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#51 Old 8th Dec 2015 at 9:22 PM
Skylarkatts, please leave a link here when you're doing your let's play, I'd love to watch it!
Lab Assistant
#52 Old 13th Dec 2015 at 6:02 PM
Default Homeless challenge experience
Originally Posted by SirenMoon
Just a quick question how do you become a domestic worker? I thought just randomly going into people's homes would be frowned upon.

I loved the idea of a homeless youth and am playing my own version of this challenge. It has differences, but the theme is the same.

In my case my character, Sarah, was a teen and I have since expanded the Runaway Challenge into a legacy game, "Inheritor of the Necklace".

Because I played her as a teen, there had to be one adult on the lot. I locked Grannie in the basement assuming that she would die the old fashioned kill-a-sim way. That did not happen. Instead, she lived out her life in "stasis mode" meaning that the game itself kept all her motives at normal to high throughout her life. She died peacefully of old age, but the cool thing is I got a family ghost out of the deal. I kept her couch and the television and Grannie will often be seen in her basement contentedly watching television. But, I digress:

My teen had to stay in school or (so I assumed) she would age up before the set game time, and I would have lost my challenge. She did homework on Day One. However, by the end of Day Two, her motives were so low doing homework was out of the question, and I knew she would be skipping school. I had her knock on a door.

When she was caught sleeping in Yuki's (Windenburg) bed, Yuki was shocked, and I saw some red relationship marks but Sarah was able to get a good night's rest in Yuki's bed. She ate and socialized with the family as if finding runaways in one's bed is just another condition of having a family home.

If you are interested in seeing how I set up my challenge, and how I set up my Legacy game and rules let me know. I have photos showing adherence to the basic Legacy concept and progress as she ages normally. I would enjoy sharing my story with others.

I will post my expanded form of "Homeless Challenge" with some pictures if anyone is interested in seeing how it is playing out. One rule I absolutely follow is I use no CC in the game. I also turned on photography to show the UI so motives and money can be viewed.

Any world created is a world alive. Nurture your creation as you would a child, then share it with others, and enrich this world we humans call Planet Earth.
Lab Assistant
#53 Old 13th Dec 2015 at 6:23 PM
Hi, Aislynne:

I just wanted to let you know, yours is the best S4 Challenge I have ever seen. I did my own version of this but modified it so I could play a teen. It gave me some fascinating insight into the minds of the developers and how they dealt with some common "concerns" (such as locking a sim in a closet with no door). I was surprised that a teen can still maintain C grades without doing homework. Skipping school on the other hand is out of the question.


Any world created is a world alive. Nurture your creation as you would a child, then share it with others, and enrich this world we humans call Planet Earth.
Test Subject
#54 Old 15th Dec 2015 at 5:41 AM
Originally Posted by Aislynne
Skylarkatts, please leave a link here when you're doing your let's play, I'd love to watch it!

This is were all my uploads go The homeless Challenge is on part two so far and I'm still recording more

Lab Assistant
#55 Old 13th Jun 2016 at 2:09 PM
I've got a new computer and lost all my old saves, so I've rebooted Bo, this time with the Gloomy, Bookworm and Kleptomaniac traits. This has turned out to be a bit of a challenge, as I now have Zerbu's Experiences mod installed, so she is perpetually very sad over not having any money, and being sad is giving her sad "memories" that make her even sadder. Basically, it's all just very, very sad. She managed to scrape together enough cash gathering collectibles and building stuff with a woodwork table that magically spawned at the library to buy a tent. She has managed to make a few friends, though, who have got together to petition the council to build a homeless shelter. I put in my own little "rule", which was that since I had her dressed in "dirtified" recolours of vanilla clothes, once she had access to the shelter she could wash her clothes, after which she applied for a job in the criminal career (cause, let's face it, you don't have to be fancy to be a criminal). She's been building her mischief and hacking skills, so I plan to have her enter the Oracle branch.

She's applied for a building permit and built a little shack for a shower, her own woodworking table, and eventually, when she can afford it, a computer, though she's still sleeping in her tent. She also has a portable cooler. Things are looking up, but since her net worth is still below §10,000, she's still got a perpetual +3 sad moodlet. She perseveres, though!

