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Default Pregnant for 75 hours and will not advance or give birth
My sim is pregnant with twins and all was fine till she went to the Village Harbour with her family. When she returned home she had a flat stomach and now nothing is happening. She was well into her third trimester before leaving her home lot.

Does anyone know how to get her to give birth?

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Is she still expecting her twins? You can check by trying to get her pregnant again, and see whether the "try for a baby" option still shows on the pie menu.

If she's not, I'm afraid the twins are lost, unless you made a back up.
If she is, you could try to make her visit a community lot again, but your fastest option would be to download and use twojeff's Sim Blender to speed things up.
The Sim Blender will also give you the option to make her instantly pregnant again, and speed up the new pregnancy.
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