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#1351 Old 26th Sep 2012 at 1:02 AM
Originally Posted by ayumichi
My wizard is quite talented.

That's-a Spicy meatball!

Sky Marshal Skittles to the rescue!

Causing havoc here at MTS since 2004
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#1352 Old 26th Sep 2012 at 9:34 AM

Apparently my Bonehilda has hidden childish trait lol.
Mad Poster
#1353 Old 26th Sep 2012 at 4:00 PM Last edited by BL00DIEDHELL : 26th Sep 2012 at 4:10 PM.
Holy shit, I'd love to see more of Judas when you have a moment, Mingham! [EDIT: Also I love his coat! Where did you get it from?]

Unfortunately my post won't be as entertaining as the adventures of the Scumthorpe family, but it made me giggle all the same. I made myself and a bunch of my friends and shoved us all in a house together, and when I got Supernatural, changed us all into something else. My girlfriend is a witch, and rolled the want to use a fire blast on something, so because I lack the ability to think things through, I had her use it directly on the kitchen floor.

I was greatly amused by how much of a shit the dog didn't give.

Perfectly calm about the wanton destruction she's just unleashed on the house.

...She's complaining because the fire alarm went off. And the dog still couldn't give a damn.

One of the rare men in the house doesn't care either. I guess considering the band of nutters I put together, it wouldn't be a surprise to think that this was a regular thing, but amazingly it wasn't. I guess he finds fire really boring?

Oh finally! Both the dog reacts and the fire starter begins to put it out! Hooray! Now run dog, run!

...Bad dog!

Bonehilda annoys the piss out of me at times, but I was very glad of her assistance at that time.
#1354 Old 26th Sep 2012 at 10:54 PM
He's been doing this ever since I installed new eye and skin defaults...
No wonder his toddler cries every time he picks her up.

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#1355 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 2:04 AM
In my Overlord legacy, two of the prisoners (a vampire and a werewolf) are busy doing their servant duties. As I've written him, the vampire is a rather sophisticated fellow (even has the Proper trait) and doesn't indulge in too much nonsense.

I glance at what their mistress is doing for a moment, then notice the vampire and werewolf are showing each other their teeth.

I paused at just the right moment. Totally out of his character. Totally caught me off guard. I laughed. I cried. I told him to resume doing the dishes.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Lab Assistant
#1356 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 3:12 PM
Originally Posted by misslaheela
I glance at what their mistress is doing for a moment, then notice the vampire and werewolf are showing each other their teeth.

I find this truly disturbing. He reminds me a lot of finnish singer, Lauri Tähkä. I've had enough of his weird facial expressions in real life, it's just plain wrong to see that grin in a sims game, too.

More horror
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#1357 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 10:19 PM
^Oh my gosh, I've never even heard of that guy. That's hilarious! My vampire's name is Oliver, but frick, I might just have to rename him Lauri.

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Mad Poster
#1358 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 10:25 PM
That guy's expressions are awesome, I'd say XD.

Also Missla, Oliver's appearance always puts me in mind of Loki. Intentional, or am I just being a daft shit again?
Forum Resident
#1359 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 10:39 PM
....FRICK. Now I have to rename him Loki Lauri. No, it wasn't intentional. I was planning on making a sophisticated proper vampire gentlemen from an older era (hence the name Oliver...it's not really a modern name), so I found the clothes and the hairstyle and I wanted to make him smooth-faced and whatnot. I had absolutely no one in mind when I created him. Oliver Loki Lauri, I think you're gonna be going places. I'm thinking I should save him to my bin and pull him out for a different story once I'm done with my Overlord legacy.

