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Default The Last Thing On My Mind

Gerard: Ah, Miss Cristay! Welcome!
Miss Cristay: Hey Gerard, hope your day is going well

Gerard: It has been pleasant indeed, how about yours?
Miss Cristay: So far so good
Gerard: Very well, I must go set the table, Mr.Blue should be down soon

Mr.Blue: Sonia! Glad you could make it!

Miss Cristay: Mr.Blue, thank you for the invite. I have a few papers in the car about some business suggestions for the town, would you like me to get them?

Mr.Blue: Sonia! Leave those papers where they are, today we're having lunch. You can be a workaholic some other time

Miss Cristay: Hehe, alright!
Mr.Blue: Now c'mon, Gerard's Tri-tip steak is amazing!

Miss Cristay: Mmmm it smells really good here Gerard!
Gerard: And I bet you will find it tastes just as good Miss

Mr.Blue: That is a guaranteed win Gerard! Now tell me Sonia, how did you settle in so far?

Miss Cristay: Well, it's a nice town and the house the company provided is great, but I can't stop wondering Mr.Blue, why are we here?

Mr.Blue: Well if you mean Gerard, he's here because he is under my employment managing any house I occupy and doesn't mind frequent traveling

Mr.Blue: And you are here because I picked you out of all managers at Blue Phoenix Corporations and Industries that volunteered to come here with me to manage our operations in this town

Mr.Blue: As for me, I'm here because I want to, or is that not good enough a reason?

Miss Cristay: No, no, it is more than good. But I was wondering why this town? We have no established businesses and the town isn't exactly an investing dream

Mr.Blue: I said no business related discussion today Sonia!
Miss Cristay: Right, right, my bad. I won't bring it up again

Mr.Blue: Good! And if you're worried about not having enough work to do, don't

Mr.Blue: I already have a few ideas for what we will do here

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Default Chapter 2 - Steam Drill

Gerard: Is there anything else you need from me Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: For tonight no, I think we're about done

Mr.Blue: But starting from tomorrow morning, I will need you to start reading the daily newspaper

Gerard: Very well Mr.Blue, but what exactly am I supposed to look out for while reading?

Mr.Blue: Well, anything interesting you may find - you know, things that stand out

Mr.Blue: And anything about me or my company, especially the local opinion

Gerard: Alright, I understand what is required
Mr.Blue: As reliable as always Gerard

Gerard: There wouldn't be a chance you would tell me why we moved here, right Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: Not yet Gerard, it's too early. But I will remind you of a quote I told you to remember seven years ago

Gerard: Ah! The John Henry quote!
Mr.Blue: Right again my friend! Do you remember how it goes?

Gerard: A man is nothing but a man
Mr.Blue: But before I let your steam drill beat me down, I'd die with a hammer in my hand

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Default Chapter 3 - Investment

Mr.Blue: You know, you’re pretty good! I didn’t even hear you break in
Miss Aqua: My salary wouldn’t be so large if it were otherwise Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: Hehe, good point! Now tell me, what did you find?

Miss Aqua: Well, I followed your instructions and found the best candidate

Miss Aqua: Her name is Sindy Tlus, one half of an identical twin that have lived together ever since their parents passed away. She's a local, traveled once to Al Simhara, but other than that she mostly stuck around here

Mr.Blue: So far so good, what else do you have?

Miss Aqua: Well, for her occupation, it is Vegetable Slicer at a local diner, but her true ambition is to be a painter. As for her personal life, a long list of boyfriends and casual dates, but nothing too serious

Miss Aqua: This flash drive has everything you will need, all the details, records and evidence -

Miss Aqua: and I tossed in a few extras, I think you will find them helpful. They're on the house, just because its for my Mr.Blue!

Mr.Blue: Your generosity has been noted!
Miss Aqua: Just my generosity?
Mr.Blue: Hehe, no of course not just that! Your hard-work has been noted too!

Mr.Blue: We'll keep in touch for future assignments, but for now I think I have a guest walking through the door in seconds -

Miss Aqua: and discretion is required, I know Mr.Blue! I'll, be a ghost, it's what I'm good at - I just wonder when you will stop talking to me so formally and just be normal, and I'll probably keep wondering

Mr.Blue: As punctual as a rooster singing at daybreak! How are you Sonia?

Miss Cristay: I'm good Mr.Blue, how about you?
Mr.Blue: The same. Let's get to work, shall we?

Mr.Blue: So tell me, what do you think our prospects are here?

Miss Cristay: Well, the town gets all of it's vegetable produce from other farming communities, although they do have fertile land! So a very probable investment is agriculture

Miss Cristay: Yet on the industrial front, this town is pretty much a dead end

Mr.Blue: I choose not to believe that! There might not be something on the surface, but I'm sure we can dig up some industrial opportunity here. Nonetheless, the agriculture idea would be profitable and employ many locals, great idea!

Mr.Blue: And another thing: Gerard told me that he read in the newspaper about the town's burnt down theater. Apparently this town lacks a fire station and when a small fire started in the theater, it turned into disaster

Miss Cristay: Ah yes, I heard about that! We could buy the land and rebuild the theater!

Mr.Blue: You're right, but you're also wrong. The first thing we need to do is to build a fire station as a gift to the town

Miss Cristay: A gift? But Mr.Blue, we don't need to give it away!? We can loan the town the money!

Mr.Blue: We can, but we won't! If this town could handle the costs of a fire station, they would have built it already. Also, giving it away will have a bigger impact on the local population, they will feel someone is taking care of them, and they will learn to trust us! Winning over the local population is critical to open up opportunities for us in this town

Miss Cristay: Oh I see, this is an investement: a small construction project, a fire truck and an opening ceremony tagged with Blue Phoenix Corporations and Industries will pay-off in positive local opinion, and if we have that -

Mr.Blue: we can do whatever we want ... whatever I want!

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Default Chapter 4 - Thinking Straight

Clee: Hey Arlene, you're home early, how was work?
Arlene: Uh! It was exhausting!

Arlene: The patients here take a lot out of you, and half of them don't follow their treatment plan while the other half don't show up for therapy!

Clee: Well you're the one that wanted to leave the big city and come back here, and this is what you get for it

Arlene: It sounds like you're not happy I came back, didn't you miss me?
Clee: Don't be silly, of course I did, and we are happy to have you stay with us big sis

Arlene: I'm happy to stay here too! But the problem is not just with the patients

Arlene: Clee! I'm still very lonely and its not getting any better!

Clee: Hey! Don't start with that again, we don't need any more depression! I found Avarice and he's a wonderful guy, you will find someone too, I'm sure of it

Arlene: Thanks little sis, you're probably right, I just need to stop thinking about it
Clee: There you go, now you're thinking straight!

Arlene: Hey, so how is the book coming along? Did you write a few chapters today?

Clee: Um, I didn't write much today, but it is coming along, just organizing my thoughts. But enough about me, didn't you say you were tired? You should rest!

