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Default GUID Database
A place for creators to post the blocks of GUIDs they used, are using or intend to use.  This is listed in hexadecimal, contains 256 characters, and each GUID is 8 digits.  ie:  0x001E8300. For details about downloading SimPE, see The SimPE Preservation thread.

If you are a casual creator and do not expect the need for 256 GUIDs, then you could just use Random Byte Generator, or hashing via SimPe's Hash Generator.  The odds of a conflict are slim.

Originally Posted by Honeywell's a great converter that you can toggle back and forth. So on my spread sheet I counted out my block of 256 GUIDs in decimal and then in the column next to it I log the hexadecimal value--makes it much easier to keep track for me and make sure I don't accidentally miscount and start reusing numbers. **see attached image
Any existing blocks, from any time, can be listed. Full, empty, in progress.

My intent is to update the table in this post and delete any posts claiming blocks to keep the thread tidy. If you see responses to this post, then please read them and ensure the block you are claiming comes after.  I've started this with blocks I claimed right before the database went down the last time. 

I've found the table feature in the forum to be a bit unwieldy, so I've moved the database to a Google Spreadsheet.

GUID Database
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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
If you know what your first used GUID is (or thereabouts), you should be able to calculate 256 GUIDs.

For those who need a crash course in Hex for GUID blocks:


0x is the prefix, and these don't change. The bolded numbers (shown as 1 through 6 here) are the GUID block and should be the same for all 256 GUIDs in a block. The last two (7 and 8 here, just to show their position) are the changeable numbers. They'll be 00 through FF.

0x12345600 (first)
0x1234564A (random in the middle)
0x123456B1 (random in the middle)
0x123456FF (last)

GUIDs are in Hex, which means there are 16 numbers, so you can think of it as all the decimal numbers from 0 to 9 first, then A to F, then the decimal numbers, then A to F, etc.

01 to 09, then 0A to 0F
10 to 19, then 1A to 1F
...[skipped 20 to 8F, they follow the same pattern]
90 to 99, then 9A to 9F
A0 to A9, then AA to AF
...[Skipped B0 to EF, they follow the same pattern]
F0 to F9, then FA to FF
And you're done with the GUID block.

The numbers do continue from 100-FFF all the way up to 10000000-FFFFFFFF but those aren't need-to-know for the GUID block. They do follow the same pattern, though. Ca be useful to know for other things.

EDIT: Added a handy notepad document with a full 00-FF GUID block that you can use to make a list of used GUIDs (with instructions on how to use).
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: txt GUIDfullblock.txt (4.3 KB, 221 downloads)
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3rd Jan 2021 at 12:57 AM
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21st Feb 2021 at 1:57 PM
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0x03CBC500 - 0x03CBC5FF
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0x0A161500 - 0x0A1615FE please, thank you Lunie! (I promise I'm actually making stuff, it's just taking some time :-))

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If I'm understanding this correctly, I'd like to reserve 0x0A161600 - 0x0A1616FF, please. My handle is Changeling.
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I would like to reserve 0xF26D7D00 - 0xF26D7DFF please!
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0x008CE400 - 0x008CE4FF
0x008CE500 - 0x008CE5FF
0x008CE700 - 0x008CE7FF

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my blocks from when the old database still existed:

0x008DAE00 - 0x008DAEFF (in progress)
0x008FC900 - 0x008FC9FF
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