It's too bad I don't have a Loki helmet. Can you imagine him wearing a Loki helmet and making that face at a Thor Sim?
Thor: "You are evil and bad! I ought to destroy you so the world can be saved, because I am good and heroic."
Oliver Loki Lauri: "Oh please, Thor, don't do that."
Thor: "Okay, I won't. You're my brother and we'll defeat the dark side together."
Oliver Loki Lauri (makes trademark face above): "Nyahhh! Tricked you. Now you will be thrown aside and I will make the world even worse than it originally was, because you're a twit and good is dumb."
*Repeat three or four times, and you've got the Avengers movie*

The Overlord Legacy - Taking over the world one generation at a time.
The Addison House - The reality show where eight contestants are crammed in one haunted house to survive.
Test Subject
#1360 Old 27th Sep 2012 at 11:37 PM
Originally Posted by catangi
I still haven't gotten over how incompetent my sims are at managing their bladders. They REALLY REALLY have to pee, but then they get distracted, don't go to the bathroom, and end up peeing themselves.

The same thing happens with other tasks (getting distracted during cooking even though starving, leaving bags of dirty laundry on the floor because some other sim wanted to chat, etc, but it's the most ridiculous when they can't even make it to the potty.

I find the same thing with sleeping too, they will sit and read a trashy novel when sleep is in the red! I almost always have to tell them to go to bed. Or using the sleeping bag rather than their bed. I finally had to put the sleeping bags in a pile in a corner and before they go fishing or traveling or whatever then I slide one into their inventory first.
Mad Poster
#1361 Old 28th Sep 2012 at 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by misslaheela
Oliver Loki Lauri, I think you're gonna be going places. I'm thinking I should save him to my bin and pull him out for a different story once I'm done with my Overlord legacy.

Welp you've got at least one reader over here if you do that. :3

And in regards to the bladder control topic, my Sims manage that fine o.O. Hell, if I haven't managed to send them to the bathroom before work, they'll go take an hour long tinkle before catching the carpool.
#1362 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 6:23 PM
Okay so... This woman just showed up at my sims' home. The father is a famous athlete, mom is a famous writer and the female teen is a famous "child star" so the whole family except for the child son has at least one celebrity star).
She showed up at like 11pm. This is like the 5th time this has happened. But this time she wouldn't leave.
Around 3am she knocked over the trashcan somehow:

Finally at 6am I directed the father, Garland, to tell her to go away. She didn't. So I invited her in, thinking I could ask her to leave.

So she came in and I couldn't tell her to leave. So Garland slapped her up a bit.

She still wouldn't leave. Eventually Garland beat her up.

And still nothing.
Eventually I had to Object>Delete her because she wouldn't go away...

I hate the paparazzi both in real life and in the sims... So much.
Mad Poster
#1363 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 8:32 PM Last edited by BL00DIEDHELL : 1st Oct 2012 at 8:43 PM. Reason: DAMN IT DIDN'T MEAN TO POST SO SOON
It's obvious what you had to do. Kill and eat the bitch.

I had several WTF moments in my game recently. First was with my inventor, Deveron.

[He died in a fire thanks to the invention bench and the ambrosia didn't bring him back properly it seems, hence why he's slouched like a ghost D:]

Preparing for the explosion...

Notice how the fire's sprouted legs? Yeah, that's Deveron. He floated his stupid ass back over to check out the explosives when it took a while to go off, and then BOOM right in his Goddamn face .__.;.

My fairy vanished! Got her back with an outfit change but still, WTF.


The last few sets of WTF were from my evil thieving bitch, Mavira. I wanted her to break into peoples' houses and steal their shit so she could sell it off in order to get more money so she could buy her own bigger house, so I made her an investigator, and changed a trait to klepto. She got the case that involves checking mail/rubbish, and broke into the house, the Wolffs' house.

Then got morning sickness.

One of the women arrived home and caught her breaking in, so Mavira whacked her over the head with a newspaper and then shot her. She must've stolen about half of their furniture. Lights, the TVs, stereo, sofas - a fucking bright yellow car - literally about half.

...Ahh fuck.

He started cheering. So um, I guess he wasn't that fussed?

Oh okay, he WAS pissed.

Subtlty isn't Mavira's strong point.