Arlene: Yeah I am, I'll just take a nap here
Clee: You do that, and I'll go make a quick salad

Clee: You just sleep -

Clee: its not like its healthy for you to do anything else

Clee: I mean God forbid you actually ever help out with some chores around here!

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Default Chapter 5 - Antique Lamp

Sindy: That’s the last of the trash, did you finish locking up?
Avarice: Yup, locked and loaded!

Sindy: Thanks for sticking around with me for overtime, if you weren’t here I wouldn’t have finished till morning
Avarice: No problem, I’m always up for helping out. Plus, it’s not like I can’t use the extra cash!

Sindy: Hehe, true true
Avarice: Now c’mon, how about I walk you home

Sindy: That sounds like a plan, let’s go

Avarice: So how are your paintings coming along?
Sindy: Well, my sister and I divide the house chores equally, so between that and this job, I barely have time to work on my paintings

Avarice: That’s tough, but hey, at least your sister does half of the work at home, unlike my sister in law! She lives with us for free and never lifts a finger, it all falls on my wife’s shoulders, who doesn’t say anything about it to not make her older sister uncomfortable

Sindy: Wow, talk about hospitality! But enough about life’s worries, I heard you have an audition for a role, is it true?

Avarice: Yup, it’s a small role on a weekly TV show
Sindy: That’s great!

Avarice: Hopefully it will be my ticket out of the waitressing career forever!
Sindy: Well at least one of us would have made it out!

Avarice: Hey it’s the new Fire Station they’re building, its going up real fast!
Sindy: I heard big a construction company from out of town is working on it

Sindy: But no matter who is building it, the important thing is that it will feel much safer living in this town when it’s finished
Avarice: You got that right

Sindy: You know, maybe I should quit my job and become a firefighter

Avarice: A firefighter? You? I thought they were building this place to make us feel safer?
Sindy: Hey! I bet I would make a better firefighter than you!

Miss Aqua: It's this lamp, it's an antique and you want me to find a buyer, right? This has to be why we are meeting here and not at your house

Mr.Blue: Well if you can convince the buyer that it is an antique you can have it! But no, we're here because I wanted to see how the construction is coming a long without workers hovering around me

Mr.Blue: Now tell me, what did you get from the basic recon I told you to carry out?
Miss Aqua: Ah yes! I snooped around for a while and this is what I got: Arlene Maglob, middle name Brochan, Clinical Psychologist at the Sacred Spleen Medical Center. She moved back here six months ago and lives with her sister and brother in-law

Miss Aqua: The brother in law is Avarice Torres, aspiring actor currently employed as a waiter at the local diner just down the street from here. Sister Clee is an author who wrote one best selling Romance Novel that payed for the house they all live in

Mr.Blue: Hmmm, a very good job Miss Aqua. Stick to this assignment for the time being

Mr.Blue: But be very thorough, I want detail reports about this household, everything you can find. And anything that can be documented - important papers, pictures you take of them and the sort - bring them all to me

Miss Aqua: Alright Mr.Blue, is anyone in specific of high priority?

Mr.Blue: Arlene, definitely Arlene is of higher priority! Yet, always use your judegement in every circumstance
Miss Aqua: Understood Mr.Blue

Miss Aqua: If we are done with business, I have a request Mr.Blue
Mr.Blue: Alright, go ahead

Miss Aqua: Well, we have been working together for two years now and you never tell me anything about you nor do you ask me anything about me!

Mr.Blue: First, seeing that I pay your salary, you work for me and not with me. Second, I am getting a cat. There, I shared something with you, savor the moment for the next two years

Miss Aqua: A cat? That is so sweet! What are you gonna call it?

Mr.Blue: That is my business to take care of and not yours. Besides, that is enough sharing for now, I must be going back home

Miss Aqua: Wait! Mr.Blue!

Mr.Blue: What is it Miss Aqua?

Miss Aqua: Well you told me something about you, but don't you want me to tell you something about myself?

Mr.Blue: Not really, I already know everything I need to know

Miss Aqua: But I never told you anything Mr.Blue, not even my first name, so you're basically saying you don't want to know anything about me! How can you trust me with all these investigative assignments if you don't know anything about me?

Mr.Blue: It is all about your work, I judge you by how well you do your job. Now enough with the questions, keep yourself occupied with your assignment, alright Chelsea?

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Default Chapter 6 - Representative

Miss Cristay: Good morning Mr.Blue, how are you today?

Mr.Blue: Good morning to you too Miss Cristay, I am well. What can I do for you?

Miss Cristay: Well I was wondering if you finished going over the construction plan for the plantation so I can get the team started on the paperwork?

Mr.Blue: Yes I did Sonia, and I have to commend you for the great job you have done, the lot is perfect and the construction plan is very well thought out, you have the green light to go ahead

Miss Cristay: That is good news Mr.Blue, hopefully we can get construction started after we're done with the Fire Station

Mr.Blue: I knew I put the right person in charge, very reliable work Sonia. Now tell me, how are you finding the new offices I rented out for our operations here?

Miss Cristay: They are way more practical for carrying out our work, and the business complex is not bad, not as fancy as our other offices, but they will do just fine

Miss Cristay: But I do have to thank you for the employees you brought here to help run the show, they have been a great addition and have really made my job easier

Mr.Blue: Just take care of all the technical details and carry out what I tell you. As long as you do that and keep making my life easier, I'll make yours easier and you can have all the resources you need. I am depending on you

Miss Cristay: And I won't let you down Mr.Blue!

Sindy: Hi, can I help you?
Gerard: Hello young lady. I am a representative for an art collector and I am looking for a local artist by the name of Sindy Tlus, this is her residence, is it not?
Sindy: Yes it is, come in!

Gerard: Thank you. Now are you the young talented painter I am seeking?

Sindy: Well I don't know about being talented, but yes I'm Sindy

Gerard: Great! I'll get directly to the point miss: The person I represent has heard about your paintings and has sent me to check them out and decide if they are worthy of purchase, so will you please lead me to your studio?

Sindy: Wow! Well this is surprising and I'm really not prepared

Sindy: But I guess it would be stupid to say no to such an opportunity, no matter how unbelievable it sounds!

Sindy: Follow me right this way
Gerard: I'm right behind you

Sindy: Here it is! Their not all good, but you can find at least one or two that you would like
Gerard: I am more optimistic than that!

Gerard: Hmmmmm

Gerard: Very interesting, very interesting indeed

Gerard: Miss Sindy, your drawings are simply amazing, and as such I will make you an amazing offer ... I would like to buy them all

Sindy: All of them!? I'm flattered, but I mean - all of them !?!
Gerard: Believe it miss Sindy, you are talented and my employer will love your paintings

Sindy: Oh my god! This is the best day ever! Mindy won't believe this!

Sindy: But Mr, I have a favor to ask
Gerard: And what would that would be?

