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So much has happened in my Pleasantview and it's really growing into a big and thriving neighborhood.

Dina and Mortimer have two children now, Milo and Silas. Mortimer is really long-lived in this playthrough, which I like because he is a good dad and grandpa. Don and Cassandra have three children: Atticus, Luna, and Aurora. Don goes on a dream date with a different woman each time I play him and has yet to get caught. Nina actually has a negative relationship with her child by Don, Sheila, but Don visits her even when Nina isn't there, and they have a very positive relationship. The fact that Don is a good dad is what redeems him for me. Alexander has graduated from college and moved into his own place.

Daniel Pleasant got remarried to Jane Stacks and then later died. Dustin married Angela out of college (when he proposed, it was the dreamiest of dream dates), and they quickly had two sets of twins. They are living with Mary-Sue, who has not remarried. OMG. It's chaos in the Pleasant house right now.

Lilith came back from college knocked up with David Ottomas's kid. Dirk didn't care, he loved her and wanted to marry her anyway, and they would raise the baby as their own. Those Ottomas genes sneak into my families somehow. Lilith had two more children with Dirk, but she has PPD and life is really hard for her right now. They are living in the old Dreamer house.

John Burb got a crush on Brandi Broke at Angela's wedding party, and after that, Brandi wanted to marry John. She asked John to leave his wife, and because he was upset that Jennifer didn't want any more children, he agreed. He divorced Jennifer and married Brandi. Brandi's first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, but she got pregnant again, so I will finally have a Burb-Broke baby. Beau went off to college.

Jennifer got remarried very quickly to Joshua Ruben. It turns out she had been having an affair with him before the divorce (Dina saw them in the hot tub together). They had a baby together, which is kind of a slap in the face to John, but I guess since Lucy was in college, she was ready for another baby.
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My laptop sadly got decapitated recently, so I rediscovered the psp version of the sims. I forgot how fun but also super frustrating it is!

It makes me wish before I started my megahood I downloaded the psp version of strangetown someone recreated Partly because the psp version is set 1 year after Sims2 for PC so to me I would want to follow that in my game, but also because it had more roads and in my current game Strangetown is getting very crowded. But I'm generations in to my megahood now so it feels a little too late.

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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
My laptop sadly got decapitated recently,
Oh no! Is the hard drive okay?

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I've got a lot of work writing out the rules for a working version of a Homesteader's Challenge based on mine as the other creator took their thread down after they dicovered something about theirs that I'd found more than ten years ago when trying to play in much the same way.I'm going the homsteaders based on how it really happened with the largest lot size in the game being what is used for both the first community lot and for the first residential lots when the first pioneer settlers arrive to take up their claims.
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I've discovered that I'm really bad at taking care of toddlers. I don't think I've ever had two sets of toddler twins at the same time, but that's what Angela and Dustin have now. I should have taken a picture of the house. The floor was literally covered in stinky bottles and dirty diapers. Mary-Sue hired a full-time nanny and a maid, but that didn't make much of a dent in the mess. Everyone was in the red, one of the toddlers was too exhausted to eat, they're living off of pizza crusts, and I think even the nanny wet herself. And Mary-Sue aged up in the middle of it all. I'm seriously worried I might have my first Sim death due to toddler overload.
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I had Brandon Brooks (genderbent Brandi Broke) propose to Dara Draper (Darren Dreamer), but she rejected him because their relationship was too low. I feel so bad for him, because it's technically my fault she did that... I hope they can make up, I kinda want them to get married, maybe have another baby. Although Dusty and Didi might have some things to say about getting a new baby brother or sister at the age of like 21
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Ruby Burb has learned all of her toddler skills with the exception of a nursery rhyme. She also has three points in Charisma from the rabbit toy. Ruby's sister, Layla, has been studying Cooking, Mechanical, and Cleaning while attending school. She has reached the required two points in Cooking so she doesn't burn the house down the first time she tries to cook, four points of Mechanical so she won't kill herself trying to fix something, and Cleaning is just a good skill to have because a lot of jobs require it. All my sim kids learn these skills young. Layla has a B+ in elementary school.

