less sisters do!"
"Blair I'm sorry okay if I did anything but I honestly don't remember telling Stiles anything!" Jamie cried. "Maybe... just maybe it was when I was in the hospital and I was on the painkillers but I don't-"
"I'm done with your pathetic excuses Jamie! The fact of the matter is Stiles heard it from you so you're in my cross hairs sister!"
"Blair you are not going to do anything!" Susan screamed.

"I don't understand why you're taking her side over the side of your daughter you've raised for 20 years!"
"She's still our daughter Blair... we want this to be a happy occasion this is the first time were reunited like this and now... Blair can't you just put this behind you?"

Blair looked over at Jamie, then began grinning devilishly.
"Eye for an eye right," she turning to leave.
"Blair no! I know you're mad Blair but where is all this attitude coming from you're not the Blair I know!"
"Good, because the Blair you know wouldn't be able to put up the fight I'm about to dish out to Jamie," she responded coldly. "So, enjoy whatever fleeting moment of happiness you may have right now sis, because I am going to make you the unhappiest person in Sunset."

"Hey... guys... Cyclone you uh... came out..."

"Yeah... it was getting stuffy inside..."
"He's lying I dragged him out here so I can talk to someone about all my troubles," said Blair.
"Oh Blair I heard about you and Stiles... sorry to hear that..."
"Yeah well... I'm going to be taking corrective measures in the near future so... I'm not done yet."

"What are you talking about Blair?" Emma laughed.
"She's pissed Emma... very pissed... so just don't encourage or prod her..." Cyclone replied no emotion in his voice.
"You know I've lived here for quite awhile now and I haven't gone swimming in this pool... not once..."
"Now that you think about it nether have I," Emma replied.
"I think I'm going to go... go swim in the pool just to say I've been in there, I'll leave the two of you to discuss... whatever it is you guys need to talk about."

Blair got up, took off her clothes and dived into the pool. Cyclone sat up and looked at Emma.
"Are you okay Cyclone?"
"I don't know..."
"I'm not..."
"What's wrong?"
"I just... I feel horrible and... I feel so bad for you... I know me and Ayeshia didn't really get along but... it hurts to see you hurting like this..."
"Yeah... I was... I can't believe she's gone I never said..."
"I'm sorry Cyclone but, there's something I have to tell you..."

Emma paused to catch a breath and collect her jumbled thoughts, looking into Cyclone's eyes and smiling slightly.
"I'm moving Cyclone... I'm leaving Sunset..."
"I uh... this is alot umm... I can't stay here anymore..."
"Why Emma!? Is it because of the fire?! Ayeshia?! Us?!"
"Everything... and I just feel so... guilty and... I can't face..."
"You can't face what?! Emma I know today I was avoiding you but I just needed some space I-"
"I know, you're hurting, you're grieving I understand... but I just need to get away... for how long I don't know... but I just need to leave..." she cried.

Cyclone leaned in and hugged Emma.
"I love you Emma... I don't know why I always say this when... I'm about to lose you but if that's what you need to hear to stay then I'm going to keep saying it!"
"I know you do Cyclone... and so do I... I think I always had... you were that one friend in this entire crazy house that I could come too and just laugh and joke, and be happy... but right now not even you can get me through what I'm going through."
"What are you going through?! Emma I can help you!"
"You can't... because..."
(I can't face you... knowing what I did... I can't face the one I love without telling him the truth)
"I'm leaving Cyclone... and you'll always be in my heart..."
"But what about everyone else!?"
"Blair knows... and so does Stiles... my stuff is all packed and the taxi should be here any minute I just came by to..." she struggled to finish her final sentence. "I just came to say goodbye!"
And with that she broke away from Cyclone and began to run.

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Default Chapter 18: Cry Me A River Continued

"Hey... Jamie what you doing out so late?" Freddy asked coming out of his house.
"I just needed to talk... to someone and well... you live so close to my house I thought... why not pay a visit to good ole Freddy," she said.
"Oh okay anytime anytime, it's great to have you, wanna come in?"

"So you can sit down there and uh... I'll make us some coffee..."
"Thanks, I'd like some of that," she laughed sitting down, looking around at the house.
"You like?" asked Freddy noticing her looking.
"It's very nice," she responded.
"Thanks, designed it myself. So, what brings you here, you alright?"
"I wish I could be alright... there's so much drama in my life right now..."
"I was uh... given up for adoption at my birth and um... was in foster care my whole life and I just discovered the Wainwright's are my biological parents and I was so thrilled because... Blair would be my sister but now she..."

"More than angry... I don't know and in addition to that I have that other problem..."
"Did you go to the police about that?"
"No... I was scared he uh... he threatened the life of my friends Freddy... and then after that there was the accident-"
"You got into an accident?!"
"Yeah... while I was on the phone with him so I never really got a chance to uh think it through..."
"Jamie, you can't let this guy run your life like this, go to the police!"
"If I go to the police that means I'll have to tell them what the stalker has on me!"
"And so what Jamie! So what if you performed illegal services or you know that Luke is not really Hank's son and that you changed his paternity test results at least-"

"What what?"
"How does he know about Luke I never told him..."
"Jamie what's wrong?"
"You know what it's getting late and I have some things I uh... it just hit me I have some things to do," she said quickly, getting up and heading for the door. There was no response from Freddy.

"So uh I'll talk to you ahh!" Freddy grabbed Jamie and began wrestling with her.
"Where do you think you're going!?"
"Let go of me what are you doing Freddy?!"
"You didn't have any of my coffee yet!"

