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Noel! Love your app! Happy you could join.
Nice R1 Mayday :D
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Thanks jj1010, hope you don't mind the backgrounds, I didn't notice until I posted them that they had turned out that way.
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Good app Noel. I like the hair.
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Default Application Form
Name: Amanda Cook
Age: 20
Birthplace: Amanshire

Hello, I'm Amanda Cook. I was born in a small place called Amanshire, that's just outside Sim City. My parents moved us to Sim City when I was about 7 and I grew up in the suburbs... It wasn't easy. All the parents got along fine, but the teens had a food chain, and I was right at the bottom. I couldn't keep a boyfriend because I wouldn't "put out" and the other girls didn't like me because I wasn't into make-up and pop music. So, that's why I'm here, to show them all that they were wrong. Plus it's always been a dream of mine to model, it just wasn't until I met my fiancé that I thought it was even possible. He showed me I was beautiful and I owe everything to him.

Free Shot

I was an Art Major at Uni and now I work from home selling paintings. This lake is where I paint. It's a place I can relax and think. It's where I was sat when I decided that I was going to go ahead and apply.

Head Shot


Body Shot
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Default Round 1 Entry - noteardrops

I don't really like this one. Though I did feel extremely sexy with my apple red lipgloss and hollywood-style hair! This picture was actually really easy to do;the photographer just told me to act like I was having my own secret joke,or like I was very pleasured that a handsome man had asked me to dance.

Freeshot 1:

I really liked this picture! He must've taken at least 40 pictures of me JUST in this pose! When we went out for coffee later,he told me that was his favorite one. I agreed and told them that I liked it because it looks like I'm very innocent. He replied to that with a "I see what you mean. I think it looks like you're sitting there,waiting for the one." Anyways,I like this picture a lot. The chair wasn't very comfortable though

Freeshot 2:

I'm not really sure about this one. The photographer had me do this one,and I guess it's okay,but I don't like it that much. I guess it's a good angle,I'm just not exactly sure what the story behind it was supposed to be.

The shoot was really fun! It's not often that girls from where I'm from get to get their hair done all fancy and get to wear gorgeous masks and gowns! Also,the photographer was soo handsome! And he couldn't stop looking at me oddly,which made it easy for me to do what said for the last two pictures: Look like a butterfly too shy to take flight. I think I fulfilled that,because I really was feeling bashful while taking the pictures! Even though I didn't get to pick my dress or mask,they must've known what I like because when I got there,they had placed it out so I could see it,and it was EXACTLY what I would've picked!
Life On Set:
Being on set was really nice,actually! All the people there were nice and called me 'Miss Mafer' and they were there when I needed them! The people doing hair and make up were also very friendly and we chit-chatted the whole way through! I was in there at 6 in the morning,which wasn't early for me being a farm girl and had already had breakfast of an egg,two pieces of toast,an orange,and some milk,but they told me that I wasn't eating enough and they offered me a whole buffet table of food that look very delicious! But I reclined and then was whisked away by the photographer,a very flirtatious,handsome man who proceeded to tell me what I was to do. Afterwards,he asked me out for coffee,so we went to this coffee house and it was absolutely fantastic! I had never had such delectable coffee! He asked me if I would like to go on a date and whether I was looking for "the one" but I told them that I have a fiance,Tristan,and the photographer seemed a little disappointed but I think we will be hanging out,as friends,soon enough.
Anyways,life on set was really enjoyable for me! I think I'm going to like being a model,even if it's just catalogs and beauty pageants like what I'm used to.

PS,I love everybody's apps and entries! They look wonderful!

Call me Maria(:
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Singing_noel: Don't worry about, i'm not really pressing the white background rule to hard anyways.
Supersimaholic: Thanks for joining ; love your app
noteardrops: Great job on Round 1!