She also got one of her coworkers to move in with her, and the entire household went with. Then she shot and killed the entire lot, so she could sell the shit from their inventories and make loadsa money off it. A fairy policeman came over to investigate, but was blocked from entering. Not sure if it was because one of the pets was in the way, or if it was just an EA derp (place your bets!) but either way, Mavira got away with mass murder scot free. And in fact, I used Master Controller to make her an acquaintance with said policeman, invited him over, cast a love charm on him, had three of his babies and then married him. He moved in with her. She shot and killed him. Then she got the faithful moodlet.

...It hasn't disappeared yet.
Test Subject
#1364 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 8:38 PM
Originally Posted by StardustX
He's been doing this ever since I installed new eye and skin defaults...
No wonder his toddler cries every time he picks her up.

Test Subject
#1365 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 8:57 PM
When they put starving, dirty, socially bereft toddlers in their cribs and then walk off to do something else. It ENRAGES me. I put the cribs in the room with the parents if they do that, just to teach them a lesson.
Top Secret Researcher
#1366 Old 2nd Oct 2012 at 4:32 AM Last edited by MinghamSmith : 2nd Oct 2012 at 4:45 AM.
Originally Posted by Spiritbw
Right there? She reminds me of another little girl with black hair in braids: (There is no way to embed video here is there? ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...e&v=_YFk4b6yeX4

Actually, you're right. Even the personality of the original TV Wednesday Addams fits Lolita Scumthorpe perfectly- though she's currently only a baby, she's still meant to be the cheerfully innocent one who views her family's eccentricities as the norm.

(The much more deadpan and sarcastic movie version of Wednesday Addams, on the other hand, is closer to how I envision Carrie Scumthorpe once she gets to the child stage. The triplets are more or less deliberately designed as a comedy trio- Lolita is the ditzy, upbeat one, Carrie is the snarky, grumpy one and Lester is just screwed up and weird)

Anyway, time for another Scumthorpe update: We rejoin SimNation's worst political family as a certain illegitimate sorcerer stakes his claim to some of the family fortunes... through whatever means necessary. He's dark. He's determined. He has downright devilish eyebrows.

He's Judas Scumthorpe, and one of these days the world will kneel before him.

Hey, it's good to be ambitious.

(Also, a characterisation point. Whenever these two speak, read everything Larry says in a harsh, gravelly New York or New Jersey accent and Judas as if he's voiced by Simon Templeman. It works. It's how I imagine they'd both sound if they weren't speaking Simlish. And for some reason it makes everything they say twice as funny)

So without further ado...

Whatever Judas Wants, Judas Gets

"...So in short, despite having been born somewhat outside the context of holy matrimony and having only just met you I'm nonetheless your first, and I believe only nephew. And so I felt I'd be justified in asking my dear old uncle Larry for a little monetary assistance with a few things... You know, magical equipment, elixirs, financial backing for my eight-point world domination plan-"

"-Ok, shut up right now. You honestly believe I'm going to fork out thousands of simoleons to some badly-dressed mystical stranger barging onto my property out of nowhere just because my useless shit of a brother forgot to wear a condom 30 years ago? HELL. NO. I don't care what kind of sparkly fairyland you claim to be from or what kind of delusional paranormal crap you buy into, YOU ARE AN ACCIDENT. YOU HAVE NO REASON TO EXIST. YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT A WALKING CONTRACEPTIVE DISASTER. Stop talking, start walking and get the fuck out of my house."

"Fine. Then I suppose we'll have to do this the hard way."

"And the hard way is?"

"Well, a key component of it is that urn on the table over there. Your first wife's, I believe? The one you shot in the face about a month before marrying a girl less than half your age? Don't bother denying it, Larry, Sid told me everything. And by the time I'm through with her remains, you'll be wishing you'd offered me double what I requested. Triple. Your entire life savings, even. One last chance, finance my magical endeavours or suffer my sorcerous wrath."

