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Default WCIF Job Customization?
I'm looking for a mod that can edit job hours/pay, is there one out there?
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I think it's Master Controller Cheats module - - it's under "Sim" "Career"
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The new version of the NRaas Careers mod that is currently in beta testing allows adjustments on the base rates of pay for each job level of EA careers, provided that the mod is not being used in an urban world like Bridgeport because that world class uses different job level pay rate tables. We expect that a future version will cover those. For work hours on EA careers, I believe the player would have to make their own mod. For custom careers, those may be more easily adjustable provided that the career designer left these fields open for tuning by way of S3PE.

Originally Posted by KatyFernlily
I think it's Master Controller Cheats module -

I'm sorry, but MasterController offers no such adjustments to pay rates and job start times. MC Cheats can be used to give sims raises/bonuses, but that's not the same as changing the base rate of pay of for example Level 4 of a specific career for all sims who join or reach that level going forward.
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