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Default Star Trek RP Horizons of a Different Shape
Star Trek RP - Horizons of a Different Shape

During DS9’s Klingon/Federation War, the USS Taurus is guarding the scientific research station Ceres, which is under frequent and heavy attack by a band of Klingon Birds of Prey. The station is conducting tests and experiments on recent artefacts gathered from the Gamma Quadrant. The USS Taurus has called in help from a nearby ship the USS Icaria, the arrival of which prompts the Klingons to attack. The battle causes an explosion on the Ceres, interrupting an experiment on a Gamma Quadrant artefact, and in a blue-green explosion, transports the Federation and Klingon ships, along with the Ceres, to a distant galaxy.

When our story starts, we find that all ships, both Klingon and Starfleet, have been severely damaged, and that the research station is crippled, with one-third blown away...

Ideally players can be the Klingons or any race within the Federation. If you want to play a younger teenager (12 to 16) or child, your character will have to be an child of one of the scientist on the Ceres. One play can play two characters if they wish.

I have a rough plot that the game can follow, but that does depend on what happens during the game. I also have blank character sheets if you need them, and if you want to jump in and play without the work of creating a character yourself, I have a few character sheets already filled. I would rather the posts below be for the actual role-play rather than character stats, but questions are very welcome. PM me if you want.

So, anybody interested? :D
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Oh my god, Yes, I am interested.

I'll be two characters, if that is ok.

First Name: Tayla
Last Name: Blake
Nickname: Chief
Race: Vulcan/Klingon/Human
Gender: Female
Section: Security
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Ship: USS Taurus
Bio: A stubborn Vulcan/Klingon/Human hybrid that has an attitude problem. Extremely loyal to the crew of the Taurus
Looks: Short, plump with mid-length brown hair.

First Name: Robin
Last Name: Deeter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Section: Engineering
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: USS Icaria
Bio: Joined the Icaria as a Petty Officer and was promoted to Ensign whilst on duty. Extremely loyal to the crew of the Icaria
Looks: Short blonde scrappy hair. Has a scar on his face, due to an explosion in engineering.

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I’m glad somebody wants to play this scenario, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Playing two characters is completely fine. And if one of the two characters die off, the player can make a new one, so long as that player respects the two character limit. My two characters for story purposes are:

Name and Rank: Lieutenant Commander Chenoa Doismov of the USS Taurus
Gender and Race: Female, Human
Bio and Appearance: Black hair in a short style, pulled back by headband. Burns across both forearms and upper left arm, received when young. Quite serious, always fumbles the punch line, yet enjoys team work.

Name and Rank: Kghor son of Qor’tah, Captain of the IKS Malita.
Gender and Race: Male, Klingon
Bio and Appearance: Hair untied and at shoulder length. Has no right arm since a childhood accident. Is middle aged, yet feels he has not gained enough honour to settle down and start a family.


USS Taurus. The Bridge.

Thick, black, foul smelling smoke was filling the bridge, stinging Chenoa’s eyes and making it hard to see. She climbed to her feet, using the edge of the science consol for leverage.

“Hail the Ceres!” shouted the Captain, eyes locked on the screen before him. Through the haze Chenoa could see the research station listing oddly in a way it was never supposed to, exposed plates allowing electricity and venting plasma to flicker yellow and white in the black.

She swallowed in an attempt to generate some saliva so she could speak, fingers tapping at the consol as the readings flickered in and out on her screens.

“It’s not responding,” Chenoa said, raising her voice a bit to be heard over the injured groans and cries. “But there are still life signs, basic life support, and I’m reading four-” the screen flickered once more and went dark –“four life pods that have ejected. Sorry Captain, that all I could get.”

She looked up when he didn’t reply, catching sight of the pilot’s still burnt body near the foot of the Captain’s chair. Connor, she thought as she locked eyes on the screen, his name was Connor.

The slow, lumbering turn of the Ceres as it fell was wrong. There was something –

“My god,” breathed Ensign Arilta at navigation, “it’s been split in half.”
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"How on Earth did that happen" Security Chief Tayla "Chief" Blake said.
"I don't know" Arilta started. "What kind of power did the Klingon's use?" Arilta asked
Chenoa shook her head. "I'm not sure" She replied, resting her arm on her command chair.
"Comms" Chenoa started. The Ensign at communication turned around. "Try and hail the Ceres again"
Ensign Karkanis spun around to the comm panel and tried to hail the Ceres on all frequencies.

