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Here's my post for the contest!

The "Halfway There" House

The "Halfway There" House is named that way, because of how it truly is. Its halfway from becoming a traditional suburban house to a modern/contemporary home. In the house you'll see a collaboration of traditional furniture pieces and modern furniture pieces. I also tried to make all the rooms really relaxing looking at the same time. Hopefully, this idea is presented is presented well. Now, on with the pics!

The Specs

One Bedroom, One Bath ( Haha, its a luxurious starter home)
2 Story
Extras: Pool, Workroom, Sun room, Deck, Balcony

Furnished: $135, 077
Unfurnished: $58, 811

CC Used:
Awesims Niche Loveseat
Awesims Cushion Set (1 only)
Holy Simoly Adele Dining Chair
EDIT* Flabaliki porch fence
EDIT* Alder Stairs by Flabaliki

Other furniture pictured is from the Sims 3 Store

The Outside

Now, the house is really traditional suburban looking but with the help of the green slider paint and the modern-ish fence its not only unique but contemporary.

Floor Plans

Floor One: Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room, Sun Room, Entryway

Floor Two: Bedroom, Bathroom, Workroom

Living Room

This is the cool living room! to me anyway... Now its modern because of the colors used like the black,yellow, and blue. Its more traditional with the white furniture used. This room is really unique and relaxing, so I like it.


This is the kitchen, which I think is the most modern part of the house. The black counters made it kind of dark so I added the blue walls to make it more open. In the picture you can see the very small wine cellar I added since I couldn't make a basement lol.


This the bedroom which is more traditional than any other room in the house. I like the green room because its nice and relaxing.

Extra Pics

Because we get extra, I couldn't resist adding them:

The Sun Room!

I really like sun rooms so I just had to have one in this house. The deck is pictured in the back. I wished I had this room!

The Bathroom

To me the bathroom is pretty contemporary just how the bathtub is sectioned off, and the lighting. The picture is awful though it looks better in the game.

The Balcony

I couldn't figure out what other picture to take, and this one has a nice view.

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Contestant list updated! 8 spots remaining!
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Default The Forgotten Lighthouse
Hopefully I haven't been too slow and there's a spot free ..

The Forgotten Lighthouse

The small town of Simpton-On-Sea used to be a thriving little fishing village, the old lighthouse served as both an aid to sailors and a small port authority storage location. Many years have passed since this old lighthouse really served any purpose, with the coming of the highways and bridges no one needed to bring in supplies by boat. It is believed that an old salty seadog tends to the place now and then so it doesn't fall into total disrepair though it is somewhat overgrown. Seagulls cawing overhead and the gentle lap of the sea are the only sounds here now..

2 Bedroom
Kitchen / Dining room

Special Features
Bothersome seagulls
Gentle rolling waves
A pier to fish off, into the "sea"
Salt water fish in a faux sea
Fully accessible Lighthouse style tower
Did I mention the annoying noisy seagulls?

$50,827 - Furnished
$37,414 - Unfurnished

Street View

Floor Plan

Rather than showing mostly the same image twice I chopped out and labeled the upper parts of the Lighthouse tower to save space.



A Bedroom

The other bedroom is a similar but less fun looking bedroom for an adult / parent perhaps.

Bonuse Shots!!

A rear side view of the lot, you can see the faux sea containing saltwater fish and the little pier attached to the back of the warehouse style building.

A better shot of the lighthouse style tower during the day.

Lighthouse by night, since it's an old and mostly abandoned lighthouse the rotating beacon has long since been removed however it is still fairly well lit up there!

CC and other Content
So far as I can tell I didn't use any custom content at all, I did use a couple of items from the Harvest Bounty set (free from the Sims Store) and various EP pieces (some obtainable using the BuyDebug cheat) and a couple of objects came with the Riverview town download (also free from the Store).
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French Row-House Conversion

This row of houses located in Champs Les Sims, France was purchased by Nouel Molyneux, Archeologist. Under French regulations, the exterior and foundations of a building its age cannot undergo major modification. In light of this, Nouel had the entire interior renovated in the classic style, making sure to unite each individual house yet maintain period features. Some of his artefacts can bee seen throughout.


