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Capp mansion
No, all the Adult Capps remain moved out -- I was more wondering this for the number of bedrooms they used to have. Do you imagine that the other two families also live in some kind of a Herrenhaus next to the main Capp mansion, as they are a wealthy family? Or would they rather live in fancy homes in a Nachbardorf?

That balcony thingy was based on the balcony of the Herrenhaus in Berßel, but I can imagine such a balcony is an exception. The walls on the balcony was an experiment with the 4t2 tudor walls to check how that kind of timbering would work out, but thanks for pointing out anyway ^^. The original window colors were white wood, but meanwhile I've downloaded rounded castle doors that hopefully would suit better with the dark wood of the timber.

Would the parlor most likely be a room the closest to the entrance? Regarding the extension building, I can consider utilizing that as a library .
Do you mean that the hallway could be narrowed down to two tiles at the entrance, or that the outer two rooms could be connected with each other?

Monty Ranch
Any suggestions for the floorplan layout? If a hallway used to be open with pillars like around an atrium, would they have been enclosed with plastered walls during renovating to make the villa more climateproof? I'm aware I could move around the pillars with cheats so they are still visible between the walls.

Some questions for storytelling
Do you imagine that lazy teen Sims would join a sports club because they friends do it (even though it isn't their OTH), or only Sims that have at least 4 or 5 active points?

In the 00s, did the more outgoing rural teens also keep up with fashion trends, or did they rather wear basics because trendy shops weren't close enough and online shopping was limited? (I take into account which Sims have high interest in fashion )
What kind of Hausschuhe did teens and kids usually wear? And what kind of shoes do households usually have for guests? I assume that adults and elder are more likely to wear Birkenstocks (or Crocs for gardening?), but I doubt if mid-00s teens would wear that (I recall that Birkenstocks became trendy for women just in 2009).

Did teens usually switch to sweatpants at home right after school if they don't have visitors or have to go anywhere for the rest of the day, even though baggy jeans back then were probably more comfortable than skinny jeans? (this might be interesting to the game so I can look for loungewear-like PJs)
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Capp mansion - bedrooms:
As the house is older, it can have as many bedrooms as you like to have. I assume that it was built during a time when rich people still had lots of personnel at home and at least some of them also lived in the house. Therefore, the need for bedrooms was bigger in the past than it is today.

Capp mansion - inhabitants:
The other two Capp families definitely would have bigger houses, although not as big as the Capp mansion. The houses do not have to be directly next to the Capp mansion - I think any location except for the Monty side of the village would be okay. Regarding size, 80 Bard Boulevard, 95 Bard Boulevard, 7 Chorus Court and
54 Via Veronaville look sufficiently big to me - if you want them to live in Veronaville. I could imagine that Goneril and her family live in Veronaville. Goneril might hope that this increases her and her children's share of the Capp heritage. I also assume that she works in the family business (= in the economy career) and that she is or wants to be Consort's right hand.
I do not think that another village would be that attractive for Regan either. If she does not live in Veronaville, she at least would want to live in a town (or a city) where she could e.g. have after work drinks with her colleagues in a fancy bar.

Capp mansion - balcony:
I just had a closer look at pictures of that house and the balcony definitely looks unusual. Would it somehow work to imitate the upper part of the balcony by adding an (interior) foundation beneath the roof? It might not work if you add a regular roof, but if you use some CC object, it would be possible, if the CC has an adjustable height.

Capp mansion - parlor:
It would be relatively close to the entrance, although I do not know whether it has to be the closed one.
I think a room without diagonal walls might be better for a library and you should have sufficient rooms on the ground floor of the main building. If the Capps were really rich and important in the past as well, you might turn the extension into an orangery with some nice old-fashioned windows.
I was referring to the two ends of the hallway on the left and right sides of the building. And yes, you either could connect the outer two rooms or you could add a new wall to create a 4x2 bathroom at the end of the hallway.

