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Default How do you make pajamas in the sims 1??
How do you make pajamas in the sims 1? so that sims are actually able to sleep in them and buy them at the shops. is there a specific name you have to give the files or something?
does anyone know of a tutorial for this?
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Ok, so you have several ways of doing this. The most direct way is by copying one of the archives from the skins that come with Hot Date (the expansion that introduced buyable pajamas, swimwear and formalwear), and editing that copy. All those skins are available at My Documents\Maxis\The Sims\ExpansionShared\SkinsBuy, and have the extension "_lingerie" at the end of their name. This way is more or less intuitive: you can paint over or put over a photograph of another clothes over the archive. The downside is that you're restricted to the "form" of that pajama you copied and can only see it in-game. You can use the program "SimPose", available here, in order to see how is it going. This website also has a guide for using the program.

If you want to make, say, a nightgown with a large tail, or a jockstrap for men, you would then have to create the "form" of the clothes in a external 3D editing program, since it wouldn't look correctly on one of the Maxis skins. And of course, if you just want new pajamas without going through all the hassle, there still exist very good websites with TS1 content, like Sim Freaks .

Did you have anything specific in mind? I, or maybe other forumgoers, could provide a more elaborate answer if you tell us.
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