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Default Disappearing Items in Sims 3
This is not my issue personally but for someone else who can't get into this site, it keeps telling her that her email is already in use and won't let her fix it. Anyway, this is what she's got going on and I looked everywhere on this forum and the Sims Wiki page and can't find a specific related reply to her problem:

Every time I play - when I go into a saved file it always start off by saying ... some items are missing and have been replaced.

The first time it happened I didn't take a lot of notice of it because I was going into one of my old legacy files that was taken off my old computer.
However, it is happening all the time with new saves that I played only the day before.

Every time now that I load up a game it is a lottery to what is missing.
I've had single expansion pack items missing - like the electric guitar quite often does a disappearing act - but the rest of that expansion items are there.
I have items disappearing then the next time I go into the game, it is back again. Even worlds have temporarily disappeared.

I could live with it - but now I am getting very annoyed by it because one of my FAVOURITE items in the game seems to have vanished for good.
The wishing well that came with Lucky Palms - has now completely vanished.
I have tried ... uninstalling lucky palms then reinstalling - but that particular item is not coming back.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be or what could be causing it.

Those are her words, I just copied them here to see if anyone can help her out.
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Can you tell us anything about her computer- for example, PC or Mac, what specs, what EPs and Sps installed, how much CC and store stuff?

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I will ask her. I'm not sure what her specs are.
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Okay, I got back to her and here's what she sent me:

Its Windows 10
8 GB Ram with a quad core processor
64 bit

I have another pc
which is a 32 bit - windows vista that has 3GB of Ram
which has a quad core processor
and it doesn't do it on that pc

I have every expansion pack - and the game runs really well on the windows 10 pc without any problems, no lagging rendering or crashing.
other than the disappearing things

I have noticed that it is mainly the store worlds in particular Lucky Palms and Lunar Lake
the missing items are mostly the lunar lake rabbit holes and the wishing well from Lucky Palms
but i have had stuff pack things not load on a few occasions.
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