Lucas just gave birth to Amber and Marcus is pregnant. Apparently it can happen the first time! The father of both babies is Max Carter. Neither of the Broke twins know that their children will be half siblings and cousins. Max is such a dog, but the child support may mellow him out.

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I'm trying to get Cassandra to have a girl. Last time I saved her household it was 1630 and she gives birth at 0600. I can't save because of the ghosts... I really hope 4th time will be the charm.
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What started as a dream come true ended up a nightmare for poor Marylena Hamilton. She had a beautiful wedding with her love Talin Deppissee (or however you spell it) and adopted her young friend Marsha Bruenig (why did she start out friends with a child?). After a long day she was tired and decided to put off calling the repairman for the computer Marsha broke. Talin thought he'd surprise her by repairing it himself, unfortunately he had 1 mechanical point and electrocuted himself, in front of Marsha. Now Marylena is depressed and Marsha blames herself.
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I had a few firsts. First, I don't really remember having a teen run away before, but Sheila Caliente has run away twice. Her mother, Nina, is a pretty terrible mother so it's no surprise, but the first time, Sheila was returned by the police. I think this last time, Sheila is not coming back.

Also, in the Pleasant household, the nanny set a fire and she died in it! I don't think I've ever seen the nanny die from her own shenanigans before. One of the elder twins also died, sadly. It has not been a great day in the Pleasant household.

And speaking of firsts, Don Lothario Goth finally got caught for cheating with Dina Caliente Goth after the death of her husband, Mortimer. Don just let his guard down and invited Dina over to the house. So Cassandra has kicked him out.
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I went into an old savefile on another computer just to check it out.
There were some lots that would cause the game to crash if I tried going into them, but I could at least go see Storm Neighbour, who died young but was alive as a teenager in this save. I watched her do her homework and then had her go hug her dad.

After that I checked out Strangetown, as I wanted to see what I had done there before replacing it with a fixed template in my current game. I hadn't really played much there at all in the old save, but I noticed something odd about the Grunt household, mainly that someone was missing.
Turned out General Buzz had died in a fire. His tomb was unceremoniously standing outside with a noodle soother next to it. Buck was a knowledge teen and Tank had grown up to an adult so recently that his cake was still on a table. I had absolutely no memory of playing with that household enough so that the two of them had aged up, let alone of General Buzz dying, but I thought it could be interesting to play a little with them to see how things would turn out since apparently, they had lived for a while without any adult in the house and now that Tank had become one, rather than getting free from the household to do whatever, he was stuck there to look after his brothers. He immediately rolled a wish to apologize to Ripp. Buck wanted a piano and a telescope. After he got them, he didn't use them much, but Ripp took a liking to them.
Tank tried to parent his younger brothers somewhat by encouraging traits in them. It went over well with Buck, but not with Ripp.
The next day, Buck had a wish to get into private school. At that point, he had spent the afternoon cleaning the entire house on his own accord, so Tank called the principal over for coffee and readymade food, as no one were very good at cooking and didn't dare to risk setting fire to the kitchen after what happened to their dad. Meanwhile, Ripp was banging away at the piano Buck had wished for. He didn't need to help out as I figured he wouldn't give a shit about private school. The principal liked the house and the coffee, but ultimately wasn't impressed enough.
In the evening, Ripp asked Tank to help him with his homework. Tank declined, but that interaction took away their enemy status. A while later, Ripp autonomously went to apologize to Tank, then to talk with him, and then they spent the night chatting and joking away all by their selves.
Eventually, the ghost of General Buzz appeared, and naturally, he started to haunt the obstacle course. He also scared Ripp as Ripp was looking through the telescope.

