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Default Speculation: Were Glimmerbrook and Forgotten Hollow originally the same?
First post here, hoping to get some discussion going.

I had noticed some details that made me think that Glimmerbrook (Realms of Magic) and Forgotten Hollow (Vampires) were originally intended to be one world.

First, both are supernaturally themed.

Second, they are both shown in the maps as being in similar areas (against a backdrop of mountainous cliffs).

Third, the Forgotten Hollow map shows a lake being filled but one side is out of the map, as well as a river flowing right-to-left. The Glimmerbrook map has a waterfall feeding a river on the left side.

Fourth, there are elements in Forgotten Hollow (the island, the two prominent caves) that look like special clues but are ultimately nothing.

So the speculation here is that it was originally intended that Forgotten Hollow was intended to be another hidden world of Glimmerbrook, that by searching the side opposite the Realm of Magic portal, you would find a hidden vampire colony.

However, now instead of a rather intriguing dark element in Realms of Magic, there are two rather bland and undersized worlds.

Would it be possible for the two worlds to be connected through an expansion pack?
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I personally don't think so, due to the huge time gap between the two- I doubt that Glimmerbrook was even a concept even when they were developing Vampires. At most there might have been some lore considerations in referencing back to Forgotten Hollow when developing Glimmerbrook, but I think that was about it.

I think it's more likely that world was tailored to each respective pack, and the size/time constraints given to Game Packs resulted in their small size.
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