Sindy: I put a lot of work into my paintings, buying them is like buying part of my life, so if it's no trouble I was wondering if I can meet your employer

Gerard: I think my employer would love to do that

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Default Chapter 7 - The Whole

Gerard: Hello Mr.Blue
Mr.Blue: Ah, Gerard you’re back!

Mr.Blue: And I see you met our new friend
Gerard: Indeed I did, and what a lovable addition to the household she is

Mr.Blue: Of course she is!
Gerard: And what a peculiar fur color she has, not to mention its intelligence seems quite sharp

Mr.Blue: She is bred for obedience and loyalty, and genetically engineered to have Blue fur – don’t you just love science?

Gerard: It’s almost magical!
Mr.Blue: Hehe, you got that right! But it’s not all up to science, no our friend here is a testament to what science can do and what money can buy!

Gerard: Money is the means to luxury I believe. Now Mr.Blue, dinner is ready
Mr.Blue: Great, what are we having?

Gerard: Well, since you sent me out on that errand there was no time to cook a large meal, so we will have to do with Hamburgers. Do help yourself to a plate Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: I sure will Gerard, and I don’t know why you say it like it's a bad thing, everything you cook in here is delicious!
Gerard: Thank you Mr.Blue, glad to know you think that

Mr.Blue: So tell me Gerard, was the errand a success?
Gerard: Yes of course it was

Gerard: But Mr.Blue, please tell me you are not actually going to hang those awful paintings around the house!

Mr.Blue: Haha, that bad are they?
Gerard: A crime in the name of Art, that is what they are!

Mr.Blue: Hehe, well don’t worry, the story will be that I sent them to be stored with my other “highly valued collectibles” back home, so you won’t have to see them again
Gerard: Phew, that’s a relief! Thank you for having mercy on my eyes Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: You are more than welcome my friend! Now tell me, did you get her to agree to a meeting?

Gerard: I did not have to, she was eager to meet my employer all by herself – she made my task too easy to be honest

Mr.Blue: Very good then, everything is going according to plan

Gerard: Mr.Blue, now that we are done with dinner, there is one thing I ask of you
Mr.Blue: And what would that be Gerard?

Gerard: You said that after carrying out this task you would tell me more about why we are here, or was that not our deal?

Mr.Blue: No, you are right Gerard, I did say that

Mr.Blue: Follow me, we’ll talk outside

Mr.Blue: Calming smooth night breeze, isn’t it?
Gerard: Indeed it is Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: Now Gerard, how would you define Money?

Gerard: Money? It’s currency, a tool used for exchange, a means of acquiring things in life

Mr.Blue: Spot on! Money is a tool, a very powerful tool, yet not in itself power. Knowledge is another powerful tool, it allows you to utilize money wisely and effectively, but it is still not the defining aspect of power

Mr.Blue: Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. So what I can tell you is that from my experience with life, neither is power, yet in synergy knowledge and money are true power if managed by a sound mind

Gerard: I understand your logic, but how is that related to why we are here?

Mr.Blue: Well I already accumulated all the money I could ever need, so right now we are gathering information to enrich our knowledge

Gerard: And after we attain the knowledge needed you will have power here - I’m following with you, but what will you do with that Power Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: I can do whatever I want … but what I will do, I’m going to let you try to guess that

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Default Chapter 8 - Guilt Trip

Arlene: Hey Clee

Clee: Oh Arlene, hey! You’re home early again, is everything ok?

Arlene: Yeah, yeah it is – just a slow day at work, all my appointments were done so I came home early, thought I’d take a nap

Clee: That’s a great idea, you deserve a rest! Maybe later treat yourself to a little bubble-bath!
Arlene: I might just do that!

Arlene: So why are you wearing a maid’s costume? I hope it’s not a career move

Clee: Hehe no! Avarice and I are trying out some role-playing to spice things up in the bedroom
Arlene: Oh, I guess that’s cool! I didn’t know that could get boring at some point that you’d have to roleplay

Clee: It’s not boredom per say, it’s just that we’ve been having a few difficulties – I think Avarice is just stressed out that he’s not achieving his aspiration of becoming an actor and that is getting him down, in more ways than one

Arlene: And you’re helping him get back up again, I get it!
Clee: Hehe I guess I kinda am! Anyway I'm sorry if this is too freaky or something, we were trying it out when we thought you’d be out at work

Arlene: No no, not at all, I understand!

Arlene: Now shouldn't you get back in there, aren't things supposed to be getting "cleaned"?
Clee: Shut up!! It's not funny!

Clee: Now come here, give me a hug!

Clee: I'll talk to you later, alright?
Arlene: Alright! Go get e'm tiger!
Clee: I sure will! Hehe - have a good nap!

Arlene: This is just great ...

Arlene: Now I have to sit here and listen to them go at it!

Arlene: Stop it Arlene! Your sister has the right to enjoy sleeping with her husband! Don't take your frustration out on her!

Arlene: But it's really hard to think positive and not be frustrated when I feel so lonely and desperate

Arlene: And I keep selling my self the same idea, that I'm keeping my self until I am married - pshh like that is happening anytime soon!

Arlene: Besides, Clee enjoyed herself when she was single, and she still managed to find someone to marry her, and he's a great guy!

Arlene: I can't believe I missed out on all that fun, on all those relationships I could have continued to end up here like this!

Arlene: I should just go to sleep, I'm too tired to take another guilt trip ...

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Default Chapter 9 - Dehydrated

Sindy: Oh you're up! Did my racket wake you?

Mr.Blue: Not at all, I just washed up a bit. I do hope you were making yourself at home

Sindy: Yeah I am, I was just getting a glass of water ...

Sindy: Because I got a little dehydrated tonight
Mr.Blue: Hehe .. I guess it would be expected

Sindy: Yes it would, hehe .. today has just been an amazing day

Mr.Blue: Oh, you think so?
Sindy: Yeah! It's a bit unbelievable

Sindy: I mean I came here expecting to meet some old art collector, and instead I meet a handsome and charming man ...

Sindy: Who really knows how to show a girl a good time, and we end up having fun late into the night!

Mr.Blue: Don't cut yourself short, you're a beautiful young woman and you had a little more than a bit of contribution tonight

Sindy: Hehe, well I try! But I think I can do even better this time
Mr.Blue: This time?

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Default Chapter 10 - Old Story

Miss Aqua: Now listen here Chelsea, you can't keep letting this get to you, you're a professional!

Miss Aqua: I know, it is very hard to not have feelings for him ..

Miss Aqua: But you have to put them aside, it’s for the best

Miss Aqua: No matter how hard it can be, it must be done!

Miss Aqua: Phew, I feel better ..

Miss Cristay: And thanks to the efforts of all those involved, this project has finally been completed

Miss Cristay: This beloved town finally has its own Fire Station to protect its citizens in times of emergency

Miss Cristay: As representative of BPCI here today, I extend my congratulations to all members of this community and hope that this will be the first step towards a successful partnership between our company and the town in the near future

Sindy: So why didn't you attend the opening yourself? Don't you like the spotlight?