Karkanis pulled the earpiece from his ear. "Sorry Captain, there was no response on any channel"
Just then, a button beeped on the console and Karkanis checked it out.
"Captain" Karkanis said. Chenoa looked at Karkanis' direction. "Yes, what is it Ensign?" She asked.
"Starfleet has lost contact with the USS Icaria. They want us to investigate"
"Alright, set course for the Icaria's last known location" Chenoa started. "Chief" She said, turning to Blake.
"Chief, I want you to head down to the transporter room. The Icaria has most probably been taken over by Klingons, and I want you to transport over to the Icaria with a small security team" Chenoa said.
"Aye sir" Blake replied

It took a full five minutes for Blake to get a security team together. They were already by the transporter, when a comm came through from the bridge.
"Captain, we're all ready to go here" Blake said.
"There is no need, Chief. The Icaria was destroyed" Chenoa replied.
A voice from the side of the bridge piped up and said "Captain, I am picking up 8 shuttlecrafts"
"Get a tractor beam on them" Chenoa started. "Chief Engineer to the bridge" She said again.
Chenoa pressed a button on her comm pin. "Chief, I want you and your security team to head down to the hanger deck. Make sure there isn't any problems" Chenoa said.
"Wilco, Captain" Blake replied

Blake and the security team arrived at the hanger deck, just as the first shuttle was bought in.
The door was opened and the first crewmember stepped out.

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Only it was not a crewmember, or at least, not all of her. It was a Klingon, bloodstained bat’leth in one hand, and the severed head of an ensign in the other. She dropped the head to gain a better grip on the bat’leth. With a roar, she moved the weapon in a wide arc, too quick for a nearby crewmember to react. The crewman fell to his knees before falling to his side, dead. Klingons, more than seemed possible, spilled out of the shuttlecraft and into the hanger bay.


On the bridge, Chenoa was under the pilot consol where it connected to main ship systems, trying to restore the erratic power to a more stable state. Ship scanners and aft torpedos where disabled, and there was even partial damage to the universal translator, but the other systems where somewhat intact, and needed power.

It was going slowly, she wasn’t an engineer by any stretch of the imagination, and the smoke was making visibility difficult even around her breathing mask. Next to her, repair engineer Alex Brannon was working on fixing the plasma lines and system fluid coils, the interaction of which was causing the foul, and potentially deadly, smoke.

“Captain,” said Ensign Arilta, “The star systems don’t have any corresponding feature to the ship database. Sections haven’t been read because the damage is too great, but -” he had continued speaking, but the universal translator had dropped out again.

Cursing, the Captain stood, then walked over to the navigation consol.

“Sir,” looked like the translator was working again, “a shuttlecraft has broken free of the tractor beam and is heading towards the Ceres,” said Ensign Karkanis, “as is one of the Klingon ships, the Joralk.”

Just then the com crackled, before a frantic voice filled the bridge, “Sir we need back-up! Klingons have boarded the ship!”

“Right,” said the Captain, stopping mid-stride. “Lieutenant Doismov, you’re with me. Ensign Karkanis, call up all available hands and send them to the hanger bay.” Chenoa scooted out from under the consol, ripping the breathing mask from her face. She stopped when Lieutenant Brannon touched her arm. He was a very reserved man, and rarely touched people. She looked at him, but he was only holding out his phaser, eyes pretty much the only thing visible through the grim left by the smoke. She nodded and took it, before standing up and hurrying after the Captain.

They were in the turbo lift, the door just starting to close when explosion rocked the ship, and the bridge went up in flames. Chenoa gritted her teeth, half in anger, but mostly in shock. The Captain swore, turning around to punch the smooth wall of the lift, before leaning forward and resting his head against it.

Chenoa looked at him as he breathed heavily. He was a young captain, had properly brought his way into his position, and she wanted to see what he would do. He punched the wall again, and then stood back. He looked at her as he turned to face the lift doors once more, anger written heavily into his expression. Chenoa nodded to herself as the lift came to a stop with a slight beep. Good.

IKS Malita. Bridge.