Tank was outside too but didn't notice the ghost, but when he saw his little brother sit down in shock, he went over to hug him. Ripp didn't accept it, though, so Tank decided to calm him down by talking with him instead.
Buck saw the ghost later as well, but as a knowledge sim, he was happy about it.
Ripp aged up to an adult, and pretty much immediately got the idea to poke Tank, and it didn't take long before they were in a fistfight and their relationship scored down to -100. After they had spent days being nothing but civil to each other, and not only that but continously having nice interactions and building up their relation on their own accord. It's like a sitcom where the characters spend an entire episode learning a lesson only to reset everything for the next one. Cancelled, goodbye.

Over in the cool and canon savefile, things were going a bit smoother. Tank wanted to talk to a relative and invite someone over, so I had him call over Buck. Buck asked if he could bring a friend, and Tank, always up for meeting new people, said yes.
A moment later, Buck arrives and with him he has... Ripp Grunt. I don't know whether Buck wanted to act as a peacemaker between them or just mess with them, but Ripp looked slightly perplexed, too.

Luckily, the distance between him and Tank had lessen the tension, so that Tank's relation to Ripp was neutral, and Ripp's to Tank in the low minus.
Buck seemed to have missed his newly moved out brothers and showered them both in affection, and he and Tank became friends.

To my surprise, Ripp was the one to take the initiative to talk to Tank.
After that, Tank made burnt spaghetti for the three of them. Fortunately they stayed around long enough for everyone to get hungry again, and Tank made some unburnt spaghetti as well.

After Buck had gone home, Ripp stayed until 2 and Tank, usually in bed by 22, slept all morning until the carpool arrived.
He became best friends with his colleague Caligari Neighbour. Take note, Buzz - this is the only way we punch aliens these days.

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Taking inspiration from Wangan Midnight, I've got a feud going on between two street racer gangs in my game. Run by a Atef Mustafa and a Nazeem Zamalek respectively.

"Ah my beautiful MR2, I dream about it when I'm awake, and I'm awake about it when I dream. The only thing that gets me going is knowing I'll be able to hit those apexes and challenge others to a street race. Only problem is the roads in Al Simhara are of poor conditions and I hate to subject my beauty to such conditions. Maybe it's best I retire from the scene, but hell, who am I kidding? Driving 55 is not for me. Besides, I am into it for far too much Simoleons. Importing the MR2 wasn't a cheap choice, but I don't regret it."- Biography of Atef Mustafa

"This thing they call street racing... Once you get a taste for it you can't not taste it. It fuels your blood. The rush and excitement. I know I'm willing to challenge others around the streets of Nhw-Wr but there is one racer I just can't beat. ...Atef Mustafa. That MR2 of his seems to have a gear higher than my RX-7. But I must stay vigilant and beat him even if that means I need to jump off the ferry terminals and onto a ferry boat... Fast and Furious style. It's a good thing I am not using my father's Hilux like some suckers do or else I'd never make such a jump."- Biography of Nazeem Zamalek

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I just illegalized toaster pastries and if my sim autonomously cook one, I would fine them 50$.

This is because for some unknown reason, my sim glitches or teleports out of the table if they eat, their plates also become stuck.
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With the exception of Stella Terrano, who somehow failed her Junior year but immediately decided to get to work retaking it, the LFT premades have all returned to the 'real world'. Klara Vonderstein was valedictorian, earning herself a $4500 Crumplebottom Silver Award for Academic Excellence. This enabled her to pay off her fairly minimal student loan and rent a pleasant one-bedroom apartment in the main hood of Procrastination. She is working in Natural Science, has no romantic interests, and plans to keep it that way. Frank Worthington earned a Bronze Award, worth $3000, and also had several thousand tied up in the house he was living in; he too has a nice apartment and is so far earning a living by writing articles rather than through a regular job. He left school knowing almost nobody, but has already taken a liking to Andrea Nanale, the townie in the apartment opposite his own.

