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Originally Posted by sturlington
I think university is what ends up killing my long-term neighborhoods. I enjoy playing rotationally but I get so tired of playing university after a while that I just give up on the neighborhood altogether. I want my Sims to go to college, though.

Sims spend way too much time at college compared to their total lifespan. In my current neighbourhood, one of my sims gave birth in her Freshman year (because Inteen) to twin girls. The daughters are now teenagers and the mother still hasn't graduated.
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Originally Posted by sturlington
So my Pleasantview is bonked, I'm sure. I'm not very surprised since I was using it to test out that story progression mod, but I am going to miss it. I'm pretty sure the mod is what corrupted it. I think it's just trying to do too much, and since it's in beta, it's still pretty buggy. And all the neighborhoods I played before putting in the mod are fine. Ah, well.

The best part of the mod, I think, was the ability to send my Sims through college without actually having to play college. I know that can be simulated with other mods, but this felt less cheaty because they progressed through college, got grades and a degree, met other students, etc. on their own. I may try to replay with just that part of the mod and see if it's less buggy. Sure to be fewer babies that way, too. I think university is what ends up killing my long-term neighborhoods. I enjoy playing rotationally but I get so tired of playing university after a while that I just give up on the neighborhood altogether. I want my Sims to go to college, though.

I have not installed that mod yet for the same reason, I would love to test the story progression together with a mod that lengthens life, (in the sims 3 I really liked setting the story progression). But more than a year ago I spent a lot of time configuring my game and it would be very tedious for me to do it again if the progression "contaminated" all my neighborhoods or it was not possible to have it only where I want it, (it is still a beta). Plus I'm still creating three custom neighborhoods and I'm scared that I'll mess them up. The same thing happens to me with Sims2RPC, I am worried that it will not work and will ruin my installation. I'm dragging out the issue of installing both mods until I have no other choice. I guess I'll do an install on another machine and test if they both work the way I want it to before I take a chance. Although I am looking forward to having them soon, I am tired of using a bat box to avoid having first born syndrome.

About how long the college is... When I was a child, I remember spending sleepless nights just for Angela and Lilith to finish university ... How much time I lost reflected in my school results XDDDD. Luckily today we have a mod that shortens the time in college.
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Originally Posted by Sokisims
I have not installed that mod yet for the same reason, I would love to test the story progression together with a mod that lengthens life, (in the sims 3 I really liked setting the story progression). But more than a year ago I spent a lot of time configuring my game and it would be very tedious for me to do it again if the progression "contaminated" all my neighborhoods or it was not possible to have it only where I want it, (it is still a beta). Plus I'm still creating three custom neighborhoods and I'm scared that I'll mess them up. The same thing happens to me with Sims2RPC, I am worried that it will not work and will ruin my installation. I'm dragging out the issue of installing both mods until I have no other choice. I guess I'll do an install on another machine and test if they both work the way I want it to before I take a chance. Although I am looking forward to having them soon, I am tired of using a bat box to avoid having first born syndrome.

The mod is great at preventing first born syndrome, that I can tell you. I did notice serious issues with how it handled aging, pregnancy, and relationship building. And eventually my neighborhood would not load. My game is fine, though, and neighborhoods that I haven't run it in work fine. If you wanted to test it, I would do it in a new neighborhood that you don't care about and separate from the neighborhoods that you do care about. You can disable some features globally or by household, and you can easily remove folders if you don't want that feature (such as alien abduction). I had to start my neighborhood over several times with different settings to see how they worked.
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Mitchella Curious just got engaged to a boy and moved into a residence with him, so of course Pascal had to invite them over so he could see his future son-in-law. And who should come by as they arrived but Mitchella's favorite aunt, Lazlo's wife Crystal! Crystal and Mitchie glommed onto each other the very first time Lazlo had her over, and she shared the house during a large part of Mitchie's childhood, so they're very tight, and now lives directly across the street, so of course when she saw them arrive she rushed right over!

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Well, Mary-Sue and Daniel just died in my last rotation. Lilith is in mourning and she also got fired from her job in the athletic career so she's seen better days. It's just as well though since she only became an Assistant Coach with no degree thanks to her daddy. But don't tell her that lol. Angela is mourning too; she was hitting the bar hard which led to her calling Alexander Goth for a visit and surprising him with a woohoo in her mother's bed. Ew, Angela. At least her woohoo want was finally satisfied which means her mood is better now. I really hope this will lead somewhere if only one of them rolls a useful want.