Installed Expansions: World Adventures and Ambitions
Custom Content: None
Price (furnished): §157,127
Price (unfurnished): §105,101
Lot Size: 30x30
Location: Champs Les Sims

Features: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, 2 living areas, 3 sitting areas, outbuildings and garage.



Foundation Level: Garage, nectar storage buildings and an unused outbuilding.

Ground Floor: Entrance room, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

First Floor: Laundry, two bedrooms (one with balcony), and halls with sitting areas.

Top Floor: Living room, bathroom and disconnected bedroom.

Living Room:


Note: I wanted to use the classic-style counters, but they collided with the window-frames.


Bonus Pictures:

Sitting area in entrance room:

Top floor bedroom:


I would have liked to show more pictures of the interior, but tough luck. I will show them when/if this is submitted for download.
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You have 3 pictures too many, maybe make a collage of the floorplans?
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Originally Posted by armiel
You have 3 pictures too many, maybe make a collage of the floorplans?

"Floor Plans: One picture of each level of the lot, from a high overhead view. If you have multiple levels, you may post these collaged together into a single image, or as separate images - your choice."
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Ah, yeah, sorry, I think that confusion is my fault - you can collage together the floor plans (or not) but not any of the other pics. So that's fine.

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Default Mansard Dreams
I present you with Mansard Dreams. This is a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home, with an old fashion feel and modern amenities. It is ideal home for the discerning sim. When you enter the home on your left is the entrance to the beautiful Living Room whose decor was inspired by the serenity of a library. With a cozy fireplace, television, chess table and a large bookcase your family will spend hours here. If we turn to the right, you will enter the grand Dining Room, perfect for a formal or family style meals. If features second fireplace and will truly be the place of choice for your families projects and homework. Off of the dining room is a private study with the latest in computer technology and of course the Kitchen. The kitchen is at the base of the largest tower of the house and although small, it has all the conveniences of a modern day kitchen.

If we travel back to the foyer and proceed up the stairs, we will make our way to 3 of the bedrooms this home provides. The Master En-Suite with its private bath and sitting area is a place any homeowner can relax. The remaining 2 rooms on the second floor have a well-arranged jack-n-jill bathroom. Going to the third floor we have an open recreation room. This room has an entertaining foosball table and to keep yourself trim, a tread mill. While you workout, the kids can enjoy playing with the toys in the toybox. Also on this floor is the forth bedroom and a separate full bath.The Fully fenced in yard bestows a sense of security and also features a lovely pool that you will enjoy as much as the children.

Why not buy this fantastic home for you deserving sim today.
Furnished: $191,245
Unfurnished: $ 109,582
No CC Used, No Store content (pay or free)

Street View


Living Room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Recreation Room

Blenderized to Pieces
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Default The Gardens of Marrakesh
The Gardens of Marrakesh

After taking that vacation in Morocco, I just HAD to have a home that evokes memories of the gardens of Marrakesh.

This lot has an extensive private garden off the master bath in the back of the house and a small, private, fountain garden off the front.

The home has a light and airy, 2 story living/dining area with the peek-a-boo windows on the upper floor looking down into the living area. In the back of the house there is a large formal fountain, shaded by mature palms and olive trees. Bougainvilla, roses and hydrangea scattered throughout the gardens lend splashes of color in unexpected places.

In such a hot climate, water features are so very restful and inviting. You will find small fountains and ponds in tucked into alcoves, nooks and sideyards throughout the lot.


There is absolutely NO CC in this lot - I don't have any CC which explains the lack of pillows and kitchen clutter and lack of plant varieties. I have all EP's and stuff packs. You will find some 'treasures' from WA from debug/buy on the lot.

