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Default Chapter 20 & 21: It was on a Summer Day... Continued

"Okay River," she whispered to herself, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths in trying to calm herself. "You can do this, you can do this, just stay calm..."

"Guys!" River whispered through the door.
"River? River oh my god is that you please be careful! Is Claire out there!?"
River looked around, "I don't see her, she must be downstairs, I'm unlocking the door."
"River get back in here you're so young and this is dangerous, Claire has a gun!" exclaimed Cornelia.
"No, the door's unlocked, you guys can get out, I'm going downstairs and see if I can get out of the front door."
"River no don't!"
But River was gone.

"No sign of her..." she thought to herself, frantically looking around as she cautiously and silently walked down the steps, she controlled her breathing to short breaths, her heart racing and hands sweaty and clammy.

She made a dash for the front door handle and tried to turn it to open it.
"Crap! She jammed it!"
"What are you doing?"
River spun around to face Claire pointing the gun towards her.

River broke into the sprint for her life, narrowly dodging the bullets Claire was firing at her. The bullets ignited with the oil causing flames to burst out. River ran into the powder room, closing the door and locking it.

"Oh my god1 Those were gun shots!"

"River!" cried out Fiona, a crowd had gathered outside the home, and gasps and screams could be heard as they heard the gunshots and watched the flames erupt in the house through the windows.
"Hank! Look we have to get in there!" yelled Connor.
"Listen Connor!" Justine, Hank's partner exclaimed. "We can't just burst in there, this is a hostage situation and we-"
"Are you not seeing what's happening inside Justine! Look there's fire now and there was gun shots and we saw someone run past the front door! Whoever is in there they're in danger and we need to do something!"

"Cornelia, we have to get out of here."
"Agnes, she was shooting... she shot at her..."
"And she's going to shoot us, we need to get out and hide or something."
"I'm scared..."
"I know... so am I... but we can't stay here... and maybe River's safe I don't know but... take my hand," she said grabbing a hold of Cornelia's hand and looking her in the eyes. "Were going to be okay, were going to get out of here."
"I can't do this-"
"Cornelia! If River can do it we can do it too, just hold my hand, and let's just get out of this room... okay..."

"Look Agnes! The police are here! And people!"
Agnes looked out the window, then down the steps at the flaming living room.
"There's fire down there..."
"She ignited the gasoline, we need to get out of here or else were either going to burn to death or inhale too much smoke."
"Where do you think River is?"
Agnes didn't reply, she stepped on to the first step downwards.
"Shhh Cornelia, take my hand and let's go down there, take short breaths don't breathe in the smoke!"

"The fire's everywhere..."

Agnes put her hand on the spot where she was shot, her other hand to her mouth in shock.
"Agnes... Agnes!" screamed Cornelia as Agnes dropped to her knees, and then to the floor.

"You should have stay where you were."

Slowly coming too, Tamara looked over at Morganna, who was still passed out. Tamara got up and stumbled towards the kitchen.

She opened up one of the drawers and took out a knife.

She then lumbered back towards Morganna's body. Suddenly...

Thornton knocked her down, the knife falling out of her hand. Thornton ran over to Morganna, but Tamara quickly grabbed him. Thornton tried to push her off, but she held on tight. The two grappled with each other.

Tamara gets a grip on Thornton's head, she screams and slams it on the counter, Thornton falls to the ground dazed. Morganna, starting to come around, sees Thornton on the ground stunned, and Tamara going for the knife.

She moans as she gets up, and runs toward Tamara before she can pick up the knife. She places her hands on Tamara's face and pushes down, the force sending Tamara tumbling.

Morganna reaches for the knife on the ground, but Tamara reacts quickly and rams herself into Morganna. The two fight and wrestle on the floor, grappling for the knife.

Thornton, seeing the knife and his wife and Tamara wrestling, gets up on his feet and makes a break for the knife. But Tamara grabs it first, and bringing herself and Morganna up, holds the knife to Morganna's back.
"I'll do it... I'll GUT HER OPEN Thornton!" she screamed out, breathing heavily, her hair in a mess and her face sweaty.
"Why are you doing this Tamara...?"
"I'm doing this for us!"
"There is no us... I don't love you Tamara so there's no point..."
"You don't know what you're saying... y-you're confused..."
"You are one sad little-"
"Shutup!" Tamara screamed, pushing the tip of the knife to Morganna's flesh. Morganna jumped feeling the sharp pain from the knife pierce a bit of her skin.
"Tamara... look what you've done... if you kill Morganna, you're going to jail... and we'll never be together... is that what you want... to go to jail..."
Tamara didn't say anything, and holding Morganna, slowly took steps backward, Thornton closely following her.

"Claire... please stop... don't do this... the police are here... there's... no way out for you..." Cornelia cried, staying frozen in her place, her teary eyes dead locked on Claire. Agnes moaned and winced on the floor.
"You're right, it doesn't look like there's a way out for me... but at least I can still kill the both of you."
"CLAIRE!" a voice yelled out from outside.

"Claire can you hear me!? If you can hear me come to the window facing the yard, I have your daughter... our daughter... Amanda... she wants to see you Claire..."

"There you are... don't do this Claire... don't do this to Amanda... you're daughter..."

"Justine we have to do something, three innocent people are in there and we have heard multiple gunshots, if we wait any longer everyone's going to be dead!" exclaimed Hank.
"Hank there is by the front entrance and all over the lower floor how do you expect us to get through that, we need to wait until the firemen get here and I don't know how long that'll be!"

"I can't believe poor River McIrish is trapped in there! What if she got shot!"
VJ, upon hearing those words, simply couldn't take it anymore...

So he decided to run, to the back of the house.

And Connor followed suit.

"What the hell you think you're doing?!"
"Something! I'm not just gonna stand there doing nothing! Someone I like is in there, and I'm not losing her!"
VJ peered through the screen door, the glass was hot and the flames blocked the way into the home.

"She's distracted... by you're brother..."
"What are gonna do?"
VJ tried to open the screen door. "It's locked. Get to the side."
"Get out of sight!" he yelled, and with kicked the screen door forcibly the glass shattered, with that same motion he jumped out of sight.

Claire spun around to see what was happening, but couldn't see through the flames. She then turned to look at Cornelia, who had put her sister on the couch and was tending the wound.
"Claire... did you not give any thought to what would happen to Amanda!"
"Get away from her!" Claire hissed.
"Make me Claire... get out of here and take her from my hands! I'd rather you do that then you do something stupid and foolish!"
"You don't understand Jared!"
"What?! What don't I understand?! You're little revenge trip Meredith!"
Claire became taken-aback.
"Yeah I know... and this isn't the way, this is NOT the way Claire... if you do this you'll never see your daughter again... don't you love her... don't you wanna be with her... because I do..."

"Claire, please you can get out of this, if you just come out and surrender... just don't hurt my little girl Claire please don't hurt River," Fiona cried. "Don't hurt anyone, just come out... and make this all be over."
"Claire... I'm sorry about Jason, and I'm sorry about your parents... but they were kids back then, and they didn't know any better... don't punish them for something so long ago... they're all sorry, and were all grown up now... just... let it go... let it go for Amanda..."
Claire looked out at her daughter, Amanda began to cry and hold out her hands towards her mother. Claire put her hand on the window, and Jared moved closer, lifting up Amanda's hand to Claire's hand. A tear rolled down Claire's face.

"C-Cor-nelia..." Agnes uttered out.
"It's okay it's okay Agnes I bandaged the wound you're going to be okay," she said, leaning down and touching her sister's face.
"Wh-ere is...?"
"Over there..." she said, looking over at Claire at the window. Fire flamed forth, as the support for the roof began to give way.
"Are... we going... to die...?"
Cornelia bit her lip as she tried to fight back tears, she closed her eyes as streams of tears came down.
"Were going to be okay," said said tearfully, taking her sister's hand. "Were going to be okay."

Connor and VJ leaped through the shattered windows and the flames, they looked around.
"I'll go deal with them, you go after Claire."
"Why me?"
"Because you're bigger! Now go, hurry while she's still distracted!"

Cornelia noticed VJ running towards her and gasped, "What are you doin-"
"Shhh!" VJ exclaimed holding his finger to his mouth. "Be quit! Can she walk?" pointing to Agnes.
"Y-eah... I can get up..."
"Good, Connor's gone to deal with Claire, he might need your help! Where's River?!"
"I don't know, she was ahead of us, she... we heard the gunshots we don't see her anywhere..."
"I'll find her," said VJ. "Go help Connor."
"Be careful."

Connor crept up behind Claire, careful not to make any noise, he looked out the window and saw his brother and niece, he counted to three then pounced on Claire. Connor held onto Claire, struggling with her. The gun fell out of her hand and slid on the floor.
"Give up Claire!"
"Connor, don't you know people who try to be hero always die!" she exclaimed and she knocked him in his head with her elbow. Connor let go clutching the spot she elbowed.
"Wow... you hit hard."
Claire let out a battle-cry and punched Connor in his face, causing him to fall down.

"Now, where's my gun."

"There it is..."

Cornelia's arm was outstretched, her hand shaking as she clutched the gun tightly. She pulled the trigger again, and then again, and again... 4 shots, letting go only when Connor screamed out her name. The gun crashed to fall to the floor. She shivered and shook, as she watched Claire winced and twitched in pain.

"I'm sorry..." Cornelia whispered out. "I'm so sorry..."
"Bo... Bomb..." Claire muttered out.

Cornelia turned to Connor.

"Dead end Tamara, what's it gonna be..."
"No this your decision Thornton! If you choose me I'll let her go... but if not... then I'll kill her..."
"Shutup don't say anything!" she screamed in Morganna's ear pushing the knife further. Morganna screamed out in pain.
"Stop okay! I'll be with you Tamara... I'll be with you... just drop the knife... and let go of my wife..." he said, cautiously moving closer to them. Tamara backed herself against the glass window.
"I love you Thornton... and I'm doing all of this... for us..."

"I know you love me Tamara, I know you do... but you wanna know something...?" he said in his most coaxing voice, coming closer and closer to Tamara.
"What?" she replied, enamored over the affection in Thornton's voice, but all the while so pushing herself up on the glass.
"I don't love you."

And with that Morganna pushed back on Tamara's body, the knife glancing the side of her body, and the force causing Tamara to shatter the glass and sending her flying out the window screaming.

Thornton raced to grab his wife before she fell out with Tamara. Thornton leaped forward and grabbed his wife's hand, pulling her to safety and away from the edge.
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Default Chapter 20 & 21: It was on a Summer Day... Extended

The two embraced, Morganna crying on Thornton's shoulders.
"Are you okay?" Thornton whispered in Morganna's ear, checking the wounds Tamara had given her.
"I think I'll be alright..."

"It's over... she's gone... were safe..."


"The baby... something's wrong..."

"River! River where are you?! If you can hear me call out to me! River!"

Yes, it started as an ordinary summer day in Sunset... for River McIrish, it was the start of her summer vacation, and to start off the boring and uneventful day she thought she would have, she decided to pay a visit to Agnes Crumplebottom...

"VJ?! VJ is that you?! I'm in here!" she cried out. "I'm trapped and I'm so scared!"

For Agnes Crumplebottom, it was just going to be a day where she would finally pack up her late husband's things, and try to move on. For Cornelia Goth, it was just going to be the day where she would lean on the only person she could cry to, her younger sister... and for Connor Frio, just another day of trying to get over breaking Agnes' heart...

"She said bomb..."
"Were trapped..."
"Maybe we can get out if we break through the windows," said Connor.
"It won't work... Erik put bullet-proof glass as "precautions"... now I know why... he did it to protect me... we can't break through them... were trapped..."

For VJ Alvi, this was just going to be one of many days he wanted to spend with his new girlfriend...

They all imagined that is what their day would be, how it would run out, and how it would end, on this ordinary summer day in Sunset...

But this day would prove to be just not an ordinary day...

No, it would prove to be an unforgettable one...

A few hours later...

Blair walked out of the police station, she had finished up some last minute things. For she had decided to quit the force, she told herself she just wasn't cut out to be a law enforcer anymore, that goodness in her had gone away.

As she walked away from her former workplace, she grinned devilishly. She went into her coat pocket and pulled out a tape, she stared at it, turning it over and looking at the wording written on the tape, SECRET.
"Won't be a secret for long."

"I'm here."
"Do you think they'll welcome you back."
"I've been gone for awhile it's true, but they've gone through alot... and they need me."
"So I take it you'll integrate just fine."
"Yes, I most likely will, shouldn't be to hard getting back into Sunset life."
"I wouldn't underestimate them."
"Fiona is no threat, nor is Illiana. Nancy is only concerned about her work and Vita is a joke, as I said, shouldn't be to hard getting back into the thick of things."
"And the money?"
"He's taken care of it."
"You are treading on dangerous ground."
"You know I love that sort of life... so when will you be coming?"
"Soon, I have some things I need to wrap up here and then I'll be on a flight over."
"Does she know you're coming?"
"She doesn't even know he's alive, so it's best to just keep her in the dark."

"I'm at the house..."
"I'll talk to you soon then."
"Remember what you're there for. Good luck, and be safe..."



"Hello Ethan."
"Who is this?"
"You don't recognize my voice."
"How you've been pal?"
"Why are you calling me what the hell do you want?!"
"Why are you being so hostile?" he laughed.
"You know why... what do you want?"
"I just wanted to say hello to my good ole friend, after all the adventures that we had in Europe I thought you would've been-"
"Don't bring that up! I'm ending this call!"
"Okay, no problem..."

"But one question... where do you think I am at the moment...?"
"I don't know, about to head off to some European jail because you're criminally insane!"
"Funny, you know those guys can't catch me. But anyways, I guess I won't keep you, just wanted to know if your number was still the same... I see that it is.. and if you see Parker, you two are best friends after all, tell him Jacques says hello... he'll know who I'm talking about," he laughed. "Au Revoir mon ami."

I'll see you soon Sunset.

Done! I actually finished it. Thanks to everyone who commented and read my story, you were a great encouragement for me to keep going and I'm really glad for your feedback. I won't start doing 2nd season until after Late Night arrives and core mods gets updated, so until then lemme kno wut u thought of the story and this update, and if you have any questions or something that needs clarifying, ask me and I'll answer it! Again thanx so much, hope you enjoyed it!
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stand up claps.... wow great story! Nice how you have set up the next season. Wow this is going to be great!
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Ooh yeah!!! Great, great job! Thanks for this awesome story! Most of the times I stopped doing important things and read it with my breath held)) I always feel so inspired after your updates)
Again... great makeover, great clothing, great everything!!! You managed to turn boring neighbors into real characters!
Still, there're a bunch of secrets we need to be explained and so on) So, it's great that we'll see a sequel, and it really doesn't matter when we'll see it, cause I'm ready to wait for such a story! Keep writing!!!
And... if you don't mind .. tell us how you get the idea of the story) what inspired you? a little interview for your readers, please))) maybe some general info about you) after reading your story almost a year I feel it's just the time to get to know you! (if it's not possible for some reasons - no problem)
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wow!can't believe that i finished the story just in one day!
enjoyed it a lot and thanks for the effort=)
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Okay I'll do a little interview for you lol.
About Me: Live in Toronto, 20, Male, saw a comment where someone thought i was a girl, i lol'd. I'm not studying literature or journalism in any way as I said before, am not studying anything at all right now xD. I love to write though, wrote up all kinds of stuff when I was little, I was a lot better at writing actual stories with descriptive writing (some writes on MTS can do this so well I'm amazed) and all when I was younger, but I stopped when I entered high school. It's only recently I started back, but I'm no longer good at describing the environment, the looks, the smells, how the character feels, all that stuff I'm not really good at anymore because I haven't done it in a while, but I watch ALOT of TV and movies, and I like to people watch all the time so making up characters and writing out dialogue is something that's getting easier and easier for me to do, and it's fun.

