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Mad Poster
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#601 Old 5th Dec 2022 at 11:16 PM
Me and my parents are sick with a cold!

Good thing I stocked up on drinks during my grocery shopping trip.

I also got simethicone gel capsules and guaifenesin tablets for my trapped gas and mucusy head.

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#602 Old 7th Dec 2022 at 7:44 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 8th Dec 2022 at 8:58 AM.
Snow. Just... Snow.

First the bus was 15 minutes late (cold, had to wait for the $#@&% thing!)
And when they try to clean up the white mess they always leave a sheet of white, super-slippery almost-ice that can trick you into thinking it's almost safe to walk on.
Guess who slipped and fell? Yup. Good thing it wasn't plain ice, or I'd probably been hurt.
Then a meeting stretched on and on.
Waited for the 15 minutes late bus AGAIN! (COOOOOOOOLD!!!!)
On my way home got a message that a package had arrived, somewhere I've never picked it up before.
Got confused, got out at the wrong place, then remembered where it was (not anywhere close). Went shopping for a little bit while waiting for the next bus.
Waited for the late bus AGAIN! (Did I mention it is FRIGGIN cold outside? No?)
Tried to find those $#@&% mail box thingies, asked in the building that had popped up in the message.
Met a not-so-happy-person who didn't speak my language, so it was a mishmash of English and slight confusion.
Finally found the $#@&% mail boxes. OUTSIDE. (Did I mention it was MINUS DEGREES? Already dark? No?)
Had to download a $#@&% app and click through the usual do-this-do-that-nightmare to unlock the box. With fingers boardering on too stiff to click on anything, hurting like $#@&%, and probably going blue...
When I finally got the package out, that thing was giant, I've got a shopping bag and a phone, and below is probably 10-20 cm of snow. Not putting my bags down there. So I trudge over to the building and wrangle the huge package down into a too small bag, my phone into my backpack, and then start walking, cursing the snow all the way home, with fingers going colder and hurting more and more due to the bag being really awkward to handle, and close to frozen stiff.
Got home in one piece, but my room is freezing cold, so my fingers were warm for like 5 minutes, but now they're cold again.


(Snow is nice to look at when I can be indoors. But on days like this, I'd rather not)

EDIT: As if that's not bad enough, more of the $#@&% snow is piling on outside
Mad Poster
#603 Old 9th Dec 2022 at 9:50 PM
I placed a online order with Crate and Barrel on Dec 4th. Part of my order should be here possibly tomorrow, the other is said not to be delivered until sometime in Jan. When I called requesting a refund as there was no mention that it would be over a month before I got the second part of the order, they got defensive and told me that I had to allow them 5 business days. Counting from Monday which is a business day, today is day 5. I'll be calling them again on Monday.

I've been a 'health journey' of sorts. I had COVID in September, got over that, but then felt like garbage towards the end of October. Nobody knows what that issue was as I kept being tested for COVID which kept coming up negative. Not complaining, just saying.

I spent most of November being sick with whatever I had. After 10 years, I made the decision to go back to my allergist as foods were bothering me. Certainly they've gotten better after 10 years, right? That would be NOPE! I went in complaining about wheat, gluten and dairy products triggering asthma attacks. I was told in not so many words that it was all in my head as none of those things appeared on the scratch test they did.

I don't know about anywhere else, but there are labs in the US where people can order their own blood work. These labs will test for anything and everything a person can think of. The catch is the customer pays for the testing instead of going through a insurance company or whatever. Because there is no doctor's office visit involved or insurance company, more often than not, the test or tests are cheaper as there is no 'middle man'. Once the order is paid for, the customer can choose where they want to have their blood drawn. For me, there is a $8.00 blood draw fee, and I've been getting results back in less than 24 hours.

With all of that out of the way, I had blood serum allergy testing done for wheat, gluten and dairy. I'm allergic to all of them and my allergist has been fired. I gave them a second chance, they f-d up... again. They can take their 'it's all in my head' and go pound sand.

Yesterday my doctor sent me a message asking me about my blood pressure. He said he was concerned because my blood pressure has been on the low end of normal. Instead of trying to figure the situation out, he's completely dropped the whole thing today. Maybe I pissed him off when I told him that the LDL / HDL tests his office uses to check cholesterol are completely outdated and that I would be paying for a better one. There are two parts to LDL or the 'bad cholesterol'. There are big, 'fluffy' particles and there are little particles which are the ones that need to be watched. Their test doesn't decifier between the 2, they just lump everything together then tell people they need medication.