“Sir, Commander Dakur has successfully taken three of the starfleet shuttles, but they are caught in the Taurus tractor beam. She wants to know if the mission should continue?”

Captain Kghor smiled grimly. “No, tell Dakur to take advantage of the situation and board the Taurus. Have her send one of the shuttles to accompany the Joralk as it boards the space station.”

Kghor watched as his orders were carried out, one shuttlecraft breaking free of the tractor beam, the Joralk leaving formation. His eye caught the broken hull of the Icaria. There could be things of use there.

“What is the status of the Icaria?”

“Destroyed, sir. No weapons, no shields – one nacelle broken off.”

“Any lifesigns?”

“Yes sir, roughly 247.”

“Have Commander Raqlun take the Hajkin and begin salvage. Round up any prisoners that can walk. And Ensign, tell him not to be too bloodthirsty. There’s no honour in slaughtering the weak and defeated.”


This is fun – thanks for the detailed response! It gives me more to work with. There are two minor corrections I would like to make. One, Chenoa is a Lieutenant Commander, not the Captain. And two, only the Klingons, the two starships and the research station were transported in the unexplained explosion. I wasn’t clear enough on the second point, sorry. :D
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"What should we do?" A security crewmember called Damon asked.
"We should try to attack it" Another crewmember called Jessie said. Blake shook her head. "We're not going after them until we have more backup".
Blake pressed her comm badge. "Sir, where is that Security team I ordered?" Blake asked.
Karkanis responded. "Hardly anyone.... Trying to..... Sector 13" The signal on the comm badge was getting weaker and weaker until the comm link was cut.
"Dammit" Blake said, slamming her fist into a console. She walked over to the Klingon that used the bat’leth to kill the Security crewmember.
"Why are you in Federation Space?" Blake asked.
The Klingon didn't answer, so Blake asked again. "qatlh 'oH SoH Daq DIvI' logh?" (Why are you in Federation Space?)
"vetlh De' 'oH rav" The Klingon answered (That information is classified)
SoH 'oH a bIHnuch SoH ghaj Daq ja' jIH" Blake tried again (You are a coward, you have to tell me)
"SoH ghaj ghobe' quv" The Klingon replied (You have no honor)
Blake swung her fist at the Klingon's face. The Klingon fell backwards and smashed his head on the back of the shuttlecraft.
"DaH SoH ghaj ghobe' quv". (Now you have no honor)
Blake stepped over the Klingon's body

"What on Earth did you just say?" Damon asked.
"Klingon" Blake answered.
"We figured that out already" Jessie replied.
"He told me that I had no honor" Blake said.
"But your not a Klingon" Damon said. Blake shook her head. "I'm part Klingon" I said.
"Wait.. Your part what?" A voice said from the side

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"I'm part Klingon. Didn't you just hear me" Blake said to the person. The person turned out to be the ship's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Braunsweiger.
"How do Starfleet not know this. It isn't on the record" Braunsweiger said. Blake shook her head as the Klingon, that had killed the ensign with the bat’leth, woke up.
Blake walked over to him and hauled him up to his feet. "Take him to the brig" Blake said to Damon and Jessie. She shoved the slightly dazed Klingon into their arms and they escorted him to the brig.
"You want to tell me about how the fact that you are part Klingon isn't on the records?" Braunsweiger asked. "Not really" Blake started. "But I am also part Vulcan" Blake finished as she grabbed the deserted bat’leth off the ground. She placed it on top of some cargo containers, when her com badge went off
"Chief Security Officer, you are needed on the bridge" Karkanis' voice piped up over the comm link.
"CSO here, on my way" Blake spoke, as she pressed her comm badge off.
Blake made best speed to the bridge and when she arrived, Chenoa was there to ask her what happened.
"What happened in the cargo bay Chief. I have two Security Ensigns that said that you spoke Klingon, is that true?" Chenoa inquired.
Blake squirmed under her Commanding Officer's watchful glare. "Aye Captain, it is" Blake answered

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Apologies to all for resurrecting a dead role-play thread, but I wanted to apologise to Sterling_Archer for not continuing on with this thread. I also wanted to say that if anyone wanted to take either the story scenario or my characters for use in another role-play that they were free to do so. Sorry, Sterling_Archer, I couldn’t continue on. But thank you for playing this role-play with me.
- Regards,
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