EDIT: I still need another judge. Anybody?
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Dell Everly




The evening before the shoot, I woke up to find my daughter had a fever of a hundred and three, so after spending the entire night in the emergency room, I didn't exactly feel as prepared as I should of been. I sucked it up though, as I downed a few Red Bull's, and a took the extra time I had between set changes to center myself and do a little meditation to keep from getting nervous.

I still probably could of done better on this one had I gotten the sleep I needed, but that's just the life of a mother, and my baby always takes top priority.


I really enjoyed the everything about this picture, especially the editing. There's something so elegant and sophisticated about black and white photography.



The Red Bulls began to wear thin as I returned to set to do this photo, so you can kinda tell it in my face. Thank God for make-up though, had you seen how I looked when I walked in, you woulda thought I had been punched in both eyes.


I could of done better, 'nuff said.



I shot this after a short lunch break, so I got the chance to re-engergize before I returned for the end of my shoot. I'm guessing it totally paid off, because I have to admit I look pretty fabulous holding a glass of wine.


This is my final and favorite shot of the entire day, but as much as I enjoyed myself throughout the entire shoot, I had to admit that there was no greater feeling than crashing on the dressing room couch at the end of the day.


I had a lotta fun on set, it was like revisiting an old past you thought you'd never get to relive again. The hairstylist and I cracked jokes as they put my extensions in, because I was a bit of an extention newb. The make up artist was very nice too, and she actually didn't mind doing her work on the floor as I quietly meditated, and she quietly applied my make up. Then there was the photographer, who had worked for Dior for years, so it was so interesting to hear about all the people he had worked with in the past, and all the places he had been while on location shoots. We all became very close on set, so close, that we ended the day doing candid photos to turn into keepsakes to remember the time we spent together.

I really hope that things will be as comfortable on set as today was on future shoots, but if shoots are anything like I remember from my yester years, I doubt it.
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Default Round I: "Masquerade"
Head Shot

Feelings & Reflections
I love the background in this one but I feel like he caught "my bad side", I think it would have been better if I were facing the other way... Oh well, it's printed now.

Free Shot I

Feelings & Reflections
I adore this image! I was so happy that I was able to portray my creative side. I'm more of a painter than a violinist, but I can play a song or two. The music coupled with the colours on set made the atmosphere electric! I feel like this shows me completely! This photo is definitely my favourite!

Free Shot II

Feelings & Reflections
Well, as you can tell by my face I clearly enjoyed shooting this one! The guy was a professional ballroom dancer and I had tons of fun during practices. I don't know if it's the dress, all the red or the dashing male I'm dancing with, but I look very naughty in this picture, which is a big change from real life.

Life on Set
We started quite late. The first shoot we did was the one with the violin, which was great because it just put me in such a great mood that it made the second shoot, the dancing one, that much more enjoyable! The hair dresser was brilliant! She was so friendly and really down to earth, my hair had never looked so amazing, It's just a shame it was mostly covered by that mask, as gorgeous as the mask was. The make-up girls... Not so much. They reminded me a lot of the girls from high school. But still, they did a good job so I can't knock'em for that. All in all it only too a few hours, I was expecting to be there into the early hours of the morning! We did have a pretty amazing photographer though, even if he did seem a bit hyper active, but I guess that's why we were done so quick.
I can't wait for the next shoot!!
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I thought it would be fun to play with Amanda until the next Round, and she got pregnant, which was ok, but she only went and had TRIPLETS!! XD!
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Haha, well thats unlucky :P
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Stefani Gold Round 1

Head Shot:

I really loved this shot of me! I think my face is showing a great deal of emotion. At first I was having diffuculties for my head shot, since I couldn't show off my lovely dress, but as soon as I became comfortable it was really easy to nail a great shot.

Free Shot 1:

This was one my favorite of the two free shots. My favorite part about the picture, was my excellent pose. I think I did a amazing job on posing. I didn't have as much difficulties as my head shot, because I had more to work with. I could use my scenery, and my dress.