I have been watching a YT channel that is owned by a man by the name of Steven Gundry. He is a former heart surgeon, he has written a few books and currently has his own clinic to help people that have autoimmune diseases and such. I have been following his plan which includes removing foods that contain lectins and or removing most of the lectins like with beans for a few weeks now. I ordered one of his books called "Plant Paradox" which will be in sometime next week, supposedly. It has been interesting to say the least. I also removed all the other garbage in my diet, and got tired of being the canary in the coal mine. I bought a pack of sausage from the grocery store under their house brand. They add high fructose corn syrup to their stuff, so I had deal with the consequences of that for a few days. I refuse to buy their meats anymore. I digress.

I've had dark circles under my eyes for many years that were once dubbed as 'allergy eyes' and that I should just learn to live with it. I'm about 3 weeks in to my lectin free diet and those dark circles that I was told to suck up and live with are almost gone. My asthma isn't acting up nearly as much, my elbows are no longer crusty from eczema flare ups and so the list goes on. Basically a person on YT is doing for me what my allergist should been doing and yet they had the audacity to send my insurance company a bill for $1400.00. Of course doctors make their deals with insurance companies so that amount wasn't paid out, but I had to spend a couple hundred out of my pocket, because deductibles.

I don't know of COVID was the catalyst for all of this mess or what, but I'm getting a handle on it one day at time even if I do feel smacking my head off the wall sometimes. According to Steven Gundry, immune systems can be re-programmed so that allergies go away. I don't know if that is true or not, but I'm willing to put in the time to find out. I haven't had to take allergy meds in a few weeks, so maybe he's on to something...
Mad Poster
#604 Old 16th Dec 2022 at 9:11 AM Last edited by simmer22 : 16th Dec 2022 at 8:51 PM.
Snow. Snow? Snow!?!?! And even more snow!

It's piling on outside. Last time I was outside, it was close to 30-ish cm where it's still untouched, and it snowed when I got to bed, so it's probably even more tomorrow. And it's still cold (but at least yesterday it wasn't the same "freeze your nose off" cold as the last time I complained).

The sidewalks are suffering from "eh, the roads are fine-ish" syndrome as per usual with more than a week of heavy snow, and the plow edges are soon taller than me now, most of it on said sidewalks, mostly the smaller ones they never care to plow properly

White christmas? Looks promising for those who like it. I just want the snow to go away (but preferably very fast and without a week of slush/ice)...

EDIT: Currently about 40 cm of snow
Looks like next week is getting warmer, though, so maybe not white christmas after all (not complaining), but lots of rain awawits, so looks like it's going to be slushy and possibly icy. If there's something worse than snow this time of year, it's ice and/or slush...
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#605 Old 19th Dec 2022 at 3:53 AM
That cold we had? We all had COVID-19! Still, things were just fine because we were vaccinated and boosted twice.

Right now, my stomach is very much ripped up and I need to look into references for a gastroenterologist and I am familiar with them and if dad takes me for an appointment, well, the old Ultraman story of Ultraman safely detonating a bomb in a monster's stomach in outer space looks likely as the way to have some semblance of a distraction.

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I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
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#606 Old 22nd Dec 2022 at 1:27 AM
Not finding something when I was frantically looking for it, then finding the thing (where I thought I'd put it, in a place I swear I looked several times but apparently didn't search well enough ) when I don't need it any more. I mean... why? How?
Mad Poster
Original Poster
#607 Old 28th Dec 2022 at 11:09 PM
My Boxing Day gift came in the mail...

... but when I opened it, I found the doll shoes I collect and this pair in particular, had two left shoes.

It reminded me of the line from Adventure Time.

Jake: I keep finding baby shoes...what the heck, man? And they're all lefties...

So, I waited two days and I am slighted by this oversight.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
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#608 Old 3rd Jan 2023 at 9:31 AM
Some troll taunted me when I was on Twitter. He tried to make it look like I was an Andrew Tate fan. I blocked the troll and deleted my comment, which pointed out he used to play chess before MMA fighting.