Mr.Blue: Not really, I got enough of that back home. I just want to keep a low profile here so I can move around without being hassled

Sindy: Oh I see. Well don't worry, I won't tell anyone that my boyfriend happens to be the most amazing man helping out my town

Mr.Blue: I appreciate that my dear, but isn't there someone you will tell?
Sindy: Well, I am going to tell my sister, but that doesn't really count, does it?

Mr.Blue: Oh yes it does! But don't worry, I would not expect you not to tell your sister every single little detail .. I learned that the hard way!

Sindy: Hehe, you got me! But what hard way?

Mr.Blue: Don't worry about that, it’s an old story

Sindy: Well I don't want to bother you with it, but why don't you tell me this old story?

Mr.Blue: Maybe in time Sindy, but for now let's just keep watching TV

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Default Chapter 11 – Feud

Miss Aqua: So let me guess: Gerard is running all around the house and you thought the best place to meet is the art gallery because no one comes here this early, right?

Mr.Blue: You're pretty good, I give you that! So what's the update?

Miss Aqua: Well I think I got everything, their house's layout, their workplaces, and their usual activities

Miss Aqua: The way I see it this assignment is over, so what do you want me to do next?

Mr.Blue: I disagree. I need you to stay on this a little longer; follow them around, eavesdrop on them, and learn their patterns of behavior. I want you to be able to predict how they will react if put in a certain situation

Miss Aqua: Ok if you say so, you're the boss

Miss Aqua: I do have a personal question, if you don't mind ..
Mr.Blue: We're back to this again? Alright, what is it?

Miss Aqua: Well it's about that girl you're seeing, Sindy

Miss Aqua: It's all an act right? I mean you don't actually like her, do you?

Mr.Blue: Well Miss Aqua, that would be my business and none of yours

Mr.Blue: And I would recommend that you focus on doing your job well, and not let such things affect your performance

Mindy: Sindy will be right out, she's in the shower. You can wait for her in her room

Avarice: Um, are you sure that's ok?
Mindy: Yeah, go right ahead!

Avarice: Well, since I'm here I might as well gussy up

Sindy: Having a little acne problem there, are you?

Avarice: Sindy! I didn't see u come in, I was just ..
Sindy: Relax, I'm just kidding! Now be a sweet and don't turn around, I need to put something on

Avarice: Ok ...

Sindy: I'm covered, you can turn around now

Avarice: I just stopped by to check up on you, how have you been?

Sindy: Me? I'm great! My new boyfriend is the best man I have ever met!

Avarice: You seem very happy. Who is he?

Sindy: Well, that I can't tell you, I kinda promised

Avarice: Waw, you can't tell me! He isn't an imaginary boyfriend is he?

Sindy: Oh no, believe me he's very real and very handsome. I just want to keep him for myself, that's why I won't tell anyone who he is! Hehe

Avarice: Ok, whatever, you don't have to tell me

Sindy: What's wrong Avarice, you don't seem like your usual upbeat self today ..

Sindy: I mean, I know I had a feud with your wife and her sister when we were younger and it sounds bad that I ask this, but all that aside and in true concern, are things ok at home?

Avarice: No, not really. Things between Clee and I are not going well

Avarice: And it's a hassle to have Arlene living with us! I don't know, I just feel like my relationship with Clee is getting boring, and a little disappointing ..

Sindy: Stop being so gloomy! You're just going through a rough patch and things will look up! It happens to everybody; I was having a bad moment in life and now look at me

Sindy: It worked out for me, and I'm sure it will work out for you!
Avarice: I really hope so

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Default Chapter 12 – Worlds Apart

Mr.Blue: Miss Cristay! You beat me here!

Miss Cristay: I guess I did! Nice to see you again Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: Always a pleasure Sonia! What do you have for me today?

Miss Cristay: Well, the plantation project is going well, construction is over and the workers are hired

Miss Cristay: We're just waiting for the fully-grown trees to be shipped in and planted, then we will start producing crops for this town and three others!

Mr.Blue: Congratulations on a job very well done! I am now even more keen that you are the right person in this position!
Miss Cristay: Thank you sir! Your confidence in me is very flattering!

Mr.Blue: Yes, but I do want to remind you to continue looking into the Theater project
Miss Cristay: Of course I will, and as soon as I have the file ready I will let you know

Mr.Blue: Very well
Miss Cristay: And what about industrial opportunities, have you any instructions for me about that?

Mr.Blue: That is still under consideration, but for now I have no plans of the such, so don't worry about it

Miss Cristay: As you wish Mr.Blue. But I can't help wondering ..

Miss Cristay: Why did you want for us to meet here?

Mr.Blue: Very good question Sonia! It's because this house now belongs to me

Miss Cristay: I have a feeling that since I'm here, it means that this is a business project

Mr.Blue: You are spot on. Welcome to the Blue Phoenix Bakery, the newest asset of our company! It will be your job to make this transformation from a residential house to a house of delights happen

Miss Cristay: That sounds like a good moto: 'Blue Phoenix Bakery - Your House of Delights!'
Mr.Blue: These ideas! They are what will get you far in this business, good job Miss Cristay!

Joe: So, no friendly people around here, are there?

Talman: Well it’s a prison, if they were pleasant people they wouldn't have ended up here

Joe: You have a point there!

Talman: So what are you in for?
Joe: Dealing drugs, I was outsmarted by an undercover cop

Talman: That's tough man! But hey, at least you learned your lesson
Joe: Yeah! Always run a background check on someone before you sell them drugs!

Talman: Hahaha, good sense of humor you got there!
Joe: For sure!

Joe: Hey, you can't be undercover cop ..

Joe: Want to buy some weed? I'll give you a really sweet deal!

Talman: Boy you are in jail and you still haven't learned your lesson? Man this system is definitely not serving its purpose!

Joe: Hey you can't judge me! We're all criminals here, we're all the same!

Talman: No we’re not, and I ain't no criminal! I did what I had to do to feed my family, I had no choice!

Joe: How does that make you any different from me? You still committed a crime!

Talman: I knew what I did was wrong and I learned from it! You still haven’t, and that makes us worlds apart!

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Default Chapter 13 – Wild Night

Gerard: Ah! Mr.Blue! Welcome home, I trust your evening was enjoyable?

Mr.Blue: Very much so Gerard

Gerard: And where is Miss Sindy, won't she spending the night?

Mr.Blue: No, not tonight. She has to take her sister to get her eyes checked out tomorrow morning

Mr.Blue: Besides, it's not good to spoil her!

Gerard: Hehe, no of course not, who would want that to happen?
Mr.Blue: Right?

Miss Aqua: I was hoping you'd be alone, and I guess my hope was fulfilled

Mr.Blue: Miss Aqua! What are you doing here?
Miss Aqua: Number one, call me Chelsea! And two, this is what I am doing here ..

Mr.Blue: Well you're a pretty good kisser, I'll give you that, but are you sure you want this?
Miss Aqua: I've never been so sure about something my entire life! I want it and I am going to get it! Now shut up and enjoy!