Speaking of rolling wants, Don wants to get engaged to Gretchen... Shin? Shins?... for whatever reason. He rolled the want during a date but he's never rolled it in his many other dates, so I locked that sucker in. I think he might be going through a mid-life crisis.

Cassandra became an elder and wants a kitten. I'll try to have her cat Hecuba breed with Alexander's cat Menelaus... Well, that's it for now.
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I've been fixing my game again as I just recently downloaded tons of new CC and had to load my game to test it.I placed a newly installed shower on the homestead in Pleasant Valley for my PEC game.
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I just had two weddings in Fairplay. Angel and Didi came back from uni, and since they had been engaged since the beginning of uni pretty much, I figured I just wouldn't wait for the marriage wants and got them over with first thing in the round.

Didi and Leon had a small and insignificant wedding, just family and Leon's only friends. Turned out Didi was friends with townie Alice Fuller, so she at least had a bridesmaid to shop for wedding dresses with. They then moved into a new house that actually has space for a driveway.

Angel and Dusty threw an actual wedding party. It was a bit of a pain to set up, since I decided to have the family plant the garden right before. Funnily enough, Dusty and Angel kinda had matching outfits: she wore that base game white-black short dress, and he wore the white tux with the black pants. The party was also a good opportunity for recently aged teen Maurelle to get to know Roberta before moving to uni together. Other interesting moments included the plants getting to the brink of death, four people being stuck in the pool, and the bride peeing herself. All in all a great party.

None of them rolled baby wants either, but I wanted them to have babies anyway, so I had them try for baby as well. Didi is surely pregnant, but I don't know about Dusty, I didn't hear the chime, but I was looking at Maurelle trying to hitch a ride with aliens outside, so maybe I was just too far away.
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Strangetown has a new baby, which is a rare occurrence at the moment - the original adults are too old, while the kids born in game are too young, and the original teens/ kids haven't had any except for Johnny and Ophelia, who provided the latest edition. Henry Nigmos-Smith is their eighth child and third son and has S3 skin and red hair.

Meanwhile Francis Worthington got engaged to Jill Smith for the second time. They were engaged at college, but broke up after some drunken influenced-flirting at her graduation party. Francis has been married and divorced (after his wife cheated on him) and experience and general maturity has helped Francis and Jill patch up their relationship and get engaged again. This time, they'll hopefully get to the wedding - Francis already wants a baby.
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I've been playing my neighbourhood, Lacuna Delta, in its current form for over 10 years, but I also had a version of it back in 2005-ish which got scrapped and rebuilt as the current iteration. I'm a slow player- I take far too many pictures and I'm always pausing the game- so it takes a few weeks just to do a rotation! Due to having the attention span of a gnat I play one day rotations, which suits me well as I can just get something done and then rush off to play another sim I've just had a great idea for. I'm in the start of the third generation, many of my founding sims have died of old age, and their children are growing up and having families of their own. I play a lot of apartments because I can have townies as room mates, and that is my favourite thing because the townies are as important as my playables (many have back stories and lots of them have romances).

In my last play session, Nigel Mansell-Tyler, a townie who married one of my founders (Gunther), died of old age. Gunther had died some sim-days earlier, during a party he was throwing. Nigel got his Mai-tai of death and took his luggage to the eternal Tiki Party. One of his (adopted) children, Chardonnay, is still a teen and living at home (she is the secret biological child of Francesca Nouveau-Riche and her butler, Babbage!). Chardonnay was setting the kitchen on fire cooking mac & cheese when the grim reaper showed up, so initially didn't notice Nigel's death. But it hit her hard later, especially since Sim Sample was visiting at the time and was sitting opposite her in his swimming trunks (classy). She will be all alone now, in the big house Gunther and Nigel have left her. There is a business to run too- a coffee shop named Friendly's. Chardonnay has three siblings who are all grown up and living in their own homes, so you can imagine that she feels quite small and alone in such a big, empty place! She has a boyfriend though, Harold Lloyd- son of Emmett Lloyd the toy maker, and Contessa Cherry (who was a vampire witch). He is orphaned too and living at the family home with his elder sister and her husband and children, so perhaps he will move in with Chardonnay and they can run their inherited businesses together.