"Get away from me!" she screamed pushing Freddy away. She ran to the door and tried opening it, it was locked form the inside.
"What the-"
"Locked it the minute you got into the door Jamie," Freddy sneered.
"It's you... you're..."
"The stalker? That's a really ugly way of putting it!"
Jamie pushed Freddy again as he was getting back up, running past him into the kitchen, Freddy was only laughing.
"You have nowhere to run Jamie! I've got you know!"

"Why?!" she screamed out. "Why are you doing this!?"
"Because you scorned me Jamie... acting like you were all better than me at the Founder's Day party when we both knew a prostitute like yourself could never be!"
"What?! That's so juvenile I mean you've tortured me because I told you no!?"
Freddy attacked her once more.
"And because I enjoy it!" he laughed. "And oh how I enjoyed going through your house... you're things..."
"You're sick!" she screamed trying to break out of Freddy's hold. She began screaming for help, Freddy put his hands on her mouth to shut her up.
"Better shutup or I just might have to hurt you ahead of time!" he jeered. Jamie began squealing. "I heard you two the other night, that you would change Luke's test results to make it show that Hank was his father and not Landon's and you know Jamie... that's not cool! You don't do that, lie like that! And you needed a lesson, so you really should've gone to the police, I might have left you alone! But now I'm going to kill you!" he laughed out.

Jamie yelled out, scratching and clawing, she bit Freddy's hand that was over her mouth, then elbowed him in the gut. Freddy released his grip on Jamie, and Jamie tackled him to the floor. Jamie quickly looked around and grabbed a knife...

She screamed out as she plunged the knife into Freddy's side...

"Pauline... I need your help..."

The mountain sees all the things we do, the lies we tell, the secrets we keep, the sins we commit, the heart-aches and the break-ups, all the emotions and frustration all reaches up to the one lone peak... and so it cries... but there is another reason it cries along with the residents of Sunset... would you like to know what it is...

"It's dark and cold up here Pauline and I'm scared," said Jamie shivering.
"You asked for my help and now I'm helping you! If you don't want anyone to find the body and connect this to you we have to do this quickly!"
"In the mine shaft...?"
"Yeah... it's pretty much abandoned and no one comes up here... no one will ever find him..."

"I can't believe it was him..." said Jamie.
"Well I for one am glad he's dead... he wanted our secret to come out Jamie obviously... that's why he did all that to you and who knows what he could've done to me and Luke if you hadn't... killed him..."
"Now come on, I don't have much time I need to get back to Luke and Hank, help me lift him and put him in here!"
The two girls picked up the body of Freddy and dumped him into the mine, out of sight.

"No one will ever know Jamie, no one can ever know..."

It can't tell anyone the things it sees.
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wow this is an awesome series... Please make a season 2 this is the best story I ever seen. I never got into stories like I got into this
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Default Chapter 19: The Grass is Always Greener
Second to last update guys, thx for the support really gets u going, hope you all enjoy!

Any resident of Sunset would tell if they were able to switch places with another family in the town, it would be with the wealthy elites who live up the hill. The Summerhill Court mansions overlook the town, so no matter where you are, they're always in view. You could be unemployed, struggling to find work, or to pay the bills. While you work your two jobs, barely having the time anymore to tuck your little ones in bed at night, or to see them off to school in the morning. You tell yourself if only I lived on the other side of the fence, if only I lived their lifestyle... my life would be perfect...

But on this specific morning, everyone was going to realize, that life isn't at all what it cracks up to be up on the hill... as a shocking scandal was front page news in the local newspaper... and everyone was about to know, the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

"Leave me alone," she replied choking up.
"I want to explain..."

"Explain...? The Herald told me all I needed to know..." she said, struggling to hold back her tears. "And it even has pictures... Why?... Oh I know the answer... I wasn't a good wife...!"

"You weren't..."
Nancy let out a sob as she slowly walked to Geoffrey.
"You... were always having meetings... always about your career... about your image... it was always about you... you neglected Malcolm and... you neglected me..."

"I am sorry!" she cried out. "I don't know how many times I need to scream out I'm sorry... But to cheat on me... You know I realize that I have been a horrible mother to my own son... I realize that I have paid more attention to my career than my own family and I feel like hell because of it now... I regret it Geoffrey I regret everything... But this... this... did I deserve... that..."
"I'm sorry you had to find out like this Nancy I really am but... she was there when you weren't... she took the spot... that you were supposed to fill and know I..."

"I don't want to hear it..." she whimpered. "Either you're leaving this house... or I'm gone by the end of the day."

"Tell me it's not true."

"It is."

"I don't love you anymore Gunther."
"I don't get it what did I do wrong...?"
"I was unhappy... for a long time... it was just you and work-"
"I devoted time to both you and Mortimer Cornelia..."
"It wasn't enough... I-I was... tired of waking up and going to sleep alone while you were on that laptop or on the phone or in a meeting-"
"I was doing all of this so I could provide this lifestyle for the both of you!"
"I didn't need that Gunther... I don't need this lifestyle I just wanted love... and I never got that from you... so I'm going to go pack my things Gunther..."

"Because I'm leaving you for Geoffrey."


"Have you taken a look at the morning news dear?" Vita gloated to her husband.
"Yeah..." Nick grumbled.
"Why so gloomy?" she beamed. "I mean I can just the imagination the Landgraab's are going through and oh... the emotions that must be going through the Goth home. I don't see this ending well, looks like you'll be moving up that ladder ahead of Nancy after all because after this... that woman's going to be a wreck."
Nick remained silent staring out the window.
"Honey... you have some stubble your beards coming in... did you shave?"
"I don't feel like it."
"Sweety, we don't feel like doing a lot of things but we still do it to keep up appearances now... were one of the last elite families that doesn't have the stain of debauchery over us so... please, go and look presentable... you have a company to take over."
Ding Dong
"I'll get it," Nick grunted.

