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@TadOlson It actually makes me a bit mad that I don't have the concentration to make a really lasting one with many generations. I suppose that when my stage of creating neighborhoods passes, I will go back to concentrating on playing for real. I think in another life I must have been a historian because I love very long family trees.

I'm very interested in playing medieval, but I don't want to waste hours setting up and downloading items or clothes ... Is there somewhere that summarizes how to start and what should I get? In fact, I am secretly creating a medieval but modern (ccfree) neighborhood for that reason.

These Maraletsplay videos were the ones that made me want to play medieval.
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I went to Medevelsims for some content so my sims won't have to take jobs and I just pretend the clothing is old fashioned.It's fine to just pretend things aren't that modern though I would use a Mod to unlock aspiration and career rewards to buy mode which is the case in my game and also take advatage of gardening to play farmers.I started with playing my BACC and am learning to be patient with bluilding my towns up slowly instead of rushing and getting lost.
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The one thing I've done to help make my medieval game appear and feel like it truly is in that time zone is encompassed by two words:
Default Replacement.

And that means every thing. From clothing to careers, food and furniture, you have to replace or hide nearly every single 'modern' item in the game to replicate the medieval era.
Plumbob Keep is a major resource to use, as well as individual creators such as Almighty Hat who plays (or did) a very intensely medieval game, and has default replaced a ton of stuff for it

She has lists of resources from everywhere, including MTS and all you have to do is be prepared to download a ton of defaults and replacement items. She was also a creator here.

Yes, it is labor intensive and time consuming but if you're a purist like I am, it's well worth the time and effort to do it this way.

Almighty Hat's page would be the first place I'd go if I were to start all over again.

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Half times the welcome wagon comes, Nina and Nervous are part of the wagon. And they hate each other. It's always slap slap fight fight with those two.
Alternatively, when it's not them, it's Mortimer and Olive, who don't fight, but eye each other suspiciously, cautiously chatting.
I am pleased with both patterns.

I'm a young adult in poor health, trying to heal enough to complete my goals.
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I downloaded some beautiful houses from here in the midcentury-modern architectural style and I just had to try them out, which meant rebooting Strangetown. This time with a clean version to keep it from going kablooey. The Curious boys, the Smiths, and the Beakers all got new houses because I can't stand the houses they start out in. Surprisingly, the Grunts didn't have enough money to afford one of the new houses I downloaded, but theirs is not too bad once it's revamped some, and it suits General Buzz's personality. And of course Olive keeps her house, which is the only one in Strangetown I like. I like to give her the phone to call the Grim Reaper for that little room she has back there. The Singles girls and Ajay are all living together in a cheap roadside motel, so we'll see which one of the girls nails Ajay in his little leopard-print briefs first.
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I'm playing through my version of Old Town-and admiring with due diligence my transformation of one of the larger houses in Old Town into a worthy and very attractive mansion for those who are wealthy enough to afford it. It has everything a rich person needs-a pool, a sauna and hot tub. Does not include hot and cold running maids, though.

And also getting everyone introduced. That means the Agency people are having the hots for one another (but not solving any crimes), and Jimmy Maximus is making plans to have a few girlfriends on the side just to keep his edge as a romancer. His wife does not know of this,and he prefers it that way.

As part of their routine, the pixels have to go to the investment bank to deposit their money. Chip Patooty did so, and after he'd done his banking he snatched up and stole a gold bar! He's very happy nobody noticed-and that was $2,000 he didn't have to work too hard for.

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I don't remember if I've already mentioned this but Angela and Alexander got married a while back (it was the most elaborate wedding I've had in my game so far) and now they're expecting! It's an unplanned pregnancy and it's also ironic that Alexander's kid will end up like him, with two older parents. Here's hoping that kid won't feel like they've missed out on life, after all it's the reason why Alexander settled down later in life.

Primo Goth will age up next rotation and it doesn't look like he'll be going to college... That means even more days with 6 sims in the same lot .

Beau and Marsha are about to get married. I gave Beau popularity as secondary but I had a hard time deciding. It was either that or family. I finally made a sim with his personality points and that made him an Aries, so popularity it is. After 5 days out of college he still hasn't found a job in the Science career and the poor thing has a 4 GPA. Marsha on the other hand also graduated with honours and gets promoted every time she goes to work.