Next I played Shalom Boggle and his partner, Divine Frumpp. They met at Uni- Divine was a Dormie. Shalom is son of Sherman Boggle (a sim poached from Sims Lifestories ) and Misty Windoe. Sherman died of old age and Misty is happily married to a native of Echo Peak (the vacation island). Shalom has none of his fathers' business drive (Sherman had an electronics store and made all of the cleanbots my sims own)- he and Divine are Pleasure aspiration and they don't want to skill much or do anything other than play games or paint. They live in a nice apartment that has a communal hot tub, and they spend quite a lot of time in there avoiding work! So I get to play with their room mate, who is Will Wright. He had three bolts for a townie called Marie Antoinette, so I had him invite her over. They played for a while and I had him check her out, so then the floodgates were opened and they spent quite a lot of time flirting with each other. Very cute, she towers over him in her platform boots (Will is short in my game).

Next sims to play are Chardonnay's eldest brother, Frank (secret love child of Alaric Nouveau-Riche and Femme Fatale, the hairdresser). He and girlfriend Faye Slift have just had a baby, so I should be exhausted playing them!

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I just started “Strangetown with a Twist” and omg!!! Squeeeee! I can’t tell you anything because of all the spoiler space I’d need, but that’s what’s going on in my game right now. It’s making me go “omg! Omg! Squee!”
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I've added some of my mewly installed CC to my two Pleasant Valley lots for my Pleasantview EPic Challenge game and they now have a few places to sit and can study skills from books at the service center or just read for fun.I also added a bench like it to the homestead for my first couple.
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After some serious Strangetown shakeups, JG and Breanna Vandermorgan now have two boys - CB and KB. They're similar but not quite identical - CB has lighter brown hair and blue eyes, KB has reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. Daughter Lyla is still the oldest, and they're all living in a modified version of this fancy house:

The "guest house" turned into the butler's quarters when for some reason Kent Sharam (the butler) could not leave the lot (too much to do?). So he got moved in, and JG and (especially) Breanna were directed to "Treat as Family". (He is rather good-looking, and I thought it better to nip that potential problem in the bud.) I checked in SimPE (75.69 non-T&A) and he's still set as "Butler", but being a live-in means he can be bossed around.

JG is now a Business Tycoon (top of the career ladder), just as his father was - in fact he probably inherited his father's position - and commutes by helicopter. Breanna is still working her way up the ladder to Showbiz success - she's currently a Broadway Star.

The Singles and Terrano/Moon situations haven't been caught up with yet, but they're next, along with a couple of Townies-to-be that need to get through college.
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Restarted Pleasantview. The usual suspects ended up together and started having kids (Dirk and Lilith, Angela and Dustin, Darren and Cassandra after she divorced Don for cheating, Don and Nina living together but unmarried), so I'll tell the more interesting stories.

Dina Caliente tried everything she could think of to get Mortimer Goth to ask her to marry him. She tried seducing him. She tried taking him on a romantic date. But he would not get a clue. So in a last-ditch effort, she got pregnant. He came over to see her, rubbed the baby bump, and told her she looked very nice pregnant. She laid it out: they needed to get married, and he needed to take care of this child financially. Mortimer was agreeable. They held the wedding on the Goth grounds so Dina could move in and officially marry a rich Sim. Their oldest child, Freida, was a little odd-looking. Her skin was not quite the right color. Dina passed it off as a long-repressed gene in her family, but Freida never truly felt like she belonged among the Goths, especially once her normal-looking sister, Isabella, came along. Freida even kept the name Caliente. Dina then got pregnant a third time. The baby, a son, was born on a stormy night just as Mortimer was meeting the Grim Reaper. Alexander moved home after college and was a big help with the kids now that Mortimer was gone. And Dina was feeling lonely. But she really has no excuse for what she did next. Poor naive Alexander. He thinks Dina might marry him, but she's already got her mitts on the Goth fortune, so why would she want to?

Brandi successfully raised three boys on her own while working a low-level job in law enforcement, but she never did find love. As she was getting older, she found herself longing to have another baby. That's when she met Trent Traveller in the corner bar one night. She was instantly attracted, and Trent failed to mention he was married. He started spending time at the trailer, and woohoo was inevitable. Trent did not know about her baby wants until she invited him over to tell him the good news about an impending arrival. That's when Trent broke it to Brandi: he was married and had no intentions of leaving his wife. He would pay child support, but he wouldn't be involved in the baby's life. So Brandi found herself once again a single mom of a young boy, but this time on the brink of elderhood. Still, Rosco makes her happy, and maybe it was the baby she wanted more than the husband after all.
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Two brand-new college graduates are now Downtownies, one in the Entertainment career and one in Showbiz.

