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Default Help with naming a lot
Hi there folks and sims lovers. I plan and want to create a community lot. It would serve (although it would be a decoration) as a lot from where cleaning maids and housekeeper come from. But I dont know how to name it. PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY, CLEANING AGENCY, CLEANING SERVICE,...? Can you please, help me?
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Cleaning services in real life mostly work out of ordinary office buildings, but if you want a cleaning service name, a lot depends on your neighborhood vibe.

Cleaning To Go. Messmasters. Brigitte's Tactful Tidiers. Environment Emergency Services.

I don't have a pun? How can I not have a pun? If you can thinking of a cleaning pun you should probably go for that.

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I have a hard time coming up with names for lots too.

I have "Pleasantview Wedding Venue", "Pleasantview Public Services", "Pleasantview Resting Grounds", and the custom university I've been working on I've called "Smart Kids University".

A real lack of originality and creativity going on over here.
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The biggest and best known company for cleaning services round where I live is called "Molly Maids", and they have a logo on their cars rather like the ones on the vehicle that TS2 maids come in. I rather like the idea of alliteration, so how about "Clementine's Cleaners". That suggests the firm may be run by somebody called Clementine, so you might prefer just "Clementine Cleaners", presumably named after the little citrus fruit. You could dress them in little orange (default replacement) uniforms.

Or. . . TS2 maids have a bit of a reputation for offering -- ahem -- "extra services" (at least one maid in Pleasantview does). So perhaps a good name might be "Maids and More".

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I've given names like Community Service Center to my community service centers when starting a town up and I give names like Public Housing or Social Assistance Houseing to rental properties equipped with green energy sources intended for sims lacking in cash and likely unemployed.The lots also get the name of the town or neighborhood attatched though a service center would be a neighborhood house if there's more than one district in town.
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How about "Maid to Order?" "Delightful Dusters".

I usually just use the town cleaning services.

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Hardly the most creative answer, but lots of small businesses will just be some version of "John/Jane Doe's BUSINESS", so if you've got a favorite maid NPC, pretend they're the owner (or actually HAVE a Sim own the business and name it after them)

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Kaylynn's Kleaning.... Maids On Demand... Corporal Clean... Shiny Time... Dust No More... Grime Fighters

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I would call it something like Nooks & Crannies, Dustball Deliverance or The Cleaning Fairies. Something fun, it's the Sims.

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I'll second Maid to Order. But Maids and More is happily suggestive,
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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
I would call it something like Nooks & Crannies,

Or Nooks and Niches!

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Another one: "Dustbusters", with the theme song of "who you gonna call?"

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I just heard about a real life one that operates in our part of the world: "Maid to Clean".

I think that and FranH's "Maid to Order" are the two punniest ones that we've got so far.

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Immediately came to mind when I saw this thread, and it would be appropriate for a simulated business in a computer simulation:
"Maid Up".

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