Isabella Goth likes chatting with Skip Jr. on the phone every day. She wanted to be friends with him ever since she was a child and he was a romance teen. Now he's in college and she's a much younger teen, so one day that could turn out interesting.
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So, in Depression-era Riverblossom, Andy Bellum threw his graduation party, inviting all his friends - all of whom were women. You'd expect that from his BFF Hi Thyme, but it was surprising from Andy, until you realize that any time he made friends with a guy he asked him to pledge, so all his male friends were already on-site. Despite having so many female friends, it was only in the final semester that he got around to ditching his virginity - after all, his friends are all nice girls and it's the thirties! But Dot Matrix has her own ideas about what nice girls do and she'd been pretty persuasive on the subject. Little did he know that Hi'd gotten there ahead of him. Well, he found out at the party, and there was his second oldest friendship out the window!

He moved into a crappy duplex downtown, with wants to be best friends with Dot and Hi again. And sure enough, when I played the Printer Sisters household, where Dot lives, he showed up, walked right past the trash can, let himself in, and started dancing to the gramophone. When Dot got back from her last final she smooth talked him and apologized, and he was right back in love with her. He even cleaned the house when she suggested it, with every evidence of good humor. When I played him, he was asleep, with the want to be best friends with Hi again, which rolled away on waking, to be replaced by fears of being enemies with him and Dot. I don't know what she said to him, but it was apparently very persuasive. He has no nice points, but friendship is clearly very important to him.

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So here's what happens when you put the Singles girls and Ajay in one house (motel) together.

First, everybody got their jobs. Chloe then immediately missed her first day, not because it was too late--just because she didn't feel like going. Kristen got the flu on her very first day of work. Great.

Ajay and Lola had good chemistry. I've gotten them together in my game before. They went on a date to the UFO-themed diner that's been built in town, and it was a dream date. They woohooed and then only had wants to skill for work. The next morning, Ajay and Lola both got wants to get engaged, so I locked that in--they have to request permission and married housing from the Strangetown Council first. But Ajay also has good chemistry with Kristen. So while Lola was at work the next day, he woohooed with Kristen. They're not even friends. I immediately unlocked his want to get engaged, because he didn't seem decided yet at all.

Everyone's home from work, Ajay's dithering over what he wants to do, and suddenly Kristen pops. I have silent pregnancy in, and I guess she got pregnant from risky woohoo. She and Ajay are still not friends, and Ajay wanted to go on a date, so I had him ask Kristen so he could get to know her better since she clearly is going to have his baby. After their date had been going on a while at the hotel, Lola finally got a clue and realized that Ajay had knocked Kristen up. She wasn't too happy about that. Ajay and Lola both got the flu.

The date ended, and it was pretty boring, and Ajay and Kristen still weren't friends. I took everybody to the healing hot springs because I didn't feel like dealing with the flu. Ajay and Lola both went over to the well to get healed, but Kristen wouldn't go near it because she is as smart as a box of rocks. Okay, then. Everybody went home, and Kristen had her baby, named Dwight. Kristen and Dwight got reassigned to single-parent housing because children aren't allowed in the motel and now I can keep her quarantined so she won't give anyone else the flu.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Erin were getting into fights in the background. The last one I clearly saw that Erin started it, but she lost. Fighting is also not allowed in the hotel, so Erin had to get out. She had nowhere else to go but the Beakers'.

That left two open rooms in the hotel. Johnny just aged to adult and Ripp just graduated from college. Neither one had anyplace to live, so in they go. Almost from the get-go, Lola drags Ripp off to the bedroom and woohoos with him.

And Chloe still wants to get her first kiss. Who's supposed to be the Romance Sim here?
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The first half of week 5 is over, the second half has just begun.

The new Sultan has spent a night with each of his three current concubines. Two of them are pregnant already. The last one he spent a night with has found a special place in his heart and he intends to make her his head consort if she can give birth to a son (he considers it doing even if she only has a daughter but his mother and (half-)sisters are for keeping with tradition and the latter are married to the most powerful statesmen). At the same time in the palace of tears aka the retirement palace for old consorts, three of the four pregnant former concubines of the dead princes have given birth. Two of them had the misfortune of giving birth to sons. They will meet their unfortunate fate once the Sultan has a son of his own. Until then they will be taken from their mothers and raised by loyal servants of the Sultan, just so no one can try to overthrow him.
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I really love playing Strangetown. I think, aside from the horrible lots, it's my favorite hood.

