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Default WCIF a "children go to Downtown" mod/objects?

So, yeah, a lot of time ago I found a Sims 1 web (one, I believe, had a "only pay members area"), that had a series of Hot Date objects modded to be used by children, sucha as the flower stand, the ice-cream cart, and I believe, even the restaurant podium. It also had a phone plugin s children could call a cab and go Downtown by themselves.

The thing is... I haven't been able to found it anymore. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?
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I think I found what your looking for!well least a couple like the icecream I saw gardening too but I could be wrong
go here
go to left side click on ::.Spezial.:: {1}
in this area is
Garten-Arbeit für Kinder

there is a podium go to page ::.Verschiedenes.:: {2}

if this site is correct the rest of this sites files are here hold CTRL F & search shaklin this has every file known just in case stuff is missing from site :

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Oh! It really does look like it, yeah! Maybe the compressed archive has more objects with this theme. I'll inspect it and edit this post accordingly! Thanks A LOT!!!!
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I found it! I actually was looking for the "Gay marriage" hack that this youtuber mentions on his video, and in that same website there are phone plugins for allowing child sims to go anywere, and also to come back home. He also provides the Wayback Machine link to SimLifeCycle, a very old mod. The website for the hack I was searching (that actually can only be accessed by Wayback Machine, too), is this one .
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