"Mayor Keith?" Nick questioned as he stepped out the front door to greet the visitor.
"Ah," Sheena said holding out her index finger smiling. "It's Sheena now, I'm no longer the mayor. And... boy you really let go on the weekends don't you."
"What are you doing here? Are you here for Vita?"
"No, in fact I'm here to see you, but first I just want to give my new neighbor an informal hello."
"New neighbor...?"
"Yes, I just moved down the street... well not yet anyways still fixing some things up but... see that house over there... that's my new home, so I'll be right next door to my best friend Vita," she laughed.
"Ah okay, that's nice well umm, I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna head back inside now-"

"Oh wait no, you didn't hear what I have to tell you."
"Remember that project... new venture... whatever that you and Nancy... poor soul... were working on... with the Sharma Day Spa and the whole cosmetic fashion line thing..."
"Yeah... what about it...?"
"Well, if you could let your wife know that the phony lab reports she brought in are... well... no good, I did my own... legitimate tests and the products are not poisonous at all... so... a message to you... before I left I made sure to lift the suggested embargo from your wife on Goth Enterprises... you're free to go ahead with the new line... all the best to it..."

"Sheena? What are you doing here?"
"Oh and more thing Nick, I took the liberty of bugging your phone lines and happened to come across a very interesting conversation," she said pulling out a tape recorder. She grinned at Vita, then pushed play.
"You'd never believe what that idiot of a husband drunkenly told me last night... Gunther Goth is committing fraud... Yes siphoning money from his company and deceiving stockholders and the board... I trust that you'll do the right thing with this information..."

Sheena stopped the tape smiling from ear to ear. She whipped her hair, took a deep breath and chuckled. "Well, it was nice chatting with you Nick, I should go have alot more things to take care of at the new house and oh Vita, now that you're here, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other... I just moved in down the street... howdy neighbor."

Vita waited for Sheena to be out of sight before turning her attention to Nick.
"What did she say-"
"I don't want to hear it!"
"You're a liar! Nancy was telling the truth all along and I-... I can't believe I said those things to her I can't believe I-... I was deceived..."
"I did this for you! For your career!"
"I am your husband Vita not some... bum from the street! How could you lie to me like that! Sabotage me like that! Stab me in the back!"
"I did it all for you sweetie I-"

"You make me sick... and I can't believe I married you..."

"What is it Agnes?"
"Are you okay-"
"I'm fine."
"Agnes it's all over the paper-"
"And whose fault is that Agnes?!"
"What are you trying to imply?"
"The only people who knew were me, Geoffrey and you and I know me and Geoffrey certainly wouldn't go to the paper!"
"I can't believe you think that it was me who ratted the two of you out when I was the one begging you to end this to avoid the situation now! And you two were the ones who weren't very careful or discreet when you were together!"

"Well... did you tell anyone Agnes... your journalist boyfriend perhaps..."

"What are you doing here..." Nancy spat out harshly, stepping out of her house, slamming the door behind her.
"I came to see Geoffrey."
"You have some nerve coming here... after what you did."
"After what me and Geoffrey did... it was consensual."

"You home wrecker... do you have ANY remorse for what you did!"
"You were the one who drove him to it! How many nights did he come running into my arms crying that you were never there for him!"
"Don't try and justify what you did there's a between being a shoulder to cry on and being a scheming whore!"

"You know what it's obvious Geoffrey isn't here so I'm going to leave now!"
"Geoffrey certainly isn't going to go anywhere with you if that's what you're hoping."
"He is in fact... we did say to each other if our affair came out we'd leave with each other..."
"Did it ever occur to you that there are children involved!? My god I thought I was bad but you're worse than me! At least I don't put my child through the emotional turmoil that you're putting him through!"
"Don't you talk about Mortimer!"

"Don't act like you care about him! Because the minute you sluttied yourself up with my husband was the minute you destroyed both families! You should be ashamed of yourself... because from this day forth... I'll make sure everyone knows you by that home-wrecking trash!"
"Goodbye Nancy... and I'm sorry you weren't a good wife to Geoffrey."

"Hey we need to talk."
"What is it?" Connor said allowing Agnes to come inside.
"Were you the one Connor... who leaked the story...?"

"What...? Connor no... no no no why did you...?"
"I was going to lose my job Agnes I was backed into a corner... the editor wanted a good story from me by the end of the day or else she'd fire me and... I couldn't lose my job Agnes..."
"But this! I told you that in secret!"
"And I'm sorry Agnes I really am! But you have to understand... I didn't have a choice..."

"And I can't trust you anymore Connor..."
"Don't be like this Agnes, I'm sorry I'll do whatever to make it up to you."
"Would you be able to fix her life...? You can't, you ruined it... her family... her reputation... it's ruined... because of the both of us..."

"Agnes, I am really sorry for what I did... for hurting you like that but... to tell you the truth it would have came out anyways, I mean I didn't take the pictures and all... but they weren't very discreet with their romance... anyone could have saw them."
"I know... I did..."
"So then... forgive me... because I promise I'll never do something like that to you again... you have my word... I love you Agnes..."

"You're right, it won't happen again, because I can't be with someone I can't trust."

"I finally found you," said Cornelia.
"You were looking?"
"Yeah... our secret's out now... and everyone knows... I needed to see you."
"I never thought it'd come out this soon... or like this..."
"Well it has... and it's time to cross the bridge... and I'm ready for it Geoffrey."