(IRL, I absolutely hate him with every fiber of my being and heart and soul because of his misogyny, anti-anime comments, toxic masculinity and his crimes against humanity involving both him and his brother.)

Argh, what a miserable time to be alive in this era of the Internet! You can't expose a fraud without getting caught up in a crossfire of childish commentary.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
Mad Poster
#609 Old 9th Jan 2023 at 10:58 AM

Best Buy sucks and you cannot lie,
You know you can't deny,
Best Buy sucks!

Back in August / Sept, I requested that Best Buy close my account after a attempted computer purchase SNAFU happened. I was told at the time that my account would be closed in 10 business days. Apparently it has been a really, really long 10 business days as now they're filling my inbox with junk mail in 2023.

I filed yet another complaint with the Better Business Bureau as A) They [ Best Buy] didn't close my account B) There is not way to opt out of this crap.
Mad Poster
#610 Old 12th Jan 2023 at 11:55 AM
This is not going to ruin my day, but it does show that the banking system in the US needs a serious overhaul and oversight. The oversight is supposed to be taken care of by Congress... I'm not going to open that can of worms.

JPMorgan says it was duped by founder who made up 4 million customers

“Javice used ‘synthetic data’ techniques to create a list of 4.265 million fake customers – a list of names, addresses, dates of birth, and other personal information for 4.265 million ‘students’ who did not actually exist. In reality, Frank was nearly 4 million short of its representations,” said the bank.

The bank bought Frank for $175 million in a deal that closed in Sept. 2021. The bank now says Frank had fewer than 300,000 customer accounts, as of July 31, 2021.

Javice has filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan, alleging the bank commenced groundless investigations and manufactured a for-cause termination to deny her millions in compensation.

Mad Poster
#611 Old 12th Jan 2023 at 12:39 PM
Getting up for an over-the-web meeting for work, and slowly realizing it's probably the wrong day.

I hate when they say things like "meeting the first Thursday from now" or "the coming Thursday" or something like that, when it's Monday, and they don't even care to put a date anywhere. I mean, on a Monday this could mean the Thursday that same week or the Thursday the next week. I need an actual date to know!

I was actually ready for that meeting today! Next week I'll probably oversleep or struggle with the login or something
Mad Poster
#612 Old 17th Jan 2023 at 10:23 AM
Yes people. Do they ever stop? Do they ever figure out that by "Yupping" people to death only bites them in the ass in the end?

The Boy has this habit when he doesn't want to hear something / do something, so he yes's me to death during a conversation. He's been doing this more and more lately. The end result is always the same; it's costs him money which he then complains about. Shit only matters when his wallet is affected.

Back in November I had to call the plumber as the kitchen sink drain was clogged. At the time, our plumber referred me to a company that deals with serious clogs. My kitchen sink was draining into the bathroom sink; gross. I called the company that was referred to me, they came out and fixed the clog. I told The Boy repeatedly not to put crap down the drain. I got the usual "Yeah, yeah, yeah"... and less than a month later, the kitchen sink was clogged again. The Boy had to pay half the bill the for the drain company, then the second time when our plumber fixed the second clog and replaced the kitchen drain pipe which the drain company wouldn't touch because they were afraid it was going to fall apart. Now The Boy doesn't let stuff go down the drain.

I told The Boy to stop to taking silverware from the house as he would be hoofing half the bill for new silverware. Again, more "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." We got down to 2 forks, he didn't care until he had to pay up. He now has a collection of random silverware he can take to work. Some of it is ours, some of it is from other people that thought it was fun to leave household utensils laying around at work. Once The Boy goes through all of those, he will be using plastic silverware because I'm not buying new silverware every few months. If he wants to replace the silverware every few months, he'll be paying the whole bill.

The Boy is on a budget. Every time he's paid, we sit at the kitchen table and talk about where his money is going to go. Currently he is paying himself back for some car repairs, but he still has play money and so on. The Boy has the bad habit of spending money in his mind before he's actually paid, so we go through the "yeah, yeah, yeah" discussion about money until it is a week before he's paid and he's almost of out gas money because War Hammer figurines. He has literally 20 boxes of them downstairs that have yet to be painted and he needs more...according to him. All of his friends also have piles of unpainted War Hammer figurines that will never be painted. Just one of the joys of FOMO,

Yesterday was another "Yeah, yeah, yeah"- kind of day. The Boy is allowed to live in the filth of his room if he chooses to do so. What he's not allowed to do is spread his filth all over the house and if his room stinks, he has to keep his door closed. Yesterday was a day of stink. Dingus got after him about this while they were off dropping off the donation stuff. The Boy told his father he does laundry once a week, he does not. He waits until he has no clothes to wear, then does laundry which is about a month. He also doesn't like to strip his bed which I find completely disgusting, but his bed is in his room so if he wants to sleep in a dirty bed, that's on him.