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Field Researcher
#56 Old 22nd Jun 2016 at 1:33 PM
I am nearing the end of this challenge, it was so fun! I started off with a teenage girl, with gloomy and creative traits and the "music" aspiration, I bought her the cheapest plot of land and removed all her money. She only had a flannel shirt, ripped up jeans, a old gross sweatshirt, and some long underwear and socks and hiking boots. The only luxury she had was a necklace she kept from her mother when she left home after her mom died. (obviously, this is just her backstory). The first day, I had her scavenge for fossils, plants, and fish, and plant the findings immediately. I had her sleep, wash, and pee at the park, and steal other Sims' BBQ food they had abandoned. There were days she had to eat just only wild onions or mushrooms. She definitely peed herself and passed out a lot, since she was working so hard to make her garden, she hardly had time to take care of herself. She eventually realized, she loved the outdoors since they took care of her, so her aspiration changed from music lover to botanist. She eventually was able to afford a cooler and a tent, this helped save time so she could sleep on the lot with her garden. One neighbor boy took a liking to her, and he helped her out, he invited her to his house a lot, so she got to eat a good meal every once in a while. They met at the park after she had just washed herself at the sink, haha. They eventually became boyfriend/girlfriend, so she eventually had a place to sleep on occasion, this helped beyond measure. She finally earned enough money to buy her building permit and a small 2 by 5 room with a 2 by 3 bathroom. Now she has a full on cottage, and she's working to earn that last $5,000. She just bought a new clothes and her personality training. She is now a cheerful sim with smarts, since she was able to survive. She's still a teen, but she managed to finally get an A in school (I'm playing long lifespan). She finally has met all the requirements to apply for jobs, but I might just have her be a farmer until she ages up, it's very lucrative.

Thanks so much for creating this challenge!! It is very fun!

*waves hi*
#57 Old 3rd Oct 2016 at 4:35 AM
I am just starting this challenge. But my sim is finding so much stuff I'm going to add some extra difficulty I've found on similar challenges; 20,000$, no leaving the neighborhood, no grilling unless you have at least one fish in inventory, and must complete fishing skill. But I'm going to try some of your challenges as well.

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#58 Old 4th Oct 2016 at 2:28 PM
How long did it take everyone else to complete? I've only just finished week one and it was much harder than I thought. I only just got building permit as I couldn't do anything because my motives where always so low. I managed to rise some money by painting. I used public sinks to wash and went to a bar to watch tv for fun and chips are free at the bar and help fill up hunger. The main issue was the sleep, I only managed to scrap a C in school as I could never complete homework and was always tired and bored.
#59 Old 10th Feb 2017 at 3:54 PM Last edited by kewpie : 10th Feb 2017 at 6:18 PM.
I'm starting it, but I'm changing it just a bit. I'm not letting my sim sell stuff except at the garage sale tables in the spice district. Also, the homeless shelter will be a retail or restaurant (can't decide yet) I'm also making it nasty and not letting her do things that she wouldn't be allowed to do in real life in most cities. Like she can't just sleep inside any building with a place to nap or go get free chips from a bar that would probably throw her out if she never bought anything. I let her try, but I roll a random number to see if she'll get kicked out for fighting or trying to sleep.

I'm playing an elder and I'm basing her traits off real homeless people I knew when I lived in San Francisco. She's this mean lady who was so nasty that she'd yell and pick fights with everyone.

Edited because I forgot it takes a while to be able to harvest food in game -- She can sell FISH so she can cook on the grill. Otherwise, no selling.
Edit: Too hard! So I'm selling junk stuff that you'd never find at a garage sale, but she's saving the collectible looking stuff. because wow. This is harder than TS3 where you could just cruise around eating stuff off the vine all year long.
Test Subject
#60 Old 16th Feb 2017 at 7:30 PM
This challenge sounds like a lot of fun! I'll definitely try it.
I've just got Sims 4 this week (yeah, it took me 2 years of hesitation to finally buy it, 'cause I was so hand up on Sims 3), so can't wait to discover more challenges.
Test Subject
#61 Old 17th Feb 2017 at 1:21 PM
I'll try this one when I got home! I'll post some pictures! <3
Field Researcher
#62 Old 20th Feb 2017 at 5:14 PM
Default Phillip Neely
Okay, I'm sure you all understand that getting pictures was not on the top of my to-do list. Homeless living is hard.

I started with a random guy named Clifton Eldridge. He was gardening, fishing, and spending a lot of time at his neighbor's house (not as a domestic servant). To be allowed to sleep there, he started a relationship with single mother Selena Benitez. Clifton had just paid his $500 to begin building on his lot when Selena's teenage son Liam started a fire at the grill out back. Clifton couldn't leave the lot until the fire was out so I sent him back there to deal with it. Clifton died a hero.

After hearing of his best friend's death, Phillip Neely, who was also trying to start a life for himself decided to pick up where his friend left off (he had a couple plants). After the funeral, Phillip was approached by Selena. She was carrying Clif's love child. Phillip was determined to be in the baby's life since Clif never would be able to be. He and Selena grew close. After baby Cliffy Jr was born, Phillip and Serena let their closeness get too far only once. Once was enough. The very fertile young woman was now pregnant for a 3rd time. Selena told him of the birth of their twins but cut off contact with Phillip. He would have to get his life together before he could be a father to these boys. As Phil stuggled to maintain and expand his garden, Selena did not wait around. She married her teenage 2nd cousin Shaun Ngo-Jimenez and they had a son together. Phil was devastated but even more determined to have a relationship with Cliffy, Lucian, and Sidney.

Phillip knew of an abandoned palace nearby with a bountiful garden. He raided the garden and soon had paid for his building permits and cleaned himself up. Phillip built a modest house and found a job as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. Selena kept her word and allowed the boys to visit occasionally. As his youth began to fade, Phillip longed for the family he'd never been allowed to have with his growing boys. He wanted to settle down. His eye turned to Stacie Cronin, another young single mother. She was just as lost as he and was turning to random trysts to find love. When Phillip finally caught her attention she was again pregnant (a one-night stand with his own son Lucian). Phillip loved Stacie and would love her children.