The Gardens of Marrakesh, Morocco.
Street View:

Living Room:


Upstairs Bedroom:

First Floor Plan:

Second Floor Plan:


Bonus Pictures:
View from the Back:

Side yard pond:

Stretch View of the Main living/Dining area, showing the high ceiling::
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Default NgaX - Contest Entry
Germaphobe's Adobe

A modern design family home. This house has 2 bed rooms
(1 master and 1 extra), a sun room/living room, pool in
backyard, full bathroom, kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry
room, and bar. Everything (including the kitchen sink) is in
white to make sure there are NO stains left anywhere.
Designed by NgaX, a mysophobic recluse herself. ^-^

le Front

le Floorplan

le Living Room

le Master Bedroom

le Other Bedroom

le Bathroom

le Laundry (extra #1)

le Kitchen

le Breakfast Nook (extra #2)

le Backyard (extra #3)

le Details
No Custom Content
[Installed TS3 EP: Ambitions content]
Lot Expenses
Furnished: $64,206
Unfurnished: $45,636

le Blah Blah
I had a lot of fun on this. Although it was frustrating when my game buzzed out on me and I had to start all over... I didn't want to include too many pictures so I couldn't show the bar. I hope my entry isn't too late!! I also hope people will enjoyed my presentation. This is my first post; since I just registered yesterday. Huzzah for TS3!!
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Rusty Chip house

Rusty Chip house was named after the original owner, Mr Rusty Chips. He had lived here with his wife Margaret, son's Louis and Rolph and little Emily. The house itself was built by Rusty's grandfather Josiah, who was a keen clock collector and llama enthusiast. Of course you wouldn't know this by looking at the house. There are barely any clocks and no llama's whatsoever. Rusty's father Buzz hated his father and after Josiah passed away Buzz made sure there were no evidence of his father's existence. This caused him to be plagued by nightmares of being chased by a llama who had swallowed a clock. This eventually led to Buzz hanging himself from the tree by the pond.

Rusty of course inherited the house and did his best to make it a good home for his wife and children but on one lovely Autumn day whilst Margaret was hanging the washing on the line outside little Emily was playing in the garden and toddled into the pond. She was caught up in some weeds and pulled straight under and by the time Margaret noticed it was too late.

This was all too much for Rusty and Margaret's marriage to cope with and Margaret left with the two boys. Rumour is she ran off with an Egyptian shop keeper and is now living in Al Simhara.

Rusty managed on his own until he perished in a kitchen fire whilst cooking mac and cheese.

Here is your chance to own this little luck closet!

The house is reasonably spacious with 2 double bedrooms and a single which at a push could easily squish another bed or crib in. 2 Bathrooms, one with a bath and one with a shower. The landings are generous so they would make an ideal area for walking to different rooms and opening several doors at once. The house also boasts a spacious newly fitted kitchen and dining area, a dreary living room, a small study and a mature garden which still has the small pond.

As you can see the house needs some modernising, the wiring and plumbing is original and the only renovation done prior to sale was the fitting of the new kitchen. This house is still a bargain at only $64,414 fully furnished although I would recommend changing the sheets and fitting a wire mesh over the pond to avoid any "accidents". Sold as seen. No refunds. Life insurance not included.

House front

Ground floor

First floor

Living room



Emily's old bedroom

Top landing

Back garden

House stats ~

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Kitchen/dining room
Mature garden at front and rear
1 Driveway
1 Zombie
Costs $64,414 Fully furnished

No custom content used :-)

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Beefysim1, HP:
Oops, sorry for the interruption then, I kinda had this image of total 8 pictures allowed (like an extra floorplan shot would take place from one of the 3 extra shots :P) Sorryyy! Carry on
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I think I'm going to miss out on this. My game isn't even loaded yet and, if I'm counting right, then there are only two slots left!