I don't like using the dryer. It is expensive and like all other clothes dryers, it destroys clothes. That being said, I will use it this time of year to dry things like sheets and towels. Towels smell nasty of they take too long to dry and I don't have the room downstairs to hang up sheets and such so they'll dry within a reasonable amount of time. The catch with using the dryer is I wait until off-peak hours to run it. Does this save a lot of money? No, but it is better than paying up because I insisted on having clean sheets in the middle of the afternoon. I use the dryer once a week, everything else is put on drying racks. I have things like extra dog blankets so I can swap their stuff out and they always have a clean blanket to lay on should they have to be in their beds for some reason.

I explained all of this to The Boy yesterday. As mentioned previously, I got the "Yeah, yeah, yeah" treatment. Come 7:00 PM, after dinner and the kitchen was cleaned up, I went downstairs to toss my sheets and blankets in the dryer. I found them in the laundry basket, still wet. Apparently while I was busy, The Boy decided his laundry was special and deserved the expensive time in the dryer. It backfired as he used the timed dry setting which for whatever reason doesn't work well with our dryer, so he not only wasted time, but also wasted money running the dryer than did very little in terms of drying his stuff. I pulled his crap out of the dryer, put my stuff in. I go to bed long before he does. I wasn't willing to go without because he wanted to yes me to death. What pissed me off was the fact that The Boy, his father and I spent over a half hour discussing laundry and cleaning the stink only to have the entire conversation go in one ear and out the other.

This whole yes-me-death is starting to feel like the movie Ground Hog Day. There will be no more discussions about the dryer. I told The Boy yesterday that if he wants to give his extra cash to the electric company, he's allowed to do that. I know what our electric bill is this time of year; it doesn't change much one way or the other. The more money that is used for the electric bill, the less spending money he has. If The Boy decides that boogering up the up the kitchen drain with stuff which causes clogs is fun and a good time, we're not paying half of that bill anymore, he can pay it in full, just like with all the silverware. I've tried to be fair and reasonable, he doesn't want anything to do with it. It is time to let the consequences fall wherever they end up. The Boy is not a child, he's a adult. I have better ways to spend my time than dealing with this crap.

I suspect much of this comes from his friends online which is whole other can of worms. It is a sad state of affairs when a 20-something year old asks friends to have junk they don't need have shipped to their friends' address so their parents don't know about said junk. The joke is always on them as the parents of this 20-something year old knows what the deal is. If you're thinking that this example is very specific, that's because this is the company The Boy keeps online and we've had that happen. My P.O. box is not a safe haven for The Boy's friends.

I know what happened yesterday is not the end of being yes'd to death. The Boy has been pouting since last night; it will pass, as will the lesson because people on the internet know best.
Test Subject
#613 Old 17th Jan 2023 at 4:34 PM
What ruined my dad is the constant pounding my neighbors do. Almost every day I keep hearing this pounding from them as if they are hanging something up and it gives me a headache. If I knew who was doing it I would complain to the landlord about it but i'm not sure who's doing it. Plus our maintenance man quit leaving tons of projects unfinished including my closet there hardly opens. I wish we could get someone in my apartment complex that actually does there job it's so annoying.
Mad Poster
#614 Old 17th Jan 2023 at 9:23 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 18th Jan 2023 at 6:55 PM.
Slight nausea all day. Not the kind that makes me not want food at all, or makes me throw up, just either something I ate last night that disagrees just enough to put my system off, or very low-grade stomach pain. I don't think my body is entirely sure which. Maybe both.

Also, one person at work who keeps going "and then do this" five seconds before I do it (I know, I'm at it!), or over-explains everything when nothing needs to be explained (I know how to do my job, thank you very much - I don't need a running commentary on everything I do). Really didn't need that today...

