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Originally Posted by lorenrose1013
Cool chapter! Did she glitch while on that vacation?

Haha, yes. Free vacation strikes. I didn't get Generations until almost 2 months after it came out and was unaware of the bug associated and stupidly saved after she left. Even Twallan's Overwatch can't resurrect her! So, she's gone.

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Originally Posted by heaven_sent_8_18
Haha, yes. Free vacation strikes. I didn't get Generations until almost 2 months after it came out and was unaware of the bug associated and stupidly saved after she left. Even Twallan's Overwatch can't resurrect her! So, she's gone.

Aww that stinks. Was there a vote for the heir, or was Shane just selected because he was practically young adult? If there is a vote, where is it? (I really like this story)
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Nope, no vote for this one, just because she disappeared, Tanner was still a toddler so Shane was the obvious choice. There should be an heir vote for the upcoming generations. The story is also running on my story blog. Don't judge me if you visit and find that it's a wee more updated than here! Sometimes I forget to do both in one day!

Heaven's Legacies is my story blog and then my standard, updates and general stuff is at Shiny Pennies from Heaven. Thank you for the sweet comment. I hope you continue to follow and get a chance to vote when that comes around!

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"On the internet, you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid."
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Default Playing with Fire - Chapter 2-1
“Carrie, I don’t know how I can do this,” Shane said the next morning before breakfast.

“Do what,” she asked.
“Be in charge of this household. There are bills to pay, Tanner to raise, I still don’t have a job or school lined up for when I graduate which is…oh my God, Carrie, it’s next week! How am I supposed to manage,”?
“Shane, listen to me. You’ve been managing just fine. Your mom left years ago. Tanner was what, not even 4 when she took that vacation? He’s almost 8 now. You’re doing great.”

She reached for his hand and he sighed, realizing that she was right.

“Carrie, I’m sorry. I know this is supposed to be a date. It’s just hard to believe that she has been gone that long. I mean, I was barely in high school but it feels like yesterday she said she’d be back in a few days. You know what, forget it, let’s get some food, I’m starved,” he exclaimed, pulling her into the bistro.

Shane’s 18th birthday arrived in no time. The morning was gray and foggy, perfectly fitting for a young man about to embark upon adulthood with no guidance and too many responsibilities. He didn’t particularly want a party, but knew that it would be better to have one to continue with the fictitious normality that he was trying to hold on to for his brother. He decided an evening bonfire, to close out this chapter of his life would be most fitting.

Shane stared into the fire, imagining what his life might have been like. Only 18 and he had already lost both parents and been left with raising a child who wasn’t his. He knew his mother had lost her parents young and his father had never known his real parents. Maybe the Avendale legacy was a destiny of orphans struggling to stay afloat.

He snapped out of his musing to hear Carrie trying to teach Tanner how to roast marshmallows.
“Just slide one onto the stick, like this, then stick it above the fire until it’s a golden…oops! Not like that,” she laughed. “Well, now I’ve shown you how not to do it”!
He smiled inwardly. They’d been high school sweethearts all along and she still was by his side. He wasn’t quite sure what he would do without her.

Finally, it was time to blow out his candles. What to wish for? He didn’t bother contemplating wishing for his mother’s return.

He had at long last accepted her disappearance, for whatever reasons it had come about. He knew that money would make things easier but money wasn’t everything. Luck, well, Shane didn’t really believe in luck. His future would be earned through his struggles and hard work, not by chance. He decided that strength would be the way to go.

He wished for the strength to always make the right decisions for his family. And then, as he aged into a young adult, without consciously seeking the thought, he immediately thought of the strength that could help get him through the difficult years ahead.

“Tanner, let’s go! I’m already running late,” Shane said as he ran from the bathroom.
“But me and Mr. Thistle are on a adventure,” Tanner whined back.
“Mr. Thistle and I. And it’s an adventure,” Shane corrected.
“Mr. Thistle and I are on an adventure. Not me and Mr. Thistle.”
“Oh. Whatever.”
“Tanner, the ceremony starts in 20 minutes. And the cab should be here now. Up!”