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Wish I had a better graphics card. This all takes so much longer then you expects it 2. Especially when you think you have untill thursday lol

This is called In the Woodlands freash because the main focus/accents are wood~!
It is a Spacey 2 bedroom home, enough for a small family.
2 bath rooms, single garage and a swimming pool.
Simple and elegant.

#1 The front veiw First Impressions are always last. Since we built in a remote loctation, the front is decorate with large trees to invite you in. The exterior is crisp and fresh. You know you want to come in!!!

#2 The First Floor
The first floor consists of open plan living and kitchen area. added to that is a bathroom, and a hall to get you upstairs or to the back porch.

#3 The Second Level Consists of two bedrooms and a bath room. Also have veiw on the first floor to keep an eye on things.

The Living Room This cozy room has everything you need to warm the heart.

The Kitchen
Which is attatched to the dining room all in all to warm your stomache and possibly your eyes while your there.

The Main Bedroom
Also the room my 6 year old told me I hadn't posted ...... so close lol

The dining Area is where is.......

The Garden Breath easy and chill in comfort.

The Split This picture is the veiw of the two levels, the idea of this is being everywere at once. And it give the house a wonderful flow.
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Hawfinch House
This is a traditional yet contemporary house, using both neutral tones and the occasional quirky colour schemes.

-The house includes a foyer, leading to the living room on one side and the kitchen and dining room, as well as a study, on the other.
-The upstairs has three bedrooms, one double, two single, and a bathroom.
-Outside, there is a pond at the front of the house, and a patio area at the back, with table and chairs, and pool.

Expansion packs used: none
Custom content used: none.

Street View:

1st Floor:

2nd Floor:

Living Room:



Dining Room:

Back View:
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Two places left! Get in there quick!

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Originally Posted by armiel
Beefysim1, HP:
Oops, sorry for the interruption then, I kinda had this image of total 8 pictures allowed (like an extra floorplan shot would take place from one of the 3 extra shots :P) Sorryyy! Carry on

No harm done
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Default Final Entry Information
EDIT #3:
-- Adding in written description and data sheet
-- Changing out overview screencaps to be consistent with the house as pictured (some lamps were yellow but changed to blue in the final, for example)

-- Images are thumbnailed but link to their Flickr area, now in their original 1024 x 768 glory. XP


Hidden in the Roots
Furnished: Approx. 98,626
Unfurnished: Approx. 45,344
--Due to small post-assessment inventory edits (I needed a place to put trash somewhere IN the house) and item decay during the photoshoot, the above furnished price is only an approximate.--

Made With
Basegame/Some Free Sims 3 Store Content
Penalties: 1 CC used x2: Microphone
Gave link because I think it's a cool item. XP


Front View

Citrine Hyland-Price was a young girl when she was first pulled into the world of superstardom, entering a contest with her older brother and younger sister as a trio - a scout heard her solo in their song and was hooked. She was only about, what, thirteen or so when she made her first album? Said album made Citrine a teen idol. Being the Good Sim she was, she couldn't say no when they asked her to go on tour.

Now in her early twenties with a new persona and stage name - H.P. Lemon - Citrine found her popularity waning and her conscience aching. Maybe all those years she was working for the record companies, but on the other hand, she made little effort to get in touch with the family she left behind. Then Citrine's plumbob lit up - she would get back home and make up for the nine or so years that she ignored her loved ones. In an effort to lay low from the press, the young woman chose to buy one of the regular houses in her hometown of Riverview and get some renovations to her liking instead of building something new.


Overhead Floor Plan: Ground Floor and Second Floor
(I made sure to keep the second floor to the footprint's edges.)

When Citrine had been thinking about color schemes, she chose not to have a definite color scheme throughout the house, but in an effort to keep things together and related, any wooden furniture was stained in a color close of the wood already stained in the house.

There was not as much of a definite style, however. The furniture bought for the three bedrooms - two of which were actually guest rooms - was more edgy and distinct than the rest of the furniture in the house. For her nephew and youngest twin sisters, though, it made a good contrast to that of their more conservative-styled parents.