Jamyl and Stella (Terrano) Moon once again have a boy child named Amir - he doesn't look quite the same, but perhaps it's for the better (he got Jamyl's long nose). Yes it was a "Mr. Seahorse" pregnancy. :D

Kent Sharam (butler to the Vandermorgans) has formed a habit of dropping in on families with or without invitation and cooking and serving light meals for them - isn't he doing enough of that back at home?
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Abhijeet Cho moved in with Chloe and Lola Curious at the "Singles" house (which will now be called "Swingles"). Erin Beaker lost her job on a bad chance card, and moved out to pursue her dream of becoming a Good Witch. She found a small house she could afford, moved in, got a gift computer from Mr. Humble, and applied for the Struggling Artist's Pension, which was granted. It isn't much, but she can get by on it if she's careful. Then she invited Alvin Lucas (the Infallibly Good Warlock) over and asked him to teach her the Ways of the Light. Alvin obliged, and Erin is now known as a "Nice Witch" (first step on the road to Goodness).

Alvin, unfortunately, had had a very bad day, and was tired, hungry, and in dire need of a bathroom. He didn't realize that last until it was too late, and sprinted toward the toilet...and didn't quite make it. Erin helped him clean up and tried out "Benemoodus Simae" on him as her first unassisted spellcast. It helped some, but not a lot. Alvin tried to cook himself some dinner rather than ask Erin to cook, and he burnt it, which made him cry. Erin cheered him up and made him a proper dinner, which cheered him up more. She also gave him some quick-and-dirty cooking pointers, which he took to heart. They talked shop for a while, and then Alvin left to return to his castle and Erin turned in for the night. (She thinks Alvin is very cute, but has no chemistry with him.)
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It was hot, so I started a new hood. I always seem to do that - lack of concentration in the heat, maybe? Anyway, the new hood is SMB Northbridge, and it's a Cheat's Apocalypse.

David Fell, Mark Yates and Matthew Elliott were camping in the woods when the apocalypse happened. At first they just thought it was an unseasonal storm coming in, but the strange silence and inability to use the GPS on their phones continued, temperatures plummeted, and the snow began to fly. They huddled in their camp for a couple of nights, but supplies were running low and they thought they were expected back at work, so they decided to pack up and head for home. The snow threw them off, though, as landmarks no longer looked the same, and their GPS still wasn't working.

Luckily, they were picked up by an army patrol late on their third day of wandering, and brought to Sims Military Base Northbridge, where they spent the night in the refugee camp. The following morning, they were checked over by a medic and referred to a Senior Officer for placement. Mark had been considering a culinary career, so he was assigned to the refugee camp's soup kitchen. Matthew was the fittest of the three and could already handle a hunting rifle without shooting anything he didn't mean to, so he was assigned to guard duty. David, the only one with a degree, had trained as a teacher, but was assigned to the Field Hospital. He tried to protest his lack of medical knowledge, but was told, "You're smart. You'll be supervised. Needs must." They were each given a uniform, decent boots and outerwear suitable for the sudden winter, and assigned a cubicle in Barracks #415. Thus sheltered, fed, surrounded by people who knew what they were doing, and looked up to as part of the solution by the refugees, the three young men soon settled in.

But winter continued through the whole of what should have been summer, the refugees who straggled in were in worse shape every day, and supplies were running low. No contact had been established with other military bases or with anything that might be considered a government. SMB Northbridge and its refugee camp were going to have to come up with a way to be more self-sufficient. What will this mean for our three young men?
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So what is happening in my Pleasantview right now is the flu. It is fall and the flu is everywhere. I can't attend to anything else. Once I knock it down in one place, it pops up somewhere else. Whack-a-mole!

UPDATE: With Realistic Sickness, a flu epidemic can be a dangerous proposition, particularly if some Sims insist on going to work while sick. Therefore, my rule is that if one person dies in a flu epidemic, then the rest of the afflicted get a free pass to visit my Healing Hot Springs lot and get cured so that I don't lose half my neighborhood. One death seems realistic albeit tragic, but more than that would not be fun.

Sadly, Charlie Burb did pass away of the flu. He was one of the Burb twins born after Lucy. So I sent the entire Burb family to the Healing Hot Springs: John, Jennifer, Lucy, Casey (Charlie's twin), and Casey's husband, Bobby Broke. They all got cured and spent some time socializing, and when they got home, they found the trashcan knocked over. Beau Broke was married to Lucy but caught her cheating with Ty Bubbler and threw her out, which is why she's back living with her family, so I guess he knocked the trashcan over while they were out. Lucy, John, Jennifer, and Bobby started stomping roaches and they all came down with the flu again! Casey went off to have her baby.