They hopped in a cab and headed to over to City Hall for the commencement ceremony.

As he stood on the steps, a slight wave of nostalgia hit Shane. “This is it. The day I leave my childhood behind.” Although, as Carrie had pointed out, he had been manning the family for years now, it still felt like this step was the official one. Once he graduated high school, he couldn’t think of himself as a child anymore. He had all kinds of plans he wanted for the future but how many would he be able to achieve looking after his brother and taking care of the household?

He headed inside to hear the speech from the mayor, who congratulated them on a successful journey and prompted them to go and do great things. Somewhere in there, Shane thought he recognized a “vote for me” underlying message but he wasn’t paying too close attention.

Finally it came time for the awards part of the ceremony.
“And the valedictorian is...Shane Avendale!”
Shane was speechless. He knew he had been on the honor roll and had straight A’s, but valedictorian? He never expected this. He got up from his chair to give a speech, one that he had not known to prepare for.

“Class, as the Mayor said, we have accomplished great things. Some of us have succeeded in earning top spots in universities across SimNation. Some of us have had opportunities to travel the world and be ambassadors for Twinbrook. And some of us, some of us have been able to pull off legendary pranks that our grandchildren will be talking about, all without getting caught.”
The audience chuckled but Shane could see the Mayor tense up a bit. His Rolls Royce had been egged and the perpetrator never discovered. He quickly moved on.

“Yes, we have accomplished great things. So, how about tomorrow? We sit here today with an air of fulfillment, the kind of pride one only gets from achieving one’s goals on their own. However, it can certainly feel like an end and a bittersweet one. We are leaving childhood behind; leaving behind an innocence, a freeness that we will never recapture. I am sure all of you are feeling, to some degree, the same as I am; a sadness to be leaving this school and our friends behind as our future beckons us to do.

So what about tomorrow? We have a duty to ourselves and each other to continue to do great things. Some of us have the ability to become great leaders while others have the ability to change the way science is thought of. Some of us will go on only to come back and teach future generations. Whatever the future holds for each of us, we are obligated to do our best to improve upon Twinbrook and our nation and make it better for our families yet to come.
Remember, your dream is within your grasp. To my fellow graduates, I wish you all good luck for a bright and prosperous future. Congratulations!”

He finished his speech and headed back to his seat. He could see the audience rising to their feet and cheering for him in the background. Thank heavens for the debate club!

The principle of the school rose to pass out all of the superlatives as voted by the student body. Some were fairly easy to guess: Jeannie, of course, was the “Biggest Gossip” while Carrie, undoubtedly, received “Best Dressed”. Vivek Greenwood, the class rebel, got the “Best Excuses for Absences” with the best being that he forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when he found it Monday, he thought it was Sunday. Shane himself was voted as “Most Likely to Take Over the World”.

After the ceremony, he exited the hall, thinking about his speech. It was true that he was leaving something behind and that there was a great responsibility to do well for his family. Nonetheless, a feeling a peace started to spread through him. He knew that he could do this. Knew that he would be able to accomplish something great, even if it meant making sure his little brother was raised well and made it to his own graduation.

“Tanner, why don’t you head on home,” he told his brother as they left City Hall. “I’m going to stop by the hospital and see if I can get an internship or get into the fellowship program. No sense in you waiting around.”
“Okay, good luck,” Tanner replied, waving before he headed to the bus stop.

Shane changed out of his robes. Luckily, he had worn something formal enough to apply for an internship. He went into the hospital and met with the director there.