And surprise meeting I wasn't prepared for whatsoever (but at least that one went well).

Plus certain people who keeps you going forth and back and forth and back. When you think you're finally done, they're all "but I needed to do that!" (which they could've said five minutes earlier and it would've been a LOT quicker/easier at the time, but oh, no!)
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#615 Old 23rd Jan 2023 at 7:38 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : 24th Jan 2023 at 6:51 AM. Reason: Clarity
Woke up from a nap to a false charge on my Amazon account. Had to fight with the bank. The only information I gave was my real first and last name. (Considering changing my real name legally and I know it would be like resetting every copy of the Pokémon games: hours of work. Especially when it came to banking, health and shopping.)

To clarify: my first AND last name are actually common in my area. There were a few people who share my real name.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
Mad Poster
#616 Old 23rd Jan 2023 at 11:18 PM
My doctors office...they're a piece of work. They don't like it when I get on them about something, then they do things that requires my attention.

I called the pharmacy today to refill my inhaler. The automated system told me they couldn't fill it. I was really confused as I had 4-5 refills on that script, so I called again and spoke with a pharmacy tech. It was revealed to me in that call that my doctor cancelled that script back in November. When I asked if they could request a new one, I was told that I needed to call the doctors office. Okay, fine.

What should have been a 5 minute conversation ended up being much longer as the receptionist I spoke with couldn't figure out that a rescue inhaler is not the same thing as the solution I use in my nebulizer. While I was waiting for her to figure that out, I logged into the portal used for my doctors office and messaged my doctor asking why he cancelled the script and why didn't he bother to tell me. At the time of this post, I'm still waiting for a answer.

For a few weeks of November, I was logging in and charting my blood pressure because Dr. Knucklehead kept insisting that I had hypertension, then arguing with me when I told him my blood pressure is only a problem when I'm at their office. He of course didn't like that, so I decided to 'prove it". Needless to say, they no longer bark at me about having hypertension and it has been removed from my list of "issues'. The point of bringing this up is, they could have very well let me know what the problem was back in November; instead I had to find out the hard way.

They insist that I recommend them to everybody I know' yeah, no! I don't give a flying fig about their offices' share holders ( the office used to be private, now it's corporate) and what they think about...anything. It used to be my doctors office cared about patients, now it's all about money. Blech! My vet and plumber have my back more than my doctor. If I have a problem, they're on it. The doctors office, NOPE! If they can't get a few hundred dollars out of me, I'm not worth talking to.
Mad Poster
#617 Old 24th Jan 2023 at 4:03 AM
Not today spesifically, but it's just a constant buzzing annoyance I can't get rid of. A while back I was shopping, and heard this really great song over the speakers (probably radio). Trouble is - I can't remember any of it, just the general theme and tone, and I have absolutely no idea who the artist was (other than it being a male voice and in English, which comes at least 100 on the dozen), or even a single line of the song, so I'm kinda stuck in the searching process. I'm reasonably sure I would've recognized the song if I heard it again, but so far I haven't, and I think I've cruised Youtube far and wide just to maybe snap up a hint of the artist or the general singing style, or just... something.

It's so frustrating, because recently I've listened a a bit to the radio (work, cars, bus - people leave radios on a lot) and seems nobody plays that song. Like... ever. I mean, any other songs from pre-60s through 2023? Sure. A lot of them on repepat (some a LOT on repeat!). That particular song? Nope, not a chance.
Mad Poster
#618 Old 24th Jan 2023 at 11:44 AM Last edited by Gargoyle Cat : 25th Jan 2023 at 9:46 PM. Reason: Updated
Dr.Crackhead decided to get back to me. Instead of explaining why he cancelled my rescue inhaler, he decided to turn the question into a question. "I don't know what inhaler you think you need?" Nobody has time for this bullshit.

This is not a insurance issue, we have the same insurance which is paid for. There is no massive, world-wide shortage of albuterol in the world. My prescriptions are not obtained illegally. I had my yearly physical back in August, so they can't legally withhold medication for that reason.

I asked again why my inhaler was cancelled and then informed him that I'm going to start making phones starting with my insurance company... today. If he's cancel my asthma meds, then the insurance company needs to know what happened should I end up in the ER or otherwise. If crackhead decides to continue with his this bullshit, then I call the the start calling the state and talk to the licensing board.