This time, the Beakers are not torturing Nervous. As prominent members of a small military town with no social services to speak of, they were asked (volun-told) to take Nervous in when he was found wandering the streets with no memory of where he came from. They didn't torture or experiment on Nervous, but they didn't really take care of him either, since the Beakers are both fundamentally wrapped up in themselves. And he still had to sleep in the basement. But living there became familiar for him, although he always missed having a loving family. When he became an adult, Olive revealed to him who she was. Now, Olive does have a relationship with the Grim Reaper, and this makes her privy to the secrets of life and death. That's why she doesn't seem to age, even though she should be close to death, and it's well known that she's the one to see if you have the want to either resurrect someone or see someone's ghost. Olive wants to pass on her knowledge to someone, and Ophelia doesn't seem to be a likely candidate, so she's decided that Nervous is her only choice. She's asked Nervous to move in, but he was understandably cautious--after all, she may have abandoned him as a child, and it was her dealings with the Grim Reaper that likely caused his memory loss. But now that Circe has had one baby and is already pregnant AGAIN (thanks, ACR), and they have Erin as a free, live-in nanny, there's no place for Nervous there anymore, and they've asked him to leave. Nervous has no money and nowhere to go, so he is reluctantly reuniting with his mother. Still, he now has a good ally with Erin, who befriended him before he left (and who is now sleeping in the basement--her room went to the babies).

Why do the Beakers want to have so many babies? I think they see children as an opportunity to mold little mini-me's. I hope they are in for a rude awakening on that score.
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When Hi moved into a (much nicer) apartment, Dot called him for the first-night outing and Andy was among the people who came along. One positive interaction and they're best friends again. I think I must've had Andy learn Anger Management at some point.

David Ottomas, who is running what passes for a nightspot in Riverblossom Hills, has been dating sorority girl Jules O'Mackey for some time, and they've even been to bed together, which implies a certain level of Understanding, but as her graduation approaches they've started getting pressure, not only from his parents (as is only to be expected) but from the normally very laid back Gabe. (Alexandra died in a fire very early in this neighborhood's history.) So he threw a party consisting of his family, Jules, and Gabe, and proposed to her in the middle of it. He has enough money for a really nice house with room to entertain, and though jobs are scarce in the depression David happens to know the only journalist in town and can probably get his father to hire her, so the future is looking very rosy for those two.

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Well, Lola Curious is mowing through the Grunt boys. It's a good thing sweet, innocent Buck is still a teen.

Lola met General Buzz and thought he seemed very attractive and probably wealthy, so she asked him on a date. They went out for dinner and had a very nice time. The General was quite smitten. I noticed Tank was there too, eating at the counter, and when the date was over, he left with the General. Was he chaperoning his father? It seemed strange.

Then I go to play the Grunts. I'm focusing on Buck, who wants to ask Jill Smith to go steady and get his first kiss with her, so I don't notice Tank in the background making a booty call. He's calling Lola. Turns out he was quite smitten with her as well. I just let it go because there's really no stopping a booty call once it starts and focus on Buck. Then I go to check on the General. He's sobbing in the bathroom about Lola and Tank. But he loves his son, and if Tank wants Lola, he's not getting in the way. So it's not too long before Tank rolls the want to get engaged to Lola. He asks her on a date to feel her out on the idea. (Meanwhile, the General has gone to work, so Buck has snuck Jill over for a little afternoon delight while the house is empty--way to go, Buck!) The date goes well and Lola decides she wants to marry Tank, too, so he proposes. He ends the date and goes home to tell his father. The General is not too happy and they have words--he says some things he regrets, and they are no longer best friends. Immediately, the General wants to make things up with Tank, but Tank thinks it's best for everyone if he moves out, which he does. They both want to repair the relationship, though.

I go back to the hotel to get Lola ready to move in with Tank. Ripp is getting busy with Chloe, and after she falls asleep, he runs across the hall to jump in bed with Lola! Oh, yeah, I forgot they were also woohooing. Let's hope Tank doesn't find out. Finally, Lola is ready to go, and she moves in with Tank. They get married at the town hall. Ripp and Buck were there--I guess Ripp was probably relieved it wasn't him at the altar--but the General did not come. Poor Buzz. I like to get him married before he becomes an elder because he really mellows out with a wife and more children, but maybe not this time.

I also moved in the Ottomases. I usually don't like to play them because large households with young children get me frazzled, but they seem to fit in Strangetown for some reason. They moved into a doublewide, which is a squeeze, but for once they have some cash. The twins are Maynard and Shanika.
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The Greek Houses at La Fiesta Tech are finally on my list for joining the rotations (because I wanted to add the premade students gradually as all the kids grew up), so I've been playing the Fraternity household. Thanks to researching on other lots while unplayed, they were all passing already - Matthew wanted to write a term paper, finished it and then has max performance, so hasn't been to a class.