OK, I can't have this. An epidemic is okay once in a while, but never-ending flu is just not fun to play. I actually like when they knock over the trashcan because to me it symbolizes conflict, and when they cry over the roaches, I imagine they are crying over the problems they are having with the other Sim. But I don't like them catching flu from the roaches all the time. A quick search on here yielded a mod that makes the roaches not carry the flu--yay!--so now I think the only way they can get the flu is to bring it home from work, which makes sense to me. Then I had to get them all cured again. Whew.

Casey did have her baby, which is the first baby of the second generation of this Pleasantview, and so her name starts with A: Alanna.
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I posted this in another forum but I had to share here. Best play session ever, and it was with a pleasure sim.

In defense of Pleasure:

If you think Pleasure is no fun, let me tell you about the livestream I just had. Best Pleasure sim round EVER.

First it was pretty dull. She rolled the bubble bath/juggle bottles over and over. Then she wanted to go on a date. I invite a guy she had a high friendship over. His name is Israel. Date goes pretty average.

But then she suddenly rolls the want to get engaged to her next door neighbor, Cliff. So while she’s still on her date with Israel, she knocks on Cliff’s door and is all “Hey how’s it going? Wanna get married?” He says sure! She says Great!

And then rolls a want to woohoo with Israel. So she continues her date with him. They woohoo and he goes home.

She takes a quick nap, wakes up and wants to go out to a community lot. So I take her. She rolls a want to form a group outing. I gather a few random female sims she barely knows and she befriends them and they do an outing.

She’s straight, but she suddenly wants to go on a date. So I have her ask the lesbian sim in the group out. She never rolls any romantic wants with her new date. They just tickle each other and have fun.

But then Israel shows up on the lot. And she wants to fall in love with him. So on her date, she goes and makes out with him. Her date just sits and drinks juice while this all goes down. She suddenly gets the urge to ask him on a date. So she does — and her girlfriend gets all snippy about it — cause they were still on a date.

She falls in love with Israel. She attempts to woohoo him, but he suddenly leaves because he’s hungry and stinky.

She wants to go out on another first date, so she scopes the room and meets Cornelius. During their date, Israel shows up. And she rolls a want to woohoo him. So she just goes for it. Cornelius stands and watches her woohoo Israel on a park bench!! Then she goes on to have a dream date with Cornelius.

The only reason she went home was because the lot started glitching. She was out over 20 hours and was still good to go. It’s ok. She had to go plan her wedding party with Cliff later that evening. (Yeah remember Cliff?? She doesn’t seem to.)

She decides to have a quick date with Cornelius that afternoon. She almost got to woohoo with him, but she had to go to work. When she got back from work, she invited Cliff,Cornelius, and Israel over for the wedding.

I had trouble getting her to get married. Because Cliff lived next door, he kept going back into his apartment. Every time he did this, she started making out with Israel under the wedding arch.

But they finally got married. The groom had a want locked in to fall in love with one of the other apartment neighbors (he got one of the neighbor ladies pregnant. I had no idea he was going to marry Corrie — or anyone— this round!!). So he went down and woohooed his baby mama and set about falling in love with her.

Did Corrie get jealous? Nope! She woohooed Cornelius on the bed while Israel screamed — not from jealousy— just from shock of seeing Cornelius naked.

The party ended. Cornelius and Israel went home. Cliff came upstairs and consummated his marriage to Corrie. She FINALLY ended up getting pregnant after all these risky woohoos. The end.

Now you might think that this could have been romance— but a romance sim would have never been able to pull this off. They are serial monogamists. They like to get really serious about one sim until they woohoo and fall in love. Then they move on to the next.

But Corrie was on a pure hedonistic rampage of pleasure. She was completely unfocused and just went from one thought to the next. The whole time this is going on, she’s still juggling, playing on the sofa, buying herself toys, taking bubble baths. She just lives in the moment and does whatever crazy thing pops in her head.

I do get some dud moments playing pleasure sims, but unlike other aspirations, I am always surprised at least once during a round with a pleasure sim. If you just follow their lead, you never know where you might end up at the end.