"I've done a lot of thinking Cornelia and... despite the flaws in my marriage... I can't leave her..."
"What...?" Cornelia responded.
"I still love her, and this morning in her eyes I... I saw a changed Nancy... we have families Cornelia-"
"Nancy doesn't want you Geoffrey."
"Then I'm going to fight for her, neither of us are perfect and we made mistakes and for once in her life she admitted them to me... and that's all I ever wanted to hear from her for so long... and I hurt her..."
"Geoffrey what are you saying...? You don't want to be with me...?"

"I'm sorry Cornelia," he said hugging Cornelia. "I still care about you and I'm sorry I'm putting you through this, but I still love Nancy, she's my wife, and I have to fix our marriage."

"But Geoffrey... I love you..."

Speeding along the streets of Sunset, Nancy frantically looked out out her windows searching for any sign of her husband. Her phone began ringing in her pocket, she took it out and answered it.
"Nancy, it's Illiana."
"What do you want I'm busy and I'm driving?! And if it's about Geo-"
"Ah no! I don't want to talk about that nor do I care! This is a work related matter."
"Well it can wait-"
"This can't Nancy. Nick quit."
"He called in the company not too long ago, he didn't even put a two weeks or nothing he just suddenly, quit."
"Have you tried calling him or-"
"No one can get in contact with him he isn't at home nor is he answering his cell. Just wanted to let you know Nancy..."
What's going on?

"That's Nick's car... what's he doing in a motel like this in this part of town...?"

Nancy parked her car and got out, heading inside to the check in clerk to find out what room Nick Alto was staying in. She then went upstairs to the 2nd floor rooms, walked over to the room Nick was staying, trying carefully to touch as little as possible. She knocked on the door gently.
"Nick?" she called out.
No answer, she could hear the TV going on inside loudly. She knocked and called out his name again. The door flew open and a rugged unkempt man stood before him. Nancy gasped.
Nick turned away and went back into his room, collapsing on the bed. Nancy stepped inside horrified and disgusted at the condition of the room.

The room smelt heavily of whiskey and cigar, with an unshaven and burly Nick laying on the bed.
"Nick..." Nancy said softly. "What's going on... why are you here...?"
"You were right! My wife's a twisted lying devil!"
"What happened..." she said eyeing him cautiously, for she sensed he had to much to drink.

"She was the one who convinced Sheena to shut our venture down... and not only that she went and told someone else something I told her in secret... something big..."
"Oh Nick... I'm sorry about this but... you shouldn't be here I mean the Nick I know... doesn't settle for this..." she said, looking at the dirty sheets.
"I don't care right now... I don't care about anything... all this time... she never loved me... if she did she'd never do that to me... she'd never..."

"Why did you quit Goth Enterprises Nick...?"
"Because in a matter of time... the authorities are going to arrest Gunther for fraud... and I don't want to deal with it..." he grumbled.
"So you told Vita... and Vita reported it... but... Nick... I know you wouldn't have quit if it was only that..."
"Well... there is that other thing..."
"To fulfill your dream Nancy... no more competition... no more obstacles to moving on up!"
"Don't act so sad Landgraab... you've won!"

"Won? Have you read the paper Nick! My husband cheated on me! And now! And now..." her eyes began watering. "I've cried so much today, and then I heard the news... that you quit... one of my favorite colleagues... someone who's become such a close friend again... has quit... and I was so worried because Illiana no one could get in contact with you... I thought something happened to you..."
"So then... we both lost then I guess but... do you still love him...?"
"I don't know..."
Just in, shocking late breaking news! Another scandal is now rocking Sunset Valley and this time affecting Gunther Goth!

"Looks like it's starting... there going to the Goth Manor now... to film live the arrest of Gunther Goth..."
"I can't believe this is happening... all at once..."
"Let's watch it together... let's watch the mess that I caused..."

"It's not your fault Nick..."

Cornelia Goth sat down with a bottle of wine half full. She poured out another glass for herself and gulped it down. She had told her husband she didn't love him anymore and planned to leave him for Geoffrey. But the plan blew up in her face because Geoffrey didn't want to leave with her and now she sat at home, alone... not knowing what to do next. All she knew, was that her bottle of wine was nearing empty, and she needed to find another bottle. But then the doorbell rang, which angered her because it disturbed her drinking session. She got up, took a deep breath and strolled over to the door...

Only to be surprised by the mob of camera's, news reporters, police, and people surrounding her home.
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Default Chapter 19: The Grass is Always Greener Continued

"Cornelia looks as if she's about to die," joked Nick.
"I feel no type of pity for her whatsoever, after what she did..."
"Geoffrey's an idiot," Nick said looking over at Nancy. "Why would anyone in their right mind cheat on you."
"I was never there, work was my husband... Geoffrey was just some... trophy I had at home..."
"Those things I said on Founder's Day-"
"It's okay Nick I forgive you, she was your wife and you had every reason to be mad, I should have realized you wouldn't have taken it how I would have liked... I guess I got caught up..."
"Caught up in what?"

Nancy slowly snuggled up beside Nick, and Nick took her and held her.
"I... I thought we were still... I got caught up in memories and feelings and..."
"Like right now...?"

"I can't!" she exclaimed quickly breaking away from Nick. "I'm married, and despite what he did he's still my husband and I... I-I still love him! Nick I..."
"Then go to him... and save your marriage... don't end up like me..."
"Nick," she said taking his hand, tears coming down her face. "When this is all done with me and Geoffrey I'm going to be there for you... as a friend..."
"You've already done enough Nancy... but now that Gunther's gone you're most likely going to take his spot, you're going to be even more busier."

"You're not leaving Goth Enterprises Nick I'm not going to let you! Were getting through this together as the companies VPs!" she said getting off the bed and getting herself together to leave.
"No... it's time for a change in my life... new pace... I'm not getting back into business."
"Nick don't-"
"What are you still doing here Nancy! Go to your husband, save whatever you can of your marriage!"
Nancy wiped her face, sniffling and smiling at Nick, she sniffed herself and chuckled.
"I smell like whiskey..."
"Sorry about that..." he smiled.
Nancy broke into a jog as she moved towards the door, she stopped and turned to Nick, then quickly left the room.

