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Default Redoing Past Work
Has anyone considered redoing your past work? To see how far you have come?

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#2 Old 24th May 2020 at 4:31 PM
I suppose it depends on how you'd define "redoing." I don't think I've ever re-done something completely from scratch just out of curiosity, but I've certainly had generational homes (back when I actually played the game) that would occasionally undergo some pretty drastic remodels, and I've also had a number of projects where I've come fairly close to 'finishing' a first draft of it, only to then scrap the whole thing and rebuild it in a 'better' way, but in those cases it's pretty much always been part of the same creative process, it's not that my skills have changed all that much in the meanwhile.

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I have been considering it a lot, but at the same time some of the new stuff I make looks like my older homes. Bare shells with dull interiors, so I end up ditching them anyway.
What I'm trying to say is that rebuilding anything may not change anything, or it won't look like the original at all.

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I have thought about it! maybe my English Tudor Cottage !

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I have tried doing the same floorplan over again, but the same house? ... no that's boring I can continue where I dropped off though. I do that with worlds all the time.
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Yes I certainly have attempted redoing past work. Looking back at some of my first uploads I'm embarrassed at the finish and quality, I know my skills have come a long way since then, thank god.

Just take my Folk Victorian, I cringe looking back at it now.

Comparing it to my renovated version shows just how much better I've gotten (hopefully).

And I think that ability to look back at past creations, criticize, and learn from them is what helps us to grow and refine our skills and develop our style.
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Originally Posted by TudorMan23
Has anyone considered redoing your past work? To see how far you have come?

Sadly, I never did that, but I saw others who was succeed. Some creators share own works revisited and they do their next houses better! It's rare ability of builder, but a good one. Suppose that this trait can be trained.

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Funny you should ask...

I have been going over my first uploads - they are from 10 years ago - not only are they cringe-worthy in their own right, but the game mechanics changed a lot too (I only play TS2.) And, of course, I have grown in my abilities and aesthetics .

For instance in BaseGame TS2 - you couldn't change the roof angle without knowing the at-that-time not-well-known-cheat. So building completely CFE'd roofs was a really cool thing! Until they brought out the Season's EP - and then suddenly that CFE'd roof wasn't weatherproof anymore. And split-level stairs - before the "stage" foundation in ApartmentLife, split-level stairs were always CFE'd from the ground up. So yeah, most of my early builds were about pushing the limits of the game - for what it was then.

Today you look at those builds, and it's like, 'Why didn't you just do it this way?' Or, use the roof angle tool? Duh!

Those early builds are just embarrassing ...and I used waaaay to much CC (OMG!)
So - I have gone back and 'fixed' them.
But. I haven't uploaded them yet, because I'm not sure how to proceed with that? Does anybody have any thought/suggestions along those lines? They are the same builds - they don't deserve 'new' posts. One or two of them are actually really nice - like my Earth Day 2011 house - it was my 1st uploaded house, it is a modern design, it has a swimmable lake, and is still a relevant house for today (IMHO)
I was thinking I'd use it's remake as the main house of a new "group" upload with links to the other remakes included in that post? Kinda just announcing that I'd gone back and fixed up my old stuff? What do you think?

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