“Sir, I’ve been interested in medicine and helping people since I was a child. I would love to have the opportunity to make a difference here.”
“Well, I see you have no experience or credentials in medicine. But you seem to be a bright, ambitious kid and graduated top of your class,” he said.
“Yes sir. Just graduated today actually,” Shane replied.
“You can start tomorrow. You get a two week trial period. After that, we’ll see. But you’re not going to be doing glamorous work or stitching people up or anything like that. You will be an organ donor. We’re always in need of those,” the director said with a sly smile.
“Um, sir? Don’t I need my organs,” Shane asked.
“First order of business son is learning what is essential and what is just extra cargo. And that extra cargo can be given to someone, at a pretty high price, who doesn’t know the difference. See you tomorrow.”
“Um, yes, thank you sir”.

Shane called Tanner and announced the good news, leaving his title out, and asked if he wanted to meet him at the diner.
"Sure! I’m at the pool anyway.”
“I thought you were going home,” Shane asked.
“I did, but I got bored so I went to the pool. See you in a few minutes”.
They ate dinner and stayed around to chat and play football for awhile.

When they finally headed home, they quickly realized something was wrong. The neighbors were congregated around the house and there was a distinct smell of smoke in the air. Tanner took of running towards the house.

“No! You can’t go in there,” Shane exclaimed, pulling him back from the fire.
“But Mr. Thistle and my teddy. Mom gave me those,” Tanner cried out.
“We’ll just have to see if they make it.”

Shane ran in, real quick, to check the damage and called the fire department. He knew it would take someone professional to put this out. When they arrived, Tanner slipped through his grasp and ran into the house.

“Tanner,” Shane screamed but he didn’t want to go in and make things even more hectic for the firefighters.
“Shit, what’s a kid doing in here,” one of the men exclaimed.

Finally, the fire was put out. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
“Sir, are you the owner,” the firefighter asked.
“Yes, I am. What happened?”
“It appears that the stove was left on. It caused a gas explosion, though compared to some of the ones I’ve seen, this was minor. You can put in a claim with insurance but I’m sorry to tell you that the house is unstable. The heat damaged a lot of the inner support beams. I recommend getting a hotel or staying with a friend until you can rebuild.”
“I’m sorry sir. Please be more careful next time,” and with that, the fire department left.

How was Shane going to be able to rebuild the entire house, on the salary of an organ donor?

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"On the internet, you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid."
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Default Picking Up the Pieces - Chapter 2-2
The construction started with a meeting with a local architect. Shane had to travel down to city hall, taking time off work for the job he just started. Definitely not a good way to make an excellent impression.

“Yeah? What can I do for you,” greeted a gruff man sitting behind a utilitarian desk.

“We had a fire and the fire department ruled the structure unsafe. So I need an entire rebuild.”
“Whatcha lookin’ for,” the man replied.
“Excuse me?”
“You know; big, small, modern, contempo, underground?”
“Yeah, we got some whack jobs that wanna live below ground. Worried about meteors or somethin’.”
“Um, no, no underground, thanks.”
“So, whatcha lookin’ for then?”

Shane started to feel a little uncomfortable with this man. His body language and appearance did not lend a sense of professionalism or expertise and Shane wasn’t sure that he wanted to use this architect.
“Never mind. I think I’ll have to think it over a bit,” Shane told him.
“Look, I knows whatchoo thinkin’. I’m no good at this, can’t trust me to build. Don’t worry bout it. Happens all the time. Look, see all those folders back there? Yeah, my workload. I’m pretty damn good at my job and people know it. I draw up the plans, I execute them. Where else you gonna get that hands on with someone else?”

Shane contemplated a minute. Obviously, if this man was working inside City Hall, he couldn’t be bad. And his calendar, from what Shane could see on the desk, did look pretty full. And, he really couldn’t afford a hotel or let Tanner sleep outside. What choice did he have?

“Okay. Let’s get started.”
“Whoa, whoa. I never said I’d do it. Just that you’d want me.”

“What do you mean, you won’t do it?”
“Never said I wouldn’t. It just ain’t good to make assumptions kid. So, whaddaya want?”
“A house,” Shane finally exclaimed loudly.