The university has discontinued the Greek House system. Since Guy Wrightley's grandfather provided the frat house, the proceeds of its sale were given to Guy. He and his girlfriend, Jasmine Rai, have paid off their student loans but for now are still in the same tiny one-bedroom apartment Guy rented when he first dropped out of college. The sorority girls divided the value of their house equally, and all except Sarah moved into a studio apartment together. DJ Verse received a belated Military Cadets Award, so was already out of debt when she left school; the Military career pays well, too, so her savings are mounting up. Monica is moving rapidly up the Medical career and even Jessie is doing quite well in the Dance career. Since they are all out debt now, but none has any plans to marry just yet, they will probably move to a bigger apartment together when their current lease runs out.

Sarah Hart and Matthew Love both failed their Senior year, dropping out with massive debt. They each brought an easel from their Greek House, however, so have some income from painting in addition to their entry-level jobs. William Williamson just scraped a pass, but he and Blossom Moonbeam are also heavily in debt, without the benefit of easels. Gunnar Roque graduated a while ago and had saved up almost enough from his wages to cover Zoe Zimmerman's debt. All three couples seem likely to start a family soon.

Mickey Dosser and the Davis brothers are sharing a studio apartment. Their entry-level wages are about a third of the daily interest on their loans, and of course they have to set aside rent money, too, but none of them is showing any sustained interest in getting promoted. I'm going to have to come up with some kind of penalty for them; they can't just live the Frat life forever while their debt piles up without consequence.
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In the Lothario household, the police officer won the fight, but the burglar still ran away somehow.
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Originally Posted by Neverwinter_Knight77
In the Lothario household, the police officer won the fight, but the burglar still ran away somehow.
That's 'cause the Sim Nation is trying to do policing on the cheap. They should always send at least two officers to a burglary.

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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
That's 'cause the Sim Nation is trying to do policing on the cheap. They should always send at least two officers to a burglary.

Hey, what do you expect when the fire department consists of one poor beleaguered fireman who has to fight the flames by himself?

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Nervous Subject went out to dinner with Olive and Ophelia. Then his household got the flu from the roaches. Loki made a medicine and tested it on Nervous before drinking it himself. Nervous was fine but Loki developed the mystery disease. I'm not gonna say you actively deserved that, Loki, but HA.
He and Circe both wanted to have a baby, so they did. It was a girl that got the name Tankette. Why these two would name their daughter after some random dude who lives in their town I don't know, but it is what it is.

Love Thy Neighbour, Muffin Neighbour, Justice Larsen-Neighbour and Picasso Melinder had a little spontaneous drink- and danceparty when Love Thy's brother Caligari decided to come over. Picasso in his pajamas, my man. As for Picasso, I had plans to get him and Lovemore Logren together as they despised but were attracted to each other and I thought they could be a fun, grouchy couple, so I had Picasso prankcall her so she'd come over and then he asked her on a date.

Tank Grunt had a party.

Violin Sulsul had only planned to move into a house along with Roadnight Neighbour and her son Monsoon briefly at the beginning of the move to Strangetown out of convenience, but she soon felt at home in the house and their company, and her and Roadnight got closer and started dating. They're not exactly a couple, but decided to have a child with the power of boolprop/science and raise it together as friends (with benefits). As Roadnight is the older of the two, and has already gone through a pregnancy with Monsoon, Violin had to be the one to carry the baby. The baby was named Batty Neighbour, and quickly grew into a toddler and The Clash-fan. For Monsoon, suddenly getting a little brother in his teens was a happy surprise.

Modesty Neighbour wants to get married, and has expressed a fear of growing old without having been married, so she and her teenage sons went out to Club Dante, for them to dance and have some fun, and for her to look for men. She did hit it off with a downtownie called Dreven, but nothing came of it. A few days later, however, she got involved with a guy named Gurra. Cappuchino suddenly wanted a makeover station and a bronze medal in cosmetics, and he gave her maybe-soon-to-be-stepfather a makeover. "Notice, Gurra, how the facepaint matches your tie."

In the House of Fallen Trees, the ghosts have started roaming the lot. Godspeed's sons Hurricane and Crescendo often wake up at night and have to go play themselves tired again, and after they both had gotten scared by ghosts, Godspeed had enough and moved out with them to main Strangetown. Still in the house were Godspeed's little sister Champagne, her twins Brahe and Copernicus, their father Piel-Divina, and Godspeed's and Champagne's father, Caligari. Copernicus set up his beloved train set when P-D came over to help him, and it turned into a nice father-son activity.