"I'm in love with you..."

"Geoffrey you came back..."
"Nancy I really need to talk to you-"

"I love you Geoffrey and I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry!"

People would always tell you, that the families who lived up on the hill lead the most perfect of lives... they were wealthy, powerful, and seemingly happy...

But on this day, many would take back those statements as they saw Nancy drive around town frantically, Nick, walking aimlessly around, drunk. And spotting the two adulterers in the park...

Yes, people were finally beginning to realize, that maybe money doesn't bring you happiness after all... and that these people's problems, were far greater than their own...

"I want a divorce."

Poor poor Mrs. Goth... the whole world now knew all of her families business... and she would be forever known as the one who tried to break up the Landgraab's marriage... and who was also married to a man who is now in jail.

But Cornelia was about to be visited by a very special person... someone who would bring even more chaos into her life...

"If you're a reporter I have nothing more to say!"
"Lolita... oh... no... I'm sorry, you're Cornelia right? Gunther's... wife..."
"Who are you?" she responded exasperated.

"My name is Frida... Frida Goth... Gunther's sister."

"I'm so glad we were able to work this out..."
"Me to Geoffrey, me too... and I promise to try to be a better wife and mother from now on..."
"And I swear I'll never do something like that to you again... I just want a fresh start."
"Yeah but... there's something I should tell you I mean... I should get this out in the open."

"Me and Nick... this evening at a motel we nearly... well I almost kissed him and-"
"Why are you yelling?"
"You! Nick! Motel!"
"Nothing happened between us Geoffrey calm down..."
"Why were you two in the same room to begin with?!"
"I uh... I guess stumbled upon him at the motel and I was worried and... well I do have feelings for him but that's from a long time ago I'm married and love you right now."
"I don't believe this!" Geoffrey yelled, getting out of the bed.
"Geoffrey you had an affair with Cornelia I really don't think you're in the best spot to judge me."
"But Nick Al- AH!" Geoffrey clutched his stomach.

Geoffrey clutched his stomach, going through the motions as if he needed to vomit, he began sweating profusely.

He fell onto his knees, continuing to hold onto his stomach tightly while gasping for air. Nancy ran beside him screaming out his name.

"C-call the p-p-police..."

The grass is always greener on the other side... the Keith's knew this all too well... as the grass is always greener is suburbia... which is why Sheena Keith smuggled in the remaining members of her household in the dead of night... so no one could speak to them... before she got the families story straight...

"I hope you all know what to say..."
"We went over this hundreds of times Sue-"
"My name is Sheena."
"Sheena. We went over this hundreds of times, were not slipping up... right Jonathan?"

"Yeah... whatever..."
"Do not yeah whatever me Jonathan! If it wasn't for you and-"
"Sheena! Enough with the blame... were here now... no one's going to know..."
"Why here...?" asked the boy.
"Because it's suburbia... and it's the perfect place to lay low... the timing couldn't have been better. What happened with you happened right after I was dismissed as mayor... no one's going to pay attention to me anymore so I brought us all here... away from..."

"Away from all of that... right Jonathan..."
"I'm not the only one who made mistakes... Martin!" he shot back, glaring at the man standing beside him.
"Don't talk to your father like that... I want everyone to know that were a perfect happy little family, so please... do this for me... do this one thing for me..."

Sheena Keith, after living in Sunset for awhile, believed that this would be the perfect escape for her husband and teenage son... because well... their side of the fence is muddied and brown... stained with secrets and lies... from each member of the household... but the one thing Sheena hadn't figured out in her stay in suburbia... is that someone always tumbles upon your dirty laundry...

And for the Landgraabs, they were about to find out the hard way...

That money and status doesn't matter... when you lose the ones you love... for them... the grass is never greener...


"This is the house..." Fiona said looking at a slip of paper in her hand. She went up to the front door and rang the bell.
"Who is it?" a voice called out inside.
"Hi my name is Fiona McIrish."
"Who?" the voice said, and an elderly woman answered the door.
"Hi my name is Fiona McIrish are you... Kimberly Barrett?"
"Yes, that's me can I help you?"
"I want to ask you a few questions... about your niece Rachel..."
"Ah... you must be that friend she always talked about... come in... we have much to discuss..."

"Much to discuss?" Fiona asked stepping inside the home.
"Why yes, Rachel always spoke so highly of you, now... what do you want to know about Rachel..."

"Well first... what exactly do you know... I mean I found a note in her home with your old number written on it, with 3 names connected to a dead man."
"Erik Darling."
"You know him?"
"Yes... yes I do... and Rachel spoke about his murder all the time."
"So you believe he was murdered too?"
"Tell me, what were the 3 names?"
"Uh they were... Alivia... Ahara and... Meredith..."
Kimberly sighed, "Meredith, I never heard that name in so long."
"You know who Meredith is?!"

"Yes of course I know who she is... her and Rachel go way back... her... Cornelia... and Agnes..."
"Cornelia and Agnes... were friends with Rachel... and knew Meredith...?"
"Why yes, those three were best friends, but then they did that prank... on that poor boy... Jason Forbes... what happened next was a nightmare for that family, Jason committed suicide, and soon later so did his parents... and his sister... Meredith... went though such pain and emotional anguish we thought she wouldn't be able to pull through..."
"But then... why would Rachel connect Meredith..."
"Well Meredith did become very bitter, blaming the three of them for ruining her family... so maybe... just maybe there's a possibility... that it's her..."