How I got the idea?: I got the idea of Gorgeous and the Desperate from a whole lot of places. First the title is a mash up of The Young & the Restless and Desperate Housewives, just substituted in Gorgeous. Next, I was SO tired of getting hooked on some shows on season 1, and then the subsequent seasons all the characters and plot lines get shot to hell, or they introduce a potentially amazing storyline and it ends up going nowhere and I'm left thinking, "How did they mess that up?", I'm not naming names, but shows on the CW seem to do that alot. So I decided I was going to do my own using TS3. Remaking the characters is fun, when I give them a make over I have the word gorgeous in mind so I painstakingly go through each and every piece for every character til I get something that sorta clicks with me and I like and I use it, to be honest I'm really shallow when it comes to the Sims and I just want pretty sims in my game and in the story, which is why I solely play Sunset, Riverview and Twinbrook sims are just too ugly. So that's why you have one minute a sim looks one way, and then the next they're changed up, I will shameless make them over mid way through.

What inspires me?: Well I can't lie, definitely shows like gossip girl, 90210, the OLD Melrose Place, Desperate Housewives, various soaps, and some movies. But generally, the main plots are from The Sims "lore", the many GAPING plot holes, and the Biographies of the Sims. For example, I read through all the biographies, select ones that are basically left open ended and use those, so for the whole Erik Darling thing, it was very easy to use that because it was just "he died in an accident end of story" o.O, okay. And also the whole Alvi mother situation, what happened to her, where is she? Is she alive? She isn't in the family tree o.O, that was left open-ended so I used that. Things like that I incorporate into the story. The Sims Wikia is a place I visit often, always looking up different sims and the theories behind them. Like Frida and Lolita Goth, I see what's the story on them before I put them in, or Diane Pleasant and Chris Roomies (You'll see them, they're coming up), I always look up all maxis made characters and I get inspiration from them. Alsooooo...

Things like this I use, I saw this mid-way thru doing the story, and I'm thinking, "Isn't he in the business career track...? So why is he hanging around what looks to be the mafia...? Hmmm... maybe he quit... I'm going to use this." And in Chapter 19 lol, he quit his job, so in season 2 you're going to see an even shadier Nick Alto. I'm always thinking of things to put into the story lol, even things as random as the Miners trapped in Chile story, I heard on the news that some of them might suffer from post-traumatic stress later down the line and I decided I'm going to put that in, someone's going to suffer from that, very random I know .

Things I hadn't planned: I just decided to add this for laughs and giggles, because everytime I look at the first update, I remember I had no idea who the killer would be and what the plot would be, I only had the Geoffrey Cornelia affair and the Gunther fraud storyline in mind, everything else was still up in the air lol. I only decided I would use Claire around chapter 5, and gradually made up the story as I went along. Also, my vision for Bebe was drastically different than how it turned out, her story was just about her dealing with her parents, how difficult it was and her breaking down, and Holly helping her get through it, but at around chapter 3/4, I slashed that idea and went in another direction lol. Sheena Keith was also random, I never invited her to the party in chapter 1, she came herself, and I just planned on using her that one time, then as the story went along I decided ok, I'm going to use her again, just one more time. I kept telling myself that lol and then eventually I told myself you know what I'm going to use this woman and her "family" in the next season.

What to Expect: This is a bit spoilerific, just warning. But the next big mystery for season 2 has to do with the McIrish's, in Fiona's bio it reads "Fiona is focusing on raising her teenager, and living a healthy life now that the past is behind her." Hmmm, what past..?? o.O So that's going to be the central focus and it will tie into the Alvi's, also what Parker did and what Illiana is hiding will be revealed and that ties into everything as well. Season 2 is going to be a lot bigger, going to get a clearer picture of what really went on the night of the accident, planning on doing a chapter that goes back in time and focuses on that entirely.
But more characters are coming, (EA made and my sims), more crazy (Tamara was bad, but Damian and Frida are insane), more drama (Divorces and break-ups at the start, more triangles, Bella and Mortimer anyone, Alivia Alvi and Sheena Keith are going to cause friction with the ladies of Sunset), more fights (Blair's going to initiate what I call, War of the Blondes), and more fun right from the get go (A wedding early on, clubbing, and MOAR parties!!!). It's going to be great and I can't wait to bring it to you guys! So thanx for reading my story and commenting, really wouldn't have been able to go on without you
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Can I just ask where you got your adult dresses for Chapter 4? They are lovely and I don't remember ever seeing them.

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They're from the store, just recolored
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Ok LN is out get to work! LOL.... j/k take your time can't wait for the next season
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K I'm seriously considering moving the story and sims over to Bridgeport, it sort of ruins the whole this was Pleasantview in the past vibe, and it basically throws continuity out the window, but Bridgeport IMO is a trillion times better than SV, the only problem is that BP has no beaches, sort of grey and monotone, and to explain the move in a logical way without breaking the 4th wall is impossible. I'm torn lol
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As long as you move the characters over... I kinda got attached to the story line... Or you can use both!!!! Have a down town section just copy all the characters you use and then you can introduce new ones from down town
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Default Chapter 2.01: Welcome back... to Bridgeport?!?

Bridgeport, a bustling port city situated along the east coast.

At first glance, Bridgeport is a vibrant, energetic city whose inhabitants all go about their busy lives, living seemingly boring and routine lives... but at the start of the summer... all that had changed...
I moved from Sunset to Bridgeport, and others as well, and as these former Sunset inhabitants mixed in with the city life of Bridgeport, their secrets, drama, and romances came with them... there will never be peace... nor will it ever be quiet... so welcome back... to a new home... Bridgeport...

"Thank you Mrs. Landgraab for giving me the time this morning for the interview."
"Oh please call me Nancy... Mrs. Landgraab is no longer... applicable..."
"Oh I'm so sorry about your loss if it brought back any sadness I'm really sorry I didn't mean-"
"It's okay Blair, I've moved on... clearly," Nancy laughed.
"Yes you have, I guess I should be congratulating you."
"Well thank you... wedding's not in a few days but I'm really happy... but anyways... shall we get started?"
"Yes yes, I'm ready."
"Good, so then Blair why should I... why should we at Goth Enterprises hire you?"

"Well, I think I'll be a great addition to the company, I'm determined, hard worker and very driven. I took the liberty of doing some research about the company before the interview and despite the recent... incident at the start of the summer I feel like I could bring some good ideas and a fresh outlook on things."
"Well, according to your resume you were a desk jockey in law enforcement, how do you think you'll be able to fit in as a department head?"
"It may seem completely different but to me it's sort of similar, I'm used to the paper work, I'm used to getting direction and feedback, the only difference is that I'm in charge of a department and I feel that my skillset and personality would work well, as I said I'm very determined and I'm willing to learn and adapt if needed so I can succeed and do my best."

"You remind me so much of how I was when I was younger..."
"Thank you," Blair blushed. "That's really flattering, I mean you're one of the most successful woman in Bridgeport you're the CEO of one SimNation's biggest companies, you're getting married and... you seem to have this perfect life. All of your dreams seem to be coming true, all because of that fiery passion for success that you have and that I try so hard to emulate."
Nancy smiled weakly at Blair, before turning away for just a second.
"It's not all that perfect... that... passion... drove my husband away... and now he's dead and my son..." she paused to shed a tear before turning her attention back to Blair. "But it doesn't matter, I do see something in you that I like, and I'm going to take a chance."

"I got the job?!"
"Congratulations Blair."
"Oh my god thank you! Thank you so much you won't be disappointed!"
"I know I won't Blair, I'm expecting great things from you."

"Thank you thank you thank you," squealed Blair as she got up and hugged Nancy.
"And Blair, always follow your heart, and chase after those dreams, no matter what anyone says or does to try and deter you, always keep what's in your heart in front of you..."
And with that Nancy gathered her things and took her leave. Blair followed suit, excitement all over her face.

"Morganna!" Blair exclaimed on her phone. "Guess what?!"
"You got it?!"
"Yeah! I can't believe it she gave it to me on the spot, right there!"
"Wow! You must have really made an impression on her!"
"I know right, she started going on about how I reminded her of how she was when she was younger, which is why she gave me the position!"
"Wow... Blair Wainwright, Department Head at Goth Enterprises, you really moved on up."

"Well let's not forget you and Agnes, Bridgeport's finest trauma surgeons, were professional ladies now," Blair laughed.
"So then are you coming over? We have to prepare for tonight."
"Oh is Agnes going?"
"She said she would but... I don't know we'll see, but I'm definitely going."
"Well, I just have to stop by my parent's for a bit, but when I'm done, I'll stop by you, and then we party!"
"Looking forward to it Ms. Wainwright."

Holly looked out her window gazing out at the city line, she sighed heavily, not paying any attention to the two girls grunting behind her.
"I don't know what I'm going to wear... you two are no help."
"Well Holly we poured through all of the closets and drawers and you don't seem to be satisfied with anything," said Kaylynn.
"Well look harder, there must be something. I don't think you all understand the importance of tonight, I'm a senior now... an adult, and I'll be mingling with other adults like myself and I need to present myself... in a very sophisticated and... mature light... all the clothes you two picked out are... all for kids, I can't be seen in that."
"They're you're clothes..." said Bella.
Holly spun around to face Bella, eyeing her up and down.

"You're nails and outfit are terrible Bella, you should fire your stylist... and burn the scarf... why don't you follow Kaylynn's example, she's really pretty today..."

Kaylynn's face lit up, beaming over Holly's compliment.
"For once..." Holly quipped in, sending Kaylynn's smile upside down.

"Is it so hard just to get one outfit, I mean what are you two here for? You're here to help me, not stand around... like ugly mannequins in my room."
"Well Holly we tried our best, there's nothing left," said Kaylynn.
"Maybe you two can go out and buy me a dress... I don't know surprise me with something, mature and yet sexy at the same time."
"If we do that then I think we should be able to go to the party with you tonight as well," said Bella.
"Oh poor naive Bella, unfortunately only seniors allowed, and I'm sure I've said that over a dozen times you just never listen. But as I've said before it's not my decision, I don't make the rules... I just enforce them."
The girls turned to face the door as River McIrish knocked and stepped into the room.
"Finally, some real help has arrived."

"Ladies, River is going to show you how to get it done."
"Hello Bella, Kaylynn," River said.
"River... good to see you," Bella responded.
"Kaylynn? What are you doing on my laptop?"
"I'm chatting with Mortimer," she responded, in which Bella quickly turned her head to the lap top screen. Holly noticed this, she looked over at Bella for a second before turning back to Kaylynn. "He has connections with a store in the city and I'm sure he'll be able to get you a very nice dress for tonight, he owes me so this can be his favor."

"You know what both of you are fired, me and River are going to go and get ourselves a dress for tonight, I won't be needing... "Mortimer's" services and you two have failed... miserable, so if you'd please leave my room for a few moments... River and I have much to discuss... you're dismissed."
Bella and Kaylynn exchanged glances with another, sighed, then walked out of the room, the door closing shut behind them.

"She's such a bitch," Bella stated.
"Hey hey hey that's not how a classy girl from the hills speaks."
"Go away Malcolm," Bella responded.
Malcolm laughed, "She kick you guys out again."
"I don't know why she does that, we all know what's going on," said Kaylynn.
"She pretends like it doesn't bother her... but we all know deep down it does."
"And what may you two be referring to?" Malcolm asked.

"That River is going out with Michael Bachelor... Holly's ex," Bella said.
Malcolm laughed, "I can tell you she's not bothered by that."
"Oh please Malcolm how do you know, you may be becoming her step-brother, and you may live here, but were with her all the time, and were girls, girls just don't date other friends exes because there still may be lingering feelings, it's just... an unnatural thing to do in the girl world," said Kaylynn.
"Unnatural? Are you hearing yourself Kaylynn, you're talking as if this girl world is some type of animal kingdom on the Discovery channel it's ridiculous."
"Oh shutup Malcolm, you're ridiculous!" shot out Bella.

"Well take it from me, Holly's moved on from Michael. Someone else has her heart right now... and trust me she hides it well, but she's a mess because of it..."

"It's so good you're here," said Holly hugging her friend.
"You didn't think I wouldn't stop by did you? How are you?"

"Exhausted, Queen Bee is a tough job, I don't know how Lisa managed to do it" she joked.
"Well you're playing the part fairly well, really fitting into her shoes."
"And it's really taking a toll on me, being all mean like that."
"Oh please Holly, I know you're enjoying this," River laughed.
"A little," Holly laughed back. "But Bella and Kaylynn deserve, there horrible to other people, sometimes I'm just appalled."

"Well, everyone wants to be queen right, and only the nastiest and vicious deserve that title, isn't that right."
Holly sighed, "Enough about me, how are you? How are you keeping, been a really... wild summer for you hasn't it."
"Well considering my harrowing escape from a hostage situation and then an explosion yeah I'm still pretty shaken up over it," she laughed. "And then my mom being all over the news... and Connor being shot to fame... summer's been such a whirlwind... I'm glad... Michael was there..."
"Good, I'm glad, I'm happy for the both of you."
"It doesn't bother you Holly? Me seeing Michael?"
Holly took River's hands and looked at her friend, "River, I promised that I would never let a boy come between our friendship, it really means alot, and if you really like Michael then I'm not going to get all mad about it, I don't have the energy for it," she laughed.

"Yeah, our friendship means alot to me too, and considering everything that happened last year, I don't want any drama."
"Tell me about it, I just want a drama-free year, no conflicts, no fights, no drama."
"Okay... but I have to ask this Holly... what's up with you and Parker...?"
"Haven't talked to him since the start of summer."
"What?! You didn't tell him why you didn't go to Europe with him!?"
"A lot of things happened all at once!"
"Holly, you need to talk to him, who knows what he was thinking when you didn't show up at the airport to meet him. Do you know if he's coming tonight?"
"I don't know honestly I just... I just don't want to think or deal with it right now it's causing me a lot of stress."
"Holly... you really liked him... and I think you should work it out with him," River said. Her phone began vibrating, and she took it out and looked at the text she received. "It's Michael, I'm meeting him and VJ down at the movies, you wanna come?"
"No, I ... have to go shopping."
"I'll do that with you when I'm done with the movies okay?"
"So I'll see you then."

"Oh, you're finally up," Morganna chuckled as she looked over at Agnes coming down the stairs.
"It's my house I can wake up whenever I want," she responded groggily.
"Are you okay...?"

"I just couldn't sleep again..." Agnes said, sitting down on the couch beside Morganna.
"This is the fifth time this week Agnes you've had trouble sleeping, I'm worried about you are you okay?"

"I'm fine Morganna!"
"Okay okay don't need to yell I'm just worried... you know after everything that happened I just-"
"Well don't be... I'm just tired and exhausted from work and all which is why I'm having trouble sleeping, it has nothing to do with happened 2 months ago..."
"I have some pills you can take... so you can get some good sleep... if you want..."
"I don't need medication Morganna... I'm good... really..."

"I'm fine."

"Mom? Dad? Is anyone home?" Blair called out, walking into the living room of her parent's apartment.
"Were in the bedroom Blair." Susan yelled out.
"We? The bedroom...? Eww..." Blair shuddered at the thought. She made her way to her parent's bedroom, hearing two female voices coming from the room.
"You look beautiful," Susan said faintly.
"Mom? Who's in there with you..."

"What... the... hell...?!"

"Oh hello Blair... do you like the dress?" Jamie said, looking at Blair with a grin through the mirror.
"Mom what she doing in your wedding dress?!"
"I just figured she should try it on... you know because she has a boyfriend now-"
"Mom are you insane! Her boyfriend is-"
"Blair please we can all see and hear the jealousy just teeming out of you it's really pathetic," Jamie said, turning to face Blair.

