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Default Welcome to the wormhole
This group is for all who LOVE Farscape. And who love: John Chrichton, P'au Zhotoh Zhaan, Ka' Dago, Rygel, Scorpius, Jool, Noranti, Chianna, Graza, Bracca, Aeryn Sun, Sikozu, Pilot, Moya, Bylar Crais, Joffe, and all the rest! Welcome to the wormhole!
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7th May 2009 at 9:57 PM
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Oooooh she's beautiful, I love Zhaan, she's my favorite Farscape character.
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2nd Jun 2009 at 6:12 PM
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Hey, joninmobile, you've started another group I'm interested in (just joined the Star Trek group). I'm glad to see there are still some fans of Farscape and that it hasn't been forgotten. Jmtmom, your Zhan skin is absolutely gorgeous. Going over to GoS to snag it!!! :D

Well, I haven't started a Farscape thread in my game again, after losing all my previous stuff when my computer died. But one of the first sims I dl'd when I got the new computer was the Claudia Black sim on MTS2. I think it's one of the most realistic and beautiful sims in game, and have used her in all my 'hoods since it was uploaded.

One thing that I'm kind of bummed about is that Farscape is not being rerun/shown on any of the stations I can access. Star Treks and Stargates and Charmed are pretty available but no Farscape. I was hoping after the first post-series movie that there would be intermittent DVD releases.

Have any of you followed Claudia Black and Ben Browder on Stargate? I thought they added so much to that series and I hoped it would continue, but unfortunately it was cancelled. But it was still fun to see them interact!!

Talk to you soon!
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I never got into watching stargate, it just wasn't really my kind of sci fi show.

My 4 main sci fi things I love:

Star Trek
Star Wars

In that order.

That about sums it up
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You know, I never watched Stargate until about the fifth or sixth year when I got married and my husband, who is a military-aholic watched it constantly. I bitched and complained for the first year because the show was "too military" for me and I couldn't get my sister to watch it either. She's a total Farscape fanatic who has collected all kinds of memorabilia from Farscape and from the actors. Plus I was totally disappointed with the movie - all those special effects and great background archaeological story (I was an archaeology major) just to end up on a planet with an earth colony. Where were the aliens, the exotic landscapes and languages, the strange cultures?

But after I was forcefed Stargate, I really began to love the show. The characters were great and the relationships were intriguing. I became a total fan of the show and really was enraged when it was cancelled just because Richard Dean Anderson got bored with it...gaaah...I'm so bitter over that!!

But I love the other series you mentioned. I think I may have mentioned that hubby and I met as Klingons in a Star Trek costuming group and now we're into Star Wars costuming - we're TIE pilots, officers and are constantly working on additional costumes.

As far as Matrix...I loved it until the ending of the third movie. I think the Wachowski brothers really lost their way by the time they finished envisioning the story arc.
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I realize that this is an old thread, but I figured that I would stop in, say hi and offer my support.
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