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Default Chapter 14 – Aftermath

Miss Aqua: Good morning!
Mr.Blue: Good morning to you Chelsea

Mr.Blue: I trust you are satisfied with what happened last night?
Miss Aqua: Yes, aren't you?

Mr.Blue: It is irrelevant - as long as you are happy, last night would have served its purpose

Miss Aqua: I can’t believe you! After we shared all of that you still won’t share your emotions with me?

Mr.Blue: I'm afraid there are no emotions to be shared

Miss Aqua: There has to be, I felt it, we connected! I could feel what you were feeling something towards me! Don’t deny it!

Mr.Blue: If you were that much into it then it was very enjoyable for you, and that serves me well

Miss Aqua: What are you talking about? You didn't make love to me because you felt something towards me? Then why did you do it?

Mr.Blue: Well it was starting to be clear to me that your affection for me had grown a lot - I mean you did break into my bedroom in the middle of the night! So the best decision was to give you what you wanted, that way your job performance wouldn't suffer at the expense of this affection

Miss Aqua: What? That’s why you did it?

Mr.Blue: Yes, that and the fact that now you will be more inclined to carry out other tasks - I will be needing you to do more of a “hands on” job from now on

Miss Aqua: Oh my God! You actually think I will keep working for you after you just told me this? You must be out of your mind you jerk!

Mr.Blue: Why are you upset? I told you the truth to your face rather than lie to you. Coming from me you should consider that a complement! Or is honesty not a good virtue anymore?

Miss Aqua: This is not being blunt Mr.Blue, this is being rude and inconsiderate!

Mr.Blue: You have your way of seeing things, and I have mine

Miss Aqua: You know what? You are actually funny! You sleep with me to trick me and get me more driven to work for you. Then, you stupidly go ahead and tell me that to my face and actually think everything will go on as you expect it to be!

Mr.Blue: Why? Do you think it won’t?

Miss Aqua: Of course it won’t! God! Why? How? Why do you not feel?

Mr.Blue: Feelings are not important
Miss Aqua: Oh really!? Then what is?

Mr.Blue: Achieving what I am here to do, that is all that matters! Everything else is irrelevant to even consider

Miss Aqua: Oh yes, the big secret of why you came here in the first place! How did I not think of that!?

Mr.Blue: Mockery will get you nowhere. And I advise you to not make rash judgments about something you do not understand!

Miss Aqua: Well you never really gave me an option because you never explained it!

Mr.Blue: That is my choice to make! Now listen here Chelsea; whatever it is that you want from me you won’t get it now! So if that is what you seek then leave, because nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing - will matter to me before I achieve what I am here to do!!

Miss Aqua: ... and when you do achieve it, what will you do?

Mr.Blue: I will savor it, enjoy it, and delight in its magnificence!

Miss Aqua: What about after that? When it is out of your way, will you care about anything else?

Mr.Blue: I do not know, and I don’t have time to think about what will happen after that! Pipe-dreams about the future will only distract me from achieving my goal

Miss Aqua: You are that determined, huh?
Mr.Blue: Yes

Miss Aqua: Until you get it done you are blinding yourself from everything else around you! It's irrational! It's crazy!

Mr.Blue: Call it whatever you want Chelsea; what I do know is that nothing is going to take this away from me, nothing at all!

Miss Aqua: I ...

Miss Aqua: About that “hands on” job, what do you want me to do?

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Default Chapter 15 - The Recruit

Paisley: This mass production ability will allow us to sell the produce at very competitive prices

Paisley: And that is how this plantation will become the major supplier of fruits and vegetables for the local, as well as the other outlying groceries' stores

Mr.Blue: That is our aim Miss Paisley, and from what I've seen so far I can comfortably say that I am confident with your management of the plantation

Paisley: Thank you Mr.Blue!
Mr.Blue: No thanks needed, I tell you only what I truly believe about this matter

Miss Cristay: So am I right to assume you are satisfied with the outcome Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: Yes you are, and your work has not gone unnoticed Miss Cristay, a very commendable job!

Miss Cristay: I am glad to hear that
Mr.Blue: Very well. Now if you excuse me, I have an incoming call I must answer

Mr.Blue: Yes, I do

Mr.Blue: Good to hear! Everything is falling right into place!

Miss Aqua: Hey Talman, get up!

Talman: What? Who are you? And how did you get in here?

Miss Aqua: I am your ticket out of this place! You do want to get out of here, don't you?

Talman: Hey! How'd you get that key?
Miss Aqua: A little too nosy, aren't we?

Miss Aqua: I've read your file Talman, and I believe that you are the victim of a great injustice. You don't belong in here!

Miss Aqua: But the judge gave no weight for your circumstances or your excuses, he put you in jail! He didn't even care that your two-year old daughter would grow up without her father there!

Miss Aqua: It's been two years and she's four now; with ten years to go she'll be a teenager by the time you get out!

Talman: I know that! I think about it everyday! I don't need a reminder to deepen my pain! Just tell me what you want already!

Miss Aqua: I want to make you an offer! You do some work for us for a while, follow our instructions and ask no questions. In return, you get to leave jail tomorrow, get paid a hefty sum, and as soon as your work with us is over, you get to go back to your family and live happily ever after!

Talman: This won't involve me hurtin' anyone, will it?

Miss Aqua: Well this is not a desk job if that's what you're asking! But I will tell you that the people that get hurt will be people that deserve it!

Miss Aqua: And you are free to refuse this offer, no one is holding a gun to your head. But if you agree, there is no going back! We can get you out of here tomorrow, and we can just as easily put you back in the very next day, and for even longer if we want!

Miss Aqua: So Talman, what do you say?
Talman: It does sound very tempting, but ...

Miss Aqua: I need a direct answer Talman, what will it be?

Talman: Give me a minute to sit down and think about this

Miss Aqua: You do that now ...

Miss Aqua: Hey, remember the inmate I suggested for the role?

Miss Aqua: Well, he's on board!

Miss Aqua: Always glad to make you happy!

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Default Chapter 16 – The Label

Arlene: These vegetables look fresher than usual!?

Arlene: And there's a label on them; BPCI, I wonder what that stands for?

Jeno: It's Blue Phoenix Corporations & Industries
Arlene: Jeno!! You startled me!

Jeno: I didn't mean to, I just overheard you and thought I'd answer your question
Arlene: It's ok, no worries

Arlene: So what did you say again?
Jeno: BPCI stands for Blue Phoenix Corporations & Industries, they are the new suppliers of produce for all stores in Town. They're the same company that built the new fire station if you recall

Arlene: Hmmmm .. that name sounds familiar to me for some reason ...

Jeno: Yeah well they are getting too familiar in town, they keep popping up everywhere! All this generosity is just too suspicious!

Jeno: And I heard the owner is living right here in town, but he never shows his face! His representative does all the public appearances. This just makes the whole thing even more suspicious!