It's a pain to go through that small hall seen next to the stairs every night due to the plants, but the plants do a good job of hiding the burglar alarm at the end of the hall. Luckily they work at concealing the alarm from the young ones, too.


Kitchen/Dining Area

Citrine is creative. Put her near an instrument-only song, she'll have the urge to find a notepad and write some lyrics. Putting her near a bunch of food, though, might not be such a good idea. Especially when you have tons of kitchen equipment that she's never touched... she's got a tendency to ruin food. Her kitchen isn't stocked with all the equipment needed to make Ambrosia, but putting her lack of skills in mind, she'd make the exact opposite of it.

The dividing wall is actually padded - no kid is gonna be losing blood in Citrine's house from hitting that wall while playing a game! - but the padding surface was miscolored from that of the actual wall when it was requested.


Living Room

Citrine loves karaoke, though she rarely uses a lyric screen. She actually has a few of her own karaoke tracks in her collection as well, though those are usually stored in her room rather than the CD rack next to her TV. Occasionally she'll play the game console on the coffee table, even without guests over... those kart racing games grow on you after a while...

(CC used, Microphone)



She's mostly here for RR&R - rest, relaxation and reconnection - but you can't keep a great singer down. We all know how inspiration is - so Citrine's grateful for the notepad that currently sits next to her computer. If Citrine's room was soundproof, she'd try how well she can record her voice in here, but it isn't. It makes a good spare microphone when people are arguing who will sing what first on the machine downstairs, though.

(CC used, same item/color as Living Room's)


BONUS PICTURES: Extra Bedroom and Foyer

This room is where her youngest siblings - her twin sisters - sleep when they come over. The stuffed animals are clingy toward the floor of this house, even if the sisters aren't. Must be something to do with the static electricity in there.


Here's a good thing about this foyer; if you have to wait a really long time in here - which probably won't happen, as the owner of the house wants to be polite - you can always pick up a book and read to sway away boredom... then again, it doesn't really help that much, but it's better than standing while you wait.

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This entry isn't finished yet but I REALLY wanted to have a go so is this enough to secure me a spot or have I missed out? I should be back with the finished product in a couple of hours.

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50 Spots Filled... However...

Okay. After consulting with the other staff and my sense of guilt, I've decided we can go a little bit over 50 contestants. I would feel really bad if someone worked all day today on a really great house and then couldn't get in because they were just a bit slower than #50. So...

If you are already working on your house and are almost done, get done fast! There's still a little time!

Right now it is 14:19 here. I will close the contest for the last contestant at or just after 21:00 - so you have about 7 hours from the time I post this. This hopefully should give most of you time to finish and post.

Please do not just post to get a spot though - please only post when your entry is complete or very nearly complete. You can edit your entry up until the point voting starts, but no posting just to reserve a spot.

If you have already entered...

Please finish up your edits as soon as possible. Please also make sure you have indicated whether or not you have used custom content, and if so, how many pieces and which they are. You MUST put how much CC you have used! If that info is not on your post we will assume you have used the maximum of 10!

And just to stem any potential drama - if you see someone has used some CC in their post but they haven't noted it/counted it, please point it out before judging starts so the contestant can fix it. If you do not point it out before judging starts, please hold your tongue as we will not be redoing scores.
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OH NO! Is 50 still the limit! NOOO! I just finished mine too, and was ABOUT to post it! =(

Currently not able to take requests at this time... sorry!
#197 Old 18th Jul 2010 at 2:43 PM
mr.moo7999 - Read HP's latest post.
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#198 Old 18th Jul 2010 at 2:45 PM
mr.moo7999 - The number has been extended just a little bit - to anyone who can get their entries in before 21:00 (9:00 PM) my time. Currently it's 14:44 (2:44 PM).

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so can i still post now?!
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#200 Old 18th Jul 2010 at 3:06 PM
Yes, you can still post now even though there are 50 entrants!

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