"You just can't handle the fact that my relationship is at a good place right now and that when all of those little complications are over with, he will propose to me. So whereas your relationship with Stiles ended miserably, mine is great, and I'll be the one wearing this dress down the aisle, not you."
"Girls please, not here, please don't fight. Blair I just wanted to see how it'd look on her."

"You slutty home wrecking tramp... take that dress off your fake surgically implanted body right now."
"Or what Blair?"
"I will tear it off, right along with the silicone in your breasts."

"God Blair you're such a child, grow up! I didn't ruin your relationship with Stiles you did that yourself! You went behind his back and dug up his unhappy past I never told you do that!"
"You told him! And I trusted you!"
"I don't remember saying that! And what does it matter, that doesn't justify your psychotic behavior towards me! Your own sister!"
"Don't you dare refer to us as flesh and blood Jamie! Not after what you did, I don't care whether you remember or not you're going to pay!"
"You're a bitch, no wonder Stiles dumped you."

"Stop it! Stop it both of you!" Susan screamed, pulling Blair from Jamie. Blair latched onto Jamie's dress, tearing a strip of the fabric off.

"Stop it!"
"Look what she did!" screamed Jamie, pointing at the torn section of the dress. "Look at what she did mom! She's out of her mind!"
"No, I think it's very befitting now for trash like you."

"Why are you two doing this why can't we all just work this out!?"
"It's not me it's her mom! Blair's nothing but a cold-hearted bitch who ruins other people's happiness because she has nothing and no one."
"You're right I am, and I'm not going to rest until you have nothing and nobody as well."
"Blair if you are going to act this way I'm going to have to ask you to leave! This was my wedding dress and now it's ruined, it was mine! Are you happy?!" Susan exclaimed.
"You know what you're always taking her side, I can see that I'm not wanted here so I'm just going to leave. I got the job by way mom so I'm working at Goth Enterprises... and Jamie... enjoy the dress..."

River stood in front of the mega theater, tapping her foot and checking her cellphone for the time.
"Where are they?" she muttered looking around.

"There you guys are you took forever, I don't understand why I had to wait you said you were already here."
"Sorry that was my fault," VJ laughed. "Had a little trouble at home."
"Yeah, with your mom being back its so hard to get you out of the house," Michael joked.
"Having a hard time adjusting what can I say."
"But anyways," Michael said, taking River's hands and holding them. "I'm sorry I had to make you wait."
"Aww well if you're apologizing, I guess I can forgive you," she said in a flirty tone.
"Uh guys I'm here remember?" VJ laughed.

"Oh ya that's right my wing man!" Michael laughed throwing his arm around VJ.
"Sorry River, can't love you up today, I don't think VJ likes being a third wheel."
River slightly smiled, not wanting to look over at VJ.
"Right, were all just friends here!" VJ exclaimed.
"Anyways, I'm going to head in and get the tickets, you guys can uh... do whatever," Michael laughed. "I'll be right back."
Michael entered into the theater, leaving VJ and River alone.

"Wing man? What does he think this is?!" VJ laughed.
River joined in with VJ's laughter, "I don't know, he can be such a nerd sometimes."
"Don't tell him that, he gets mad, even though its true."
"But he's a great guy..."
"Yeah... amazing friend too... he really helped us through didn't he..."
"He did... and you... you're still friends with me... even though-"
"Hey... no matter what I will always be your friend River, I wouldn't give up laughing and sharing jokes with you for anything... even if it means..."
"Okay guys I'm back, three tickets!"
"Okay I'll go save us some seats and you two get the food," said VJ, quickly walking away as Michael rejoined.

"Well, I guess we should get going then-"
"Wait," River cut in, pulling Michael close to her.
"Woah... what's this?" Michael asked.
"I just want you to know that I really like and appreciate you, and that I think you're amazing..."
"I was only for like 2 minutes to buy some tickets..."
"Oh you're such a doofus, just accept my flattery."
"Flattery accepted, and I just want you to know... that this has been one of my best summers, hanging with you, being with you, laughing with you, I couldn't ask for anything more, you're the perfect girlfriend River, and I'm so lucky to have you..."
"Holly was right, you really are a sappy romantic," River laughed.

"What can I say, just part of the Bachelor charm."
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Default Chapter 2.01: Welcome back... to Bridgeport?!? Continued

"Finally you're here," Agnes said, swinging open the door of her home and letting Blair inside. "You took forever."

"I'm sorry, I had to visit my parents... what a visit that was," she sighed.
"Why what happened?" Morganna asked.
"Ran into Jamie there, trying on my mother's wedding dress."
"Oh..." Morganna responded, down-hearted.
"Morganna don't worry, it's okay," Agnes said.
"Oh I'm sorry are you still-?" Blair asked.

"No I'm... I'm completely over it."
"Morganna, you lost your baby... you're getting a divorce... and not once have I seen you break down, and now with Jamie and-"
"Don't say it Blair," Morganna interrupted. "And you know what it wasn't even a fully developed baby it was just... still a fetus so it... it's not that big of a deal..."

"Not that big of a deal! Morganna you had a miscarriage! You and Thornton are getting a divorce! You're staying at my house! I know I have a few problems but compared to those monumental challenges mines aren't even close!"
"Really you guys are looking way too far into this I'm okay, I really am, me and Thornton weren't really working out anymore so, this is for the best... for both of us... and Agnes, for gods sake you were shot and nearly killed, you barely escaped your house before it exploded and now Connor's name is all over the media because of his heroics and his book and you're-"

"Morganna, I have told you time and time again do not bring up Connor Frio!"
"I don't know why you just can't be happy for him Agnes, he clearly still has feelings for you and wants to give it a second shot," said Blair.
"He capitalized on my misfortune!"
"And so did Fiona! You don't hate her!" Blair exclaimed.
"It's different, he went behind my back and told the press about Cornelia's affair and now he writes a book about everything that happened that day and it's just..."
"Agnes... he saved your life... and your sister... and the two others who were with you in that house... you have to give him credit for that. You two were broken up, yet he still risked his life to save you, that just shows how much he cares," said Morganna.

"Well I don't care... and can we please stop talking about Connor and what happened that day I really don't like bringing it up..."
"I think you should go see someone, everyone else did except you-"
"I'm not crazy Blair!"
"No one's saying you are Agnes it's just you went through a traumatic event you need to deal with it."
"You know what Morganna was held hostage too, and she lost her baby! Why don't you go and tell her to go see a shrink!"
"You know what fine, let's drop it, seriously not going to argue about this, I'm just trying to help," Blair said.

"So, Blair... you ready for tonight?" Morganna asked.
"Oh my god I have the perfect dress, I've been waiting so long for this party!"
"Really? I'd have thought you'd be dreading it," Agnes said.
"Why do you say that?"
"Oh you know, because 0 Degrees is playing... you know... Stiles' band..."
"Why do we keep bringing up old exes," Morganna chuckled.

"It's okay... I'm finally starting... to move on... I have too... I need too..."

That's right Blair... everyone needs to move on, to heal from the wounds and the pain they suffered at the hands of others... but unfortunately for her, this night was not going to be that time...

Bridgeport, a city of lights, glamor, and parties. And tonight was a special night, the debut of a new band... and the celebrating of a famous author, reporter, and hero...

To some, it would be the start of something new, to others, it would be a painful reminder of the thing's they've lost...

"Holly look at us," River laughed leaning over to Holly. "At the club, by the bar, ordering some drinks."
"I know, who would've thought," she laughed back. "Anways this place is pretty packed, and the music's good."
"We look good, I can't believe how that dress is looking on you Holly you look amazing!"
"It's kind of tight, and really short, I have to keep pulling it down," she said, tugging at her dress at the same time.
"River laughed, "I know it is kind of skimpy, and I keep catching that old guy over there looking at us."
"That's gross. Oh hey look, VJ and Michael are here."
"Yeah, he did say he was coming tonight."

"How was the movies? You never told me anything."
"Well he's your ex Holly I mean, it's awkward."
"I'm your best friend River and I've told you dozens of times that I'm completely over Michael... how many times are we going to have this conversation," she sighed.
"Okay fine, it was good... fun... really enjoyed it, but VJ was there so it was more like just a group of friends hanging out."
"Oh... weren't you and VJ...?"
"Okay... I thought you-"
"Well you thought wrong Holly... were just friends..."

"So Michael told me that Parker's coming back tonight, I wonder if he'll show up."
"Ugh, this drink sucks."
"Holly please don't change the conversation."
"I'm not changing it, this drink is really lousy and I want another one," she laughed. "And if he shows up, he shows up, I just want to have a good time, one last bash before having to go back to school..."
"School, private school too," River teased. "Ah, it'll be interesting without Lisa... without Bebe..."
"A lot calmer now that those two drama queens are out of town."
River laughed, "And now you're in charge, were seniors now, and we have to lead by example," she teased.
Holly smiled, taking another sip of her drink. "Remember, I want a drama-free year."

"Ah life's good now that I'm no longer poor," said VJ relaxing on the seat.
"I don't understand, how did you go from a pauper to a prince?"
"My mom came back with a bunch of money, kinda suspicious of her and all, but hey if she wants to give us money I'm all up for it."
"So she leaves broke and comes back rich and you guys are all cool with it?"
"I didn't say I was cool with it, just said I'll go along with the benefits," VJ laughed.

"So... Parker coming tonight?"
"He says he's coming, I don't think he'll miss the last party before school starts back."
"Ah, school..."
"This year's gonna be fun," he laughed. "Last year, so we have to make it count. And now that you're probably going to be one of the most popular guys in school, it's going to be something."
"Sorry VJ, I'm keeping it low-key this year."
"That's impossible, you dated Holly, and now you've moved on with River, trust me, people know you're name."
Michael chuckled and sighed, leaning forward. "We'll be seeing Ethan again too..."
"I tried to apologize and make amends with that guy, but he's seriously jumped off the deep end, that guys not right anymore."

"Yeah, I've been hearing things about him... I guess you and Bebe really messed him up."
"Yeah well she's gone, and his sister's in some all girl's school far away, Parker and him still aren't talking, and he has no friends, he's basically gone over to the dark side."
"Oh well, sucks for him, I mean I went through the exact same thing as him and you don't see me being all emo."
"Anyways, on another note, I'm 18, I want a drink... wanna drink with me?"
"That's why I'm here VJ," Michael laughed. "That's why I'm here!"

"You two are sick!"

"Oh Blair, don't you get tired of insulting and starting fights," responded Jamie.
"Hello Blair," Thornton responded in an emotion-less tone.
"Thornton you really should be ashamed of yourself, you're still married to Morganna and yet here you are with this thing in a hot tub!"
"Were getting a divorce and were separated."
"That really doesn't make it any better!"
"Who made you the morals police Blair!? Last time I checked you weren't such a saint either."
"No but I don't go around sleeping with other people's husbands!"

"Give it up Blair everyone knows Thornton and Morganna are getting divorce, and that Jamie's moved in with Thornton, it's common knowledge and people have started to accept it, maybe you should too," Pauline said walking up to the tub.
"Of course you'd accept it you're another one who cheated on her husband."
"Blair those words mean nothing anymore, me and Hank have moved on and were raising a beautiful child of our own, just because you don't have that blessing doesn't mean you have to be so vindictive."
"That's funny Pauline, because here you are about to take take off your clothes and hop into a jacuzzi with a man who is not your husband... why does that seem so familiar."
"Blair, please leave, we just want to have a good time and you're clearly against us having that so please just do me a favor and leave," said Thornton.
Jamie laughed, "More like get back on your broom and fly far far away. No one likes you Blair, not even your own mother. Oh, except Morganna and Agnes but... they're just as pathetic as you."
"Okay, I'll leave, but Jamie, you better watch your back, because I promise I am going take everything from you."

"I promise."

"Wow, Agnes slow down on the drink."
"I'm thirsty," she responded looking around.
"Is it just thirst, or are you nervous?"
"Why would I be nervous?"
"This party is for Connor."
"I thought it was for 0 Degrees," she responded callously.
"Okay fine, deny."
"Isn't that... Thornton over there... with Jamie and Pauline...?"
Morganna didn't turn around to look, "I'm not going to look because I don't care," she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Okay... well the band's pretty good."
"Yeah I'm really surprised, they have a really good dynamic going on between the three of them, and they're really talented, they can go places."
"Do I hear... Morganna giving Jared Frio a compliment?" Agnes teased.
"Oh shutup Agnes I was referring to the band as a whole, not that waste of life."

"Sorry for interrupting Morganna... Agnes, can I talk to you," Connor asked stepping up to the ladies.
"I don't have anything to say to you Connor."
"Well I have stuff I need to say to you, please can I just talk to you."
"Connor go ahead, talk to her, it's long over-due," Morganna said and she turned to Agnes. "Agnes, just listen to him, we all mean well..."

Connor led Agnes to a quiet spot in the club where they couldn't be seen, before turning his attention to her.
"Why haven't you been returning my calls?"
"Why do you think Connor?! Bacause you've back-stabbed and hurt me too many times!"
"Agnes I've done nothing to intentionally hurt you! Yes I admit I exposed your sister's affair and I am sorry for that but I've done nothing else to hurt you!"
"How about you and that stupid book that shot you to fame!"
"Is that what this is all about?! I was constantly being asked questions after what happened so I decided to just write it all out! You can't blame me for it becoming a best-seller!"
"I don't believe you nor does it matter! You profited off of what happened to me!"

"I was there too Agnes! In fact I got you guys out of there I saved your-"
"Well maybe you should have let me die!" she screamed out.
Connor looked taken-aback, shocked. "So that's it... this is why..."
"Have you finally realized what a selfish ass you are!"
"No Agnes... you can't get over what happened... the shooting, Claire's death... your house exploding... everything... you don't know how to-"
"Don't you dare try to analyze me Connor! And why the hell does everyone keep bringing up that day! I keep saying I'm fine but no one seems to be paying attention!" she yelled.
"Look at you! Are you hearing yourself!? When I met you you were this kind, shy, gentle woman who nursed me back to health, with such a pure heart. And now, ever since what happened you've just been so angry! Angry and bitter, and you never want to talk about-"
"Shut up!" she screamed hitting Connor, tears gushing down her face. "Just shut up! I hate you, I hate you so much and you have no idea how I'm feeling so don't you dare judge me you son of a bitch pig!"

Connor just stared at Agnes in disbelief, shaking his head.
"You need help Agnes."
"And you need to die."
"Fine, I've tried Agnes I really have, but if you wanna shut me out then I'm not going to fight you. But don't shut out everyone Agnes, you may not want to admit it, but it's okay to say you're hurting, it's okay to say that you need help... We all care for you Agnes..."
And with that, Connor left, leaving Agnes alone...

To wonder...

"Well if it isn't the slut who's sleeping with my husband," Morganna exclaimed cooly towards Jamie.

"Go away Morganna, why do you always come to these events when you're not welcome."
"I'm welcome to go anywhere I want, but I know my boundaries when it comes to who I have sex with, namely not married men!"
"You two are separated and going through a divorce, a divorce you drove him to file! So, he's a free single man Morganna, free to date whoever he wants."

"Is that how you go to sleep at night, telling yourself those things," Morganna laughed.
"No, it's with Thornton's arms around me in bed."
"You're so pathetic if you think you and Thornton are going to last, pretty soon he's going to realize that you're just some sleazy bimbo and he's going to throw your ass to the curb."
"So much jealousy, face it Morganna, you weren't good enough for him and failed horribly in your marriage, and now you're trying to bring mine down, well I'm not going to end up like you Morganna, I'm going to give him everything he's ever wanted, something you could never do... so if you'll excuse me!" she said pushing past Morganna, "I need to get back to Thornton."

