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[FIXED] Certain Sim won't upload on The Exchange while others do
I managed to fix it on my own in the end. Apparently, the specific CC hair was the issue. After I changed it with another one (still CC), it worked uploading the Sim.

Hello guys!

Only recently I got into the whole Sims 3 Store account kind of thing where you upload made Sims and stuff in The Exchange part of the site. Well, I made two Sims a few days ago and I tried uploading both of them.
Now, the issue is, one of them uploaded just fine, no issues at all, but when I try uploading the second one, nothing. I tried uploading it several times in the past few days. In the launcher it shows that it has been uploaded, but when I go to the site, under My Studio, only the first Sim is there and a custom hair color I created and uploaded a bit after. This guy just wouldn't upload no matter how many times I'd try.
Both Sims had CC on. Just hair and skin, nothing else apart from that. If one of them uploads, why is the other one not uploading?
I tried again and again uploading him again, still nothing.

In the meantime, I made another Sim and uploaded it just fine and it had a lot more CC on.
What should I do?

Thanks in advance!
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