They moved in together and Phillip expanded his house to include a kid's room (for little Soren and the new baby) and a gourmet kitchen.

Selena Benitez's children
Liam Benitez-Goodman (son of Liam Goodman)
Clifton Eldridge Jr (son of Clifton Eldridge)
Lucian Bentiez-Neely (son of Phillip Neely)
Sidney Benitez-Neely (son of Phillip Neely)
Adrian Ngo (son of Shaun Ngo-Jimenez)

Stacie Cronin's children
Soren Cronin-Wendt (son of Roger Wendt)
Levon Cronin-Benitez (son of Lucian Benitez-Neely)

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Test Subject
#63 Old 27th Feb 2017 at 4:15 AM
I mixed this challenge with the runaway teen challenge!
It's a lot harder I have found since I did the challenge with a YA but the first thing I did (as many others did most likely) is the homeless shelter which helped so mush!
I also added (since the new update) I added the house traits Fifthly pretty penny and hunted

anyway bye!
Lab Assistant
#64 Old 22nd Sep 2017 at 12:54 PM
I really like your challenge. It gave my game a new direction. I was planning on earning money by collecting things but my sim ended up being a painter. Her son is now trying to learn the toddler skills.
I created my own shelter for this challenge. If anyone is interested, it can be found in the gallery under my originID atreya33. I tried to stick to the rules with my shelter but I did add a toddler bed and a potty.
Test Subject
#65 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 10:01 PM
Whenever I try and cook in someone elses house, Im told its inappropriate by the owner. The friendship bar is full. Just wondering if anyone knows why or how to fix it?
Test Subject
#66 Old 8th Oct 2017 at 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by SweetlyEvil
My daughter was telling me the other day how she misses 'game mode' in the Sims. If you remember Sims 2 on the PlayStation, they had the option for an actual game where you had objectives. It was a pain in the ass and she never completed it because of the difficulty. I sent her the link to this because I think she might find this fun. Thanks for sharing!

I wish they would re-implement that as an option! Have a free play and a story mode. I miss it as well!
Test Subject
#67 Old 26th Oct 2017 at 2:51 AM
Starting this challenge should be fun. I'm having a YA female sim and a baby that she had while she was a teenager. Should be interesting on top of everything else.
Test Subject
#68 Old 7th Dec 2017 at 9:10 PM
Is there a rule on pets? Can a sim adopt a stray or have a pet, as long as they have enough funds to buy a food bowl and a bed?
Lab Assistant
#69 Old 26th Dec 2017 at 3:17 AM
Originally Posted by ChocolateOtter
Is there a rule on pets? Can a sim adopt a stray or have a pet, as long as they have enough funds to buy a food bowl and a bed?

The challenge was created awhile ago, so you can probably have a pet.

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#70 Old 31st Dec 2017 at 4:53 PM
I am a long time lurker, but I will try this challenge. Do we need to record this to prove we met all the requirements?
Test Subject
#71 Old 28th Mar 2018 at 8:09 AM
I just started this challenge today and, I have to say, it's really REALLY fun! I limited my sim to only making money through collectibles to pair with her curator aspiration and I'm bumping the household funds she needs to make to 10k instead of just 5k, because i managed to make 2k in about 2 days, so I really wanted to make it more challenging. This is easily one of the most fun challenges I've done thus far.

ALSO, I created and uploaded a nifty little homeless shelter! You can find it on my profile in the Sims 4 Gallery. Just search for RoyalyAshley -- it's called the W.C.Sim Homeless Shelter and, while it looks nice on the outside, it's pretty basic and shabby on the inside (I only made it nice on the outside because I wanted it to blend in to the neighborhood better.
Test Subject
#72 Old 17th Jul 2018 at 12:20 PM
uggg I know better than to play for hours without saving, I'm about to start the challenge again, I managed to almost complete it I had my house built to a moderate but comfortable level, I completed all the mini challanges, my sim had a 1 bedroom house with a with all the necessities and some electronics just needed to get to the 5k and I was almost there and my game crashed.
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#73 Old 2nd Aug 2018 at 5:49 AM
I started this challenge! I made a system where I have a few flowers, and I harvest in the morning, make bouquets after, collect honey, and have a yard sale (most of it is from Seasons).
Test Subject
#74 Old 16th Aug 2018 at 4:16 AM Last edited by Jayworksall : 16th Aug 2018 at 4:29 AM.
So I have done this challenge a couple of times, I wanted cheap furniture that would fit the story line so I decided after 14 years of playing this game it was time I tested my hand at custom content, its just a recolor I haven't figured out meshes yet... but I think it looks cool.
Test Subject
#75 Old 2nd Sep 2018 at 2:04 AM
I am very anxious to begin playing! I Just copied the instructions onto a word file for easy reference and printed them out I'll post a picture of my sim when I create her!
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