"Well well well if it isn't Blair Wainwright, Department Head at Goth Enterprises."
"Hank!" squealed Blair as she hugged Hank. "I was wondering when I was going to see you oh my god look at you you look so good."
"Had to shave my hair after Luke put some syrup on me," Hank laughed.
"I kinda like it," Blair laughed. "It looks cute. And aww, Luke's growing up."
"Too fast, he's getting to be a handful."
"Well I'm glad you're happy Hank."
"Yeah, I'm glad you got a new job too, even though were no longer working together it's okay," he chuckled. "So, have you seen my wife around."
Blair took a minute to ponder, then shook her head, "Nope, haven't seen her anywhere."
"Man, she's always so hard to find in these things, anyways I wanna dance, and Pauline's nowhere to be found so..."
"I'd love to."

"Oh my god..." River gasped.

"He came."

"Parker my man you came!" Michael exclaimed greeting Parker. "And looking all fly!"
Parker laughed, "Michael Bachelor... boy I leave for 2 months and now I'm seeing you in pink ditching being a loser to becoming Mr. Popular. What the hell happened!"
"Hey what can I say, it's the Bachelor charm."
"Ugh stop using that stupid line," VJ said.
Parker laughed, "Man it's good to be back, I mean don't get me wrong Europe was fun and all but nothing beats Bridgeport and being with you guys."
"Hey, you're not gonna go all emo on us right, like the other guy who traveled to Europe?" Michal joked.

"How is he?" Parker asked.
"Not good apparently, but I don't care," VJ said.
"So, now that were all here can we party or not, I'm pretty sure any minute now River is gonna nag me to be with her and I wanna be with my homies!"
"Homies?!" VJ said bursting out in laughter.
"Oh... Holly's here..."
"Wait a minute... did you guys resolve your little..."
"No Michael, nope. But you know what I don't care and I'm not going to deal with it tonight, I'm just here to have fun!"
"That's what I wanna hear!" VJ said. "I don't wanna be the only single guy in the club!"
"Parker... I broke up with her to give you guys a chance, and alot of stuff went down when you left, you guys need to talk, no matter how you feel tonight... you need to talk to her..."

"I don't know what to do..." Holly said.
"Go... go and talk to him... Tell him why you didn't go with him to Europe... apologize... that's all that needs to be said... and tell him how you feel..."
"What if he-"
"Just do it Holly... you need to get this off your chest."
Holly looked at her friend smiling weakly, she then quickly took another sip of her drink and got up from her seat.

"Hope I didn't scare you..."
"No no just... what do you want..."
"You look great."
"Thank you..."
"But anyways, I just came by to tell you that you and Parker should talk."
"I know... River's been telling me the same thing..."
"I know how much you like him Holly, and he likes you too, I still remember last year," he chuckled.
"So you owe it to each other to just clear the air."
"Thank you Michael..."
"No problem Holly..."

"I just want you to know, that even though I did like Parker last year, my feelings for you were real... I really did like you..."
"I know you did Holly... I know..."
They both flashed each other smiles, before Holly walked past him towards the dance floor.

"Hello sexy lady," Michael said slyly, moving up beside River. River looked at him and chuckled, she flipped her hair and got out of her seat. Michael immediately pulled her into his arms.
"Can I help you?" she responded.
Michael moved in and kissed her, "There, that was all I wanted."
River laughed, "Well how about I give you a little more," and she rubbed her nose against his.
"Wanna dance?" he asked.
"I thought you'd never ask."
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Default Chapter 2.01: Welcome back... to Bridgeport?!? Extended

"Parker..." Holly said, approaching. "Hey... how are you...?"
"I'm good... you...?"
"A bit cold, dress is kinda short."
"You look good."
"Thanks, you do too... love the mohawk thing going on there," she said with a slight laugh.
"Yeah, European thing."
"Well uh... do you wanna go outside to talk... I need to tell you something..."
"Yeah... sure... I need to talk to you too..."

"It's beautiful here..."

"Bridgeport's a beautiful city..."

"Parker... I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not meeting you at the airport, I'm sorry for not going with you to Europe... but... so much happened at that exact point in time... my parents were getting a divorce... I lost any hope I had of getting the journalism internship... River and VJ were nearly killed I... I didn't know what to do... I really wanted to go with you Parker I really did but..." she sighed heavily and looked up at the stars. "I was still lying to myself... telling myself that I didn't have feelings for you... when the truth was, and everyone kept telling me this... was that I did..."

"And still do..."

"Holly," Parker seemed to struggle with what he had to say. He looked down to the ground and away, and then finally gazing back to Holly. "I met someone else..."
Holly opened her mouth slightly to gasp, but no sound came out.
"I was so... torn up because you never came... and I met her... and she helped me... she helped me deal with what you did, and I fell for her, and she for me. She's coming to Bridgeport Holly... so no matter what we may feel for each other... we need to let that go... we have to... we need to... I'm sorry..."

These are the lives of Bridgeport's newest residents, they moved here not to long ago, bringing all manner of pain, loss, and hurt with them...
"What are you having kid?"
"Give me your strongest..."
"You having a rough night?"

This was supposed to be a night where ones could finally move on, it's a new city, a new year, a new door to go through, a door of change...

"Yeah... I'm in love."

But all this did, was reveal our true feelings to ourselves, as we look upon the ones we call our friends... and realize that this friendship... is something much more...

"Blair, it's amazing..."
"Everytime I'm with you, it's like all my troubles and worries go away, you just... you just lift me whenever I feel gray..."
Blair smiled and looked down. "I know that feeling... which is why I'm so glad to have you as a friend... because I know you'll never hurt me..."
"That would never cross my mind Blair Wainwright..."
"Hank Goddard," Blair chuckled, her eyes watering.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, it's just the music," she said blushing.
Hank wiped her eyes with his finger, "Hate to see you cry."
Blair laughed, tears trickling down her face, "I'm fine really Hank... I'm not sad, just happy you're here..."
"Unfortunately, I have to get going, Luke needs me and... I'm pretty sure Pauline isn't heading home anytime soon so I have to be the responsible parent."
"When did you become responsible?" she joked.
Hank blew her a kiss, and turned to leave. She closed her eyes, letting the tears she had been holding in to stream down her face.
"I'm so alone..."

Loneliness... some of us have been hurt so bad, that we no longer have any idea on how to move on, causing us to retreat to the only method we know... to isolate ourselves from everything and everyone around us... because the fact of the matter is... no one knows how great that pain and the guilt we feel inside...

The guilt...

"I don't have the strength to fight Morganna..."
"How could you...? How could you...?"
"How could I what Morganna!? Please explain what the hell I did that was so wrong!?"
"You and Jamie!"
"Really?! You are so concerned with me and Jamie even though we are separated and getting a freaking divorce you are concerned about that?!"

"You don't want to fight but yet you're yelling at me?!"
"I'm yelling because you didn't even shed a tear when our baby died! You care about my relationship with some other woman than our dead daughter!"
"T-that's not true..."
"I remember Morganna... I remember exactly what you told me that night... I will always remember your words... those words you told me... those words that sent me out of that house... you don't care."

I don't care... is a lie, a defensive mechanism to cope and suppress the overwhelming sadness or guilt that threatens to destabilize us if we allow it to flow freely... but maybe... just maybe for some... that sadness... those tears... maybe it's just best to let it all out and to just admit...

That you do care...
"They're amazing... wow... and Stiles... who would've thought he was so good..."

"I do care... I do miss him... and it's all my fault..."

"You should just let go kid," Jamie said to VJ. "It's not worth it, love is overrated, there's no way you should get yourself tied up over some girl you love, it's not your fault she's with some other guy."

"It is... because I was the one who set them up."

When we realize that we do care, and admit our faults, we have to ask ourselves...

Have we made the right decisions in our lives... and if not... how do we deal with the consequences of those actions...

Consequences... cause and effect... every cause has an effect... an endless loop...
Agnes walked over to the end table and pulled out the drawer. She took out a capsule with some pills inside, she looked at the label.
Take 1 per night.
Agnes clutched her head, she was having head aches again, flashes of the day she was shot and held hostage in her home, the day she witnessed the action in her far past come to a grisly end, she blamed herself all those years, and now because of her, an entire family had died.
She opened up the capsule and poured 2 tablets out into her hand, and swiftly threw back her head as she as she took and swallowed the pills. Her hand still remained covering her mouth, she closed her eyes and began to cry.
"I... can't do this anymore..."

"I just don't want to do this anymore..."

Peace and quiet is all some sought, so they run away, far away from the chaotic past they once led... to a distant place where they think to themselves... I'll be safe...

"Who is calling this late?"

No response.
"Hello is anyone there?"
"I know where you are Fiona, and I'm coming for you!"

At first glance, Bridgeport is a vibrant, energetic city whose inhabitants all go about their busy lives, living seemingly boring and routine lives... but at the start of the summer... all that had changed...

We moved here, bringing everything we had...

Our families... Our wealth... personal possessions... our secrets... our drama... and even things we hadn't planned on bringing...

Things we thought...

Could no longer harm us...
But we were wrong...

Welcome to Bridgeport.

Sota long, but finally got this done lol took FOREVER to do, and there was so much things I needed to put in this update that didn't get a chance to cuz there's already so many SL's jam packed into this one, so the next few updates are just going to be WTH happened over the summer, as well as trying to balance the new developments, there's ALOT of change, as well as makeovers hehehe. So I hope you enjoyed this, and again lemme know what you thought, or ask questions if you're confused, a lot happened. It's going to be a lot different than 1st season, that's for sure.
Oh, and Tamara's back you didn't think I'd get rid of her permanently did you XD
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New season!!!
awww kids grew up))) love all teens who're now young adults. the girls look stunning and so do most of the guys.
makeover is great! and... I noticed you really did "ALOT of change" with most females breasts yeah,new city, new bodies..)
as for the plot - I love it so far, though you put so much new information and right now I'm quite overloaded))) but sure I'll clear everything up with next chapters)
so,can't wait to see the next update!
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Im back hooked to this story... can't wait for the next upload... As Helenica said alot of storyline to process I guess it will start opening up as we continue
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Default Chapter 2.02: What Happened
Sorry this took so long to get out, a bit of technical error that was my fault lol... and thanx so much brtaylor and helenica, glad you're liking it.

1 year ago... Alivia Alvi mysteriously left her husband and two sons... this shocked everyone, as many wondered where did she go and why... The Alvi's "seemed" to be just as shocked as everyone else... but 2 months ago... Alivia returned...

And oddly enough, the Alvi's welcomed her home, not even a question of where she went all this time, what she had been doing... No, they simply welcomed her home... And Alivia did not return empty-handed no... she returned as a rich woman...

Ding Dong
But just because Iqbal did not question his wife, doesn't mean others are going to follow suit...
"I'll get it."

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Fiona?" sighed Alivia exhausted as she stepped outside of her home.
"We need to talk?"
"I thought we had already talked Fiona, you know the minute I got home you pulled me away to interrogate me!"
"And now we need to talk again Alivia!"
"I'm not in the mood right now Fiona I have to make breakfast for my husband and boys."
"He called me Alivia," she responded sternly.
Alivia looked back inside her house to make sure her husband couldn't hear, then she took Fiona to the side of the house.

"Is that what you came here for?!"
"Yes Alivia! Because it was only until recently that I found out the man who was my husband didn't die that night and is in fact very much alive!"
"Well what do you want me to do about it Fiona?!"
"You said you'd taken care of it! I didn't question what the hell you meant because quite frankly I was still in shock but now imagine my surprise the other night when he called my house late night!"
"Well I didn't tell you to go on the news and broadcast your information like that! In fact I specifically warned you not to do that but stupid you decided she wanted to become a quasi celebrity! Looks like you really wanna be like your mom after all."
"Stop it! Do not pin the blame on me! I didn't cause this mess I was just doing what is right and now all I want to do is protect my daughter!"

"Fiona... you may not have started it... but you're sure as well not trying to end it... which is why she's coming..."
"She? Who are you talking about?"
"Things are getting a bit drastic now and she's decided to get involved, in fact she'll be here soon," Alivia said, perking her head to the side as she heard talking coming from her neighbors the Langeraks.
"Who are you talking about Alivia?! Tell me!"
"I don't need to tell you anything anymore Fiona, this is no longer my problem," she said preparing to walk away.
"Iqbal shot him Alivia... I thought he died... and then you disappeared right after... and now I find out he's alive and you're back... so yes Alivia... it is still your problem too."
Alivia shot Fiona a piercing look.
"It was nice talking to you Fiona."

"Have you got everything?" Illiana asked in a gentle voice.
"Yeah, that should be the last of my things... this should be my last trip."
"Okay well... I guess after this... were done... no longer husband and wife..."
"Yeah... good while it lasted Illiana..."
"It was Dustin and I'm... I'm sorry for-"
"I know. I know... just... tell the kids they can come see me whenever..."
"Of course..."
"And Illiana... I may not be your husband anymore... but I'm still your friend... and I'll always be there..."

Illiana smiled softly as Dustin kissed her forehead gently, then left. She stood there for a moment, reflecting on everything, not noticing Alivia Alvi walking up the sidewalk towards her.

"Well that looked like it went well, irreconcilable differences my ass Illiana," Alivia stated.
Illiana snapped out of her gaze and looked at her neighbor, rolling her eyes at the same time.
"It's to early to deal with you."
"Illiana let's not fool ourselves, you drink at this time of the day so if you deal with that you can certainly deal with me."
"What do you want?"
"I'm just here to chat with my friend why are you so hostile?"
"Because I know you, and all you want is gossip."

"Illiana, I thought we were friends, and you're my neighbor, I'm just here to help you... you know... you quit your job... you're divorced... which you seem to be taking very well strangely enough."
"I deal with these things in my own way..."
Alivia laughed, "I know you're hiding something... just tell me I won't tell anyone."
"I told you Irreconcilable differences."
"Lets not be dumb everyone on this block know you and Dustin still have feelings for each other were not blind nor deaf! Now... I know it couldn't be an affair... or Parker... because both Damian and I know about that..."
"I'm not having this discussion with you Alivia!"
"Fine, be that way, if you're not going to tell me then I'll just have to find out myself... and believe me Illiana... I will find out..."
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because were friends Illiana... and friends don't keep secrets from one another... no matter how grave they may be..."

Alivia smiled at Illiana, then left to go back to her home. Illiana began going back into her trance for a few minutes, then she walked across her driveway to her porch, and sat down to think.

You see... Illiana was hiding something... which is why 2 months ago... she quit her job the moment the news of the Goth fraud hit the town... and she divorced her husband shortly after on the basis of 'Irreconcilable differences'... but now... as she sat in her chair looking out at the city... she wondered if she had made the right decisions... and... how much longer would she able to hide all of her secrets...

2 months ago... Nancy Landgraab lost her husband, becoming a wealthy widow. And Nick Alto, went through a divorce becoming one of the richest bachelors. It didn't take long for these two to draw to each other once more... and now... the two are engaged... their wedding day just around the corner...
"Alright guys, I want you all to be on your best behavior, we have to make an impression!" Nancy exclaimed excitedly.

Holly turned to Malcolm, "No matter how hard we try were not gonna make a good impression on my side of the family."
"Yeah, I think were batting at flies here, sure my grandma's nice and all, but man having to deal with a great uncle and cousin who both have the same name as you AND look down on you at the same time is harsh. Can never make a good impression on them."
Nick Alto remained silent and glum.
"Guys! If you be all negative like that of course they're not going to think much of us. I am very happy to see my mom and Nick's side of the family again, and I'm sure he feels the same."
"Where are they all even going to stay?" Holly asked. "I mean... there's no space here."
"Someone's here," Nick called out.

Nancy walked to the window and looked out.
"That's Jesse's car... and it looks like she's with Malcolm... Malcolm, go and greet your grandma and great uncle..."
Malcolm sighed and mumbled to himself, not really wanting to do what his mother told him.

"And so it begins..."