Arlene: Oh, well all that sounds intriguing, but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, I'm sure they're just here for business

Jeno: No! No!!! There's something more to this, and if I were you I'd watch my back! Everyone should watch their back!
Arlene: Ok, ok!

Mrs.Bremen: If you're freaked out, don't worry!
Arlene: Oh no I'm not, it's just that that was a bit weird

Mrs.Bremen: Now listen here Arlene, you're a nice girl but don't let what Jeno says get to you!

Mrs.Bremen: Everyone knows he's paranoid and a little extra-weird. Just don't take him and his conspiracy theories too seriously!

Arlene: Hehe .. I know! And don't worry, I'll be alright

Mr.Blue: You haven't quite been yourself all night. What's on your mind?

Sindy: Well, it's a coworker, Avarice. We've been friends for a long time and he's having trouble in his marriage; it's falling apart but he doesn't see it! I'm just a bit worried about him ..

Mr.Blue: I'm no expert, but I can't help feel there's more to this than just that

Sindy: That's true! There's this old feud with his wife that complicates the whole thing
Mr.Blue: A feud?

Sindy: Yeah, well when we were kids his wife wasn't that popular in school, so there was a bit of teasing, you know - kids' stuff! But it eventually turned into this rivalry: me and my sister against his wife and her sister; then when Avarice started having a crush on me in high school it didn't help much
Mr.Blue: How so?

Sindy: Well he was kind-of the bridge friend between us and them, always in the middle. But I didn't like him back, so I let him down easy and we stayed friends. But that staying-friends-part didn't sit well with Clee - his now wife - when they started dating, and she has always tried to end our friendship

Mr.Blue: I get it! You're too scared to tell him he needs to face the truth that he should get a divorce because he'll accuse you of still holding a grudge

Sindy: Yup. That's pretty much it! And I really care about the guy

Sindy: I just wish there was more I could do ...

Mr.Blue: I know dear, but I wouldn't worry too much if I were you! It will work out, these things always do! Something will make him want to get that divorce eventually, so you don't have to put yourself in that position!

Sindy: I really hope you are right!
Mr.Blue: I am .. you can trust me on this one!

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Default Chapter 17 – Bad Luck

Gerard: Mr.Blue, if you don't mind, I want to express my concern about a certain matter

Mr.Blue: Sure go ahead. But if you're trying to distract me from winning this match, you're going to be disappointed

Gerard: Not at all sir. It's just that there has been a lot of company around recently, yet not at the same time

Mr.Blue You're referring to Miss Aqua and Sindy?

Gerard: Yes sir. I am just worried that this arrangement can go awry if things get entangled ... you understand what I mean, don't you Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: Of course I do Gerard, but I do assure you that everything is more than under control. I know what I am doing perfectly well

Miss Aqua: So that's what you're up to, a friendly game of chess?

Mr.Blue: Captioning the obvious, aren't you there Chelsea? Anyway, glad you could make it, we'll get to work in a bit
Miss Aqua: Alright

Mr.Blue: So anymore questions Gerard?
Gerard: Well I am wondering what to expect to happen in the future Mr.Blue ..

Mr.Blue: Well my friend, you know, the usual ..

Gerard: With you sir, that means I must expect the unusual!
Mr.Blue: Do as you please Gerard!

Gerard: Just a small piece of advice Mr.Blue; what they want usually makes people lose themselves on their way to getting it

Mr.Blue: Well then it’s a good thing I never sat down and confined myself to a self-bestowed definition! See how nothing's at risk here Gerard?

Gerard: I mean no disrespect sir, but I just don’t want to see you get consumed by what you set out to destroy

Mr.Blue: Stop worrying will you? You've known me for a long time now, you know I never come to a battle unprepared to face it all!

Miss Aqua: What about luck?

Mr.Blue: What about it?

Miss Aqua: What if things don’t go according to your plan because of bad luck?

Mr.Blue: Bad luck? Gerard, you have a great memory .. would you please share that quote I told you on this matter with Miss Aqua?

Gerard: Always a pleasure Mr.Blue

Gerard: To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and left hand ..

Gerard: He uses both ...

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Default Chapter 18 – The Scare

Avarice: I'm just not comfortable here, I don't know what to talk about with these people ..

Clee: Avarice it's a wonder that we still get invited to such parties so can you please try to make this work?

Clee: Just talk to them about work, or sports, or anything! Go and mingle!

Avarice: Ok honey, I'll do my best
Clee: Good! Now get to it while I go get myself a drink

Clee: Hey I need a drink, something good
Miss Aqua: Good drinks are my specialty!

Miss Aqua: How does a Vanilla-Stirred Spline Reticulator sound?
Clee: It sounds great

Miss Aqua: Alright, coming right up!

Miss Aqua: There you go! I'll add a little extra kick especially for you in the glass at the front

Clee: Special treatment, thank you!
Miss Aqua: You're very welcome miss!

Miss Aqua: It's only a matter of minutes before the truth serum kicks in and she starts sharing her honest opinion with everybody!

Miss Aqua: Yeah, I just slipped out while no one was looking. I'm on my way

Miss Aqua: I'm not late am I? Those contacts and the wig gave me a bit of a hassle!

Talman: No no it's fine, I just finished setting up

Miss Aqua: Ok great, let's get started! And remember, we want to do this cleanly, no trace left behind!

Arlene: What? The electricity is out?

Arlene: Oh good its back! But that wasn't normal, I should tell Clee to have Avarice check it out when they come back

Arlene: Hmm, what should I have? I guess a glass of milk will do

Arlene: What was that noise!?

Arlene: It sounds like something fell ...

Arlene: The lamp? There's no wind here, the windows are closed! How did it fall?

Arlene: What? The kitchen light just went out? Why does the electricity keep doing that!?

Arlene: Huh! Who's there?

Arlene: Ahh!! Who are you!? What do you want!?!?

Arlene: Ahhhh!!! Get away from me!

Miss Aqua: Where do you think you're going?

Arlene: Ahhhhh!!!!

Miss Aqua: Good night Arlene!
Arlene: Noooo!!!

Talman: Is she dead?

Miss Aqua: No, she won't die from that fall. She's just unconscious

Talman: I thought we were gonna scare her so she falls on the stairs on her own though ...

Miss Aqua: What do you care? Just be happy that you didn't have to hurt anybody this time!

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Default Chapter 19 – Another Theory

Avarice: The repairman just left

Clee: And? What did he say?
Avarice: Well looks like nothing happened to the electrical box, it’s exactly like he left it the last time

Clee: What? That can’t be! Arlene said the intruders cut the electricity!

Avarice: Yeah, but the expert repairman says otherwise, and I’m gonna trust him on this one

Clee: What do you mean?

Avarice: I mean that there is another theory that could explain what happened
Clee: Oh really? And what would that be?