The man chuckled. “I’m Bob. I’ll draw you some sketches and bring em round. We’ll start work once you decide.”

The first thing the company did was rent a dumpster and trash every piece of furniture in the now condemned shack. Shane had been raised in that house and, up until now, so had Tanner. Rebecca had started her new life and legacy here and now, what she had worked so hard for, was being gutted and tossed aside.

2 weeks later, the new house was starting to look improved on. There was a foundation, mostly anyway, and the framework had started to go up. Meanwhile, Shane and Tanner were living in a tiny shack behind the house, resting in sleeping bags and using the port-a-potties the construction crew left on site.

Shane felt lucky that he had been smart enough to buy a safe after the recent burglaries around town and had out the more expensive or cherished things in it, such as his mother’s books and the other books she had bought, plus some of his memorabilia from high school. Other than that, they had almost nothing though Tanner had been delighted when they had discovered both Mr. Thistle and his teddy bear had somehow survived.

Another 2 weeks by. Shane and Tanner were still living in their little shack. Shane went over to the house to see how things were coming along. He could finally make out individual rooms and where windows and doors would go. He headed to work, starting to feel like things were finally coming together enough that he could relax a bit.

As he was leaving work, he got a beep, indicating his calendar was reminding him of something. Tanner’s birthday was today. “How could I have forgotten,” Shane wondered to himself. He couldn’t believe it. Quickly, he dialed Carrie’s number.

“Carrie, I have a huge favor,” he said.
“What do you need,” she asked.
“Tanner’s birthday is today and I completely forgot about it.”
“Stop worrying so much. We’ll rent out the park and invite some of his friends from school.”
“You know I can’t help it. I’m neurotic, remember,” he reminded her, though already starting to feel better with her coming to his aid.

They headed promptly to the town center to set up for the party. Then as Tanner chatted with his friends, Carrie challenged Shane to a friendly yet brutal game of chess.
“C,mon, any genius should see that my queen was going to take that,” Carrie taunted as she knocked his knight out of the way, a little too hard, sending it to the ground.
“Hmm, except now I have you where I want you,” he chuckled as his rook came out of nowhere, capturing her queen.
"Damn," she said, laughing. Competitive as she was, she still had the ability to enjoy herself when she was losing.

Unbeknownst to them, Tanner was off making plans of his own.
“Summer, let’s say to celebrate my official transition to teenager, we go egg some houses,” he whispered to her.
“Sure! Go blow out your candles and make a wish so your brother can call the party a success and go home,” she encouraged.

He blew out his candles and ate cake with his brother and Carrie. Shane could see that he was going to have to keep an eye out on him because, not only was his brother rebellious, he also seemed to be quite charismatic. That seemed to be a dangerous combination!

After the cake, Shane decided to head home. He was exhausted from the long days at work and the stress from trying to get the house built was not helping.

Tanner, on the other hand, hurriedly was off to create some mischief. He had told his brother that he would be home so he ‘headed home’. He just made a stop along the way. Hopefully, no one was home. “Actually, I hope someone IS home! Try to catch me,” Tanner thought to himself. A few minutes later, he got his wish.

“What the HELL do you think you are doing,” the man shouted.
“Take that,” Shane exclaimed, throwing one more egg and darting away. This teenage stuff might actually be quite fun.

Later that week, as Shane was getting ready to leave for work, he got a phone call from Bob.
“Hey Bob, how’s it going? The house is looking great.”
“Yeah, what I’m callin’ ‘bout actually,” Bob replied.
“When is your crew coming back to finish the work,” Shane asked.
“Well, once we done installed that plumbing, the account funds were running low,” Bob explained.
“What??? How can it be running low?”
“Well, Mr. Avendale, buildin’ a house’s expensive. We can’t do no more work till we get more funds. We’ll keep the plans filed away though.”
“Yeah, thanks Bob. I’ll follow up with you later.”