Zelda Larsen got fired from her job as a stand-up comedian after a chance card accident in which she tried throwing back a corncob on a heckler that had thrown it on stage but instead hit an old lady who fainted from the shock. To cheer herself up a little, Zelda asked Piel-Divina out on a date. They went to the newly built Cafe Petite, though it hadn't officially opened yet and only had a bar and an espresso machine with free coffee. A lot of the date was spent drinking espresso and playing chess, and after a while, Brake Neighbour came over to watch the game. Ah, three knowledge sims in their natural habitat.

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Well, I restarted my Pleasantview for the umpteenth time as I was having issues in my last reboot with aging again and also the mod I'm testing was producing a ton of random YAs. So, tweaked the settings again and restarted. I hope this setup doesn't have any major issues because it's turning out to be really fun. We've already had two unexpected deaths...

Let's start with the Burb-Broke families. John and Jennifer moved in with their daughter Lucy, and Jennifer immediately got pregnant. However, this pregnancy was a difficult one, and she collapsed quite suddenly and died while John was at work and Lucy was at school. (I wasn't expecting it because I didn't think her hunger was that low, but I think one of my mods can make this happen.) So John is a widower raising a young daughter. Brandi is also a widow raising young children, including her new baby, Bobby. Both have a connection to the Pleasant family, as John is related to them by marriage and remains quite close to them, and Brandi's son Dustin is dating their daughter Angela, so John and Brandi met at one of the many Pleasant parties. They started dating and shortly after Dustin went to college, they got married and blended their two families into a larger house. Lucy was now a teen (Fortune), and Beau followed shortly thereafter (also Fortune). John and Brandi had a baby pretty quickly (Troy), and they seem very happy together. I think they make a great couple. Lucy has just headed off to college, and Brandi is pregnant again.

Now the Goth-Lothario-Caliente families. Don did go through with the wedding to Cassandra, but just before that, he had a torrid affair with Nina, and she gave birth to his twins, Hazel and Hugo. After the wedding, Don decided he wanted to be a good family man, so he cut things off with Nina, leaving her to raise the twins with only the help of her sister Dina and Don's skimpy child support. During the toddler stage, they were both exhausted and hungry all the time, and one night as Dina was fixing herself a late meal, she was scared to death by her husband's ghost, leaving Nina alone. Needless to say, she is pretty resentful of Don, who has not even bothered to meet his kids with her. Don also gave Cassandra two children, Atticus and Charlotte. Alexander grew up (Family) and started college. Most surprising of all, Mortimer reunited with his wife Bella, and they renewed their vows, so now the children have two doting grandparents in the house to bathe them all the time. Over time, though, Don has felt his attraction to Cassandra wane. He tried to restart things with Nina, but she is still very cold to him, so now he's looking around for someone new.

Finally, the Pleasant-Dreamer families. Darren never got to tell Cassandra how he felt before she got married, so he remained a bachelor who skills a lot and has no romantic wants while his son Dirk went off to college. Daniel decided not to act on his attraction to Kaylynn and remained faithful to Mary-Sue. The Pleasants threw a graduation party for the girls, and Lilith went to college, but Angela decided to stay at home, go to community college, and then get a job. The Oldies moved in as well. Angela continued to date Dustin while he was away, and Lilith stayed with Dirk. When Lilith graduated, the Pleasants threw another party, and Mary-Sue must have gotten a little tipsy because Daniel caught her flirting with Dirk out in the front yard. So now Daniel hates both his sons-in-law. He got revenge by finally acting on his attraction to Kaylynn and having an affair with her, but then he got over it and repaired his relationship with Mary-Sue. Still, he's cheated once now and gotten away with it, and his eye is wandering...