Monty ranch:
I do not think that anybody would ever build a non-climateproof house in Germany. The temperature record for the lowest temperature ever is -37,8 °C and at the time when the house was built, temperatures were lower than they are today. I would keep the pillars in the traditional way and consider them part of the outdoor atrium. However, the layout should be done in a way that using the atrium is optional so that the inhabitants are not forced to go into the atrium in winter. Therefore, there also should be completely enclosed hallways inside the house. As the Monty's do a lot of cooking, I would place some herbs (decorative plants) somewhere in the atrium as they would be protected better from cold temperatures there so that the chances of surviving winter are bigger.

Sports club:
If lazy just means that the teen is too lazy to tidy up his room, too lazy to do his homework and other typical teen stuff, then yes, he could decide to join a sports club.
If "lazy" just refers to the lazy/active bar in the personality tab, then I do not think that a lazy sim would join a sports club. Or rather: Many children join the sports club at a pre-school age because their parents sign them up. Usually they can become members for free if one of their parents is a member of the sports club and many adults are members, although many of them are inactive and just want to support the club. The children can try different sports and see whether they like one or more sports. If they are not interested in any sport, they usually drop out somewhen during primary or secondary school. It is rather unusual to join a sports club as a teenager unless the teen is switching clubs (because the new club plays in a higher league or the like).
Maybe the lazy teen does not participate in trainings and matches, but hangs around a lot of time at the sideline of the pitch. I guess many small sports clubs would accept that, especially if the teen occasionally buys a beverage there. Sports clubs without restaurants usually have some crates with different beverages standing around somewhere and everyone who takes a bottle out of it, either immediately puts some money into a box or makes a tally on a tally sheet. Prices usually are significantly cheaper than in a restaurant, but a bit higher than the wholesale price and the club keeps the margin for the club's account.

Many teens kept up with fashion trends, not just the outgoing ones. I assume that there was less pressure than in cities, but teenagers themselves frequently are interested in fashion. Online shopping was not really that popular yet at that time, but there still were many catalogue companies where you could order via mail. However, most people that I know simply bought clothes in stores. The nearest town (with about 10 000 inhabitants) had several smaller clothing shops, some of them also from bigger brands. If you want to have such a shopping street, I would suggest either many separate lots with 10 tiles width as fake row houses or bigger lots with several row houses on the lot. On the ground floor, you have 2 tile wide staircase that leads to the upper floors and is separated from the rest of the ground floor. On the rest of the ground floor, there is some kind of business like a clothing shop, optician, drugstore, butchery, bakery with small café area, ice café, stationary shop, leather goods shop, pharmacy, bookshop, etc. and on the upper floor there often are doctors, lawyers, a cram school, offices for some other kind of business or even apartments (usually inhabited by people who do not own a car). The sidewalk would have to be much wider than the usual sidewalk so that cafés may have some tables and chairs outside and some other shops also put a few clothing racks or the like outside to catch the interest of people who walk by. On the sidewalk, there also are street lights, benches that do not belong to any shop, flower buckets, sometimes seasonal decorations, parkings parallel to the street with parking meters, a bicycle lane and the street is a one-way street (because the street goes through two towers of the former city wall and the gaps in the towers are too small for two cars at the same time) with a speed limit of 30 km/h so that pedestrians easily cann cross the street. Most of the houses in this street have one full upper floor and a bit usable space beneath the roof. About 10 % of the houses have two full upper floors. A bank and 2-3 other buildings are wider than the other buildings so that they should be on a lot with a width of 20 tiles. There also are a few bigger public buildings like festival hall and district office (Landratsamt), although most public buildings like the town hall are at the market square that is adjoined to this street. The festival hall and district office also have a smaller square on the lot that is connected to one or two more streets and a tiny garden with a few bushes and flowers. (Sorry for the derail, but maybe it can help you for your downtown and/or suburb.)
Every 2-3 months, my parents made a short trip to a city with my sister and me where we could go shopping in more shops than in our home town. When we were children, they would go to the shops with us. When we were older, we frequently split up so that each of us could go to their preferred shops. At lunch time, we would meet to have lunch together, maybe hand over some shopping bags to my father so that we had to carry less stuff. Somewhen in the afternoon, we met again to go home together.
At that time, both in the towns and the cities, there still were some local chain stores for clothing and shoes, but many of them slowly disappeared and got replaced with national or international chain stores.