Guy wanted to be friends with Tom Grunt, so invited him round to visit. Guy played chess with him, Matthew and Mickey chatted over a meal, and now Guy and Matthew are both friends with him and Mickey is almost friends - so I think I know who the next member will be!

Mickey has had some luck with romance, wooing dormie Felicia Kimbrell and trying to charm dormie Zoe Greaves. Matthew's love life is going in a different direction to his expectations - he invited Sarah and her fellow Sorority members, greeted Sarah and then spent the evening chatting to Jessie...
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So now Ripp is alone in the love motel. Poor Ripp...he always seems to end up alone. But i have more teens heading for uni so I doubt he'll be alone for long.

Here's what happened. Ajay has moved in with his child, Dwight, to take care of him, as unfortunately, his mother, Kristen, has died from the flu. This is totally not due to neglect on my part. I did everything I could for her, but Kristen just refused to get the vaccine.

Lola, of course, has moved out to get married to Tank, and Johnny has also moved out to get married to Ophelia. That left Ripp and Chloe, which I thought would be the norm for a while. However, Chloe has been dating Mickey Dosser, another Romance Sim. This time, she asked him over for a date and immediately rolled the want to get married! I locked that in right fast and looked at Mickey's wants. It only took a few romantic interactions, and he wanted to get married, too! So the two of them headed up the road to Las Vegas (or whatever the Sim version of that is) and got married in the Elvis Chapel of Love before they could give it any thought. Mickey even got a positive memory. Married couples aren't allowed in the motel so they got themselves a cute little cabin and we'll see if they pop out any little ones.

The only other news I have to report is that Lazlo Curious has become a werewolf. He was already hairy and sloppy so it isn't much of a change. Now his brothers want to be werewolves, too, but Lazlo is not going to do that to them, and besides, they are too neat for the werewolf lifestyle.
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I've recently gotten a new laptop (yay me!) which runs TS2 AND TS4 much smoother than my old HP, so right now, I'm making preparations to start recording gameplay on YouTube, hopefully. My plan is to complete building my (half-finished) medieval hood on camera, and then start a medieval Let's Play. Fingers crossed!

You can call me Diddy (or Eve, if you want to go by my real name) :)
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While Tinsel Town is mourning the loss of one of their founders, his widow and her step son are becoming romantically involved.

John Swanson and his stepmother Kristen have begun an affair which John hopes will lead to marriage. He wants to get engaged to Kristen, but does not want to intrude on her privacy right now, and that includes any romantic interactions. He's smarter than that! He will wait until after the funeral to indulge in his personal feelings. He only hopes she will return them fully.
He also graduated from college with a degree in Sports economics, but does not see the urgency to get a job, because he did inherit a bit of money from Wayne at his death, and his mother Asherah has given him a bit as well. He really doesn't need for much.

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David Ottomas grew up so he's moved into the motel with Ripp. I'm glad Ripp will have some company.

Lazlo Curious as a brand-new werewolf doesn't quite know what to do with himself. His first night of transformation, he got pretty hungry so he went out for groceries. But hunger overtook him and he attacked Aldric Davis. Not knowing his own strength, he accidentally killed Aldric (because I forgot which option did what on my werewolf mod). Lazlo felt pretty bad about this--he even tried to plead with the Grim Reaper, to no avail--so he collected Aldric's gravestone and decided to go see Olive the next day for help. Olive had anticipated Lazlo's visit, so she was willing to make the call to the Grim Reaper at Lazlo's request. But she wanted to make a zombie, and that's what Aldric came back as. "Well, good enough, at least he's not dead anymore," thought Lazlo. "Or sort of not dead." All Olive asked in return was to hear Lazlo howl, which made her wet her pants, but it was worth it. Lazlo went home, conscience eased, and decided to prestock the fridge with lots of mac and cheese from now on. Aldric took to the streets and was quickly picked up by law enforcement and confined to the hospital since he did not look at all well.