Mary-Sue was making Lilith's life so miserable that she moved into Darren's house with Dirk, and they married shortly thereafter. It turned out to be a shotgun wedding, because Lilith was already pregnant with their son Dylan. Angela took a more traditional route of finding a house first, then having a wedding party with Dustin, and getting pregnant with their daughter Aurora. Angela and Dustin are fairly laid-back (Dustin doesn't even have a job yet), while Dirk and Lilith are a power couple and love to spend money. I think Angela assumes she will inherit the Pleasant house, which is a pretty safe assumption considering that Mary-Sue despises Lilith.
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Sharla Ottomas became my first ever college dropout, and due to housing shortages in Strangetown had to move back into her childhood home. Peter and Samantha decided this was the perfect opportunity to finally take that honeymoon they'd been too busy for, put Sharla in charge of her three teen siblings, and headed out to the Burning Robot Festival. Where they showed no interest at all in most of the vacation activities, being interested only in romancing each other, though if I took them to a beach lot they also wanted to build sandcastles and sunbathe, and Samantha periodically rolled a want for a tour. They both had "Woohoo with 3 Different Sims" wants (Samantha has a Romance secondary and Peter has a Family one; I find it keeps them happy), and I have a Lust Shack full of X-rated (by Sim standards) CC, but when I sent them there they wouldn't even go inside to the naughty stuff, just hung around outside flirting with each other and pushing tourists on the swing. When I had them scope room they found each other hot and rolled more wants for each other. It was much too sweet to mess with. So they were being perfectly happy going around looking for new and different places to woohoo; but I also decided to fill Samantha's tour wants, leaving Peter on his own in locations with plenty of autonomous things to do while she did it.

So when she went on the third tour, on the evening of their next-to-last day, it was from Temple Beach, which is full of vaguely-religious themed and Castaways items. I'd tested them all when I was playtesting the hood, but some of them hadn't seemed to do anything, so on impulse, hoping it would cool him off (Peter had a terrible sunburn and drinking water wasn't bringing his temperature down), I sent him to drink from the Castaways chalice. He drank it off, and suddenly there was a cutscene and a notice to the effect that Peter was now on the first day of his adult life!

I was astonished (not least so because Peter was suddenly blond, and in underthings), and while I was reacting Samantha's helicopter returned her from her tour and he ran up the beach to meet her. I realized that he'd urge her to drink, too, so once I sorted out a routing failure that will do very well as a scene of consternation and recognition when I write up the story album, I sent her down to do so. She aged down into Mrs. Crumplebottom's hair, so now they need makeovers, and the everyday suit she put on when I sent them back to the campsite was much too hot for the site, so there's some makeovering to do before I send them home. I should milk this for story, the more so since Peter is a Commander in the military career and General Buzz's right-hand sim, but you know security'll be all over this event.

I briefly considered having them change their names and identities, but I'd have to add a downtown for them to vanish to and they didn't lose any relationships when they aged down, so it's not worth the effort.

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I finally got Alexander and Lucy married in my Pleasantview. Alexander did actually have romantic feelings for Lucy in high school and wanted to go steady with her but didn't get the opportunity before going off to college. While in college, Lucy dated Jimmy Phoenix. After graduation, though, she invited Alexander on an outing and warm feelings resulted. Soon enough, Alexander had proposed and Lucy accepted--could that have to do with her want to marry a rich Sim? He does have half the Goth fortune and a very nice house. The only wrinkle is that Lucy is carrying Jimmy's baby, and since the baby bump hadn't appeared before the wedding, she's contemplating passing the child off as Alexander's to make sure they get all that Goth money.

Cassandra had noticed Don's waning interest, so she went and got a makeover, but when she asked Don if he liked what he saw, he said something very rude and insulting in response. Wanting a little attention, she went out with Darren, and he very much liked what he saw. One thing led to a makeout, which led to a woohoo... now Cassandra is in a conundrum. Should she let her fling with Darren be a one-time thing and return to her rather unhappy marriage or should she pursue happiness with Darren? Darren certainly isn't helping by not rolling any wants to see Cassandra when they aren't together.