"Malcolm!" yelled the blonde haired woman as she dropped her bags and rushed inside the house to hug him. "Look at you! You're so grown!"
"Hey grandma," Malcolm laughed.
"Oh boy I'm not that old," she joked. "But you are, I mean when I last saw you you were just that little boy with glasses!"
Malcolm smirked devilishly, then turned his attention to the man who stepped in.
"Hey uncle Malcolm."
"What are you doing with your shirt off boy! Is this some type of burlesque house!"
"Oh Malcolm stop it," Jesse said turning to the older Malcolm.
"Mom?!" Nancy yelled out from the kitchen.

"Oh mom it's so good to see you! I'm glad you made it here safely," Nancy said embracing her mother.
"Nancy, you're old enough now, you can stop calling me 'mom'," Jesse laughed. "Just call me Jesse."
Nancy laughed back, "And how many times do I have to tell you that you're still my mother, always and forever."
Jesse smiled at her daughter, then turned to Nick. "My goodness Nick, you seemed to have aged down... and more handsome at that," she teased.
"And it seems he lost all of that fat lard too," chimed in Malcolm I.

"You know Malcolm I'm not really in the mood for this right now."
"You better be grateful you're getting another chance with my niece. If my brother Chester was alive there's no way in hell he'd allow this!"
Nick sighed and rolled his eyes.
"It's only because Nancy is not my daughter that I'm permitting this, but I am not pleased with this union!"
"Malcolm, please you said you wouldn't cause any trouble."
"These Alto's are slimy folk Jesse! I remember all the things they did! And worse yet Nick's unemployed!"
"That's enough uncle Malcolm, we don't need to go down your version of memory lane. And the Alto's are fine, please don't cause any trouble with them, they'll be here any minute."
"They're already here," Nick mumbled, clearly not happy with the present situation.
"What?! I didn't know they were coming!" Malcolm I exclaimed.

"You never listen to me Maria! I tell you one simple thing and-" the woman stopped mid-way through her sentence as she caught sight of Holly. "Who is this?"
"Hi grandma Elena," Holly smiled.
"Grandma?... Holly?... Oh my god look look Maria! Maria! Holly's beautiful now!" she exclaimed with an accent.
"What?!" the curly haired woman asked, coming behind her mother. "Oh my... is that Holly...?!"
"Hi auntie Maria."
Elena rushed and hugged Holly, giving her a smooch on her forehead.
"My goodness look at you, before I always wondered why you were so plain and boring, didn't we say she'd never find a husband Maria?"
"Yes, I definitely thought she wasn't going to find anyone back then."
"Yes see we thought you were going to find no husband! And no husband means no great grandchildren for me! But look at you, now you so pretty! Come I just want to hug you again! You definitely an Alto woman now!"

3 kids now started to run into the house, running around Malcolm as they tugged at his arms pestering him.
"And who might this be?" Maria asked looking at Malcolm. "Are you Nick's son?! I thought he only had Holly?!" she asked bewildered.
"No," he laughed, trying to free himself from the kids. "I'm Nancy's son."
"Tony! Jason! Sal leave him alone!" she yelled out, the kids immediately stopped and stood still. "Hmmm, my you're a good looking one aren't you. Well in that case my name is Maria, and these are my kids... I don't know where my husband is-"
"Who is this one now?" Elena interrupted.
"Ma why you have to cut in like that for?"
"Oh Maria shut up, who are you?"
"Malcolm, I'm Nancy's son."

"Nancy," Boomed a dark haired man with a heavy accent, joining in the fray. "My goodness, you look as radiant as ever, and Jesse, age has been very kind to you."
Jesse chuckled, "And hello to you too Salvatore."
"It's good to see you again Sal," said Nancy hugging the man. "It's been so long."
"Too long, and my Nicky is a very lucky man, if I weren't committed I would definitely-"
"Okay dad that's enough," Nick blurted out. "No one wants to hear your fantasies."
"Ah Nicky look at you eh, finally marrying the girl of your dreams!"
"Yeah well, you forget I was married before."
"Oh yes, to that witch. You do much better now with Nancy, Vita was so... cold and thin... Nancy much better!"
"And he's looking much better too!" exclaimed another man, younger than Nick.
"Angelo!" yelled Nick enthusiastically.

"Big brother Nicky!" Angelo exclaimed hugging his brother.
"Where's Jen?" Nick asked looking around.
"She couldn't make it for today, but she'll definitely be here for the wedding."
"Ah that's good, looking forward to seeing her, she was so small when I last seen her."
"Well she's a big girl now," Angelo laughed. "So look at you, you're buff and fit now! And you look so much younger, Nancy's been good to you hasn't she?" he asked suggestively, elbowing his brother. Nick laughed and shrugged it off.
"So... where's Landgraab?" Angelo asked.
"He's here."
"Please don't tell me both of em is here?" Angelo asked with a frown on his face.
Nick laughed, "No no it's just him... but you know he can still be a handful."
"Yeah, dealing with him and dad, ma and sis all at once..."
"Makes for one hell of a weekend!"

"Uncle Leo!" Holly said as she ran to her uncle and hugged him.
"Finally, I find the sane one," he laughed.
"I'm so glad you're here, I don't know if I would've been able to cope with all the Alto blood running around."
"And we all know how crazy they can be right?!"
Holly laughed, "The kids seem..." she said, listening to the noise the 3 boys were causing.
"Energetic? Rebellious? They were yelling, screaming and fighting the whole way here and they show no sign of letting up, or listening to their parents, no scratch that, not listening to me, Maria doesn't even count."
"They have the Alto blood running strong in them," she laughed.
Leo laughed back, "But hey look at you, what's happening in your life?"
"That's what dinner's for uncle Leo."
"Oh... the yelling's already started, it hasn't been what... 10 minutes and already there's fighting," Leo laughed, notioning at Salvatore and Malcolm Landgraab senior arguing.

Malcolm Landgraab junior stood in the entrance way looking towards all the guests that had arrived. He listened to all the noise, the shouting, the yelling, the loud stamps of children running around, he noticed the arm waving and the motions of the adults, and he reached a startling conclusion...

"This is going to be my family..."

"I'm so relieved you're here Frida... you've been such a help with the move and the settling in... and our situation-"
"Stop Cornelia, it's okay, it's the least I can do after what happened."
"I still can't believe it... Gunther's in jail..."
"And I can't help but feel partially responsible for what happened."
"Don't blame yourself Frida, you were sick, you needed surgery and you didn't have the money-"
"But if I didn't come to Gunther with it he never would've known, and he wouldn't have had to cheat like that... just to save me..."
"It's no excuse... he should've came to me instead of doing that! Look at what he's putting us through now!"
Frida's ear twitched as she heard soft footsteps outside the kitchen, she grinned slyly. Mortimer's here.

"So... what are you going to do Cornelia? Are you going to go through with the divorce?"
"I... I... I'm not so sure... I'm going to the lawyer's office today to get the papers together but..."
"You should pass by... the prison I mean... to see him..."
"You think?"
"Well it's the only way to know for sure right... he is my brother and all... but this isn't my family, and you need to make that decision Cornelia."
"The funny thing is... I was going to leave him... for Geoffrey before he..." Cornelia's voice cracked as she held back tears. "I loved Geoffrey, I loved him so much... I swear this is punishment for me..." she cried, bowing her head.
"It's okay," Frida said, stroking Cornelia's hair while smiling.
"You know what, this just gives me more reason to leave him. I was going to anyways, so why not just go through with it."
The front door opened and slammed shut, Frida looked over at the hallway, her grin even broader.

"This can't be happening! She can't do this!"

"Do you think that was Mortimer?"
"Yeah it probably was, but don't worry I'm sure he didn't hear anything."
"Yeah... I can't imagine what he's going through right now..."
"Yeah well... it's tough, but you guys will make it. Auntie Frida's here," she said getting up. "But I'm gonna go, I have some errands to run in the city, so I'll see you tonight okay..."
"Okay... and Frida..."
"Thank you."
"Not a problem Cornelia... not a problem... oh and also... don't go see my brother in jail... personally I don't think it's such a good idea..."

Fiona McIrish loved her garden, it always seemed to calm her down. She was always relaxed tending t her garden, and so this afternoon she spent a lot of her time doing just that. As Fiona had a lot on her mind, and tending her garden was the only thing that seemed to calm it. But she was about to get an unexpected guest, one that would cause even more stress in her life, so much so that not even tending her garden would be able to calm.
Ding Dong
"Hmm... who could that be... I'm not expecting anyone today..."

The woman spun around and took off her shades, eyeing Fiona up and down.
"My god Fiona you look horrible, I look younger than you, and I'm your mother!" she exclaimed, and she opened the front door and went inside.

"Mother what are you doing here?"
"I'm here to clean up the mess you caused dear, I swear everytime I do something to fix things you just come along and screw everything up!"
"What are you talking about?!"
"You and River all over the news! You're a quasi-celebrity now after you cracked the case! Are you happy Ms. Detective, don't even want to say Mrs. as you seem to marry the wrong men! And don't tell me you forgot!"
"You were the one Alivia was talking about."
"Did she not give you my message, to keep low. Knowing her she probably did and you just chose not to listen, as always. I don't understand how you could be my daughter."

"Mom! If you have nothing productive to say or do here then please just leave!"
"But I do have something productive to say and I do have something productive to do, I am protecting my family from a monster! You're husband!"
Fiona looked at her mother, and shook her head.
"I don't see what you have to say could make things any better."
"Yet I was the one who kept him away from you after what happened that night. I warned you Fiona, I warned you not to get involved with that man and you never listened! You said you were in love this you were in love that! Now look at you, hiding from that very same man! A man that beat and hurt you! And if he finds you, you know very well that he's going to take River by force!"
"Stop it! Just stop it!" she yelled.
"That's the thing with you, always weak, can't take the truth. Any way's I will be staying here until further notice, if you don't like it, tough luck, I'm Julia O'Connor, you're mother, I'm automatically in charge."
"I need some air," Fiona responded exasperated, and she left the room.

Julia's cell began ringing. She took it out and looked at the number, then answered it.
"She didn't take my visit to well Alivia."
"I could've told you that, she likes to be the only stubborn woman on the block. So... do you think she'll go along with your plan?"
"Haven't pitched it to her yet."
"You know it isn't going to be easy."
"I think I know my daughter Alivia... and I know exactly which string to tug to break her down..."
"Well, like mother like daughter right, both have achieved their own measure of fame and success..."
"We need to meet Alivia... by the park at the bio dome... we have... other things to talk about..."
"Always full of secrets..."

"Beautiful view, beautiful house, beautiful wedding and weekend, everything seems to perfect for you Nancy, it's the perfect wedding," Jesse said.
"It's not so perfect mom..."
"What's wrong?"
"You know... when mom died... I... deep down I kinda blamed dad for her death... I just had this feeling that he was somehow responsible for that fire... and I was so angry... and I blamed him and secretly hated him for so long... and I feel now... Malcolm's going through the exact same thing and feels the exact same way towards me..."
"Nancy... I don't know the circumstances surrounding Queenie's death... and I do remember that you were so confused... but Malcolm doesn't hate you..."
"He's so distant now, and he rarely wants to talk to me."
"He's going through a new phase in his life, he lost Geoffrey at such a young age, I mean you went though a tough time too."
"And you were there, I wanted to hate you but couldn't because you were so nice and caring and understanding," she chuckled.
"And you need to be the same way towards Malcolm... he's not angry... and he doesn't hate you, I see that look in his eyes and he's happy, you're getting married, to someone you really love, and he's getting a much bigger family, you just need to be there for him, during all of this..."

"I'll try... I'll try to be you back then," she laughed.
"Ah back then, when you and Nick would sneak out, or when you two would spend hours by the pool in the back, and I'd constantly be fretting because Chester would be coming any minute."
The both of them laughed. "You really liked him didn't you?"
"I did... even though there were always stories about him I never paid any heed to them, he treated me well, and I was happy with him..."
"And now...?" Nancy asked questioningly.
"And now me and Malcolm are seeing each other."
"Don't be so surprised Nancy. I was a widow, he was single, I knew him, were both getting up there age and so we both decided what to hell! Let's spend the rest of our lives together!"
"Oh my god mom!" Nancy laughed.
"But on another topic though Nancy there is something I would like to talk to you about it's umm... it's really important-"

"There you two are! I have been looking all over for the both of you! Me and Maria are in the kitchen all by ourselves! You two are women, so you come help us cook!"
"I'm not much of a cook," Nancy laughed, "But Jesse here is an author of a best-selling cook book."
"Well, I do know my way around a kitchen," Jesse laughed.
"You not know how to cook Nancy?! You no be marrying my Nicky if you can't cook for him! Come, me and Maria teach you!"
Jesse and Nancy laughed, and followed Elena off into the kitchen.
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Default Chapter 2.02: What Happened Continued

"Nice cars Nicky, these babies could win you some street races and some major cash."
"Angelo! How many times do I have to tell you not to get involved in that!"
"What?! It's a good way to make some money pa!"
"I said no! We Alto's are above that."
"Blah blah blah, always the same line."

Salvatore waved his hand wanting to shoo Angelo away, then turned to Nick.
"So Nicky, you out of a job."
"Yeah I do have some savings saved up though that can help pay for the wedding and some other bills and-"
"Yes yes yes but what about when that all runs out, then what? You can't just rely on Nancy, she leave you!"
"Nah pa I'm sure I can find something else-"
"No no no no Nicky you no find something else! You need something else!"
"Pa come on... what... what are you getting at?"
"He wants you to join the family business Nicky."

"Dad... come on... are you still..."
"What do you mean is he still? He's the Godfather, he's the Don, and right now we need someone here, in Bridgeport."
"When I was a boy coming from Italy-"
"Oh god not this story," Leo said crunching his forehead.
"My father, Ebenezer Alto was the first Alto to step foot and to take control of the city... it was a bustling port and the perfect place for smuggling and shipping things in and out-"
"Okay Pa we know the rest, Ebenezer's empire expanded, he left Bridgeport to a more successful city, no one was looking after the smuggling business in Bridgeport, business died, we lost control, yada yada yada, jeez with age it seems all they do is ramble," Angelo exclaimed. "Point is Nicky, he wants you to take over the smuggling, or... the Import/Exporting business here in Bridgeport."
"Well what's wrong with Leo, why can't he do it?"
"Hey hey hey, I'm an MVP, I don't get involved in crime."
"Nicky... just consider it, you need work... and you'll be able to support your family, and do me and your grandfather a huge favor... so... what do you say my boy...?"

"Alright... I'll do it..."


"It's been a long time since I've been up here Lolita... I still miss you... after all these years... Been so alone..."
Frida bent down and gently touched the grave, reading the inscription. Her eyes narrowed as she crunched her brow, anger in her eyes. She got back up, determination on her face.

"I swear Lolita, I promise on your grave... I will tear them apart for what they did to you... I am going to rip the Goth's apart... I promise."

"Late as always Alivia," Julia said cooly, looking up at Alivia.
"I was tied up at home with the kids and I had to stop by the salon, you should know Julia, us women lead very busy lives."
"Indeed... so," she said getting up. "What did Erik find out before his... untimely passing?"
"Well he managed to get the job done if that's what you're getting at."
"Then dish Alivia."

"Things are a bit more complicated, he found Elizabeth Julia... she's in France..."
"Oh god..." she responded down-trodden.
"He's planning something Julia, there's no other reason for him to try and integrate himself into all of our lives again... I just-"
"I'll handle it Alivia, don't worry... I'll be on a flight to France in a few days, he's here right, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting to Elizabeth."
"You're taking on an awfully lot of responsibilities Julia, when this situation is not even your fault."
"You're right, it's not. Both you and my daughter, as well as Elizabeth have made terrible mistakes and I... no we seem to be the only ones capable of fixing them," Julia said sternly looking at Alivia. "And plus, we can't tell Fiona the whole truth... of what really happened between you, Iqbal, and Jacques... knowing how she is she'd just break down and make things even worse..."
Alivia remained silent, a bit of guilt on her face.