"But why Erik...? And where is Meredith now?"
"I don't know..."
"Maybe Claire would know... she and Rachel apparently go way back."
"Claire Ursine."

"That's impossible!"
"Claire Ursine... I knew Claire Ursine..."
"She lives in Sunset."
"No she doesn't... because Claire Ursine has been dead for five years."

""I got her."
"You found out her real name?!"

"Yeah then what is it?! Who is she?!"
"She purchased that boat under a family account, money left to her from her parents!"
"Okay! Then who is that woman living right across from me?!"

"Her real name Jared... is... Meredith Forbes."

"Call the police."

"Call the police now Charles!"
"Why what's going on Jared!"

"Because it's her... she's the one... she did it... she did it all... and she's going to do it again..."

"She's going to finish the job."

Ding Dong

I can't believe I got this far, thx to all the comments that kept me going to actually reach this point I feel so proud for actually coming close to finish after more than a year, after so much struggling with this game, patches, AwesomeMOD, MATY it was worth it. But not done yet, have ONE more final update, and it's going to be a showdown! But as stated before, any unresolved loose ends from this story won't be tied up next update, the only thing that's being concentrated on is the Erik Darling/Claire Ursine storyline and Tamara/Thornton obsessed storyline, as well introducing new characters for the sequel. Oh... and Blair But lemme kno what you thought about everything, any questions you may have because G&D season 1 is basically done
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Wow this was great so far! I wish you could work with someone to make this into a movie. I would look Doons99 up on youtube. He may be able to help you with that I love his work.
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Oh my gosh! That's gorgeous!!!! I'm in love with this update, really. So much drama, soo many feelings I felt though reading...
You write it in the way of the most addictive TV shows! (I've always been wondering - how old're you? do you study somewhere connected to journalism or literature?)
Sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!))
So now... impatiently waitin for the next special update!!!
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Lol I keep checking back for the next update.... It really helps my stressful workday...
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Originally Posted by brtaylor2000
Lol I keep checking back for the next update.... It really helps my stressful workday...

lol I do too))
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brtaylor2000: I would make it in movie form, as Doons99 series is rlly great, but the Sims in TS3 and just the whole game in general is just so difficult to control at times lol, I'm basically screaming at the monitor everytime they decide to disobey me which is all the time, and I'm just taking some pictures. I'm all open to movie, it's just that someone else has to do the filming, I can't handle the frustration of the animation xD
Helenica: I'm actually 20 lol and I'm not studying literature or journalism, I asked my guidance counselor when I was in my last year of high school that I liked to write and was thinking of going into journalism and she said that it's too competitive, do something else! xD
This update has been the most technical, difficult, time-consuming one to do, experienced all types of problems but it's done now and I'll get it up here by tomorrow or the next few days.
Also I can't edit the title of this thread anymore :S
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have you tried taking free will off?
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Default Chapter 20 & 21: It was on a Summer Day...
brtaylor2000: I actually just started doing that lol, I had it on simply because I liked some of the actions they did and would incorporate it into the story but now it just got annoying and time-consuming. I'll be leaving off free will from now on

It began like an ordinary day... the sun rose from the east as dawn turned to day. The inhabitants of Sunset prepared to face a new day, like any other day in their lives. Some took morning strolls, made breakfast for their families, or read the daily news in their newspaper...

But on this warm summer day... something would happen, that would shake the very foundation of Sunset, and leave an ever-lasting impression on many of the town's residents...

Yes, this day would be far from ordinary, in fact...

It would prove to be an unforgettable one...

"Hi Ms. Crumplebottom, I know this kind of awkward and all but it's my mom, she just gave me a call and asked me to check up on you..."
Agnes chuckled, "Really? Well I'm doing okay," she laughed.
"I know, I feel so embarrassed."
"No don't it's okay, I guess she's just concerned but umm, now that you're here would you like to come inside?"
"Yeah, I... I just need some company I guess..."
"Sure, I'll uh, I'll stay for a bit."

"So would you mind some tea?" Agnes asked.
"Yeah I'd like that, came over first thing so I'm still pretty sleepy."
"I'll make some for you, have a seat I won't be long."

River sat down on the chair, sinking down into the soft material. She took out her phone and began texting her mother.
"So did you're mom find anything new?" Agnes asked from the kitchen.
"I just know she went to someone named Kimberly Barrett's home in Riverview... apparently Rachel Barrett's aunt."
Agnes became silent from the kitchen for a brief second, but was broken by the doorbell.
"I'll get it for you Agnes," said River getting up to head to the door.

"Cornelia," River exclaimed as she opened the door.
"Hey River, what are you doing here?" asked Cornelia as she stepped into the home.
"I just came by on my mom's orders to check up on Agnes, don't ask me why," she joked.
"Okay, where's Agnes?"
"Cornelia is that you?" Agnes called out from the kitchen. "I'm just making some tea for River and I, wanna join us?"
"Yeah sure, don't really have anything to do which is why I dropped by..."
The doorbell rang again.
"Who could that be now?!" Agnes exclaimed.
"I'll get it," Cornelia said. "So many visitors."

"Hello Cornelia," Claire said and with a quick motion she took out her gun and pistol-whipped Cornelia in her head.

Cornelia collapsed to the floor, and Claire stepped inside, closing the door and locking it.
"Claire!" River exclaimed.
"Hello River," Claire smiled. "Is Agnes home?"

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"I'm missing you already," Thornton said.
"I'm not even gone yet," Morganna laughed.
"But you're going to be in like... few seconds."
"And I won't be long, I promise we'll spend the whole day together."
"You really promise?"
"Yeah, just a quick grocery run then I'll speed back."
"And by the time you get back, I'll be waiting for you with nothing on."
"Ooooh, then I better be really quick."