Avarice: Well, the true part of Arlene’s story would be that she woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and went down to have a glass of milk

Avarice: But then she could have went to the living room and got scared or had a hallucination and knocked over the lamp

Avarice: That made her more frightened, and she tried to run upstairs to her room, but then she hallucinated about those ‘intruders’ again, slipped and fell down the stairs

Clee: So you’re calling my sister a crazy liar?

Avarice: Not exactly. I’m just saying it’s not unlike her to have hallucinations! We both know that ..

Clee: Hey, my sister is perfectly sane! And you are not allowed to talk about her like that you idiot!!!
Avarice: Don’t you dare!

Avarice: You don’t get to yell at me! Not after what you did last night!

Clee: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever! You know, I may have been drunk but what I said was true!

Avarice: I can’t believe you! You were never going to apologize! You don’t even regret humiliating me!

Clee: Oh grow up you little baby!
Avarice: Name calling, that’s real mature!

Clee: Oh look at me! I’m Avarice, I want to be an actor, but I suck at it so I’m a freakin’ loser waiter!

Avarice: You know what? I don’t have to take this! I really don’t!!

Miss Aqua: Aren't you gonna go for a swim? The water is great!

Mr.Blue: I’m going in right now!
Miss Aqua: Ok, let’s go!

Mr.Blue: Wait. Before that, I have a question about last night
Miss Aqua: Yeah?

Mr.Blue: It wasn’t part of the plan for you to push her down the stairs, she was supposed to fall on her own. Why didn’t you stick to what I told you?

Miss Aqua: That little shove? That was a little bonus from me, no charge!

Mr.Blue: As humorous as that is, I still feel it wasn’t just out of the want to make sure the plan was completed successfully ..

Miss Aqua: Well, this girl - Arlene - it’s clear you don’t like her at all

Miss Aqua: But she has all your focus, she’s always on your mind
Mr.Blue: And?

Miss Aqua: And that got on my nerves! So in the moment, I pushed it a little bit …

Mr.Blue: Pushed it and her! Look Chelsea, this time it didn’t affect the outcome, but next time it might! So don’t let this get to you as much!

Miss Aqua: Ok, ok I won’t! But you know? I kinda did it for you too

Mr.Blue: For me? And who said I wanted you to do that to her?

Miss Aqua: Oh c’mon, there’s only two things that can make someone so determined; and you already have money ..

Miss Aqua: That means this is about revenge for you!

Mr.Blue: Revenge?

Mr.Blue: Revenge is the last thing on my mind!

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Default Chapter 20 – Questions and Questioning

Arlene: So he just stormed off? He didn’t say where he was going?

Clee: No, but whatever he is doing, he’s going to have a hell of a time when he comes back! I’ll make sure of that!

Clee: But forget about him now sweety. I think we should call the Police and tell them about what happened last night

Arlene: No no, I don’t think we should ..

Arlene: I mean, what if I really was just hallucinating?

Clee: You actually believe that jerk Avarice? Don’t let him get to you!

Arlene: But what if he’s right? It doesn’t seem that far-off, I’ve hallucinated before, you know that!
Clee: Yeah but ..
Arlene: If we get the Police involved and it turns out to be nothing it’ll be really embarrassing and people will talk! I really don’t need any more harassment in my life!

Clee: Alright sweety, if you say so …

Miss Aqua: Hey there Gerard! Having a little snack?

Gerard: Why yes I am! Shall I get you anything?

Miss Aqua: No, no thanks! I was just wondering if I can join you?
Gerard: Certainly Miss Aqua!

Gerard: Anything in particular on your mind?
Miss Aqua: Well there is this one thing I was wondering about

Miss Aqua: I mean imagine after all of this time working for Mr.Blue, all the closeness that brings us together ..

Miss Aqua: And I still have to call him Mr.Blue! I don’t know his first name!

Gerard: It’s your right to be surprised if you don’t know Mr.Blue that well; this is just another thing that comes with working for him ..

Gerard: You just have to accept it as a fact that he will always be Mr.Blue and only that, regardless of how many years you work for him

Miss Aqua: Wait! Are you saying that you don’t even know his first name?

Gerard: There is never a need for me to know! And besides, even if I knew, you wouldn’t be able to get me to share it with you

Gerard: I’m afraid the only person that can tell you that is Mr.Blue himself …

Mr.Blue: Hello you two! Having a little chat are you?

Gerard: Yes we were Mr.Blue, please join us!
Mr.Blue: I will, but I’m afraid I have to change the topic of the conversation

Miss Aqua: So I’m guessing things went according to plan?

Mr.Blue: Why yes they did Chelsea! I just got off the phone with Sindy, and as expected Avarice went over to complain about how he’s fed up with Clee ..

Mr.Blue: So I told Sindy that I can help her resolve her friend’s situation, and I convinced her to bring him and come here for a little “unwinding”

Miss Aqua: You know, when you told me to study their behavior and routines so that we can anticipate their reaction in any situation, I really underestimated the usefulness of it

Mr.Blue: I am flattered you think so Chelsea, but for now we have to prepare, they will be here any second!

Miss Aqua: Oh don’t worry, I’m more than ready for them!

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Default Chapter 21 – Persuasion

Mr.Blue: So how did you like the food?

Avarice: Oh it was great! Thanks again for the invite; it really helped me relax a bit!

Mr.Blue: I am glad you had a good time!

Mr.Blue: By the way Avarice, I think I can help you with your little problem

Mr.Blue: That is if you want me to of course ..

Avarice: Well, yeah sure, I’d appreciate it. But it is a bit too complicated ..

Mr.Blue: I’m sure we will figure this out. C’mon, let’s go inside!

Mr.Blue: Avarice, Sindy .. meet Caprice, the answer to all your problems!

Miss Aqua: Your words are flattering Mr.Blue
Mr.Blue: We both know they are true. Now say hi to our guests

Avarice: Hello Caprice
Miss Aqua: Hello Avarice, Sindy ..

Avarice: So what is this solution you talked about?

Mr.Blue: Well Avarice, the first thing you have to realize is that your relationship with your wife has run its course. You have to know that it is time for you to leave, for your own good

Mr.Blue: Your wife is in this relationship for the wrong reasons. To her you are a prize for winning a petty feud, and a constant reassurance that she can subdue and outshine a man

Avarice: Wow, wow, wow! I’m her prize? And I reassure her? Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself?

Mr.Blue: No I’m not. Think about it and I’m sure you’ll notice that she has always put you down, from the beginning, and it only increased once she wrote that book because she had an excuse to belittle you. And didn’t you two get together directly after Sindy rejected you?

Mr.Blue: You know I’m making perfect sense. Don’t be in disbelief, people can get into relationships for the wrong reasons and then don’t know how to get out. Sindy’s relationship with me is another example ..

Sindy: What? What do you mean?
Mr.Blue: Oh dear Sindy, let’s stop pretending. We both know you’re in this for the money!

Sindy: I so am not! I can’t believe you’re accusing me of this!