For your teen, google "Adilette". As he plays soccer, I guess that is the most logical choice for slippers to wear at home. For Birkenstocks and Crocs, your impression is correct. If you want some inspiration for other sims in your neighborhood, you can have a look at the Deichmann website. They have a big variety of shoes and they have a store in pretty much every town and in cities often more than one store. As I grew up in a house with floor heating, I am used to walk around just with socks in the house and continued to do this even after moving out. I do not even own a pair of slippers.
Most households do not have any shoes for guests. I only know some old castles with parquet floor where visitors have to wear some shoes provided by the owners of the castle. When your shoes are not too dirty, it usually is okay to keep wearing them and when they are dirty or when you wear shoes that might damage the floor (like some high heels), you just take them off and walk around with socks. I would not want to wear shoes that many other visitors also have worn before. None of my friends and relatives have shoes for guests. I just have seen this on a few ocasions on TV and there the host usually had very cheap slippers so that they could offer new ones to every visitor.

I never did that and I do not know anybody who did that, but of course I only have sufficient knowledge about a few people who are really close to me. As a teen, I was quite spontaneous so that I never knew for sure that I would not meet anybody anymore for the rest of the day. I can imagine that the CAS teen wears sweatpants after school and that he also would not mind if his friends would see him dressed that way.
It might not be something for your teen, but if you also have some old-fashioned older people in your neighborhood: In the past, people only used to take a bath on Saturday afternoons and just washed themselves at the sink on the remaining days. After taking the bath, these people frequently already put on their PJs. Poor or parsimonious people even re-used the water for the whole family. At first, the children were bathed, then the mother was allowed to take a bath and the father usually was the last one. After taking a bath, the whole family had dinner and afterwards watched a family show on TV together. This was not really common anymore around 2000-2005, but I assume that a few people still did it this way.
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Wow thank you again for your detailed feedback!

I was thinking to recreate Windenburg as Downtown so that I can move the Regan Capp household there. Since I imagine that Titania works as a DJ in downtown, she's more likely to meet up with Kent over there.

Capp mansion
Good idea about the orangery! In that case, I can consider placing a greenhouse roof on top of it to make it functional. I assume that one of the deceased family members (Contessa or the parents of Juliette, Hermia, Tybalt) had Nature as OTH.

Since I've understood that prestigious private schools are not really a thing in Germany, what could be plausible reasons why Consort would send his grandkids to a Gymnasium in a town further away (let's say the school near the Downtown hood)? Is it solely to let them avoid getting in touch with the Montys during schooltime, or because he has good upper-class connections with the school staff over there?

Monty ranch
When I was trying to look at floorplans of villa rusticae in Germany, I couldn't see clearly whether or not they have indoor hallways beside the open atrium.

Would Antonio also stay living in Veronaville?

Hood planning/architecture
Does this map generator create somewhat realistic layouts for German villages?
If one of the household Sims is a plant farmer (but no livestock), would they live in a regular house since the arable land is usually not attached to their lot, or would their lot contain agricultural facilities, like a barn?

Sports club
With laziness, I meant low Active points indeed. But good idea that the lazy-but-sports-interested-Sims would just have drinks with their football-playing friends. However, how likely would shy-yet-active Sims with high interest in Sports join a football/soccer club? The only non-team sports that TS2 offers which increase enthusiasm in Sports, are boxing and log rolling (swimming increases Fitness enthusiasm instead).

Do you know websites or magazine archives where I can look for impressions of 00s everyday wear, especially for late-twenty-somethings/thirty-somethings and middle-aged persons? I still have old Dutch magazines at home for teen girl fashion inspiration, but not so much for adult wear and teen boys. But if you know where one can find Bravo archives from the 00s, that would also be great!
In the meantime, I'm browsing for ancient CC in T$R

The clothing shop tips you gave me are useful if I get to building a Downtown!

In my next post, I will post my WIP pics of Capps & Summerdream mansions
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Here are the WIP build pics

Capp mansion

Summerdreams mansion
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