"I love you."
"I love you too," Morganna said and she headed off.

Thornton turned to head back inside the house, not noticing that a few feet away from him, Tamara stood waiting, creeping, for the perfect time... to strike...

Thornton stepped inside is home, using the remote control to turn on his stereo he walked towards the sofa to sit down and relax for just a brief moment. But he heard knocking noises downstairs, and wondering what it was, decided to investigate...

Not really thinking anything of it, he casually walked down the stairs to the lower level. As he stepped off the final step, he turned his head to look around, and suddenly was struck by a blunt object.

Tamara kneeled down and caressed Thornton's face.
"I hope I didn't hit you too hard?"
Thornton only moaned.
"I'm sorry, but me and your wife have some things we need to discuss, and I simply don't want you getting in the way."
She stood back up looking at Thornton.
"When you wake up... we'll be together... I promise..."

"So ladies," Claire beamed, facing River and Agnes. "How are we all doing today?"
"What are you doing Claire?" River asked.
Agnes stayed silent, her eyes fixed on Claire... and on the gun on the coffee table.
"I guess it's time then."
"Time for what?"
"For an explanation, as to what I'm doing here."
"It was you..." Agnes said softly.
"You're right, it was me."
"What... what did she do?" asked a confused River.
"Why...?" Agnes said.
"Revenge Agnes... oh... that's right... you can't recognize me."

Agnes' eyes widened as she gasped.
"Bingo, now you know, what a happy reunion this is, all that's missing is Rachel but, too bad, she's dead," Claire laughed.
"Who's Meredith?" River asked turning to Agnes.
"Oh who am I? Well, I'm the girl who's life Agnes and her friends ruined!" she yelled out.
"I didn't mean too do that... I didn't want that to happen..." she whispered.
"Well it did Agnes! You drove my brother to suicide and then my parents afterward I lost everything because of you! And you all are going to pay!"
"Leave River out of this! She has nothing to do with this!"
"Oh yes she does, her nosy mother has been snooping around in business that doesn't concern her, I think I should teach her a lesson! Where is your sweet mother anyways?"

"I don't know..."
"I'm sure you do, and I'm also sure my gun will get you talking!"
"God Meredith were sorry! I've been sorry ever since that day I really am-!"
"Cut the crap Agnes I don't give a rat's ass about your apology! That's not going to bring them back!"
"And killing us will?! Were sorry about Jason but this not the way!"
"This is the only way, the only way that I can get closure, that I can be in peace! I'm sure this is what Jason and my parents would want!" she screamed out.

"You were the woman in the car behind VJ that night..."
"Yes," laughed Claire. "That boy was high out of his mind, it was very easy knocking him out and taking his stolen vehicle."
"But then why Erik...? If you're out on a revenge trip why kill Erik he has nothing to do with what happened!" Agnes exclaimed.
"I thought it was you driving the car..."
Agnes gasped.
"You both have that blonde platinum hair I thought it was you, it was only when I hit him, that I realized it was Erik. So, to get at you, I strangled him, he put up a good fight got a little of his blood on me but I got the job done, made it look like an accident, left the scene with VJ's car and drove it into the spring. But then Rachel, got a bit nosy and began delving too far, and she eventually figured out who I really was, so I had to do away with her as well, and basically collect and clean up all the scraps and notes she had laying around in her home."
"So it was you who wrote the notes... both of them..." said River.
"Yes, the note was originally meant for Agnes, but Erik came across it and I guess hid it from you Agnes. And then when Fiona came to me, with that very same note, I saw an opportunity..."
"To blame it all on the Alvi's... more specifically VJ..."

"Are you guys getting a clearer picture now?" Claire laughed getting up form her seat and taking the gun. The two females eyed Claire as she walked towards the front door. Claire pulled out a canister of gasoline from her pocket and began pouring it all over that section of the house. Cornelia moaned as she began to come too, Agnes bent down to check up on her sister.
"Cornelia? Cornelia are you okay?"

River's phone began vibrating, she looked over at Claire who's back was turned and quickly took out her phone, her heart racing. She looked at the message from her mother displayed across the bright LCD screen.
River quickly responded back to her mother, quickly inputting the words she needed to convey.
"She is here! At Agnes! Help!"
"So I hope you all know," said Claire spinning around to face the hostages. River quickly put away her phone. "You all aren't leaving here alive today... cause I'm going to burn this place down, with all of you in it."
Ding Dong

Claire backed herself up against the wall so as not to be seen from the visitor outside. She leaned slightly to get a peek at who it could be.
"Dammit! What the hell is he doing here!?"

Jared rang the doorbell again, followed by him banging on the door with his fist. He peered through the door window trying to get a look inside, but wasn't able to see what was happening inside.

"Hank... I need your help, and bring Connor too, I think Agnes is in trouble."

"Dammit! Alright!" she said waving her gun to and fro. "Everyone upstairs!"
"Cornelia is unconscious!" Agnes replied.
"Then wake her up!" she said pointing the gun at them.

Claire ushered the three into the unfinished baby room upstairs.
"There, now no one can see you, oh and give me all your phones, can't have anyone calling the police before I light this place up!" she said, and all 3 took out their phones and gave them to Claire.
"You don't even know what you're doing Meredith!"
"No, but I know how this all going to end," she said as she began pouring out more gasoline on the floor. "You all are going to die one way or another!"

And she walked out, slamming and locking the door behind her.

"Thornton... I'm hooome..." Morganna walked inside waiting for an answer. "Hmm, he's being awfully quiet..."
Then she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw who was sitting in one of her chairs not far from her.