"Finally... did he find out about the other matter Alivia?"
"You mean Ian?"
"He found him."
"Good. Where?"
"Here, in Bridgeport... but Julia... I strongly think this is something that should be dropped, she thought this door had closed long ago if she finds out-"
"I will deal with my daughter Alivia. Please..."
Alivia averted her eyes down as Julia walked off. She turned her head to look at Julia leaving, and closed her eyes.
"What am I getting into?"

Vita Alto... was a woman who was envied by other women in the town, she had a wonderful husband, a perfect marriage, a beautiful daughter, a successful career, an amazing home, and a vast amount of wealth... yet she had a weakness... and it was that weakness... that undid everything she strived for...

In an instant, she lost her husband, her marriage disintegrated, her daughter shunned her, her career became shaky, her home lost, and her wealth... was now being contested with her ex-husband. Yes, one of the most influential women in Bridgeport had become nothing more than a shell of her former self in an instant... and this thought plagued her everytime she moved around her barren home... and everytime... the doorbell rang...

Ding Dong

"Why are you here Sheena?"
"Vita... you don't look very well today... so sickly... are you not keeping well?"
"Sheena, leave."
"I just came to visit my old friend Vita, to see how you're doing, I'm genuinely concerned," she said, the sarcasm dripping in her voice.
"You did this to me."
"I didn't do anything Vita, you were the one who betrayed your friend and your husband just so that you could climb the ladder and get ahead! Well are you happy Vita? You have the career, but looking around," she said looking at the distasteful furniture in the home. "It doesn't look like your happy at all, so I have to ask... was it worth it?"

Vita opened her front door.
"Get out!"
"Fine, don't want to stay here much longer anyways, I have a family to attend to. Just came to gloat," she said getting ready to leave. "And Vita one more thing, don't think for a second that I'm done with you, that was merely the beginning, I won't rest until you have nothing else to your name... not even that job, you worked so hard to claim."
And with that Sheena left, Vita slamming the door behind her.

Over the past two months... Vita Alto had come to the realization that she was to blame for the situation she had gotten herself in... and so... whenever she feels that remorse... that sadness... she would always pick up the phone... to call that man who no longer wanted to be in her life, the man she took for granted... and to just tell him that she's sorry...

But unfortunately for Vita, the mistakes she made outweighed that remorse... and she could never make the call, because she knows, just as well as everyone else... that Nick Alto had moved on...

Sheena Keith... 2 months ago she suffered political shame and embarrassment from a woman she thought was her friend, causing her to step down from her position as mayor... some time later, her family whom no one knew nothing about, came to her side to comfort her...

Their arrival though was met with smiles and a warm welcome, as the Keiths seemed like the perfect, modern day Sim Nation family. Everyone adored them, the talented and skilled former-mayor housewife, the handsome doctor, and a well-mannered son... but... we all know the more perfect a family seems... the darker their secrets are...

"Drinking again?" Sheena said.
"It's a french classic," replied Martin. "Couldn't resist, and who cares, no one's seeing me anyways."
Sheena sighed, "Where's Jonathan?"
"I don't know..."
"What do you mean you don't know?! He's supposed to be home from school hours ago!"
"He's not my son."
Sheena bit her lower lip at those words, her head slightly wincing.
"How many times do I have to tell you... both of you! To not utter those words..."

"Love it when the both of you fight."
Sheena spun around, and Martin sighing heavily got up from his seat and stood beside Sheena.
"Jonathan! Where have you been?!"
"Relax mom just got a little held up..."
"Relax!? The last time "relaxed" you ended up-! I want to know exactly what held you up! You know the rules Jonathan!"
"Why am I on lockdown! I wasn't the only one who screwed up!" he exclaimed, glaring at Martin.
"Do not bring Martin into this like that Jonathan! He is your fath-"
"Father!" Jonathan laughed, interrupting Sheena.

"Listen mom... I was at school, doing an after school program, some work over by the waterside area, so just chill... I wasn't... racing..." he grinned while saying the words, his eyes deadlocked with his mothers. "And plus, it's just street racing... nothing compared to... "dad" over there."
Sheena stayed silent, she stared at her son's smirk, and then watched as he turned and left.

Frida sat on the couch pondering, she watched the blank tv screen as she calculated things in her mind. Suddenly she caught something in the corner of her eye, Mortimer was home, and it was time to put the next phase of her plan into play. She got up and pulled out her phone and put it to her ear.

"Cornelia hey, what's up... oh no... well did you go see him in the prison... No... so then you... You went to the lawyer... You're getting a divorce..."

"But think this through Cornelia this is your family, you've been with him for years now and there's Mortimer and-... oh... the love was cooling... you don't love him anymore... Oh... and Mortimer?..."
With that, Mortimer broke into tears and ran upstairs.

Mission Accomplished

"Mortimer..." Frida said, knocking on the door. "Can I come in?"
There was no answer.
"Mortimer?" she asked again, stepping into the room.

"Hey, there you are," she said in a soft kind voice. "I heard you come home and then run upstairs are you alright?"
"My life's falling apart..." he said.
"What? What are you talking about?"
"My mom's divorcing dad isn't she?! I heard the both of you on the phone!" he cried out.
"Oh..." she said, acting surprised. "You heard that... you know I'm sure Cornelia is just going through alot I mean this is a lot to deal with you know... just..."
"Just what?! How can she do that?! How could she... say that... how could she say she doesn't love him anymore..."

"Hey... she's just going through a lot of stress, and you guys got a lot of media attention after everything that happened. She just needs some time, to calm down, and afterwards I'm sure she won't go through with the divorce..."
"You think..."
"Yeah, I do. I want you guys to stick together you remember," she said taking his hand. "I'm your auntie, and Gunther's my brother, and I love you all very much."
"Yeah... it's just I feel... there's just so much emotions inside of me and I can never let it out! No one ever asks how I feel it's just one thing after another without anyone coming to me!"
"Then tell her how you feel Mortimer. Tell her everything that's bothering you and you know what let's take it a step further. You should ask her why Mortimer! Ask her why she doesn't love Gunther why she wants to go through with a divorce! You say you feel left out well here's a chance to finally catch up to speed and be involved."
"Yeah... I should..."

"You should," she said getting up. Mortimer got up as well and hugged her.
"Thanks Frida."
"My pleasure Mortimer, my pleasure..."

Malcolm Senior raised a glass and began tapping it, getting everyone's attention.
"I'd like to make a toast."
"Be nice," Jesse quickly whispered to him.
"My beautiful Nancy, my how you've grown. I remember when you were just a little girl, so vibrant, so determined, and very stubborn," he said, the table laughed. "And now, as a grown woman, you still are stubborn and determined, but radiant more happy than ever before, and despite the fact that you're marrying Nick Alto whom Chester would not approve of... seeing you this happy makes me happy Nancy, and I hope that this marriage... this union brings much joy and happiness in your life. I may not have raised you, but you are a Landgraab, and my favorite niece so you might as well be my daughter," he laughed in between. "And I will always love you, no matter who you marry, or what you do, I will always love you. So congratulations Nancy... Nancy Alto."
The table clapped, and Nancy mouthed Thank You with watery eyes to her uncle.

Salvatore then raised up his glass and began tapping it.
"I would like to make a toast too, I am actually a patriarch and not some random relative so I have some things to say too."
"No one wants to hear it," grumbled a voice from the other side of the table.
"I come from Italy many years ago when I was just a boy, my father and mother did not have a penny to their names, but through hard work and determination, my father, Ebenezer Alto, provided us with food, water and shelter, like a true Italian father he supported his family in any way he could. I learned much from my father, and when I had Nicky, my oldest son, with Elena, I raised him the same way my father raised me, always work hard, always determined, and put supporting your family as number one, nothing come before your family. And it has paid off, Nicky, I look at all you've accomplished and I am so proud, so happy, I look at all my children and I am so happy, and today, even though you have no job, I know that you will support your new family no matter what. You must cherish Nancy Nick, treat her well, love her, for women are meant to be loved. You lost her once Nick... now you have her, so keep her, and love her, forever and ever."
The table clapped once more, and Nick laughed, "I've been married before pa I think I know."

A few moments later the eating of dinner finally began.
"So Jesse, have you told her?"
"About our engagement? Not yet... but I told her we've been seeing each other."
"I don't mean that Jesse..."
"I was about to mention it..."
"You should tell her... he has a right to know."
"I know Malcolm, and when did you start to care."
"Because he's family..."

"So Malcolm, how was your day...?" Nancy asked.
Malcolm just continued eating his food looking down, not responding.
"Malcolm... oh come on say something..."
"What do you want me to say?" he grumbled.
"I asked a question..."
"Fine nothing exciting happened I just went to school there, leave me alone."
"I'm just trying to make conversation with you-"
"For the first time."
Nancy looked at Malcolm hurt.
"That's not true I always-"
"Just drop it mom."
"Malcolm..." she whispered. Nick took Nancy's hand and squeezed it, his grip comforted her, and as she looked over to him, he smiled and gently shook his head.

"It's okay," he said softly.
"I just want to get through to him, I just want to know that he doesn't hate me."
"He doesn't Nancy."
"How do you know... he never talks to me anymore..."
"Did he ever," Nick joked. "But he's just going through a transition right now, Geoffrey died, you're getting re-married, new family, it's a lot for him. And plus, he seems to really like Holly as a sister so he's not really all gloomy and mad."
"Yeah... I just wish I could talk to him you know... even though I'm his mother... I need him... he's my son..."
"I know," he said squeezing Nancy's hand even tighter. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
"He'll come around, just wait... but in the meantime, I'm right here Nancy, now and always..."

"Salvatore... what did you mean with all this support the family thing in your speech?" Elena asked cautiously.
"To support the family Elena why you ask like that."
"Because I don't trust you Salvatore what did you say to Nicky?"
"Give it up pa, ma knows," Angelo chimed in. "Pa asked Nick to get the business running again here in Bridgeport."
"You did what?! Why you do that Salvatore you know that is dangerous!"
"Nicky need a job Elena! He need work to feed his family! He live in big house and have lots of cars he have lots of bills to pay! How he can pay all of that with no job!"
"But Nicky not cut out for crime, I know my son and he can't do it! And the risks! What if my Nicky go to jail? Or worse killed!?"
"Nah don't worry about it ma, it's the smuggling industry, he won't get killed. And I'm pretty sure Nicky can handle it, he was a VP of Goth Enterprises before, this'll be a cakewalk for him."
"Elena, there nothing to worry about. Me, Angelo and the others are okay... Nicky will be fine..."

"So Holly, what's up?" Leo asked.
"So much..."
"I hope it's not about some guy?" Leo laughed.
"It kinda is... and I just can't get over it..." she replied. "There was so much... complications and obstacles between us before that I was sort of confused... and it was only 2 months ago that I finally realized how I truly felt for him... but stupid me just took it for granted..."
"What happened?"
"The only person stopping me from being with Parker dumped me, he had had enough," she chuckled. "And Parker... asked me to go to Europe with him for the summer... I agreed... but then at the last minute I changed my mind without telling him... I never went to Europe with him, and for the whole summer I never said a word to him... and then the other night he came back, and we were at the club and he..." she struggled to say the words she wanted to say. "He said he met someone else, and that we should move on," she cried.
"Holly... come on..." Leo said rubbing Holly's back.
"I never once thought that I'd feel this way for him... of all people Parker Langerak," she chuckled, sniffling and wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Well I think he's an idiot," said Malcolm. "To do that to you."
"It's kind of my fault Malcolm," Holly chuckled.
"Still, he's an idiot. If I were him I would've came right back from Europe and spent the entire summer here with you."
"Yeah Holly, don't beat yourself up about this, you're still young, there'll be others who you'll date and fall for," Leo said.
"Maybe... it just really hurts... to try and get over him..."
"You'll be able to do it Holly, you just need time, and when someone else comes along... it'll get easier... trust me..."
"You seem to be talking from experience," Malcolm laughed.
"Hey I'm older than both of you, trust me I've been through what you're going through Holly, you'll get through this..."

"I hope so..."
A lot had happened over the past 2 months, for some, they've realized the full extent of their feelings for another, but unfortunately, that realization came just a moment to late...
"But do I really want to though... do I really want to get over Parker..."

For some, to much change has started happening in their lives, that they just don't know how to deal with it all...

Some feel that it is finally time to reveal a burning truth to another... knowing full well the impact it'll have on that individuals lives and on others...

Others realize that their savings they have in the bank would soon run out, and that to support the family he'd need to find work, and so... is the decision they make now truly the wisest choice...

And as some move forward, looking ahead to that happy day, they wonder if the one's closest to them will truly ever forgive them for the mistakes they've made...

In the past...

"Alright mother," Fiona said approaching the backyard table. "What is this big plan you have in mind?"
"Are you ready to have a civil discussion with me Fiona."
Fiona sat down and faced her mother.
"You're offering suggestions, and I'm open to hearing it... so let's talk."

"First thing's first he knows where you live Fiona, you need to move."
"I'm not leaving Bridgeport."
"He knows you're here Fiona, if you don't want him to find you you need to leave the city."
"I'll move houses, I'll head to a different neighborhood, different address... but I'm not leaving Bridgeport."
"Fiona he's a resourceful man, he'll find you at your new address again..."
"You say it as if you have a solution."
"I do... you need to change your name."
"Mother how am I supposed to do that, I just can't walk down to city hall and demand a name change."
"No... but you can get married..."

"Okay mother now you're just bordering on ridiculous how do you expect me to get married."
"I have it all worked out dear, the man whom you are to marry is a bodyguard, not only will be your husband but I'll be paying him to protect you."
"Did you not ask for my help Fiona! Desperate times call for desperate measures and I'm the only one who seems to be coming up with the solutions for your mess! I am just trying to look out for you and-"
"Fine! Alright! I'll do it... I'll go along with it..."
"Good... then pack your things Fiona... you're moving..."
"Are you still going to be staying with us?"
"After the legalization of your marriage and your name is changed, I have to go abroad on some other business, once that is taken care of... I'll return..."
"Other business?"
"Nothing for you to concern yourself with Fiona... it doesn't concern you..."

And with that Julia got up, leaving her daughter wondering about the days ahead.
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Default Chapter 2.02: What Happened Extended

"Are you ready Nick?"

"Don't worry Nicky, you'll be fine, those guys in the warehouse are soft, nothing to be scared over," Angelo said. "And plus, you have a partner," referring to Dustin.
"So they signed you up, never thought in a million years you'd be doing this," Dustin said.
"Yeah well... circumstances have changed."
"That they have," Dustin replied.
"Well at least the two of you know each other, because the both of you will be in charge of leading operations in this area, so you better be able to work together."
"Nicky, now I must ask you this... are you sure you want to do this...? I don't want to force you..." Salvatore asked.
"I'm sure dad... I want to do this... I need to..."

"Then let's go."

"Finally we get some privacy right," Nancy said.
"Yeah... Nancy... there's something I want to talk to you about."
"Oh boy this sounds serious," Nancy joked.
"It is Nancy... it's about him..."
"Who's him? You need to be a bit more specific mom," Nancy laughed, pacing about the room.
"The child you gave birth to years ago... whom you hid from Chester and Nick... whom you gave up for adoption as soon as he was born..."
Nancy stopped dead in her tracks, she looked at her mother with a stone cold look on her face.
"Why are you bringing this up?"
"Because Nick needs to know."
"I closed that door a long time ago Jesse why would I bring that up!"
"Because before Nancy, if Chester knew that you had a child with Nick he would go crazy you know that, and if Nick knew, things would get really bad, it was in everybody's interests to hide that child from Nick and Chester but now-"

"That was years ago Jesse... please... I-I've moved on..."
"But Nick needs to know Nancy... this is something that you need to tell him... you both have a son out there-"
"No... I only have Malcolm... I don't have another son... and you aren't going to say a word about this to Nick!"
"Nancy... you can't start this marriage off on secrets..."
"It's not a secret Jesse... it's just a time of my life that never happened..."