"Oh, now this is just precious. You really think there's a single thing you could do with Honoria's urn that'd make me change my mind? Let me tell you something, you illegitimate imbecile, I HATED Honoria. You could smash that thing to bits, empty it down the toilet, sit any one of my horrible little excuses for babies on top of it and teach them to use the potty... All I'd do is laugh, both at your failure and at her ashes getting the sort of sendoff they so richly deserve. And what did you say you were anyway, a magician? I'm calling it right now, the most impressive thing you could possibly do with that urn is nothing but some third-rate Criss Angel crap-

"-OH REALLY? You seriously walked right into this one, Larry..."

"Oh, christ, you're not bluffing. Ok, ok, you have magical powers and I cower before them, I really, really do-

-Wait, you're not... trying to raise the dead here, are you?

NO! You can't! You wouldn't dare-"

"-Of course I would. I'm a Scumthorpe."


"Too late, Larry. Too late. Enjoy the family reunion, I'm sure you both have so much to catch up on..."




Lab Assistant
#1367 Old 2nd Oct 2012 at 6:04 PM
Mingham, you just made my day.
Field Researcher
#1368 Old 2nd Oct 2012 at 7:48 PM
Originally Posted by BL00DIEDHELL
The last few sets of WTF were from my evil thieving bitch, Mavira.

May I ask where is her outfit from? It's lovely. :D

We are the Felegands. We will kick your ass.
Mad Poster
#1369 Old 2nd Oct 2012 at 9:34 PM Last edited by BL00DIEDHELL : 2nd Oct 2012 at 10:29 PM. Reason: Found the file!
LMFAO JUDAS. Oh, that was so worth waiting for! <3

Laisanae: It's a conversion from The Sims Medieval. There's a whole thread of converted stuff, both in CAS and buy mode if you're interested here, and the direct link to Cocomama's outfit conversions is here. However. As you can see, that link is nothing short of a clusterfuck. All I can really remember is that it was one of the files starting with 'coc3'. I'll do some digging and see what profession Mavira's outfit comes from so I can tell you the actual file name [on the offchance you're online now and lurking the forums and see this in like...a minute or so, I need to go down the road so I'll do it as soon as I get back :3]. If I can't figure it out, I'll see if my girlfriend can, since she was the one who told me about the conversions/linked me to that thread initially. And if neither of us can figure it out, I'm gonna yell at a donkey or something. >.>

EDIT: GOT IT! You'll need to register with 4shared in order to actually download any of the files, as I just noticed [despite having already registered...! If anyone wants to swap memories with someone who has all the brainpower of a goldfish, hit me up], so when you're logged in, choose "TSM-CAS-2" on the list of folders on the left hand side of the screen, and then the third file down should be called "coc3-tsmafbodybardtallboots-16911a.rar" - that's Mavira's outfit.
#1370 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 7:10 AM
My Sim thought the perfect place to give birth was outside, right next to the horse paddock/stable; while her husband trained one of their dogs to roll over.
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#1371 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 10:51 AM
There are always two ways to my Sims' bedrooms, one direct and one through the bathroom. When my Sims decide to make love in bed they always choose the direct route, get stuck at the door and stand there, tapping their feet for half a Sim hour. Yesterday, however, only one Sim of the couple I was playing took the direct route; the other went through the bathroom and a moment later they were in bed doing their thing.

WTF is going on?
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#1372 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 12:30 PM
They finally decided to stop being idiots! Take advantage of it while it lasts!
#1373 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 4:54 PM
Remember this sim? Melissa Bass, a paparazzi sim.

Well she finally showed up for the last time. As you can see, my sim doesn't seem too upset. This is the teen girl from that last post I linked to. She moved out and has her own family now, and the woman FOLLOWED her.
I'm just like, oh god finally she's dead. x_x

But then several nights later....

*hovers over name*
Katherine BASS
Now her daughter is stalking my family...
Mad Poster
#1374 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 5:56 PM
LMFAOOO. Murder the entire line before they get to you!
#1375 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 8:34 PM
Working on it.

I guess death is a turn-off for miss Brigid...
Kathrine's out of the way, except her name was Springer this time instead of Bass. Hopefully I got to her before she reproduced. x_x

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