"You psychotic bitch what are you doing here?!"
"Morganna, good you're home," she said getting up. "We need to talk."

"Where is Thornton Tamara."
"He's occupied right now, giving us some time to talk."
"I have nothing to say to your crazy ass."
"Morganna I am giving you a way out. Thornton doesn't want you he loves me and I just want you to realize that so you can leave us be, we want to be together Morganna but you're in the way. So I'm asking you, woman to woman, get out of the picture."

"O...kay... you're more delusional than I thought," Morganna stated taking out her phone.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm calling the police, this is the second time you've trespassed and I'm getting sick of you, I'm giving you a way out Tamara, either in a cop car or in a body bag-"
"No don't!" she exclaimed grabbing Morganna's hand and trying to wrench the phone from her. The two grappled for the phone, in which Tamara managed to throw it on the floor, breaking it.

Morganna responded quickly and hit Tamara, causing her to stumble back.
"Don't you dare touch me again!" she yelled and she bent down to look at her broken cell phone. Tamara clutching her cheek stared at Morganna, fuming.

Tamara leaped and grabbed Morganna, holding and choking her by the neck. She put her face to Morganna's ear and whispered, "I'm going to kill you."

"Get off of me!" she screamed, elbowing Tamara in her gut. Tamara's grip loosened a bit, but Tamara still maintained her choke hold. Morganna continued hitting Tamara in her gut, until Tamara scoffed and let go of her, in which Morganna gave Tamara a swift punch to her face.

Tamara stepped back because of the force of the punch, but responded with an even harder one causing Morganna to fall to her feet. Tamara broke out into a run towards the staircase. Morganna quickly got up and chased after her.

"Where do you think you're going!? Get back here!" Morganna yelled, chasing Tamara up the steps.

Morganna flung herself at Tamara, sending her entire body weight against Tamara. The two fell to the floor, wrestling with each other. Morganna gained the upper hand and began severely choking Tamara. Tamara gagged and wheezed, frantically waving her arm through the air trying to hit Morganna's head, until finally a blow connected. Morganna let go of Tamara and rolled to the side, Tamara lay on the ground, slowly getting up as she gasped for air.

Morganna leapt up and grabbed Tamara's neck, bringing them closer to the edge. Tamara waved her hands about as Morganna brought them closer and closer, Morganna intent on throwing Tamara down.
"Morganna don't do this!" she cried out.
"It's too late!"
Tamara grabbed at Morganna's hair, and with a powerful motion, pulled it forward, Morganna tripped on her heel from the pull and fell forward. Still holding on to Tamara though, the both of them went tumbling down the stairs.

"Guys what took you so long?!" exclaimed Jared as Connor and Hank got out of the squad car.
"What's going on Jared? Why'd you ask us to come?"
"Agnes is in trouble!"
"What?!" Connor asked.
"Listen to me, I just got off the phone with my lawyer slash private investigate, and Claire Ursine isn't the real Claire Ursine!"
"What?!" Hank said.
"Listen! It's Meredith! Remember her, Meredith Forbes! That's the Claire we know right now, apparently she got plastic surgery and I am sure no it's her who killed Rachel and now she's going to kill Agnes!"
"Jared I know you have some issues with Claire but I mean come on-"
"There's proof Connor! And right now you're girlfriends going to be killed!"

"Okay Jared have you tried knocking, calling her?" Hank asked.
"No response, and I can't get a good look inside but I think I saw gasoline on the ground!"
The three of them stepped on the porch and began banging on the door, looking inside the home.
"Maybe it's water..." said Connor noting the gasoline on the floor.
"Maybe, but why isn't Agnes answering? Her car is here!"

"They're still at the door," said Agnes.
"Who?" asked Cornelia, rubbing her head.
"I don't know, she didn't say who. Just someone was at the door."
"Why is she doing this?"
"It's her Cornelia! Meredith!"
"That's Meredith!? But she looks different!"
"She must have gotten surgery done or something, but it's her, and she killed Erik and... and Rachel... and she's going to kill us."

I am not dying here!

"You know what, you two can stand here and go why me all you want, but right now there is someone at the front door who thinks someone is home and no doubt believes something is wrong, and if we don't do something we can miss our chance of getting out of here alive!"
"What are we supposed to do River?!" Cornelia exclaimed.
"Help me out of this window, I'll get out on to the balcony, unlock the door and we can make our escape!"
"That's too dangerous River!"
"Right now we are breathing in gasoline fumes, being in here is dangerous, we need to let the person at the front door know were in here before they leave, so just boost me up!"
Agnes walked over to River, then looked over at her sister.
"Agnes it's too dangerous!"
"Cornelia she has a point, she can fit through the window, she can unlock the door, she can get help, we don't have a choice."
Cornelia sighed, and helped Agnes boost River as she opened up the window, then climbed through it.

"I hope we did the right thing, please be safe River."

"Did you try calling her?!" Jared asked his brother.
"She's not picking up her phone. Are you sure Claire is Meredith?!"
"Yes, and didn't Hank tell us before that Rachel was murdered out on the lake, on a boat. Well Claire purchased a boat, I got the invoice through her trash! It's all making sense now!"
Connor looked around worried, then looking at the house.
"Hank! Anything?!"

"Guys... I just got a call, apparently Fiona McIrish placed a 911 call, saying that her daughter was trapped... at Agnes's place, being held hostage by Claire Ursine..."
"I told you! Hank we have to get in there!"
"Oh my god Agnes!" yelled out Connor.
"Guys shutup stop! We have to play this right, Claire can kill any of them at any minute and we haven't heard any gun shots yet so let's just wait for the rest of the police to get here!"
"How long is that gonna take Hank!?"
"They won't be long..."
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