EDIT: I broke my own rule today in regards to answering the phone and to whom I would be willing to speak with. I called the doctors office yesterday, so when they called, I decided to answer.

Long story short, my doctor's office now outsources prescriptions. Instead of just sending prescriptions off to a pharmacy from the office, they send them to other people to send to the pharmacy. Can we say redundant?

When I had a script cancelled back in November due to a allergy in a medication, my inhaler went with it. Why? Who knows. Did my doctor know about this? Yes he did. Did he do anything to correct the problem? Nope...or at least not until I crawled up their butts about it.

I do have a new script, so is well in that sense, but what happened is not okay. I was apologized to but it doesn't mean anything when they knew about this problem and did nothing about it. If they called me back in November and told me what happened ( and also had a new script written) I would have been fine with that, but no.

I was told that if this happens in the future to just call the office manager and not wait for another round of non-answers from my doctor. Heaven forbid he should have to explain himself for anything. Ugh...
Mad Poster
#619 Old 24th Jan 2023 at 8:22 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 24th Jan 2023 at 9:06 PM.
Was about to go to bed (very late/early in the morning) when I heard screaming. Turns out mom had fallen and broken her wrist on a quick trip outside (wasn't even icy on the road).

So called the emergency number, were told to wait until the doctor's office opened (3 hours later ) to get an appointment for her. Met up for that one, then were sent to the hospital (thankfully, a family member drove us there - it's some distance away), waited some more, she got the arm partially set (waiting for surgery at a later point, too), and then some more waiting and finding various places (that hospital is one giant labyrinth of completely identical doors), yadda yadda, the whole ordeal. Finally got home almost 12 hours after the accident.

She's in pain, and I've slept maybe 1,5 hours the past 30 or so hours (brain is over-tired, and barely stringing together anything right now, so the day has been quite miserable - I'd planned to sleep in today...)

And of course, WIndows says "hello" with an update/restart cycle (I need to have that one on a monthly basis, or it checking for new updates every hour or whatever it is freaks out the harddrive. Knew it was today, but really didn't need that one on top. Plus the AV also wants to restart for updates. And for F's sake, Windows 11, I don't want you, at least not now - GO AWAY! )
Mad Poster
#620 Old 27th Jan 2023 at 1:52 PM
The crusty trees are still standing. Everything has been wet due to we having very little sunshine to dry things out, so I can't complain about this too much. I want the trees to be taken down, but to be done safely. As much as I don't like our electric company, I don't want people hacking themselves up with a chainsaw.

On to more cleaning related things as that seems to my theme this week. My other Dyson vacuum is going to recycle heaven tomorrow. I knew this was coming, it was just a matter of when.

I used the Dyson the other day to vacuum my office and the bedroom. I was suspicious after vacuuming the small area rug under my office chair and the two rugs in the bedroom, very little was in the dust cup. The bedroom rugs are 36" x 23", the rug or mat under my office chair is roughly 48" x 36". The rug under my chair collects bits of chinchilla hay that Jingle likes to chew up and spread all over the house. The rugs in the bedroom collect Jingle hair plus dust and whatever else.

Yesterday I decided to go back over all the rugs to see what I could get out of them with the new vacuum. Aside from not having to struggle with picking up the hay bits, I got basically a small puppy worth of fur out of the bedroom rugs. I don't use baking soda or anything like that on my rugs as people love to do because doing so supposedly takes the smell out of carpeting. Using baking soda on a carpet and mattresses kills the motor of a vacuum whether it is a Dyson or otherwise. Baking Soda Will Destroy Your Vacuum! (This is Why… and How to Fix it)

I spent roughly $300.00 for each Dyson vacuum that I've been talking about. When I think about the math side of things, I'm a bit annoyed. This means these two stupid vacuums cost me $200.00 a year for the 3 years of owning them. That doesn't include replacement filters and whatever little electricity was used to charge their batteries. Yeah, no... I'm never doing that again. Cords are a PITA, but WTF. I'd rather have something work the way it is supposed to even if there is a cord rather than paying out the nose for something cordless that doesn't.
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#621 Old 27th Jan 2023 at 7:22 PM
Realizing the next 5-6 or so weeks probably will be mom backseat-driving on household tasks. Oh, the fun
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