Now Lazlo has the stamina to stay up all night searching for the aliens that already abducted his brothers. Will they take a werewolf? I don't know--it's never happened in my game, but we'll see!
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I thought I should give Pleasantview another try and got myself the clean version. I already moved in the Burb family (I like their German name Fröhlich, which translates to happy, a little better) and gave them a little make over. Bella has returned to the Goths and I decided to give her 9 days until she becomes an elder because I want another tiny Goth baby.
I'm still considering what to do with Don. I already played him until the next Monday to have all of them start on the same day. Don has already done the devil's tango with Dina, Nina, Kaylynn and Brandi Broke (she is grieving, has a difficult teen and a toddler and needed some fun, so no judging her :D). I'm considering to have him go through with the wedding with Cassandra because of the cash but letting him have affairs. I want to try something new and put once seemingly goody two shoes but actually mean bully Angela Pleasant with him once she has grown up into an adult.
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I've been playing a fresh Emerald Heights.
I started with the Blacques and let them resurrect their daughter right away. Isla managed to get abducted by aliens, and thought that was quite good, and Knight gave birth to baby Rose. Dahlia is the currently lowest numbered kid in town, I guess, as she's visiting absolutely everyone on the bus.
Dahlia's first friend was Taffy Lemon, so I went next to the Davenport household. Pearl added a couple notches to her bedpost and gave birth to twins. Soda Pop and Pearl both got jobs, so the family is doing not as badly as they could be. Bubblegum grew up well, and Soda Pop and Cole Steele became good friends, and also Soda Pop is dating Leti Go quite seriously. (Well, family sims, everything's serious.)
The next household was the Steeles, where the adults focused on careers and the kids focused on school and work, in Cole's case. Magnolia, as always, idolized her big brother and grew up to be just like him, including knowledge and max seven skills. Cole started dating Corina Deshong, and also Taffy Lemon had befriended Merle, so the Deshongs were up next.
And they wanted to marry off six kids and have twenty best friends. At their ages! Corina grabbed an education career and is looking forward to going steady with Cole, sneaking out with Cole, etc. The Deshongs did manage another baby before the five days to elder cut-off, and adopted two children to add to their brood. Corina wants out so badly. Merle grew up to teen, and is a Romance sim, and he and Corina took one look at their new little brother and sister and decided they'd take over the garage together rather then share bedrooms with those two. Not that they're bad kids, but seriously, what are their parents thinking? It's not like they won the lottery or something or even asked Corina and Merle if they minded giving up their privacy! (I figure most thirteen and seventeen year olds would be . . . not pleased . . . over being told, oh hey, you're sharing your bedroom with a strange six-year-old.)
Coca and Cola Panowski had managed to befriend a fair number of the played adults at this point, so I went over to their apartment, and they didn't really argue, but Cola got hit by quads, and that was a bit much. Both are frustrated, exhausted, and on edge.
Then I went to play the four bachelors, I think is the household name, the four guys in the huge two-story apartment, and the pop sim (Tim?) threw a building party and invited the Panowskies, Andy King invited his brother and family, and Tom (Romance) invited the Davenports (since he's been dating Pearl, and so has Andy). John, the Fortune sim, already knew Coca, but before anyone could start talking to anyone Coca attacked Cola and then Raneka and her stepsister (Maribel? Mercedes? Something with an M) got in a fight. Ended up a good party, so the pop sim was happy. Andy managed to corner his niece after the fight and befriend her. Tom got Genesis' phone number and pulled off a dream date with Cola, and John made friends with Coca. So most things happened that I wanted, but still. I don't think the Panowskis can keep sharing that apartment.

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Werewolf madness continues in Strangetown, as knowledge Sims everywhere hear those howls and want to join in.

Loki Beaker has wanted to be a werewolf for a long time, so when he heard that Lazlo Curious had turned, he invited Lazlo over. His plan was to annoy Lazlo into biting him. However, Lazlo was mostly just confused about why Loki had invited him to dinner and then started picking on him. When Circe joined in, though, Lazlo had had enough. He got in a fight with Circe, then he savaged Loki to teach them both a lesson. Little did he know that this was exactly what Loki wanted! After he changed, Loki had the want to change someone else into a werewolf. Well, coincidentally, he brought Crystal Vu home from work the next day. Perhaps it was a form of payback to change Lazlo's girlfriend into a werewolf, but she didn't seem to mind it so much and wanted to play several games of red hands with Loki afterward.

Erin was quite fed up with all the craziness at the Beaker house. They are the richest family in town, but no one in that household is very nice. She's practically raised their two kids, without any thanks for it either. (They are both little blond clones of Loki.) So she eloped with Guy Wrightley, who is very, very nice, and they are going to be starving artists together.