Shane was distracted at work all day. He had already had the shack and port-a-potties taken done and returned to the construction company. Luckily, as Bob had said, the main bathroom was done. That was it though. The windows hadn’t all been put in, neither had the doors. The interior walls were basic studs and plaster. There was no kitchen, no beds, no furnishings other than the bathroom.

Granted, Shane had chosen an extremely nice design for the bathroom. In fact, he had chosen a nice design for the entire house. He hoped it would be finished in his lifetime. He wanted something that would be classic and stay with the house as his children grew up in it, whenever that would be.

He guessed that they would just have to go back to the sleeping bags until he got a promotion at work and could afford to continue on the project.

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"On the internet, you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid."
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Default Put a Ring on It - Chapter 2-3
Tanner settled into high school life fairly well. Although he wasn’t necessarily the most popular guy, his charismatic nature captivated his teachers and classmates alike. The rebellious side allowed him to cross clique lines and he found friends among the jocks, band geeks, and “bad kids”.

Shortly after starting at Stary Community, Tanner had a field trip to the mausoleum. That school really enjoyed taking kids to the graveyard for some reason. Probably to scare them into behaving or else they knew where they would end up. As he was wandering around, looking at the crypts, he had a thought that this might be the perfect place to hang out at night. Most people weren’t too interested in going into a graveyard at night. “I’m not afraid,” he thought to himself.

As he turned around, he saw a woman swimming in the pond. He laughed to himself thinking that, although she may be crazy, they might have a lot in common because she didn’t seem afraid of anything either.

Meanwhile, at Twinbrook Foundation, Shane was finally asked to clean bedpans. “Oh the joys of a promotion,” he mused. At least that would be more money in his pocket. As he went about his business, he heard a commotion in the hall.
“Damn it Curt. Get off your ass and take Mrs. Sonwhun out to her car. We can’t afford a liability suit.” Dr. Dander was a surgeon well known for being extremely cautious since he was interested in making Chief of Medicine one day.
“Doc, I’m on a smoke break. I’m entitled to two fifteen minute breaks, remember,” Curt replied, with just enough attitude for anyone to see that he didn’t care.
The doctor pulled him to the side. “You’re not entitled to anything you little shit. Those breaks are only permitted if time and work load allow for it,” he hissed.
“Sucks for Mrs. Sonwhun since my job description doesn’t include walking old ladies to the curb.”

Shane took this moment to seize a chance to make a good impression. “Sir, all the bedpans on my floor are cleaned for the moment. I have some down time if you would like me to escort the woman to her car.”
“Fantastic! Now that’s what you call initiative. We could use more people like you around here.” He chose that moment to give Curt a glare over his shoulder. “Son, Shane is it? How would you like to be promoted to paramedic,” Dr. Dander asked.

Although Shane had just expected to get some recognition and, hopefully, give a good impression, he was not going to turn down a promotion, especially when his family needed it. They could certainly use the extra money. To celebrate, he asked Carrie to meet him at the Old Ebbitt Lounge. If there was anything he wanted to share this news with, it was her.

“Wow, you look lovely,” Shane greeted Carrie who looked fantastic in a blue cocktail dress.

She flashed her beautiful smile and suggested they go inside where Shane ordered drinks for both of them. As he waited for their order, she gazed down at him with a faraway look in her eyes. Will he ever ask me to marry him? They had been together for so long and had been quite happy but she wasn’t going to wait around forever.

Later that same evening, after the bartender had served the drinks and Shane and Carrie were enjoying the night, Shane had a minor panic attack. He knew that he wanted to make Carrie his wife. She was everything to him. But what if she says no? What if the fact that we are poor and don’t even have a kitchen makes her think that I can’t take care of her? What if she…he stopped himself before he allowed his neuroticism to get the best of him. The only way he would ever know would be to ask.

Tanner meanwhile was making the circuit at the gym. Although he loved the feel of the burn and the sore muscles, he still wasn’t an accomplished athlete yet, as evidenced by the entire gym when he faceplanted on the treadmill. His rebellious streak made him want to strike out at those who chuckled but his newly developed charismatic side was stronger so he decided to make the most of it.