Free Shot 2:

I didn't like this picture of me, as much as I liked the other ones. I think my pose was really awkard looking. I didn't really take advantage of my dress. My face looks a little blank. I was probably a little distracted since this was the first picture I took that day. But when a model makes mistakes, she only learns from them. Hopefully my pictures will keep getting better and better.

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Thanks MaydayParade.

I'm diggin' everyone's entries so far, and now I'm really excited for round 2.
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Just my face with this really heavy mask. I can tell you after the shooting with this mask, I was happy to get rid of it. This picture was meant as a headshot to present the beautyful mask. This shot was not more than looking into the camera and keep my head still. But you must now the photograph took several pictures for the headshot. In total I was holding still for 30 Minutes, THAT is not so easy with that thing on my head. But I felt it was a pretty shot at the end. The photograph looked at the pictures to chose the best one and suddenly came to me and said he wanted another shot of my face. Oh boy.

This time he said - it is all about masquerade at the end. so be mysterious and show your eyes, let your eyes be the focus. At a ball or any masquerade party the clue is that you concentrate more on peoples eyes, he wanted to emphasize my eyes. I felt a bit awkward staring intensive into the camera. Then he came with the idea of me holding a rose in my mouth. Could be fun but with that thing in my mouth I started to slobber - SO embarrassing. I needed to use my sleeve several times to clean me up. At one of the moments the photograph yelled at me: "Hold it!!" That was when this picture was taken. I still think it was the most uncomfortable picture, because of this stupid rose in my mouth!
Free shot:

The last picture of the day was pretty 'ME'. Very simple, clean, just me and a single expression. I felt the best while taking this picture. Probably because the situation was not awkward or heavy headed...:-) just me and this beautyful costum. I like masquerade but frankly, I am happy this session is done!
Free shot:

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Great R1's everybody!
The App and R1 Scores will be in soon
I am still looking for Another judge and some Emergency Judges .
I'm gonna post the next round very soon.
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Round 2; Supernatural,

Vampires, Zombies, Plantsims, Aliens, Fairies, Demons. For this photoshoot you must transform your model into one of these four creatures. The skin, clothing, setting, pose etc. must go with your models creature choice [i.e. Vampire: bloodstained clothes, dark room, vampire skin/eyes.]

You may change your models skin and eyes for this challenge. Also it does not actually have to be the creature ingame, you just have to make your model look like the selected creature

- Heashot
- Bodyshot
- Freeshot
- Freeshot
- Life on set [Describe the events of todays photoshoot]
- Reflection [What does your model think about the picture; must be done for every picture in this round]
- Feelings [How did your model feel during the shoot? What was it like being this creature?]
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Wow! This round sounds like so much fun! I'm gonna get started right away!

^ ^
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Just a question you list 6 different creatures but you say to transform you model into one of these 4 creatures. So do we just pick any creature we want of what you just posted.
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I have no idea how to change skintones in the game, is that possible?

Currently contestant in picturePERFECT; cycle three
Contest results so far:
3rd in Para Anoma and 3rd in Rising Star
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aba23: To make things easier for me I use insimenator, which has an object that you can us to change your sim into any creature ( depending on your expansions ). It also has the option to change them back when you're done. Or do the same thing I do and don't save the lot.

You're also welcome to PM me if you'd like more detailed help.
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I decided to try and not use any pose boxes for this but I just can't get and good shots so I'm gonna have to XD! Mine should be up soon, I've already got one image, just have to fine some good pose boxes.
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I'm so glad you like this round
And LESherick yes, you have to choose any of the creatures from that post and make your model look like that creature.
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Quick question: Does the "Body Shot" have to be standing up, or is it just that the whole body has to be in view?
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Any position as long as you can see the models body head to toe.
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Hey, I've done the app scores. Shall I post them or shall I PM you (JJ1010) the scores?

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I'll be spending the night and all of tomorrow at the land of no internet or sims, AKA my Mum's house, so mine might take longer than I had hoped :/
plus my PC hates the heat of summer and keeps over heating and turning it's self off! And I still only have one image XD!
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