Just forget about planning anything long term. Let the pleasure flow. You will have an amazing experience. Live and love the pleasure ❤️ ????
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uploading more sims (when the uploader cooperates)
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What's happening in my game is Dirk Dreamer. All the ladies in my neighborhood think he is the dreamiest. He literally is a movie star since he works in the Show Business career, and everywhere he goes the women can't stop thinking about how hot he is. Every time one of my female Sims wants to make a love match and I check their panel to see who they have chemistry with, it seems like they always have two bolts with Dirk. Both Jennifer and Lucy Burb think he's more attractive than their husbands. Cassandra Dreamer, mourning her husband and thinking about getting married again--yep, two bolts with Dirk (that's just wrong). But Dirk only has eyes for his wife Lilith. He makes out with her every single chance he gets. If she's taking a shower, he'll tote the dishes into the bathroom to wash them just to be near her, and then he'll clean the already clean sink just so she can see her step out. He has lots of women friends but never gives them a romantic thought. If another woman makes advances, he turns them down flat, which is what he had to do with Brandi Broke at a party--several times (take a hint, Brandi!). Dirk is also a hard worker who is making the big bucks now, and he has paid off the mortgage on their small house. Once the kids are off to college, he's thinking of buying a party condo with Lilith and furnishing it with all the stuff he's always wanted. Dirk Dreamer, living the good life in Pleasantview.
28th May 2021 at 6:24 AM
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What's happening right now is that it's the middle of summer and school has been cancelled due to a snow day. Oookay. The ground is covered in snow but it's blazing hot, so let's go swimming! Which is where Armando Cox was struck by lightning out of a clear blue sky while sitting in the hot tub (he was okay). Not sure what's going on with the weather here, but I think someone ought to complain to that weatherman.

Also, Lucy Burb has messed her life up yet again. No matter how I play her, she always ends up being a cheater. I think it's just her need to be popular plus her kind heart that leads her to offer love to any man she wants to befriend, no matter what the consequences. She married Beau Broke out of college, they had a daughter, and things were going well. Until she brought Ty Bubbler home from work and woohooed with him right off the bat. Beau came home to find them asleep in bed together and threw them both out. But being the good mom she is, Lucy visited her daughter every day, which kept Beau from really moving on. After living with her parents for a while, she got engaged to Ty, but on the night before the wedding, she woohooed one last time with Beau. She married Ty, they bought a house and were planning to have a baby, when Beau stopped by while Ty was at work. Ty came home to see Beau flirting with Lucy on the front lawn. He was so furious. He tried to calm down for a day or so but couldn't get over it, and now Lucy is divorced yet again and back home with the parents. It's a good thing John loves his family so much--he always takes Lucy's side.
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I've been testing new CC installs for the past few days and wasn't able to upload pictures of my earlier tests due to weather.It was stormy and internet would cut out on me.I placed a few new items at the community lot and on the homestead.
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I just got to see something super rare! One of my playables (whose household I wasn't currently playing) autonomously apologized to someone else! I don't think I've seen this maybe more than once or twice, if it all. I've had sims roll wants to apologize, but they don't generally take the initiative to do it themselves. It was pretty big of him to do it, as well, considering it was Sophie Miguel who decided to prank him by flicking his nose. She's already gotten on the bad side of a few sims by doing things like that.
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In the past couple days I finally managed to make what I wanted to do for a while:

Both for AF and AM. I guess you can use it as a mascot for a fantasy theme park.

There's clipping around the neck though.

I guess I could solve it with some bones reassignment but I need to see if it doesn't hinder the flexibility of the hood relative to the sim's head.

Slowly moving steps into basic TS2 modding.
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I just saw Beau and Dustin on a community lot gossiping about how Dirk rejected Brandi for a kiss. LOL

Alexander's story has taken a happy turn. Alexander moved back home after college to help Dina with the three children she had with Mortimer. After a time, Dina got lonely and seduced him. Alexander thought it was love and wanted to get married. Dina agreed to an engagement but never intended to marry him; she just wanted to keep control of him and his share of the Goth fortune, which he had in a bank account. Yet over time, she started to worry more and more about money. She had spent a lot, but she still had plenty. Still, she decided to marry Alexander after all so she would have access to his money. They had a small, quickie wedding, but that seemed to be a turning point for Alexander. He started questioning what he was doing with his life and realized his relationship with Dina was not a healthy one. So he asked Dina for a divorce and gave her half his money in return. Then he moved out. He reconnected with his high school sweetheart Tosha Go, who had since been sent to college and become an adult townie. They had a whirlwind romance, got married, and are planning a family, which was all Alexander ever wanted. I'm glad he got past his complacency and took some control over his life.
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