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Default Matching GUID from Behavior Function Not Working Right
I created a new video game shelf and new software for Sims to play including Fortnite, Cuphead, and Cyberpunk 2077. What I did is that I matched the GUID to the parent shelf via behavior function, and I thought I did them correctly. When I started up the game and head my sim into a community lot with my new game shelf, it all seems working correctly since I knew how to manage to use separate GUIDs to play these games until my Sim gets to the shelf. As he get to the shelf, the menu containing my custom games didn't open up. He just cancelled the interaction. I did the GUIDs to games and the rack itself correctly, I generated a new GUID via Tools>Object Tools>Hash Generator, I also tried to create new GUIDs based from M68's old games for the Sims to play, but nothing helped. Am I missing something?
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#2 Old 20th Feb 2021 at 1:44 AM
What do you mean by "matched the GUID to the parent shelf via behavior function"? I don't think recolors generally involve BHAVs.
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Parent shelf, like the rack itself to hold video games.
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Can you upload your actual file here?
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Did you mean that you've created custom interactions for the object? Make sure the true/false targets are set correctly or the game won't know to move to the correct line of code. Does your sim "jump" when you select the interaction? Are you playing with testingcheats on and getting any error logs? Not sure what's happening but it sounds like the target is set to error or return false instead of moving to the next command in your custom BHAV. I'm also not entirely sure from your post whether your custom pie menu string even showed up when clicking on the object.
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