Mr.Blue: Look, I’m not saying it’s your fault. I know you have a bad history in relationships, and you’re not to blame for wanting to stick around with me because you found security, financial and emotional. But I can tell you that you belong with Avarice, because you never stopped regretting not giving him a chance

Mr.Blue: That’s why I am going to give you both the opportunity to turn your lives around Avarice, and that will happen once you move to Bridgeport

Avarice: All the way to Bridgeport!? And what are we supposed to do there?

Mr.Blue: Well, you will finally start achieving your aspirations. I have arranged for you to get the lead role in an upcoming blockbuster movie filmed at the Bridgeport movie studio. As for Sindy, she gets her own Art exhibition in two months

Mr.Blue: You two will also get a penthouse apartment to live in, that way you get your lives on track and you can finally give your relationship a genuine chance

Avarice: I’m so confused and shocked right now, but I’ll play along. What’s the catch? What do you want in return for being so generous?

Miss Aqua: We will need your signature and your discretion ..

Miss Aqua: You will sign your divorce papers over at the table and our lawyers will take care of the rest

Miss Aqua: Then you leave for Bridgeport, tonight. You don’t pack anything at all, you just go! Everything has been arranged. Then you go live your new lives and forget all about this one, you just never look back or try to come back!

Avarice: This is sounding more and more like instructions rather than an offer ... What if we come back? Or if we don’t want to go at all?

Miss Aqua: You won’t give up the life of fame and success! Your dreams will come true!

Miss Aqua: But in case you’re stupid enough to not appreciate this offer, there is always a way to be a bit more persuasive …

Mr.Blue: So .. what do you say?

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Default Chapter 22 – Fantastic

Gwen: I just love this place! This café is exactly what we needed!

Mrs.Bremen: Yeah, you have to give it to them, they really did a great job with this place

Mrs.Bremen: The atmosphere is right, the service is excellent and the food is delicious!

Ellaine: And I love that we can come here so early ..

Ellaine: I don’t want to be sitting in all that crowdedness that happens in two hours, I like it better this way
Gwen: Yeah, surely

Mrs.Bremen: You know, ever since BPCI have come here and the town has been improving! It’s safer to live here, we have green vegetables, this bakery/café ..

Mrs.Bremen: And I even saw a couple of tourists in town last week! It’s just fantastic!

Gwen: Speaking of fantastic, has anybody seen miss fantastic? Clee hasn’t shown her face at all recently; she didn’t even come to the opening of this place!

Mrs.Bremen: Oh dear Gweny, you didn’t hear?
Gwen: Hear what?

Mrs.Bremen: Clee has been out of sight because Avarice left her, he filed for divorce and moved all the way to Bridgeport four days ago
Gwen: Bridgeport?

Ellaine: Yup, the second he got a good acting job he split! Sindy even ran off with him, so it looks like they were planning this for a while

Gwen: Poor Clee, that must be tough! It is surprising too, I mean Avarice and her always looked like they were the couple that would last forever

Mrs.Bremen: Appearances can be deceiving! But in the end it’s not about what people think is going on, it’s about what really happens and whether or not you know how to keep your man!

Mr.Blue: I’ve heard a lot of buzz about our café Miss Cristay! It’s the talk of the town! Right on target, good job!

Miss Cristay: Thank you Mr.Blue, I’m happy I’m able to deliver

Miss Cristay: But you know, maybe you should visit the café and experience it first hand, take a little break ..

Mr.Blue: I see what you mean. I know the job here has not been easy, and that it is draining to have all these projects lined up behind each other. But we have one more project, the theatre

Mr.Blue: Once we finish that, you will get the vacation you deserve Miss Cristay, I give you my word

Miss Cristay: I can’t hide that it is a delight to hear that Mr.Blue! And as for the project, you will get the performance you always expect from me, I give you my word on that!

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Default Chapter 23 – A Break

Miss Cristay: Ahh! There is nothing better than relaxing in the hot tub …

Elisha: Hey, mind if I join you?
Miss Cristay: No, not at all

Elisha: Ouu! The water feels just right!

Elisha: That feels good! My name is Elisha by the way
Miss Cristay: Nice to meet you, I’m sonia

Elisha: So how come I never saw you here before?
Miss Cristay: It's my first time here.I just felt over-worked and thought I'd have a little me-time

Elisha: Oh you have to work, you poor thing!
Miss Cristay: And you don’t?

Elisha: Nope, I take it real easy!
Miss Cristay: No work, no stress! So you're here for recreation?

Elisha: I don't need a reason other than having fun to be treated to this
Miss Cristay: Lucky you!

Miss Cristay: But just out of curiosity, have you never thought that you would feel more satisfied if you achieved yourself professionally?

Elisha: Oh sweetie, that’s cute. The only thing I need to achieve is this fabulous look! Then, I get everything I want!
Miss Cristay: I’m not sure I’m following

Elisha: It’s really simple, I have a sugar daddy ..
Miss Cristay: Oh, I see

Miss Cristay: Well if you ever have a change of heart and want to work, I can find you a job
Elisha: Thanks sweety, I’ll pass though. But hey, if you ever want to relax I can find you a sugar daddy …

Miss Aqua: I never get tired of doing that!

Miss Aqua: But I'm just wondering how long this break off of work will go on?

Mr.Blue: Well you wouldn't really be enjoying the break if you are worrying about that, beautiful ..

Miss Aqua: I know, but I'm kind of excited to get back to business, I want it to be over as soon as possible

Mr.Blue: Your urgency has already been noted Chelsea. Now be at piece because you will have plenty to do soon

Miss Aqua: So we're back to doing jobs? When? And what are we doing?

Mr.Blue: When? Soon. What? It will involve you going back on surveillance

Miss Aqua: Um, that seems good and all ..

Miss Aqua: But I was hoping there was more, something a little more exciting?!

Mr.Blue: Well ..
Miss Aqua: Woo!
Mr.Blue: There might be some infiltration required!

Miss Aqua: Oh! I like the sound of that!

Jeno: It's not this one, but I have a feeling I keep getting closer!

Jeno: No matter how hard you try to hide and how many houses I have to sneak around ..

Jeno: I will find you Mr.Blue ...

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Well I finally made time to read all the chapters you have posted of The Last Thing On My mind today and I am glad I did! You have a really good story going here, lots of mystery and a great plot. The story, especially Mr. Blue, really puts me in mind of Sherlock Holmes. I really like Miss Aqua too. Anyway, keep up the good work as I will be checking back for updates now.
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Originally Posted by hmrnd3
Well I finally made time to read all the chapters you have posted of The Last Thing On My mind today and I am glad I did! You have a really good story going here, lots of mystery and a great plot. The story, especially Mr. Blue, really puts me in mind of Sherlock Holmes. I really like Miss Aqua too. Anyway, keep up the good work as I will be checking back for updates now.

I am really glad you enjoyed reading the story Mystery in the plot is something I enjoy playing with to be honest, and I think there will be more of it to come So hopefully, you will enjoy the coming chapters too. Thank you for the comment
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