2 months ago, a stranger entered into the Goth home. This stranger was none other than Frida Goth, Gunther's sister. She had come to thank Gunther for everything he did during her operation, but came to the surprise of her brother going to jail... because of her. And so she decided to stay, to aid Cornelia and Mortimer in any way she could... but that was only a ruse... her real goal...
Cornelia stepped through the front door, exhausted and tired after a long day. She barely got a minute of relaxation when she was met with Mortimer. He glared at her.
"So?! Are you doing it?!"
"Doing what?!" she asked bewildered.
"Don't act dumb mom I know! I overheard you this morning! Are you divorcing dad!"
"Mortimer it's... it's complicated..."
"What's so complicated about it it's a yes or no question!"
"Why are you yelling!?"
"Because you're just giving up on him! You're just giving up on this family! Did you even go see him!?"
"You didn't did you..."
"Mortimer you have to understand this is really hard for me!"

"And you don't think it isn't for me!? To hear my own mom doesn't love my dad anymore! To hear that she was having an affair! And now you're going to leave him in a time he needs us the most! Dad was just trying to help his sister and you-! You're just acting like a selfish bitch!"
"No! I'm going to say how I feel and I hate the way you're handling this mom!"
"You're clearly upset and you know what I'm going to talk to you about this in the morning when you've calmed down-"
"Fine! Run away, that's what you seem to be good at! You feel like your relationship with dad is suffering so you just run away and whore yourself out to the good ole doctor! Then dad goes to jail for fraud and you run away from that and not even try to be the supportive wife! I used to look up to you but now... now I just see a coward... someone who can't even deal with her problems... you disgust me..."
"How could you..."
"How could I say that! I'm just stating the truth mom! It's time for you to wake up and deal with this situation! Stop running away!"

Fiona stood at the top of the staircase, enjoying the shouting taking place below.
Her real goal... was to see this family go up in flames...

Frida Goth was not the only new person to arrive in town with devious intentions...

Damian Ahara leaned forward from off the wall to meet with Alivia. He smirked as she looked around cautiously, clearly terrified of the area she was in.

"I don't see why you had to meet me here Damian."
"Why what's wrong?"
"What's wrong? This is the worst part of Bridgeport."
"No one will see us, so it's the perfect spot."
"You know what whatever do you have it?"
Damian pulled out clear plastic bag full of cash from his backpack lying on the side. He handed it over to Alivia.
"10 grand, as usual."
"I never feel comfortable doing this."
"It's the only way for you to support your lifestyle and family Alivia, you need this," he grinned. "And plus... how would VJ have gotten out of jail if it wasn't for this."
"Don't go there Damian they can never know," she responded quickly. "Of course Alivia... you know I would never do that..."

"Damian... I can never understand why or how you do this...?"
"I keep telling you... it's from mom..."
"I know that... but why are you here.... in Bridgeport... there's no reason for you to be here..."
"Yes there is."
Damian laughed, "That's for me to know Alivia... and for you to never find out..."
"Why are you keeping secrets from me? What are you planning?"
"We all have our secrets Alivia... I'm sure even you..." he said, peering at her, almost reading her soul and knowing every secret she ever kept. She shivered at his glare, and looked away. She saw a flicker of movement at the side, and she quickly clutched the bag of money.
"You should be leaving now," Damian said, noticing her fidgeting. "The bad boys are coming out to play..."
"Well then I should be going, thank you for the donation Damian... I'll see you soon..." Alivia said, and she quickly walked off out of the alleyway.

What are you planning? The words rung out in his head. His answer.

Again so sorry for taking so long to add another chapter lol, but I finally got it up and I hope you enjoyed it!
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Ooh, this chapter's very dramatic! Thanks for updating, I was getting bored. :P

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Yeah, great update as usual!
The Alto family male members all look like guys from Mafia II, really cool and suit them)
Did you make a plastic surgery to Malcolm Jr and Mortimer? They both look amazingly cute, I don't remember them being so handsome with in-game settings)
Anyways thanks for the update! No prob with waiting so long, believe me it's worth waiting)))
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I haven't read this all yet, but your writing style sort of reminds me of the way Pretty Little Liars was written. In a good way
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Thanks Lavaster and Kimbalou for the comments. Hey Helenica thanks for liking the make-overs, and I got the idea for the male Alto family members off the Godfather series lol. Both Malcolm Jr and Mortimer I did some work on them, mostly on Malcolm though.

Anyways, kinda lost interest in the Sims around December so I haven't been playing, but I just recently got laid off work lol and Generations and the Pets expansion has piqued my interest again so I'm back to simming. So I'm making a blog dedicated to this story, going to update both here and there. And also I'm planning on making a new Sims soap opera, but with the Sims 2 (FAR easier and less time consuming, more options when it comes to storytelling and less long waits), going to be set at Sim State University and using the premade sims there, look for it soon to have all the over-the-top, soapy and outrageous plot and characters like this story here but without the lengthy updates. So, here's my next update, sort of boring, it's a transition episode, setting pieces up, please forgive me lol.
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Default Chapter 2.03: She's Back

"That was amazing," Jamie said as she snuggled up with Thornton.
"Glad you liked it," he snickered.
"I think I'm really going to like it here, I can really get used to mornings like this."
"Me too."
Jamie smiled and moved in to kiss him.
"What was that?" Thornton asked.
"To show that I love you," she replied smiling, then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Jamie said. "Let the world know that I'm living here."
Thornton laughed and stretched his legs out on the bed.

The doorbell rang again.
"I'm coming," Jamie called out.

Ding dong did someone say the witch is dead? Well... I regret to inform you...

That the wicked bitch is far from it.

"Hi Jamie, is Thornton in?"

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

"I see that he is," said Tamara, peeking inside. "Excuse you," and she brushed past Jamie and into the apartment.

"What the!!" Thornton exclaimed leaping up from the bed.
"Thornton, my you look great, keep the pants off, it's a nice view," she said sitting down on a chair. "Have a seat guys don't be shy, we have much to discuss, and what a great place this is... I'm definitely going to love living here."
"What?!" Thornton asked stunned.
Jamie slowly sat down on the sofa, her face in shock and fear.
"Jamie, I was your best friend, why do you look like that?"
"Y-you died..."
"No, I suffered an accident, I've been away for awhile healing and now I'm much better."

"If you don't leave I swear to god Tamara I'm calling the cops you crazy bitch!"
"I wouldn't do that if I were you Thornton."
"And why the hell not!?"
"If I recall correctly you and that whore pushed me out a window-"
"After you broke into out house and attacked us!" Thornton yelled out.
"That may be so, we did make some mistakes that day, but according to the police report you filed, I jumped out the window and committed suicide... yet... here I am Thornton, alive and well, and I remember it very clearly, I wanted to leave, let bygones be bygones, move on with my life, but you... you wanted to be with me, and that drove Morganna into a jealous rage that she pushed me out the window... I wonder what the police would think about that, an investigation would be opened up... and Morganna... she'd be facing criminal charges..."
"You wouldn't..."
"I would Thornton... unless..."

"You kick this slut out, and I move in."
"What?!" exclaimed Jamie.
"You heard me, you're moving out, pack your things!"
"Tamara you seriously are messed up in the head I mean what makes you think I'm going to cooperate with this?! I can just go to the police and tell them what a lying murdering psycho-path you are!"
"Do that Jamie..."

"And I'll tell the world about Freddy."
Jamie's jaw dropped, and her heart skipped a beat as she stared at Tamara's menacing face.
"How do you-"
"It's very simple, move out and I move in and all your secrets stay safe with me, no one goes to jail, no one gets hurt."
"Where am I supposed to go?!" Jamie cried out.
"I dunno, the streets maybe, I hear they treat your kind well," and Tamara took out and flung a 10 simoleon bill toward Jamie's face. "Here's a start, though I'm sure you're used to having money flung in your face after a job, maybe you should start that back up."
She smiled as she watched Thornton and Jamie squirm uncomfortably in their seats. She was in control.

Uh Oh, no rest for the wicked it seems. And Tamara won't stop here, no she won't stop until she has all of Bridgeport shook upside down.

Agnes stepped into the washroom and opened up the medicine cabinet. She had had trouble sleeping again, and this morning she awoke with a massive migraine. She took out some pills and poured two into her hand. She swallowed them quickly, afterwards drinking some water from the tap. She proceeded to brush her teeth...

The washroom felt cold, she shivered as she bent down to wash out her mouth and her hands. She looked at the flowing water, slightly filling up the sink then slowly heading down the drain, it was slightly back-logged.
She sighed, "Gonna have to get this fix soon..."
She raised her head up.

And screamed.

She swung around, her heart thumping out of her chest, her breathing heavy and deep. She looked around. No one was there. Her head was pounding now. She shivered. She knew that boy.
She heard the door in the other room open and close. What's going on.

"Jason...?" Agnes whispered softly.
Look at his glasses!
He's so fat!
What a nerd!
Who would ever wanna kiss Jason Forbes! You'd probably catch something!
He's such a loser, no wonder he has no friends!
Hahahahahahaha play a trombone sound when he walks! Better yet when he falls!

It all came back, the things she and her friends would say to him. The cackling laughter rang loud in her ears, she put her hands to her ears to try and block it out.

Agnes, you know what you should do? You should pretend you like him, it'll probably be the best thing that ever happened to him!
Yeah yeah and lead him on too!
He probably won't even know what to say or how to talk to you, he's a freak remember he's never talked to a girl before!
Hey Jason, I kinda like you...
Go away you freak... I can never like you, no one can! We were just pulling a joke on you, I don't really like you, and the only thing that does like you is a burger which quite frankly, is pathetic!
No one... no one loves me...

"Jason... Jason NO!" Agnes screamed as she watched Jason climb over the ledge and jump.

Agnes ran and leaned over the balcony, hoping to catch Jason before he fell. But nothing was there, nor was anyone on the ground below. Tears streamed down her eyes, what was going on.
"That's how he died you know."
Agnes swung around, her mouth opened in terror.

"We always wondered where he got that idea, that no one loved him, that no one could love him. It was that thought, that drove my brother to jump off the top floor balcony... to his death."

"After, my parents drove off a bridge... and I was sent to foster care..."

"You killed my family Agnes... you killed them all..."
You killed them.
You killed them.
You killed them.
You killed them.
You killed me.

"I'M SORRY!" she screamed out, closing her eyes. She opened them back up, and Meredith was gone.
She looked around, then walked back into the house. She heard movement downstairs.

"Come downstairs Agnes."

Flashes of that day played in Agnes' mind, she could feel the searing heat from below. Her gut anticipated the gunshot. She began to walk down the stairs...

Suddenly that dreaded sound, the gunshot. Agnes gasped and clutched her stomach, she looked down at it... nothing. She looked up and was horrified.

"You killed me Agnes." Meredith said, standing there, gunshot wounds in her mid section, blood trickling down on to the floor.
"Why should you get the chance to live, when you've taken four lives who did nothing wrong..."
"I didn't mean to!" Agnes cried out as she ran to Meredith, but no one was there. Agnes dropped to the ground in tears.

"Agnes? Are you okay?" Morganna asked coming into the house. Agnes picked herself up, still crying.

"It's okay Agnes, it's okay, I'm here now, I'm here..."

Jamie stepped out of the elevator, looking around as she stood in front of it, waiting. She sighed as she heard a door open and close, and her sister, Blair step out from the corner.
"Hi, I was wondering if we could talk?"
"No Jamie we can't," Blair responded coldly rolling her eyes.
Jamie took a deep breath in on hearing Blair's words. Her eyes began watering. "I-It's just-" she struggled to speak.

"Oh for god's sake Jamie!" Blair lashed out.
"I can't help it! You don't know whats been happening! It's like a nightmare! Tamara is alive, I saw her!"
Blair let out a small chuckle while tilting her head to the side, "Are you out of your mind?"
"No, she survived the fall out the window and has been in hiding ever since and now she's back, and threatening to go to the police!"
"Huh this is so bizarre," Blair responded, barely hiding her sarcasm.
"Like night of the living dead or something and now Thornton kicked me out," she cried. "God everything is falling apart."
"That's the problem Jamie, sex and boobs aren't very good building blocks for a relationship," Blair said, hardly seeming to care.
"I know I've been horrible, but... can I just stay with you, for a little while?"

"No Jamie I don't think so, I think... I think I would rather set fire to myself first."
"Please Blair, I really need somebody," she cried. "Thornton kicked me out, and Tamara's blackmailing me and... they don't even seem to care about me, my own friends..."
"They probably don't, and honestly neither do I."
Jamie begins breaking down hysterically. "Dammit Blair would you please help me! I'm your sister! I'm having a nervous breakdown!"
Blair let out a loud sigh, "And I wish you'd have it someplace else."

"What's going on here?" Stiles asked, entering the scene.
"I need a place to stay!" Jamie cried.
"Oh please Jamie stop with the crocodile tears!"
"She's so heartless!" she sobbed. "Tamara's alive! And she got Thornton to kick me out and I have nowhere to go and she won't even help me!"
"You can stay here."
"What?! Stiles come on please!"
"We are down 2 roommates Blair, and rent is high enough we can't go on like this we need roommates!"
"But her-!"
"Listen Blair! You need to stop acting like a child and grow up! Jamie didn't do anything to you so you need to stop acting like a brat towards her!"

"Thank you!" Jamie exclaimed hugging Stiles, then shaking his hand. "Thank you so much, my stuff is downstairs I can bring it up."
"No don't, I'll get it for you."
"If you're going to be staying here Jamie, were gonna need first months rent by the end of the day!" said Blair.
"I have enough! So don't worry about rent... sis!" she responded, malice in her voice.

"I'm not the one who should be worrying sis... you should be."



"She sent an email... the truth..."


"What are we doing out here Tamara? Why did you want to go for 'walk'?"
"Isn't it obvious Thornton," said replied gloating. "I want everyone to know that I'm back."
"I don't really think that's a good thing Tamara..."

"Oh I know... that's why were doing it... and would you look over there, I think I see some people we know..."

"Yo, what's up Jared, what you want?"
"I just wanted to hang out, Amanda's... off the wall crazy and Connor's... kinda getting conceited."
Chris laughed as him and Jared walked along in the park.
"Ah well I don't mind, I'm glad for the company, we are band mates right."
"Pretty sure that was a one time thing, good thing I didn't quit work like how Stiles suggested."
"I know right, he wanted me to quit being a lawyer so I could do Zero Degrees permanently, I think that guys on something," Chris laughed.
"Oh look, what do you know, Thornton's with another girl."
"Huh, that girl looks awfully familiar."


"What the hell..."
"I was just there, hello Jared... Chris..."
"You're... alive..." Jared said.
"Do you not have eyes, clearly I'm alive!" she laughed.
"Thornton... she caused Morganna to have a miscarriage what-"
"Ah no, were not going to talk about that! It's not my fault the dumb bitch decided to go Rambo," she said. "And plus it's not about her, it's about me."
Thornton twitched.
"Why isn't she in jail!?" exclaimed Chris.
"You know I would have thought you all would be happy to see me, to know that I'm alive.. this is... hurtful..."
"They never did find the body..." injected Jared.
"So you two are...?"
"Together? Yes, we are... and about to be engaged!" Tamara smiled, kissing Thornton on the cheek. Thornton only remained still.

"Oh my god... Tamara... it can't be..."
"Oh look who it is," Tamara said noticing Pauline. "Hey former BFF, come over here we have so much catching up to do."