Over in the Pleasant household, Daniel and Nina's affair was going hot and heavy...and then she got pregnant. There was no keeping this news from Mary-Sue, and she wasn't going to tolerate this blow to her standing in the community, so Daniel was out. And since he had lost all of the family funds in a bad investment deal, he didn't get a divorce settlement either. He moved in with Nina, who is just happy to have his nice salary, and she fixed up the condo a little. She doesn't seem too upset about the baby either, now the twins are teens and doing their own thing. Meanwhile, Mary-Sue is having a bit of a midlife crisis and pursuing much younger men.

What are my other families doing? They're making and raising babies. Especially John and Brandi. JFC. All boys, too, so far.
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John freaking Burb got himself electrocuted is what happened and he scared the crap out of me when I saw him light up like a firework in their living room
---Damn it, John, you moron, I told you to do one freaking thing, just ONE and that was to call a freaking repairman and what did YOU do??? You called the repair technician and then tried to fix the damn computer by yourself when you have ZERO, NONE, NADA handiness skill points
The previous day I told him to fix the bathtub, what did he do? He complained and huffed, he tried for 2 seconds and then called quits and went to watch a freaking movie. Heavily pregnant Jennifer (because HE had rolled the want for a baby!) ended up fixing it autonomously. This guy doesn't want to do ANYTHING! Does he want to get a job? Nope! Does he go by himself to care for the babies HE wanted them to have? Nope! He waits for Jennifer or Lucy or, I don't know, some stranger walk in the house because they hear the babies cry! All he wants to do is watch TV, take bubble baths and HAVE the babies (probably because he can "make" them when he is lying down ). When Jennifer was giving birth (to freaking twins, that's why her pregnancy was so difficult and she was throwing up 4-5 times in a row and her comfort bar turned red in seconds!) screaming "bloody murder" in the middle of the night in their bedroom right next to him, I woke him up only to watch him through the cut-scene video... going back to sleep Meanwhile, Lucy and her brother, Brad had woken up and were routing at their parents' bedroom door trying to be there for their mother!
(I'm starting to question Jennifer's intelligence for being with him, I know love is blind but that much??? )
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I've gone into my BACC game to test out a Mod I just downloaded from here that was uploaded recently to see if it fixed the getting to work or school issues for apartment lots or homes with no room for a driveway.
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Well, Lucy closed my last rotation by getting married to Alvin Futa, now Alvin Burb. She had a roof raiser wedding with all her family attending, including Angela, who stood out in a blindingly white wedding gown that I did NOT choose for her. I mean, even Lucy wore purple! I get it Angela, OK? Next rotation you'll be having your first ever woohoo in the photo booth with Alexander. I'm trying here.

Anyway, Lucy is pregnant and I plan for her to have a boy named Marshall (family name). Dustin's wife Lucy (ex cheerleader) is pregnant too, and when I had her have the baby without saving to see if it'll be twins, I discovered that she is a natural brunette who dyes her hair blonde. I was a bit disappointed, given all the black/brown haired kids that Cassandra and Jennifer popped out but oh well. At least the baby will have a blonde gene from Dustin.

Next rotation will be rough for the Pleasant twins. Both parents will die so... boohoo. Cassandra wants to get married again so she'll propose to Darren. No more babies though.
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I've been world building... Literally!

I'm working on an east asian island subhood, as I try to make my game look easier on the eyes in the default subhoods (playing a pseudo megahood. Strangetown base with Pleasantview and Riverblossom as subhoods, along with the basic Downtown and Bluewater). I'm also gonna make a magic town inspired subhood soon. I started on my last neighborhood but had to restart the world recently because I mindlessly deleted the House of Fallen Trees to replace it (It has graves on it), and already have a carnival lot from before I restarted my world. I'm systematically color coding the payphones of each subhood kinda like how The Sims 1 handled payphones, and though you can't see it on the carnival lot from my old magic subhood, I think I'm gonna have a purple phone with a black and white lamp, or a black phone with a purple and white lamp.
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