“Hi,” he introduced himself to one of the chuckling bystanders. “I’m Tanner, also known as that guy who just busted his face on the treadmill.”
She wrinkled her nose at his odor from working out so long. “Yeah, and that guy who could use a shower,” but she smiled as she said it. Who knew? Maybe something would develop from this impromptu meeting.

Back at Old Ebbitt Lounge, Shane was finally gathering the courage he needed to get the velvet box that was burning a hole in his pocket out into the light. The few drinks he had didn’t hurt. Sometimes a guy just needed a little assist now and then.

“You really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on,” he said as he stroked her cheek. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. He took a deep breath and continued.

“I’ve loved you since high school and that love has only grown every day since then. I would be the luckiest man alive if you would do me the honor of being my wife,” he said on bended knee.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” Carrie exclaimed in total shock. Her wait was finally over but it felt like it must be a dream.
“Is that a yes,” Shane asked.
“Yes, yes, YES”!!!
He slipped the ring on her finger, prouder and more exuberant than he had ever felt previously.

She couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face or stop looking at the beautiful diamond that proclaimed to the world that she belonged to someone. And not just anyone; the love of her life, all her life.

They ended the date, not because they were ready to get home, but because they had closed the place down. They knew there would be many more nights together to come.

Friday morning dawned a bit too early for Shane. Tanner was already up and ready, chatting on the phone with a friend when Shane arose from his sleeping bag. Oh no! I’ve still got a book to read before I get to work. Crap! He settled down on the edge of the tub to read, having no furniture appropriate for a study session with a medical book.

He finally finished but arrived to work over two hours late. Not the way to start his first day in his promotion. If it hadn’t been for the proposal and acceptance, chances were his mood would have been bad enough to be noticed at work. Luckily, he was able to hide behind his excitement.

Though he knew that he probably outwardly appeared selfish and egotistical, Tanner was not oblivious to the perils faced by his family. In fact, he was more than aware that they were struggling for money. He knew how hard Shane was working; making it through high school and trying to fight his way up the ladder in the hospital. He knew that it couldn’t be easy trying to be a normal kid while raising your brother.

While he had often thought about where his life may take him, Tanner had never figured out what he wanted to do. He knew military life wasn’t for him. All those rules and regulations made him shudder. He did know he wanted to make a difference somehow. How was just the question he needed to figure out. He trekked up to the graveyard to have a moment with himself.

As he suspected, today it was empty besides the old caretaker. A quiet place, not a scary one, to think to himself and work on what his goals for the future might be. "Interesting that the best view in the town is the one that can’t be enjoyed by the occupants," he thought to himself. No matter, he could still enjoy it during his introspection. As he thought, he decided that until he could figure out what his goal was, he would get a part time job to help with the finances. What better place to do it than the place that he gravitated to. He went inside the mausoleum and inquired about a position with the caretaker. As luck would have it, he was in need of someone to do more of the strenuous work around the place and no one had been interested as of yet, due to the “location”. Tanner had secured himself a job.

Shane knew that he wanted to get married quickly. He and Carrie had been together for so long that a long engagement was just out of the question for him. With her family’s help, and money, they could pull together a simple but classy wedding in about a month. Carrie and her mother immediately began the planning and Shane was more than happy to leave the details up to them.

The month passed quickly. In no time at all, it seemed that the wedding day loomed on the horizon. Though he knew this was what he wanted, Shane was still nervous about the whole ordeal. Without another promotion at work, he had been unable to expand on the house anymore. How am I supposed to ask my new wife to sleep in a sleeping bag? His thoughts threatened to consume him so he quickly went back to his work, focusing on working his way further up through the hospital ranks.