"Oh look how cute Luke's gotten," Tamara cooed, leaning in to rub him. But Pauline quickly moved away, not letting Tamara touch her son. "Pauline, I won't bite."
"It's just..."
"What? We were best friends, we told each other everything, we trusted each other."
"And then you broke into the Wolff's home and attacked them... and then you died..."
"Is that the story that's going around now god this is so embarrassing, Thornton can you please tell them that it was Morganna who attacked me, because you were so in love with me, and that I wanted to leave but she pushed me out the window! Because it's getting extremely tiring and hurtful that everyone thinks I'm this monster!"
"You are!" Chris shouted out.
"Pauline... don't tell me you're going to be judging me too... quite frankly I think you should be the last person after the whole Landon situation, which I might add, does Hank know the truth," she glared at Pauline, and it hit Pauline that Tamara knew the truth about Luke.

Blair pulled out a debit card and a credit card out of her pocket, she reflected it in the sun as the letters engraved glimmered. Jamie Jolina.
"We'll see how long you stay with me you bitch."
She turned her head to the group of people talking loudly, and her eyes widened.

"Tamara Donner!?"
"Blair! My old roommate look at you! You look so good now!"
"Wh-what is this?"
"What is what?"
"Jamie was right..."
"Uh, don't tell me you ran into that sad basket case."
Blair turned to Thornton.
"You kicked Jamie out for a woman who tried to kill you?!"
"You don't know all the facts," Thornton mumbled.
"Oh that's right I forgot," Blair laughed turning to Tamara. "You're blackmailing them!"
"What?!" asked Chris.

"Jamie, this morning, came over crying and breaking down like her regular pathetic self, exclaiming that she was kicked out from Thornton's apartment, and that Tamara was blackmailing them!"
"With what?" Chris asked.
Tamara laughed, "You people are hysterical, blackmail!? You're painting me as this sinister person!"
"Then why did Jamie come running to me in tears this morning Tamara clearly you did something!"

"You know I expected hostilities from maybe the two guys here but from my old friends this is just sad."
"Well what do you expect us to do when we find out you're crazy," said Blair.
"Funny coming from you, who goes behind her boyfriends back and lies to him, then goes off to attack her own sister, guess it takes a crazy to know a crazy..."
"Okay guys, let's just stop. I just wanted to come on a relaxing walk with Tamara here-"
"His new fiancee..." Tamara interrupted. "Were getting the ring later."
Thornton paused for a brief moment, his mouth slightly open. He cleared his throat. "I just wanted to go on a relaxing walk with Tamara here to let everyone know that she was alive-"
"Why!? She tried to kill you?!" Blair exclaimed.
"Just stop interrupting! And if you're not gonna be happy she's alive then I think you should leave!"
Blair shook her head in disbelief, "Both of you guys are crazy."

The group broke away from Thornton and Tamara and stood by the fountain, gathering in a circle.
"Something's definitely up," said Chris.
"Yeah, Thornton never said a word, I mean after what happened, he was so furious with himself... but now..." said Jared.
"What does she have on him...?"
"Guys, it's not our life, it's theirs, and quite frankly I think we should just leave it alone," said Pauline.
"What did she mean by Hank knowing the truth?" Blair asked.
"I don't know, she's crazy spouting nonsense, I mean the Landon situation was resolved so... I don't know what she was talking about."
"Hmmm..." Blair replied.

"Tamara I don't get what it is you're trying to do?! I mean if you want to alienate the whole city well just keep doing what you're doing but did you seriously come back from the grave just to do that?!"
"Course not silly," she laughed. "I came to do much more..."
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Default Chapter 2.03: She's Back continued

"Thanks again Stiles for letting me stay here, it means alot."
"No problem Jamie, you're a friend."
"And don't worry about payments, I can pull through on the rent."
Stiles laughed, "That's also something I'm not so concerned about, I trust you."
"Wish Blair could say the same thing..."
"Honestly I would say she'll get over it but... I don't even seem to know her anymore, she's just this... angry deceptive woman now."
"I'm glad I'm not the only one who shares those views."

"I mean, she was in the wrong right? She had no right digging into my personal files like that."
"And I'm not mad at you or anything for telling me, I'm actually grateful."
Jamie smiled, then her phone began vibrating. She pulled it out.
"It's a text from Pauline... great... she seen that witch in the park with Thornton..."
"So she's actually alive?!"
"I know weird right? I just woke up this morning and there she was by the door like a flipping demon from hell," she said, rubbing her forehead. "I don't know what I'm going to do about her..."

"Do about who?" Cyclone asked walking into the kitchen.
"Well look who finally decides to leave his room after months of isolation!" Stiles exclaimed. "Where've you been buddy?! We missed you!"
"Who are you talking about Jamie," Cyclone repeated, ignoring Stiles.
"Tamara, she's alive! Can you believe it?! And she kicked me out of my home!"

"What... she's alive!?"
"And here apparently."
"Where?!" Cyclone asked. "Where is she?!"
"What's wrong?" Stiles asked.
"Just tell me where she is?!" he shouted.
"Umm, Pauline said she seen her with Thornton at Bridgeport Acres..."
"I'll be back," Cyclone said with a deep voice, and he turned and left.
"What was that all about?" Jamie asked.
"I dunno, things just keep getting weirder and more dramatic by the day around here."

"Cyclone... another former roommate, let's skip the surprise to see me alive part okay."
"Emma told me everything!"
Tamara only laughed, "Now what did that lovable bear say, as a matter of fact, how could she tell you anything, didn't she run away after feeling guilty about Ayeshia's death."
"SHUT UP!" he yelled. "JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Hmmm," said Tamara, clearly taken aback. "When did you and Blair develop back bones?"
"The day we lost someone we loved."
"And that's my fault how?"
"You set the fire, not Ayeshia it was you! You tried to kill Emma because she knew of your twisted obsession with Thornton and that you broke into their house!"
Tamara stared at Cyclone, eyeing his face. "You're not gonna do anything Cyclone, all you're gonna do is yell."
"Give me one good reason why I don't take this information to the police, see to it that you die in jail, for good this time."
"You do that and you'll lose Emma, she lied to the police concerning the fire and the investigation remember, now I think that's called obstruction of justice and that IS a crime..."

"So the choice is up to you Cyclone... speak the truth and let your precious love Emma go to jail... or stand down and act like the sad quiet puppy you always were..."
Cyclone chuckled, not taking his gaze off Tamara. He then spit on her boots.
"I may not go to the police then Tamara, but I sure as hell am not going to let this slide, you're gonna pay for this... and you're gonna pay in full, that's a promise I intent to keep... I hate you, and I'm going to do more than just push you out the window, much more..."

"Blair!" Agnes called out.
"Hey Agnes!" Blair said, dropping her bags and hugging her friend. "What's up?"
"Oh I'm off work and... I just bought some pills here, I have head aches and trouble sleeping and stuff."
"Oh my god is everything alright?"
"Yeah it's just work, I'm all stressed out and stuff it's affecting."
"Oh well you need to take it easy, how can a doctor treat patients if she's not even well herself," Blair laughed.
"Yeah... so, I see you did some major shopping," Agnes laughed, looking at the shopping bags. "I didn't know you started the job so soon."
"I didn't," she chirped.
"Then how did you afford all this Blair?" Agnes laughed.
"Let's just say I got some free money... which is now all used up," Blair laughed. "Oh and this isn't all, some stuff is being mailed to me as well, I went on a huge shopping spree-"
Agnes attention quickly went from Blair to something on the street, something staring right back at her.

Agnes gasped.
"Agnes?" Blair asked noticing Agnes' fearful expression.

"Agnes what are you looking at?" Blair said turning herself in the direction Agnes was facing. "There's nothing there."
Agnes broke out of her trance and shook her head.
"I just thought I... oh nothing..."
"Nothing? Agnes are you really okay?"
"Yeah I told you Blair it's just stress and I regularly doze off in the day, that's what these pills are for."
"Okay... but Agnes if something... other than work related stress is bothering you... you can tell me, I'm your friend, and I wanna help," she said resting her hand on Agnes' shoulder.
"Thanks Blair, I really appreciate that."

A few hours later...

"Who did this?!" Jamie screamed getting out of the elevator.

"Why would you?! Who would do that?!" Jamie screamed stomping into the kitchen, she was furious.

"I'll handle this," Cyclone said in Blair's ear. "I'm the only one who does not have history with this woman."

"Please explain to me why all my stuff has been thrown outside and strewn across the parking lot!"
"Umm, well you see there's been a little complication..."
"You better start explaining yourself Cyclone because I swear-"

"You're being evicted Jamie," Blair interrupted.
"Unfortunately, the cheque you wrote us bounced... you're not able to pay for first months rent..."
"That is IMPOSSIBLE!" Jamie screamed. "There are funds in my account and on my credit cards!"
"We tried those too Jamie and unfortunately we got insufficient funds... maybe Tamara blackmailed the bank teller to make your account go NSF," Blair joked.
"You! You did this didn't you! You heartless deceitful back-stabbing bitch!" Jamie screamed at Blair.
"Jamie... I've taken the liberty of taking all your trash and throwing it outside, all that's left is you, now I'm giving you under a minute, to join your stuff, else I'll be forced to throw you out too."
"I'd like to see you try!" Jamie said stepping up to Blair. Stiles and Cyclone immediately got between the two.
"Listen, Jamie I'm really sorry about this but... we really got our hands tied here, if you can't afford to pay the rent you... you have to leave I'm sorry," said Stiles.
Jamie began crying, anger towards Blair. She turned around and left.

Jamie walked out of the apartment building, her eyes red and puffy, she gazed out at the parking lot, at all her clothes, suitcases and under garments strewn about the lot. She started breathing heavily now.
"Blair, you don't know what you've started... if you so desperately want this war I'll give it to you... but I'm not going to lose, I'm going to kill you."

"Blair, was that really the smartest decision?" Stiles asked, annoyed and pissed.
"You maxed out her credit cards and drained out her bank account! How could you do that to someone!?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Guys! Can we focus on the real issue at hand here! We need to find some way to come up with the rent!" Cyclone exclaimed.
"Now you want to participate?! For months all you did was hole yourself up in your room! It seemed like I was the only one who took care of things around here! And still am!"
"Oh please Stiles, shutup. I got us a damn roommate," said Blair.
"What, who?" Cyclone asked.
"Damian! You can come in now!"

"Everyone, meet Damian Ahara, he'll be coming to school here in Bridgeport, and he'll be our newest roommate."
"Hey," said Damian.

"You're kidding right he's 12," said Stiles.
"17 actually, 18 in a little while."
"See," said Blair.
"Where are his parents?! Why is a high schooler staying with us?! And how can he afford rent?!"
Damian pulled out a wad of cash and plopped it into Stiles hands.
"That's first month and second months rent," Damian said.
"See, he's reliable and has money," said Blair.
"Who carries that much money on them?! What teenager carries around that much money on them?!" Cyclone exclaimed.
"Drug dealers that's who, Blair no!"
"Actually I'm not a drug dealer," Damian laughed.
"Blair this is crazy, all were going to be seeing is girls coming up to his room all the time for parties and stuff I know how 'independent' teens without parents are!"
"Actually... you won't be seeing girls... I'm gay... so... you'll be seeing guys."
Blair's face broke out into a smile, "I love him already, he's staying, end of story."

"Oh boy... why do I have a feeling that this isn't going to bode well at all..."

The elevator opened and Morganna walked out, peering around nervously. Were the rumours true she wondered, she needed to find out.

She had to.

"Well well well, I was wondering when I'd run into you," Tamara said cooly coming out of the apartment.
"So it's true... you're alive..."
"Yes Morganna, I am."
"Do you have any idea what you've done?"
"Please enlighten me Morganna, people haven't exactly been forthcoming with catching me up on all the stuff I missed."
"Because of you... I lost my baby... a little girl... because of you... my family fell apart..."
"Oh stop being so melo-dramatic Morganna! 'Because of Me!' I, didn't do anything, I didn't even know you were pregnant, you were the one who attacked me remember. Just by that alone I can immediately tell you would make a horrible-"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare say that!"
"I'm gonna let that one slide Morganna, as a woman who's life seems to be falling apart, it's expected you'd have trouble controlling yourself."
"Where's Thornton?! I'm going to the police!"
"Do that Morganna and you go to jail."
"I didn't tell Thornton this, but I have a friend in the police force Morganna... I told him how that day I wanted to leave, for good, but you... you pushed me out the window, because Thornton loved me and not you... so you go to the police Morganna... and you'd have a bought yourself a one way ticket to prison."

"Why are you even here!?" Morganna growled. "Just the thought of you alive makes my blood boil! And no one, no one, wants to be friends with you again Morganna! You have no one! So then, why are you here..."
"Because Bridgeport is my home Morganna, and like it nor not I'm here to stay, regardless of what those idiots think of me. Now, if you're finished, you need to leave, before I call the police and charge you with assault."
"This isn't over Tamara."


"Blair, what's happened to you?" Stiles asked.
Blair sighed, preparing to walk away.
"No, don't walk away from me Blair! You've changed!"
"Really Stiles what does that supposed to mean?"
"It means you're not the same girl I fell for!"

"Oh please! If there's any 'change' in me at all it's because of you! You were the one who dumped me remember!"
"Because you never trusted me Blair! But that was back then, and I was able to move past but now-"
"Wow you're a piece of work! You have gotten past it, that's why you took Jamie's side over mine!"
"Blair wake up! We needed a roommate for rent! She was looking for a place to stay, it was the perfect opportunity!"
"You two seem to be getting all peachy and swell ever since she plunged a large dagger in my back!"
"She never betrayed you Blair she merely being a friend! And she's your sister how could you be so mean to her!"
"And how could you say those things to me! When you broke up with me! How could you say those things huh?! You're a hypocrite Stiles..."

"And you know what I really wouldn't be surprised if you and Jamie started going out, that would be the icing on the cake for the both of you wouldn't it!?"
"Blair... I think you need help..."
"You're so aggressive now, and it can't be because of me-"
"You know what I'm not having this conversation with you Stiles! The world doesn't revolve around you! Just because you broke up with me doesn't mean that I'm suddenly changed and my life is going on a tail spin! You say I should wake up, that I should grow up! You're the one who needs to smell the flipping coffee in the air and realize that this isn't about you! God, you were once this... shy, cute quiet guy with a love of great music, now you're this egotistical maniac."
Blair's phone started ringing, breaking the tension in the air. She took it out and answered it.

"Hey Blair."
"Hey Hank, how's it going?"
"Ah just thought I'd drop by, see how you were. Wanted to talk to you about something."
"Alright, I need the company," she laughed. "Come on up."
"Hey are you alright? You sound like you've been crying."
"No I'm good, don't worry, come on up."

"Aww look at Luke he's so cute," Blair said as she tickled Luke.
"He likes you," said Hank.
"He's getting more and more handsome everyday, like his dad," Blair laughed. "So, what's up?"
"I just... I just wanted to come by and check up on how the... secret... tape... is doing..."
"Oh... that... yeah don't worry I have that in a safe place, no one's getting to it."
"You haven't watched it right?"
"Of course not Hank, you asked me to do something and I'm abiding by it, you can trust me."
"I know, that's whats so great about you Blair Wainwright, you're one of the only people I can actually trust."
"Well that's what best friends are here for right."
"Yeah... alright, well just wanted to check in, glad to hear you're keeping it safe."
"Anytime Hank, anytime," said said, waving as she watched him leave. Her smile soon turned into a blank expression. She went into her room and pulled open the drawer, taking out the tape marked SECRET.
"Just a matter of time now Jamie, before the whole world sees what type of person you truly are... and I'll finally get the revenge I've been longing for..."

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Why Thornton..." Tamara said, moving towards him. She stroked her hair, then got a firm grip on it, and with a slow deliberate movement...

Took her wig off and threw it behind her.
"Because you did this to me, and I hate you because of it, I am going to make your life, and everyone else connected to it, miserable, I am going to ruin it like you ruined mine... I'm back baby, and I'm back with a vengeance, and there's going to be hell to pay!"

Welcome back Tamara!

Thanx for the support guys, hope you liked it.
Blair's teetering on the edge of crazy, and Tamara has just dove head first into insanity xD
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