Circe was also not happy with this turn of events and wants Loki to be cured. Loki adamantly does not want to be cured. He's never felt so alive! So Circe is sleeping in Erin's bed in the basement and generally just sulking.
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I haven't played in months so I just played a little bit (not long) before bed and played the Dreamer household. Darren helped Dirk learn how to study and painted some so they could afford to pay their bills. Greeting the neighbors passing by has helped Darren's reputation apparently.

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Myn Leader is failing at getting sacked.

As a playground monitor, he offered orange wedges to some big kids, who started some silliness as a result. In response, Myn's boss sacked him. Myn went home and was dejected, but I noticed the "you've been fired" music didn't play, the "fired" indicator didn't appear over his head and he didn't get a custom memory. Still, I thought he deserved some relaxation time after getting yelled at for trying to help. So Myn spent the rest of the afternoon talking to friends on the phone.

At 4 pm, a message duly appeared, "Myn missed work today. Be careful, or it might be Myn's job next."

I'm taking this as a hint that Myn has a horrible boss and should change career to something where the boss is reasonable immediately.
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I had a few events in Strangetown, mostly involving marriage and bay-bees.

General Buzz started dating Zoe Zimmerman, who is in the military, and she got pregnant so they got married. She is a lot younger than him. I cut her hair short and it really suits her. Their daughter is named Ruby. The General is an elder now, and he's so much fun with young kids. He just dotes on them.

Buck and Jill graduated college and immediately wanted to get married in a home wedding, which may have been a mistake. Lola flirted with General Buzz at the wedding, which got all three of his sons furious at him, and now Ripp and Tank fight him whenever they see him. Tank divorced Lola, which I think was rather unfair considering he stole her from Buzz in the first place. Lola moved back into the motel. She is getting up there in years, so she won't have children, but Tank still has time to find someone new and have a child, which is what he wants to do. Jill popped immediately after the wedding, so I guess she also got pregnant beforehand.

Lazlo did get abducted by aliens! His baby is named Damien. So each of the Curious boys have an alien child, and I'm thinking that may be enough, because Johnny and Ophelia have two kids, and Jill and Buck will likely have more than one, which is quickly going down the road of everyone in Strangetown being part of the Curious-Smith family. At least Lola and Chloe are too old now to have children. I decided to bring in the Traveller family as well as the Ottomases for some genetic diversity, and I may adopt in some townie kids as well.
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I finally started really playing my fresh Pleasantview.

On Bella's and Mortimer's second wedding, Cassandra saw Don with Nina. She would have loved to call her own wedding off but she already knew she was pregnant by Don. As the Goth's are a rather conservative family, a child out of wedlock was unimaginable for Cassandra, so she married Don anyway and decides to look the other way as so many of her ancestors have done before her. But how long will she be able to take it? What she and her mum don't know is that Mortimer has not completely ended his relationship with Dina yet. And Dina is pregnant by Mortimer. In the mean time, Bella has given birth to Mortimer's & her third child, a daughter named Cordelia. Bella is already pregnant again as her time is ticking and why not have a fourth child? They have the money. Alexander has become a teenager now.

As already mentioned, Dina is pregnant by Mortimer and not far off from giving birth anymore. She is quite in debt due to her shopping addiction and had to take a job in the dance career to pay her morgage. Her sister Nina has been more careful after she and Don were seen kissing at the Goth wedding. She and Don still have an affair but she is also scouting the hot townies. Never waste an opportunity for fun and maybe one of them will be a producer to push her music career.

Next up are the Pleasants. Angela is facing quite the scandal as she is pregnant as well. However the father is Don Lotario and not her boyfriend Dustin Broke. She intends to never tell that her eyes have been wandering and tell Dustin that it is his. Lillith dreams to join the military to get away from her abusive family, however it seems the years of abuse have left their marks and she is deemed unfit to work at all (also known as my game crashes whenever she accepts a job). Mary-Sue is pregnant as well. Daniel and her ended up in bed together after an evening of champagne and boredom.

Kaylynn has moved into a small condo and Daniel is already considering inviting himself over.

The Newson siblings have split up because Gavin and Ginger just couldn't take care of all of them while also trying to graduate. The Ramaswamis* have taken in Georgia, the Picaso's are taking care of Garrett, the Oldies adopted Gabriella and Gallagher lives with the Goodies. Gavin and Ginger have moved into a cheap trailer and try to stay afloat with jobs after school.

*(I had no idea they were supposed to be Indian. The German version calls them Angelini and their first names are also very different which always made me assume they were supposed to be Italian)
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