“Hey, Shane, I think we should grab a beer tonight,” Emil Drudge, a coworker, suggested. Their relationship was slowly developing into a friendship but Shane had more than enough on his mind and that left him little time to make small talk with his peers.
“I don’t know. I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done before tomorrow. You got your invitation so you know what tomorrow is.”
“Yeah, I know. But this is your last night single and you’ve been really quiet and, well, kind of spacey and more neurotic than usual. It would probably do you good to relax and have some fun,” Emil countered.
“I suppose. Just for an hour or so. One beer,” Shane conceded.
“Sounds good. Meet me at Carl’s around 8.”

“Hey Tanner, Emil wants to meet at Carl’s for a beer tonight, you okay with me going,” Shane asked when he got home from work.
“Yeah, why not? Besides, I won’t be here anyway,” Tanner replied.
“Where are you off to?”
“I start work tonight,” he answered as he headed to the bathroom to shower.
Well, that settled it. His last excuse was blown out of the water. Looks like I'm going to Carl’s after all.

Shane arrived, still nervous and worried about the next day and planned to hurry inside, down one drink and get back to the house to try and get some sleep, though he knew that it was more likely that he would be tossing and turning instead. As he approached the front entrance, he noticed quite a few coworkers there. That bastard! Throwing me a bachelor party the eve of my wedding! He knew that there was no way he would be slipping out now.

Meanwhile, back at home, Tanner remembered that the prom was that night. Crap. I forgot to ask off for it. He debated what he would do but, in the end, a school dance, even if it would be lame, won out over work.

“Dude, what are you wearing? Put this one,” Emil said as he thrusted some clothes and what appeared to be a top hat in Shane’s direction.
“Um…I’m good, thanks,” Shane replied, attempting to hand the pile back.
“Do it, or we do it for you,” Emil countered, Curt appearing behind him wearing a grin that just begged Shane to defy them.
“Fine, fine,” Shane stomped to the bathroom. He knew it would be faster and less painful to just admit defeat at this point. He decided to just make the best of it.

“So what’ll it be Fred” the bartender asked when Shane went to order a round for the guys.
"Fred,” he questioned.
“The top hat? Oh never mind, what’ll it be? Make it snazzy, I got a bachelor party coming in.”
“That’ll be me. Tomorrow is the big day,” he replied with a grin. He really would be marrying his best friend tomorrow.

After Cheyenne fixed him up with a drink, Shane really began to enjoy himself. Emil was right; relaxing and just enjoying himself with some friends was a good way to take his mind off things. As the guys continued drinking, things started to get crazy. Emil was spraying champagne all over the place,

Curt danced with anyone, whether they were interested or not, poor Emil,

And the drinking continued.

The guys danced well into dawn, until finally, they had to go.
“Hey guys, I’m outta here,” Cheyenne piped up, ready to go home after a long night.
“See ya,” Curt slurred as he booty bopped his way around the deck.
“No, see YOU,” she replied, “If I’m out, so are you. Go home, get some rest, drink lots of water. You’ll all need it.”

With that, the guys headed their separate ways. The taxi dropped Shane off at his front door, just has the sun was coming over the hills. Oh my God! My wedding is in 10 hours! How will I ever be ready and not hungover! His worrying didn’t continue, thankfully he was granted the mercy of passing out before he stressed himself into a heart attack.

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"On the internet, you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid."
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Wow, so I just caught up on the story and wow. Your amazing xx

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I love this legacy! But now I'm scared that he screwed up his entire wedding!
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I am extremely sorry and rather heartbroken to announce that the Avendale legacy is likely at an end. I have been playing though the free vacation glitch which caused Rebecca's disappearance. Now, when it comes time for a wedding, it seems that I am unable to add a sim to the family that way, nor can I change active families. Rebecca is even beyond the reach of MasterController and Overwatch. I apologize to all those who have been following the story. Not sure when I will have the heart to start another one. Maybe in a week, maybe a month. Depends on my mourning process.

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"On the internet, you can be anything you want. It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid."
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Aw darling, my heart is morning with you on this very sad day... xx

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